Exit Strategy


Columbus, OH – 10.25.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: N_R_G (Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Rod Diamondfire.

Hatfield says the World Series is about to start, marking his favorite time of the year. However, right now his team is on a roll in the Challenge of the Immortals. Tonight he faces another team captain from the Challenge of the Immortals, Ophidian, in a singles match. Hatfield plans to keep the momentum of Dasher’s Dugout going with a victory.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Ophidian {OP}

Despite what the video says, this is NOT a Challenge of the Immortals contest, as these two teams have already completed their two matches in the tournament. They exchange wristlocks to start. Ophidian key locks the legs and stretches them back. Hatfield takes Ophidian over with a double wrist clutch and a pair of armdrags. Ophidian ducks a clothesline and Skins the Snake for a headscissors. Hatfield grabs a half waistlock, transitioning to a floating snapmare. Ophidian headstands into a satellite headscissors on Hatfield. He applies a bodyscissors. Hatfield turns Ophidian over into a pendulum stretch. Ophidian rolls forward to reverse but Hatfield grabs the bottom rope. Hatfield grabs an abdominal stretch, turning Ophidian over into a backslide for two. Ophidian takes out Hatfield’s legs. He misses a slingshot lionsault. This leads to a series of different pin attempts on the mat. Hatfield puts on a flat crab. Ophidian rolls out and front bridges into a backslide. Hatfield counters with a sunset flip. Ophidian gets on the Death Grip. Hatfield backs him to the corner to break the hold. He runs the ropes, sending Ophidian into the corner with a double clutch wristdrag. Hatfield charges in. Ophidian flips over the baseball slide. Ophidian uses his feet to elevate Ophidian to the top rope. He brings down Ophidian for a Cyclone neckbreaker, but Ophidian turns it back into the Death Grip. Again Hatfield backs Ophidian to the corner. He brings Ophidian off the top with a superplex, then rolls him up into the Jackhammer for the pin at 9:27. This was an excellent, sporting competition with lots of fun, engaging counter wrestling. The crowd dug it and both competitors looked strong. ***

Challenge of the Immortals
El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} vs. Blind Rage

Hijo represents Crown & Court while Rage represents the Nightmare Warriors. A lock-up leads to nothing. Rage easily wins a double knuckle lock. Hijo uses his feet to push Rage to the apron and then the floor with knuckle lock in tact. They keep it locked on when Hijo comes out to the floor and into the crowd, around the building, and to the outside! They think better of going into the boiler room and messing with the concession stand. In the ring, Hijo breaks the knuckle lock when Rage is dangling on the top rope, causing Rage to crash into the canvas. Rage comes off the ropes with a leapfrog. Hijo catches him mid-air into a small package and pins him at 5:20! That was really fun and unique. I don’t expect any amazing matches from Hijo, so this approach was the right direction to go. *½

The Proletariat Boar of Moldova says Icarus is trying to get points so he can reclaim what was once his: the Grand Championship. However, the Boar tells Icarus he is one Gore away from seeing that in this generation of CHIKARA, the Boar is war.

Icarus vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova

Prakash Sabar is in the Boar’s corner. We see at the beginning of the match that Icarus is still unable to pick up the Hammer of Peace. Sabar grabs Icarus’ foot before he even touches the Boar. Boar strikes Icarus on the back and gives him a knee to the stomach. Icarus gets his foot up to avoid a corner attack. He gives Boar a pair of chops and a diving clothesline before snap suplexing him into a nearfall. He slams Boar into a legdrop for another two count. Icarus knife edge chops Boar in the corner. Boar whips Icarus across the ring, grabs his leg, and drives him down in the corner. Boar distracts referee Larry Peace so Sabar can jump in and hit the Bronco Buster. Boar side slams Icarus for two. He gives Icarus a Boar Hug. Icarus elbows his way free only for Boar to catch him with a powerslam for two. Boar blocks Icarus’ monkey flip. He drapes Icarus in the corner on the second rope and drives his knees into his midsection. Boar misses the Gore. Icarus scores with the Shiranui but Boar manages to kick out. Icarus backslides Boar, and then goes for a Magistral cradle, but both fail. Icarus hooks him for a vertical suplex, but the Boar reverses it. Boar blocks the Wings of Icarus with the Baconator for two. He hits the Gore but Icarus rolls to the floor to avoid being pinned. Sabar however rolls him back in. Icarus still manages to get the pin. Sabar holds Icarus from the apron. Boar comes in with a kick, but Icarus ducks and Boar kicks Sabar in the face! Icarus crushes Boar with the Blu-Ray for the pin at 9:47. That was fine if not unremarkable. Icarus gets another point, Boar takes a loss, and the world keeps turning. **

Ashley Remington admires Oleg’s stature and strength. He appreciates a man who eats his vegetables and monitors his fiber intake, but says an onion is about the least smooth item one could eat. He pulls out some Dentyne Ice gum and says he has brought enough to share.

Challenge of the Immortals
Ashley Remington vs. Oleg the Usurper

Remington represents the Battle Hive while Oleg represents the Arcane Horde. Both men hug Bryce Remsburg before the match, with Oleg’s being far more aggressive. A lot of time is killed before the initial lock-up. Oleg takes Remington to the corner and breaks on the four count. He backs Remington to the corner and misses a forearm strike to the corner. Remington throws a finger gun when he ducks. Oleg grabs the finger and Remington turns him into a side headlock. Oleg escapes. Remington hooks for a German suplex. Oleg goes to the corner and Remington breaks on one. He throws another finger gun at Oleg. Oleg pulls out his invisible sword prompting Remington to bring out a second finger gun. Oleg pulls out another sword, which worries Bryce. They circle one another. Bryce becomes the voice of reason, taking out the guns and swords and passing them into the safe hands of the CHIKARA staff. Remington ducks Oleg’s boot and schoolboys him for two. Oleg cracks Remington in the face with his second boot. He sends Remington face first into all four corners of the ring. He picks up speed off the ropes before splashing Remington in the corner. Remington kicks out of the pin attempt. Oleg drives his shoulder into Remington’s mid-section and gives him a backbreaker for two. Remington bridges out of another pin and goes for a German suplex. Oleg uses his posterior to escape. Remington goes to the apron. Oleg clobbers him with a double axe handle to the face, sending Remington to the floor. Oleg follows him with a rolling somersault senton off the apron. In the ring, Oleg splashes Remington against the ropes. He gives Remington a facebuster across his hip for two. Remington blocks Off With His Head and drops Oleg with a swinging neckbreaker! He lays in some shots to Oleg before knocking him down with a lariat. Remington throws a finger gun before nailing a running knee strike in the corner. He dives off the second rope. Oleg catches him but Remington swings out into a bridging German suplex! Oleg kicks out. Remington and Oleg fight for a position. Remington rolls Oleg into a jackknife pin for two. Oleg hits the Usurper Kick. Off With His Head connects, getting Oleg the pin at 11:32. It was hard to imagine these two personalities not having a fun match. Not only did they have some creative humor, but really good back and forth wrestling to boot. It’s a shame Remington has become more of a special guest over the course of the past year, but he always puts on a good showing, so I’ll take what I can get. Also nice to see Oleg get a win after his breakout moment during King of Trios. ***¼

Princess Kimberlee says a little bit of belief from the CHIKARMY has brought Crown & Court a long way, as they have climbed their way from the bottom of the pack in the Challenge of the Immortals to near the top. This isn’t a typical Cinderella story in which Kimberlee needs a prince charming to save her. She will lead her team on her own to immortality.

Challenge of the Immortals
Princess Kimberlee vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Kimberlee represents Crown & Court while Hammermeier represents the BDK. Hammermeier steals Kimberlee’s tiara from the young girl Kimberlee gave it to pre-match. He parades around the ring with it. Kimberlee smacks Hammermeier and gives the crown back to the young fan. Kimberlee ducks Hammermeier’s clotheslines and delivers some chops. In the ring, Hammermeier doesn’t budge from Kimberlee’s running shoulder blocks. She leaps into it to send Hammermeier to the ropes and hits him with a spin kick. He knocks down Kimberlee with a back elbow. He gives Kimberlee a vertical suplex for two. Kimberlee fights for a sunset flip, but can’t turn it into the Alligator Clutch. Hammermeier drops her with a Complete Shot. He biels her across the ring twice. She dropkicks him into the ropes twice. He cuts her off with a jab to the rope. He calls for Gute Nacht, which Kimberlee counters with a German suplex. Hammermeier kicks her arm away and takes him down with a rolling clothesline. He gives Kimberlee a neckbreaker across his knee for two. Hammermeier comes off the ropes. Kimberlee powerbombs him into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 3:37! That was fun while it lasted. Hammermeier stealing the crown at the beginning was a legitimately funny moment and Kimberlee’s defeat of another captain felt like a big deal. **

Eddie Kingston vs. Blaster McMassive {DC}

In a double knuckle lock, Kingston headbutts McMassive and chops him against the ropes. McMassive catches him coming off of the ropes with a big boot. He clobbers Kingston with forearm strikes to the neck. They trade chops in the corner. McMassive thumbs Kingston in the eyes and bodyslams him for two. Kingston stops his corner attack with a back elbow, then comes off the second turnbuckle with a flying DDT for two. Kingston takes McMassive over with an exploder suplex for two. He gutwrenches McMassive, tossing him aside. McMassive is grazed by an enzuigiri, but is able to pick up Kingston for a powerbomb for two. He then comes off the top with a Superfly Splash for two. McMassive unravels Kingston into Lariat Tubman for two. He goes for it again. He connects with a short-arm lariat, but Kingston answers with two Backfists to the Future for the pin at 5:07. This was the definition of a Hoss Division battle; two large men beating the heck out of one another. Who could not love this? **½

Golden Dreams Trios Match
Fire Ant {C}, Mark Angelosetti {T} & Heidi Lovelace vs. Hallowicked, Arik Cannon & Chuck Taylor {GC}

All competitors in this match are current (Lovelace) and former Young Lions Cup champions. Taylor uses scissors to puncture and deflate Angelosetti’s football! Despite that, it is Cannon who starts off with Angelosetti. Angelosetti wins a wristlock exchange. Fire Ant tags in. Cannon breaks Angelosetti’s wristlock and tags in Taylor. Taylor offers a handshake, saying their history is water under the bridge. Taylor baits Fire Ant into some kicks to the stomach. He bites Fire Ant on his antennae! Fire Ant is able to duck a clothesline and send Taylor to the floor with a Deja Vu headscissors. He goes outside and torments some children, forgetting about the count out. Thankfully he rushes back in by the 18 count. Hallowicked and Lovelace tag in. These two had issues the previous evening when teaming together. Hallowicked calls her an unworthy opponent and tags in Cannon. Lovelace takes him down with a quesadora armdrag. Cannon goes for a haymaker, but he hesitates feeling bad about punching her in her black eye. Hallowicked angrily runs in and kicks her in the stomach. Fire Ant chops Hallowicked, leading a wristlock exchange. Fire Ant catapults onto Hallowicked’s shoulders and armdrags Hallowicked to the outside. Taylor pulls Lovelace to the corner by her hair. She kicks him in the face and puts on a standing Rings of Saturn. Taylor gets the ropes to escape. Angelosetti hip tosses Taylor into multiple splashes. Taylor kicks him from the apron. Angelosetti ducks Taylor and Cannon’s double clothesline then knocks them into one another. Angelosetti takes turns splashing both men. Hallowicked runs in, gets slammed, and succumbs to a big splash from Angelosetti. Taylor kicks Angelosetti in the back from the apron. Hallowicked cracks him in the corner with a step-up enzuigiri. Angelosetti fights back but Hallowicked pounds on his back. Cannon gets in some shots to the back and neck as well. Cannon knocks Fire Ant off the apron but won’t strike Lovelace. Angelosetti shoulder tackles Cannon and tags in Lovelace. She unloads with forearms to Cannon. Both her and Fire Ant give him running forearms in the corner. Lovelace enzuigiri’s Cannon. Hallowicked sends Lovelace out to the floor. Fire Ant does the same to Hallowicked and Taylor. He suicide dives onto Taylor. Taylor however catches Fire Ant and suplexes him on the apron! Cannon knocks Angelosetti off the apron so that he and the rest of his team can isolate and wear down Fire Ant in their half of the ring. Fire Ant escapes when he escapes a super snapmare from Hallowicked and comes down with a high crossbody. Angelosetti cleans house on Taylor and Cannon. Hallowicked cuts him off with a chinbreaker. Angelosetti dives Hallowicked into Taylor and Cannon with a big spinebuster. Taylor pitches Angelosetti to the floor. Fire Ant grabs Taylor’s hand and runs the ropes into a swinging Frankensteiner on Cannon. He then moonsault presses into a swinging DDT onto Taylor. Fire Ant ducks a clothesline from Hallowicked and tope con hilo’s onto Taylor and Cannon. Lovelace unloads with strikes to Hallowicked. Hallowicked ducks her double knees. She also ducks a shot from Cannon. Angelosetti drives his shoulders into Cannon multiple times in the corner. Lovelace takes Cannon off the top with a Frankensteiner. Fire Ant Yahtzee Kicks Cannon into a top rope splash from Angelosetti. Hallowicked breaks the cover just in time. A sequence between Hallowicked and Fire Ant ends with Fire Ant cascading up Hallowicked into a Yoshi Tonic. Taylor muscles up Fire Ant for a Falcon Arrow. Angelosetti blocks Sole Food and drops Taylor with the Flea Flicker. Cannon drops Angelosetti with a swinging neckbreaker. Lovelace drives Cannon face first into the middle turnbuckle. Lovelace blocks Hallowicked’s Rydeen Bomb with double knees. Cannon stops Lovelace’s offense and kisses her! She slaps him in the face. Cannon rocks her with a haymaker. Angelosetti tackles Cannon. Hallowicked misses a step-up Frankensteiner. Angelosetti brings down Hallowicked with a vertical superplex, bringing down a part of a light fixture in the ceiling! Cannon superkicks Angelosetti to stop a pin. Fire Ant tries a DDT. Cannon blocks, but Fire Ant drops Cannon with a stunner. He looks to fly. Taylor however crotches him on the top rope and hits the Awful Waffle. Lovelace makes the save. Lovelace spikes him with a tornado DDT. Cannon tries an Alabama slam, but Lovelace counters with a tornado Canadian Destroyer! Hallowicked digs his fingers into Lovelace’s black eye! He then drops her with Never Wake Up for the pin at 22:07. This as an awesome, action packed match with everybody going at full speed the entire time. The Cannon/Heidi kiss was weird and momentarily took me out of the action. Luckily, the match picked right back up and into finish. It was a really great way to end the weekend and a blast to watch. ***¾

Encore Match

The match starts with Race Jaxon {NRG} and Prakash Sabar {BP} in a singles match. When Sabar is about to hit the Bronco Buster, Lucas Calhoun {BB} enters. He assists Sabar, but Sabar betrays him with a dropkick. Hype Rockwell {NRG} then enters the fray to save Jaxon. N_R_G take over, with splashes and a clothesline for Calhoun and an enzuigiri/dropkick combo in the corner for Sabar. They give Calhoun a Finlay roll/top rope elbow drop combo. As Sabar stomps on Jaxon, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} enters and Gores both Rockwell and Calhoun. Jaxon superkicks Sabar and Boar. Jaxon throws some kicks and stomps on Sabar’s tongue. Missile Assault Man {BB} enters the fray. A suplex chain is formed. N_R_G and Sabar suplex Battleborn and the Boar. We see The Estonian Farmerfrog eyeing the Hammer of Peace backstage before he comes into the ring. He gives multiple people the Slop Drop. Boar and Sabar give him a reverse DDT/side slam combo. Calhoun flapjacks Farmerfrog into an uppercut from Missile. Rockwell flapjacks Farmerfrog into a Complete Shot from Jaxon. Darin Corbin enters the match. He fights off everybody in the ring in slow motion, using some Dusty Rhodes inspired offense. Mr. Azerbaijan {BP} comes out while things are still in slow mo. When he hits Corbin in the chin, we return to normal. As chaos ensues, Juan Francisco de Coronado comes out waving his flag. Ophidian {OP} surpasses him. He jumps into Bryce’s arms and hypnotizes everybody in the ring! Ophidian gets everybody to dance while he breakdances in the middle of the ring. Soldier Ant {BDK} makes his way in and stops the dance party by attacking everyone. He powerbombs Boar as Dasher Hatfield {T}, the final participant, enters the ring. He drops Soldier Ant with a spinebuster. Everybody else jumps in and dumps Soldier Ant over the top rope. Bryce Remsburg strategically eliminates himself to officially turn the match into a battle royal. Calhoun dumps Jaxon to the floor. Missile, Sabar, and Boar go to eliminate Hatfield, but Hatfield lands with only one foot on the floor. He hops around, holding onto his other foot, biding his time. Ophidian hypnotizes Missile and instructs him to eliminate himself. Mr. Azerbaijan suffers the same fate. Farmerfrog holds up a mirror to hypnotize Ophidian and forces him to eliminate himself. Farmerfrog tosses Boar after side stepping a Gore. Sabar is sad. He begs for mercy, but Calhoun, Farmerfrog, and Corbin toss him out onto the Boar. Coronado, who has still not entered the fray, steps on Hatfield’s foot, causing his other foot to hit the ground! Thus, Hatfield is now eliminated. Despite his double shoulder tackle, Rockwell finds himself tossed out. Calhoun uses a karate punch to send Corbin out, then another to eliminate Farmerfrog. Coronado finally jumps in. He tosses Calhoun, but Calhoun holds onto the top rope. Coronado foolishly turns his back on Calhoun and celebrates. Calhoun grabs Coronado and tosses him out, making Calhoun the winner of the Battle Royal at 17:32. That was a heck of a lot of fun and the most unique Encore match to date. **¾

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
Dasher’s Dugout: 12 Points
The Wrecking Crew: 11 Points
Crown & Court: 11 Points
The Nightmare Warriors: 9 Points
The Snake Pit: 7 Points
The United Nations: 7 Points
The Arcane Horde: 7 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 6 Points
Battle Hive: 6 Points
The BDK: 6 Points


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