Babylon Springs


Philadelphia, PA – 11.8.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Dr. Rod Diamondfire, Bryce Remsburg, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Jervis Cottonbelly says he knows Missile Assault Man has had a rough time lately. Cottonbelly plans to cheer Missile up with a hug, and afterwards they can go out for some tea. He looks forward to grappling with Missile and says he loves him very much.

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Missile Assault Man {BB}

Missile assaults Cottonbelly right away, throwing him into multiple corners and rocking him with a flurry of uppercuts. After a diving basement clothesline, Missile grabs his head in anguish. He drives his knee into Cottonbelly’s head multiple times. After another uppercut he goes for the Missile Launcher. Cottonbelly slides off his shoulders and lands a pair of back elbows. Despite Missile initially fighting free, Cottonbelly takes him over with a hiptoss. He leg sweeps Missile out of a courting hold for two. Missile comes back by stomping down Cottonbelly in the corner. He throws in a few shoulder blocks and an uppercut before attempting the Missile Launcher. Again Cottonbelly escapes and uses his legs to roll back Missile for a two count. Missile lariats Cottonbelly.The third time turns out to be the charm for the Missile Launcher. Another Missile Launcher gets him the win in 4:26. If the goal was to make Missile look like a dangerous, reckless force then mission accomplished. He looked like a monster just demolishing Cottonbelly from the start, and I wonder what the future holds in store for him. It takes hugs from both Bryce Remsburg and Brandon O’Donnell to fully recover Cottonbelly. *¼

Challenge of the Immortals
Max Smashmaster {DC}, Blaster McMassive {DC} & Flex Rumblecrunch {DC} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Mr. Azerbaijan {BP}

The Devastation Corporation represent the Wrecking Crew while Coronado’s team represents the United Nations. Coronado instructs the Dev Corp to lay down. Smashmaster wants to know what the payday is. Coronado ignores the question and tells them to lay down. When Smashmaster refuses, Coronado stands on Azerbaijan’s back to gain some height. Coronado slaps each of the Dev Corp in the face! They shove Coronado off of Azerbaijan. Somewhat surprisingly, Boar and McMassive engage in some chain wrestling. Boar escapes a side headlock and takes down McMassive with a running shoulder block. McMassive leapfrogs over Boar and gives him a bodyslam. After a gutwrench suplex he puts on a crossface. Coronado uses a basement dropkick to break the hold., leading to the United Nations taking turns pummeling and slamming McMassive. Smashmaster comes in with no tag and clubs Coronado in the head. He drags McMassive to the corner and legally tags in. He rips off Coronado’s bowtie in the process of throwing a flurry of right hand punches. He pokes Coronado’s eyes and rakes his back, which Azerbaijan did to McMassive moments earlier. Smashmaster biels Coronado into a back senton. A huge backdrop follows. Boar sneaks in a Gore on Smashmaster! Rumblecrunch gives Boar a TKO. Azerbaijan side slams Rumblecrunch and flexes. McMassive drops him with the Bossman Slam. Coronado sneaks in a German suplex on McMassive. Smashmaster scoops him out of the bridge and holds him up in the Death Blow position. However, Rumblecrunch walks the top rope into an elbow drop onto Coronado, giving the Dev Corp the win at 8:13. I enjoyed the fast paced, hard hitting approach everybody took. It made for a fun match, especially when the Boar was mixing it up Hoss style with McMassive. **¾

Challenge of the Immortals
Heidi Lovelace vs. Soldier Ant {BDK}

Lovelace represents Dasher’s Dugout while Soldier Ant represents the BDK. Lovelace manages to take over Soldier Ant with a wheelbarrow armdrag. She also gets an armdrag off the second rope. Off the top rope she comes down with a swinging Frankensteiner. A running forearm strike gets her a two count. Soldier Ant cuts her off with a dropkick and a vertical suplex. He gutwrenches her up into a throw. Lovelace locks on a crucifix, transitioning into a Yoshi Tonic for two. Soldier Ant back elbows her down. He locks on the cross military kneebar. She gets to the ropes to escape. Soldier Ant slams her. Lovelace avoids a pair of elbow drops. She boots Soldier Ant four times in the corner. He uses the ropes to pull off a DDT for two. Soldier Ant goes for the Trench Slam. Lovelace turns it into an armbar, causing Soldier Ant to the roll to the ropes. He swings her into a powerslam for two. A 2k1 Bomb gets him another two count. Some posturing leads to Lovelace getting in another Yoshi Tonic. She follows up with a Saito suplex for two. Soldier Ant ducks a kick. He grabs her for a Trench Slam but Lovelace escapes with an enzuigiri. She goes for the Heidi-Can-Rana. Soldier Ant stops it, picks her up, and hits the Trench Slam for the pin in 6:20. I was surprised and impressed with the fight Lovelace brought to Soldier Ant. It felt like the first time in a long time one of his matches was competitive, and with the stakes as high as they were, it made sense for it to be. **¾

Oleg the Usurper says the thought of fighting Jaka tickles him, as they were partners for some time. He knows how hard Jaka’s kicks and head are. The thought of Jaka’s head flying through the air makes him smile. He will gift Jaka with the finals words “off with his head.”

Oleg the Usurper vs. Jaka {TWC}

The two men trade blows, taking the fight to the aisle. Oleg clotheslines Jaka from the entrance ramp into the ring. Oleg rams Jaka’s head into multiple turnbuckles, which has no effect. He rakes Oleg’s eyes and strikes him in the corner. Oleg throws him into the corner and unloads some shoulder blocks into Jaka’s stomach. Jaka strikes Oleg to stop a corner attack, then takes him over with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. He chokes Oleg on the middle rope and with his hands on the canvas. Jaka pops Oleg up into a Samoan Drop for two. Oleg throws him off the top turnbuckle and lands a somersault senton for two. Jaka tries a T’Challa kick, which Oleg ducks. He chokeslams Jaka for two. Oleg picks up speed by running the ropes. He goes for a corner splash. Jaka catches him with a superkick. Oleg fights out of a waistlock. Jaka headbutts him in the stomach. A Usurper kick follows. Jaka gets in another superkick and a claw attack to the stomach. Oleg splashes Jaka against the ropes. Oleg looks for Off With His Head when the entire Devastation Corporation attacks Oleg. This gives Oleg the DQ win at 5:46. I enjoyed that these two used their familiarity with one another to tell the story of the match. It’s just a shame the crowd didn’t seem to care. **¼

The Devastation Corporation leave Oleg laying by giving him the Death Blow.

Elimination Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Hermit Crab & Cajun Crawdad

Crawdad and Crab sink their pinchers into Hatfield’s hand and buttocks. They double hip toss him into double pincher thrusts to the clavicle. Crab crab walks the middle rope into an elbow drop. Hatfield throws an underhand punch. Angelosetti tags in. The Throwbacks try some tandem offense but Crab puts them both in a nerve hold. Amasis comes in and finds himself in a nerve hold with the Crawdad. Ophidian suffers the same fate. They break on Bryce’s four count. Crab and Crawdad string a backbreaker and dropkick together on Ophidian. Amasis helps take them out and trades punches with Crab. After a failed Death Grip, Ophidian rolls him into a Cobra Clutch. Amasis superkicks Crawdad, and Ophidian rolls him forward into a mouse trap pin for the elimination at 3:43. Hallowicked attacks Ophidian from behind. A short Lucha sequence leads to Ophidian sending Hallowicked out with a headscissors from the canvas. Frightmare pulls Angelosetti in with a front facelock. Angelosetti takes down Frightmare with a dropkick and clothesline. He splashes onto him multiple times, but Frightmare gets his knees up to block the big one. Frightmare climbs the ropes but Angelosetti rushes in to knock him to the floor. Hallowicked and Frightmare catch Angelosetti’s pescado. However, Angelosetti is able to body slam both of them on the apron. Hatfield snaps off a pair of armdrags on Amasis. Amasis responds in kind. Hatfield plants him with a spinebuster. He throws off his elbow pad to Angelosetti and goes for the People’s elbow. This leads to a series of roll ups from Amasis and Hatfield. When they reach a stalemate, Frightmare and Hallowicked attack and send them to the floor. They then isolate Ophidian in their corner. Ophidian is able to slide out, bringing in Angelosetti who aggressively fights off the Nightmare Warriors. Frightmare cuts him off with a running knee strike. Hallowicked hits the Rydeen Bomb for two. Amasis and Hatfield attack them and throw them to the floor before they trade forearm strikes. Hatfield pulls Amasis in for a Jackhammer which Amasis counters into That Move I Beat Moses With. Angelosetti muscles up Amasis for a powerslam. Frightmare comes off the top with a single leg dropkick to Angelosetti.

After fighting for a bit, Ophidian drops Frightmare with the Duat Driver. He lands a lionsault but Hallowicked breaks the pin. Ophidian drives his knees into Hallowicked. Hallowicked catches the second attempt. He wants Go 2 Sleepy Hollow but Ophidian counters into the Death Grip. Hallowicked uses a super snapmare to break free. Hallowicked hits the Graveyard Smash on Ophidian. Hatfield sneaks in a roll-up on Hallowicked for two. He drops Hallowicked with the Cyclone neckbreaker. The Throwbacks give Hallowicked a double Muscle Buster. Amasis throws Hatfield outside. Ophidian gives Angelosetti a rolling Complete Shot out of Amasis’ Gory Gallows for two. Angelosetti slides out when Ophidian sends him to the ropes. Hatfield pummels Ophidian in the mid-section. Amasis cracks him in the face with a knee. Ophidian rolls Hatfield into a top rope double stomp from Amasis. Angelosetti knocks Amasis off the apron as Ophidian ascends the ropes. Hatfield rolls out. Angelosetti looks for a superplex. Amasis 540 kicks Angelosetti from behind and then dives onto Hatfield on the floor. Ophidian hits Meteora on Angelosetti for two. Frightmare enters. Ophidian stops his offense and with Amasis deliver a superkick/enzuigiri combo. They go for the Pyramid suplex. Frightmare instead takes down Ophidian with a Doomsday Device. Hallowicked gives Amasis a step-up enzuigiri. The Headless Horseman and Never Wake Up eliminates Amasis at 15:39. Angelosetti takes out Frightmare on the floor. The Throwbacks drop Hallowicked with the 3D for two. Frightmare comes in aggressively. He gets caught with Bo Jackson for two. Angelosetti hands Hatfield his elbow pad back. Hatfield nails Frightmare with the elbow pad as Angelosetti tosses out Hallowicked. Hatfield notices a second elbow pad that looks like his. Angelosetti claims it’s merchandise, but when Hatfield investigates, he notices a metal plate in the pad! Angelosetti claims it wasn’t him, but Hatfield isn’t buying it. He takes a walk, leaving Angelosetti to be schoolboyed by Hallowicked for the pin at 18:05. I still don’t know what to make of the Crawdad and Crab, as of now they come off as one note characters. But, I’m willing to give them time to develop. Once they were gone, this match really picked up, turning into a an action packed, chaotic bout. We leave the matchwith new challengers to the tag titles and a big storyline for Dasher’s Dugout, which on top of the exciting action made this a very satisfying watch. ***¼

Ashley Remington vs. Drew Gulak {GC}

This is a rematch from “National Pro Wrestling Day 2015.” The magic move for this match is Nepalese Duck Billed Platypus plex, so if either man hits the move, the entire crowd wins a prize. Both men seem confused what that move even is. Gulak backs Remington to the corner and breaks on four. Of course, Remington breaks on one when he takes Gulak to the corner. Gulak karate chops Remington in the chest when Remington throws a finger gun. Remington and Gulak try to figure out with the magic move is, until Gulak goes for an armbar. Remington shoulder blocks Gulak down, then offers him assistance to get to his feet. Gulak takes it. He brings Remington to the corner and applies a chinlock in the ropes. They each fight for a vertical suplex. Gulak ends up getting Remington into a tombstone position, which they reverse multiple times asking if that’s the magic move. Remington throws Gulak out of the hold and grabs a front facelock. Some mat wrestling leads to a stalemate. Gulak drives his knee into Remington’s arm. Remington turns it into the Nutcracker, which is a high angle half crab of sorts. Gulak kicks Remington away. They trade waistlocks until Gulak throws Remington to the mat and grabs his arm. He takes Remington to the ropes and drags him to the floor in a front facelock. Remington uses the ropes to swing into a Frankensteiner. In the ring Remington Oklahoma rolls Gulak for two. Gulak gets a two himself with an O’Connor roll. Remington rolls with Gulak as Remington holds onto a waistlock. Gulak makes his way under the bottom rope and shockingly he breaks on three. Remington insists Gulak was holding onto his hands. Remsburg expunges the count, which makes Remington feel better. He German suplexes Gulak in from the apron for two. Gulak throws some punches to the mid-section. They fight for a slam, hopping back and forth to their feet in an eye opening exchange. Gulak goes under a leapfrog with a sunset flip. This leads to many throws from Remington and Gulak hoping they can find the magic move. Remington locks on a Boston Crab. Remington throws Gulak out a Gotch hold, to which a fan confirms that that is the magic move. Remington and Gulak celebrate, until Gulak grabs Remington in a small package for the pin at 12:03. Incorporating a mystery magic move made for a really fun story and added a new wrinkle to this rematch. Of course, these two are excellent technical wrestlers, so the quality of the action was also top notch. Good stuff. ***

Challenge of the Immortals
Fire Ant {C} vs. Silver Ant {C}

This is the final Challenge of the Immortals match. Fire Ant represents the Battle Hive while Silver Ant represents the Nightmare Warriors. Frightmare is in Silver Ant’s corner. Silver Ant grabs a cravate. Fire Ant turns it into an Octopus stretch. Silver Ant walks him to the ropes to break the hold. Fire Ant goes for the leg while Silver Ant goes for an armbar. Fire Ant is forced to get the ropes. The pace picks up in a Lucha exchange, where Silver Ant gets two with a seatbelt pin. After some chops, Silver Ant kicks Fire Ant in the side of his head. Silver Ant keeps him grounded with Frightmare picking at his mask from the floor. Silver Ant goes for three Amigos, but on the third suplex Fire Ant reverses it. Fire Ant strikes Silver Ant in a couple of corners before knocking him down with a running forearm strike and hitting a somersault senton for two. Silver Ant catches Fire Ant with a tiger feint kick in the corner. Fire Ant slides to the floor only for Silver Ant to suicide dive after him. Frightmare gets in some shots on the floor before Silver Ant brings him back in the ring. Fire Ant gets in a few strikes to the chest but Silver Ant lariats him to keep control. Silver Ant puts on a strangle hold using Fire Ant’s own left arm. Fire Ant fights free. Silver Ant tries a suplex which Fire Ant reverses into a stunner. Silver Ant rolls outside. Fire Ant tope con hilo’s after him. Back in the ring, Silver Ant kicks out Fire Ant’s left leg. Fire Ant seems hurt. As Bryce checks on him, Frightmare incoherently barks commands at Silver Ant. Silver Ant stomps on Fire Ant’s leg as he tries to recover. He twists up Fire Ant’s left leg in various submissions. Fire Ant gets the ropes to stop the assault. Nevertheless, Silver Ant doesn’t let up on wearing down the leg upon release. Silver Ant looks for a superplex. Fire Ant palm strikes his way free and comes off the top with a high crossbody. He hobbles on one leg so he can hit the Yahtzee Kick. He crumples to the mat allowing Silver Ant to stomp on his shoulder blades. In the corner, Fire Ant goes up and over an attack from Silver Ant and takes him over with a Yoshi Tonic. Silver Ant gives him multiple palm strikes to the side of the head. Fire Ant tries to roll up into a wheelbarrow. Silver Ant turns it into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Fire Ant cracks Silver Ant in the side of the head with a kick for two. Frightmare tosses a chair into the ring. As Bryce goes to remove it, Frightmare unlaces Fire Ant’s mask! Silver Ant kicks him in the head and gives him a release German suplex. He turns Fire Ant inside out with a lariat before applying an ankle lock. Frightmare from the apron instructs Silver Ant to remove Fire Ant’s mask. Silver Ant releases the hold and contemplates doing so, but Silver Ant instead rocks Frightmare with a forearm strike! The two men fight on the floor and to the back, leading to Silver Ant receiving a count out loss at 17:26. In front of a better crowd, this would have felt like a huge deal. These two told a great story, showing that Silver Ant has fallen deep enough into the grasp of the Nightmare Warriors to fight his former partner, but still had the wherewithal to not go as far as to unmask him, showing that the real Silver Ant was still alive deep down. I also thought the wrestling was really good. Unfortunately, this suffered from another crowd who couldn’t be bothered to really get behind it. That said, their silence was not enough to dull my enjoyment. ***¼

Ring announcer Brandon O’Donnell is ready to announce the main event when Dasher Hatfield, along with Icarus and Heidi Lovelace, makes his way to the ring. He asks for Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush to come to the ring. Hatfield explains that since being created in 2009, he has earned everything on his own. Tonight revealed to him that many of the wins he earned as of late were tainted. He asks to forfeit all of his accrued points, both for points towards the Grand Championship as well as points in the Challenge of the Immortals. Hatfield apologizes to his partners. He and Lovelace leave, but Icarus has Quackenbush stay behind. He wants to cash in his three points for the season finale next month. Enter Eddie Kingston, who tells Icarus he has to be out of his mind. He gives Quackenbush his three points and says that he’s cashing in and wants his shot first. He and Icarus bicker with one another. Quackenbush quiets them down. He confirms that neither man is willing to wait before making a decision: at the season finale, Hallowicked will defend his Grand Championship in a triple threat match against both Icarus and Eddie Kingston.

Race Jaxon says the Punk Rock All Stars shocked everyone when they accrued three points in one night. He says that N_R_G themselves also shocked everyone when they won the Campeones de Parejas. Race knows the Punk Rock All Stars have something to prove, but Hype Rockwell says they also have something to prove. He says they’re going to inject the Punk Rock All Stars with a whole lot of N_R_G.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Drake Carter & Shaun Cannon

N_R_G have been champions since 9.27.2015 and this is their first defense. Carter and Cannon refuse the opening handshake and strike their opponents instead. Jaxon and Rockwell respond with running forearm strikes. They both splash Cannon in the corner before Rockwell gives him a clothesline. Carter falls to a corner dropkick/enzuigiri combo. Jaxon looks for a suicide dive but Carter. He pummels Jaxon while covering him with the ring skirt and Cannon boots him in the side of the head from the floor. The All Stars do a lot of damage to Jaxon, making frequent tags and wearing him down in their corner. Jaxon is able to fight Carter off the apron and crossbody onto Cannon. Rockwell tags in and mows down the Punk Rock All Stars with lariats. He drops Carter with a Michinoku Driver but Cannon breaks the cover. Rockwell drop toe holds him on the middle rope and cannonball sentons him against the ropes. He then squashes Carter with a cannonball senton in the corner. Cannon pitches Rockwell to the floor, which crotches Jaxon, who was poising to jump in, on the top turnbuckle. Rockwell stops the All Stars’ double superplex with a double powerbomb. Jaxon comes off the top with a moonsault press, pinning Carter in 5:19. At the beginning of the second fall, the All Stars give Rockwell a side slam/reverse DDT combo. Jaxon comes off the top with a dropkick to both opponents. Cannon however is able to knee strike Jaxon in the corner. He puts Jaxon in the tree of woe so Carter can hit him with a knee strike. Jaxon avoids a bulldog. He tries a baseball slide. Carter catches Jaxon, puts his head on the apron, and Cannon stomps his face into the canvas. Rockwell spears Cannon off the apron and to the floor! In the ring, Carter takes down Rockwell with a boot to the face for two. Cannon and Carter look for their finisher. Jaxon superkicks Cannon. Rockwell buckle bombs Carter. He sends Cannon into him, then bodyslams the All Stars at the same time for the pin at 8:44. This was a bit too brief, but I was impressed with everyone’s performance. Jaxon getting double stomped into the apron, as well as Rockwell’s spear to the floor and tandem bodyslam stand out for me. This was fun, but I don’t know if opponents like the Punk Rock All Stars are what’s going to get N_R_G the fans’ love. **¾

Encore Match
Argus vs. Chuck Taylor {GC}

Taylor takes Argus’ handshake and gives him Sole Food. A running boot gets a one count. Taylor nails a running forearm in the corner. Argus dropkicks him to another corner. Taylor hits the Brodie Knee and a lionsault press for two. Argus reverses a DDT into a German suplex. Argus misses a top rope splash. Taylor folds him up for the pin at 1:18. I love you, Chuck Taylor. Don’t retire. *

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
The Wrecking Crew: 12 Points
Crown & Court: 11 Points
The Nightmare Warriors: 10 Points
The Snake Pit: 8 Points
The United Nations: 8 Points
The Arcane Horde: 8 Points
The BDK: 7 Points
Battle Hive: 7 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 6 Points
Dasher’s Dugout: 0 Points


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