The Marta Complex


Norfolk, VA – 9.27.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Leonard F. Chikarason, Dr. Rod Diamondfire and Bryce Remsburg.

Chuck Taylor has a bone to pick with Jakob Hammermeier. He doesn’t like that Hammermeier has invaded and trash talks the USA and his own Challenge of the Immortals team. Unlike Jakob, Taylor puts over his Challenge of the Immortals teammates in Orange Cassidy and Drew Gulak. He does however admit that he doesn’t understand why he chose the Swamp Monster. He says just like WW2, tonight, Kentucky is coming out on top over Germany.

Challenge of the Immortals
Chuck Taylor {GC} vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}

Taylor represents the Gentleman’s Club while Hammermeier represents the BDK. Taylor starts a USA chant which Hammermeier does not like. Taylor grabs a wristlock. Hammermeier pulls of Taylor’s American headband and stomps on it. Taylor unloads with kicks and chops in response. Hammermeier kicks him in the stomach. Taylor sends him to the floor and chases him around ringside. Taylor hops off the entrance ramp with a single axe handle and throws Hammermeier back in the ring. Taylor hops in from the ramp with a Swanton bomb. Hammermeier catches Taylor with a jab to the throat and then chokes Taylor on the middle rope. Hammermeier suplexes Taylor for two. Taylor is thrown to the corner. He back elbows and boots his way out of the corner, coming off the second ropes with a dropkick. Taylor throws a series of jabs before delivering Sole Food.Hammermeier ducks a clothesline and gives Taylor a neckbreaker for two. Taylor hits the Brodie Knee. He puts back on his American bandana. He superkicks Hammermeier for the pin at 5:03. I was wondering what angle these two would take being Rudo vs. Rudo, but the USA vs. Germany route was definitely the right call. It was a lot of fun and picture perfect for both characters. **

Lucas Calhoun {BB} & Missile Assault Man {BB} vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Juan Francisco de Coronado is in the Bloc Party’s corner. A distant Kevin Condron and the Snow Troll are wander through the building but never appear ringside. Missile and Boar go uppercut for punch. After driving his shoulder into Boar’s mid-section, Calhoun is tagged in. He strings a back elbow and enzuigiri together. Calhoun throws in Sabar from the apron. He cracks Sabar in the face with a knee before giving him a rolling clothesline. He puts on an abdominal stretch before hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Sabar uses the second rope for a bulldog. Boar distracts the referee so Sabar can hit the Bronco Buster. Boar gives him a sidewalk slam for two. The Bloc Party keeps Calhoun isolated, with some outside help from Coronado. Calhoun is able to Hot Shot Sabar, then enzuigiri him when Sabar grabs his boot. Missile cleans house with uppercuts. He Jon Woo dropkicks Sabar. Boar catches Missile with a yakuza kick. Boar hits the Baconator for two. He sets up for the Gore. Calhoun cuts him off. He picks up Boar and Missile nails him with an uppercut. Calhoun pins him but Sabar breaks the pin. Coronado gets on the apron. Missile bicycle kicks him down. Missile then gives Sabar the Missile Launcher. Calhoun finishes him with a spinning Samoan Drop for the pin at 8:30. This was solid tag action. No matter what happens to Battleborn, I really think Missile and Calhoun bring out the best in each other and should stick together. **½

Challenge of the Immortals
Oleg the Usurper vs. Silver Ant {C}

Oleg represents the Arcane Horde while Silver Ant represents the Nightmare Warriors. This is a rematch from “Afternoon Delight” in which Oleg won a non-COTI bout. Silver Ant confronts Oleg on the entrance ramp. Oleg turns his back, allowing Silver Ant a free shot. Silver Ant instead opts to hold the rope for Oleg. Hesitant, Oleg walks through without issue. Silver Ant JonW oo dropkicks Oleg right at the bell. Oleg takes some shots in the corner and dishes out his own right back. Oleg headbutts him multiple times and mows him down with a running shoulder block. Oleg picks up speed off the ropes and splashes Silver Ant in the corner. Oleg guzzles Silver Ant as Silver Ant is on the top rope. However, Silver Ant is able to put on a cross armbreaker in the ropes until the 5 count. He drives Oleg’s arm across the top rope and comes in with a double hop double stomp. Oleg kicks out. Silver Ant continues to do damage to Oleg’s arm, the same one Kingston wore down last night. Oleg drives Silver Ant to the corner. Silver Ant boots him, then drives Oleg into the mat with a DDT when Oleg pulls him down. He goes back to doing damage to Oleg’s right arm. Oleg escapes an arm lock. Silver Ant shuts down Oleg with a low and high kick. He forearms Oleg twice in the corner. Oleg stops him on the third attempt with a chokeslam. Silver Ant gets Oleg down. He tries a slingshot senton but Oleg rolls to the floor. Silver Ant rolls through, then hops up and suicide dives onto Oleg. Oleg ducks Silver Ant’s kick and Usurper kicks Silver Ant off of the apron. Oleg comes off the apron himself with a somersault senton. In the ring, Silver Ant lands an enzuigiri from the canvas. Oleg goes for a right handed chokeslam. That proves to be a mistake, as Silver Ant grabs the hurt arm. Oleg turns Silver Ant up and does the deal with a Falcon Arrow for two. Oleg misses a corner attack. He scoops up Oleg into a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. He then puts on a cross armbreaker. Oleg rolls up Silver Ant for a schoolboy to break the hold. Silver Ant then grabs a Fujiwara armbar. Oleg grabs the ropes to escape. Silver Ant throws multiple kicks to the chest. He hits the ropes only for Oleg to splash him. He swings Silver Ant out into a facebuster across his knee. Oleg gives him a big boot and a rolling senton. He signals for Off With His Head. Silver Ant blocks and hooks back on the cross armbreaker. Right away Oleg taps out at 10:11. I really like how Silver Ant had Oleg’s arm scouted from the night before and worked it over in this match. Oleg has grown into a universally beloved character, which is fitting considering that Silver Ant has transformed into a shade of grey character. Basically, a good story accentuated some solid wrestling. Thumbs up. ***

“Mr. Touchdown” tells Icarus that everything that he and the rest of Dasher’s Dugout is focusing on involves past glory. Tonight, they have to focus on the future and the Challenge of the Immortals. Icarus seems motivated as he high fives Touchdown.

Challenge of the Immortals
Icarus & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Eddie Kingston & Argus

Icarus’ team represents Dasher’s Dugout while Kingston’s team represents the Snake Pit. Icarus and Kingston stare down one another. Icarus continues to stare at him as he has Argus in a side headlock. Argus escapes into a courting hold. This leads to a Lucha sequence where Argus goes for a Tornado clutch. Icarus escapes. He misses an elbow drop and Argus drops a knee onto him. Angelosetti takes over Argus in an armdrag. A hip toss leads to four rapid fire splashes and a fifth for good measure. Kingston back chops Angelosetti and goes back outside the ring. Argus finds himself isolated in the Dugout corner. This doesn’t last too long as he manages to suplex Angelosetti and tag in Kingston. Angelosetti immediately cuts him off with punches. He gets a one count with a neckbreaker. Kingston comes back with an enzuigiri. Icarus choose not to enter the ring, so Kingston suicide dives onto Angelosetti. Kingston comes back in and Icarus meets him with forearms to the back. Kingston strikes back and gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Icarus blocks a Backfist to the Future. He goes for a Shiranui which Kingston counters with a Tiger suplex. Angelosetti breaks the pin. Kingston throws Angelosetti with a uranage slam. A shotgun lariat follows but Icarus shoves Kingston in the face to stop a pin attempt. Icarus boots Kingston and gives him a tornado DDT. Angelosetti comes off the top with a splash for two. He pescado’s onto Argus on the floor, sending Argus into the guardrail. Icarus and Kingston go forearm for chop. Kingston takes Icarus down in the corner with Kobashi chops. A facewash kick follows. Icarus repays Kingston with his own flurry of chops. A running dropkick in the corner leads to a Shiranui attempt. Kingston escapes, so Icarus goes for the Wings of Icarus. Kingston dumps him to the floor. He looks to dive but Angelosetti cuts him off with a shoulder tackle. Argus, now with a busted open eye, gets caught with a pop-up spinebuster from Angelosetti for the pin in 8:13. Kingston tells Icarus “we ain’t done” and that he has something coming to him. Angelosetti has to hold Icarus down to keep him from fighting. This was the Kingston and Icarus show both during and after the bout, which is how it should have been. Smartly, neither was involved in the finish, and I am really excited for their singles encounter next month. **¾

Princess Kimberlee says that up until King of Trios weekend, Crown & Court were in last place for the entirety of the Challenge of the Immortals tournament. However, she believes in her team, and although people may view them as underdogs and losers, those same people better get ready to call them “immortal.”

Challenge of the Immortals
Amasis {OP}, Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Princess Kimberlee, Jervis Cottonbelly & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Amasis’ team represents the Battle Hive while Kimberlee’s team represents Crown & Court. Kimberlee and Fire Ant trade wristlocks. Kimberlee picks Fire Ant’s ankle. Fire Ant tries a Gedo Clutch but Kimberlee rolls out of the pin. They reach a stalemate. Worker Ant tags in and Kimberlee also goes for his legs. She goes for a cross armbreaker which she quickly escapes. Cottonbelly grabs a courting hold on Worker Ant. Worker Ant reverses. Cottonbelly gets a tornado clutch which Worker Ant turns into a schoolboy for two. Amasis and Cottonbelly chain wrestle up until Cottonbelly gets a leg sweep on Amasis. Worker Ant powers Cottonbelly to the corner. Worker Ant backs Kimberlee to the corner twice in a lock-up. He trips her into a key lock. She escapes with a headscissors and both of them reach their feet. Fire Ant and Jr. tag in. After some dancing they roll around to each get in some armdrags. Fire Ant uses the ropes to get in a swinging Frankensteiner. A chain of submissions is formed with five competitors, which Kimberlee breaks with a running kick to Amasis. All five of the men retreat to the floor. Kimberlee dives off the top onto the Battle Hive. Kimberlee drives Fire Ant’s face into the mat. Cottonbelly saves Kimberlee from being whipped into the corner. He tickles Fire Ant, then sunset flips Kimberlee to help her German suplex Fire Ant. Worker Ant sends Cottonbelly into Kimberlee and unloads a series of right hands to Cottonbelly. Amasis spikes Cottonbelly with a DDT. Jr. breaks the cover. He drops Worker Ant and Amasis with tandem Cold Stone Stunners. Fire Ant looks for a DDT on Jr. Jr. turns it into the Jack and Jill Hammer for two. He goes for it again. Fire Ant counters with Burning Down the House, then hits the Yahtzee Kick. Jr. goes to the floor. Kimberlee cuts off Fire Ant’s dive with a powerbomb, then folds him into an Alligator Clutch for the pin at 11:43. The action in the beginning was superfluous. Something like a half dozen feeling out processes is so needless and pointless. I liked everything from when Fire Ant and Jr. til the end but so much time was wasted before that. **

Challenge of the Immortals
Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Flex Rumblecrunch {DC}

Hatfield represents Dasher’s Dugout while Rumblecrunch represents the Wrecking Crew. Mr. Touchdown and Heidi Lovelace are in Hatfield’s corner. This is Rumblecrunch’s first ever singles match. Hatfield gets Rumblecrunch in a Mexican rolling pin for two. Rumblecrunch catches his breath on the floor. Rumblecrunch escapes a wristlock with a knee to the stomach. Hatfield snaps off two armdrags and a double clutch wristdrag. Hatfield finds himself in an electric chair position, but Hatfield comes down with a neckmare. He drops Rumblecrunch with a neckbreaker. Hatfield hits the People’s Elbow, tossing his new elbow pad to Touchdown. Rumblecrunch comes back with his signature shoulder tackle off the top rope. He violently whips Hatfield into the corner and slams him face first into the canvas. Hatfield ducks a clothesline. He goes for the Cyclone neckbreaker but Rumblecrunch backdrops his way free. He drops a knee onto his chest but just for a one count. Hatfield avoids a corner attack. He punches Rumblecrunch multiple times in the rib cage. An underhand chop, leads a rolling hip toss into a clothesline for two. Rumblecrunch gets in a gutwrench suplex for two. He applies a full nelson. Hatfield reverses it. Rumblecrunch backs him into the corner to escape. Hatfield drop toe holds him into the middle turnbuckle. Touchdown tosses the elbow pad back to him, calling it his “good luck charm.” Hatfield charges to Rumblecrunch, but Rumblecrunch has recovered and nails a back elbow. Rumblecrunch runs off the top rope. Hatfield cuts him off with an elbow strike. Rumblecrunch crumbles, and Hatfield pins him for the win at 8:52! Dasher’s Dugout is now first place in the Challenge of the Immortals, dethroning the Wrecking Crew who have been on top since April. I liked this Hoss Battle. Rumblecrunch did just fine without his partners. The story regarding Hatfield’s loaded elbow pad may be too obvious, but it’s a good one, and one Touchdown plays really, really well. ***

Race Jaxon says the Devastation Corporation aren’t facing the same N_R_G they faced in Cardiff, Wales. This version is fueled by Electric Monkey. Race also knows they also aren’t facing the same Devastation Corporation, who came up short at this year’s King of Trios and no longer have the support of Sidney Bakabella. With that in mind, Hype Rockwell jumps in and says the belts are going home with N_R_G.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Max Smashmaster {DC} & Blaster McMassive {DC} vs. Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG}

The Devastation Corporation have been champions since 12.6.2014 and this is their fourth defense. N_R_G challenged for the titles back at “Pier Pressure” where they lost 2-0 to the Dev Corp. The Dev Corp pummel N_R_G right away, sending Jaxon out and kicking Rockwell down in the corner. Rockwell’s beat down continues as Jaxon recovers on the floor. Jaxon is able to block a punch from Smashmaster from the apron. He jumps in and unloads punches which allows Rockwell a repreive. Jaxon clotheslines Smashmaster through the ropes and to the floor. McMassive catches Jaxon’s crossbody attempt. Rockwell dropkciks mcMassive to knock him down. Rockwell then comes off the apron with a cannonball senton onto Smashmaster. Jaxon goes for a frog splash. McMassive gets his knees up, then cradles Jaxon to get a pin and the first fall at 2:14. McMassive nurses his left knee. Smashmaster instructs him to roll out so he can come in. Smashmaster backdrops Jaxon but Jaxon fights off a pinfall. Single handedly Smashmaster keeps on Jaxon, doing a lot of damage to his back and ribs. When Smashmaster goes for an atomic drop, Rockwell blind tags in. Jaxon hits the floor. Rockwell flies in with a shoulder tackle. He boots Smashmaster into the corner and lands another cannonball senton. A rope assisted double stomp gets him the second fall, tying the match at one fall a piece at 5:49. Smashmaster can’t believe it. The Dev Corp stop messing around and go back to isolating Rockwell as they did at the beginning of the match. Rockwell low bridges the top rope to sending a charging Smashmaster outside. He snaps the bad leg of McMassive. He rolls out to recover with Smashmaster. Jaxon hops off of Rockwell onto the Dev Corp. The Dev Corp catch him and smash Jaxon ribs first across the guardrails! Rockwell once again finds himself alone with the Dev Corp. Rockwell does well for himself, taking down Smashmaster with a spinebuster and McMassive with a spinning powerslam after nailing a double clothesline. McMassive chokeslams Rockwell on the edge of the ring! Smashmaster drags the fallen Jaxon back into the ring. McMassive however misses a running knee strike in the corner. Jaxon nails Smashmaster with a superkick. He kicks out McMassive’s bad leg and hits Smashmaster with another superkick. Once again he takes out McMassive’s bad leg. He superkicks McMassive into Smashmaster, sending Smashmaster to the floor. Jaxon ducks McMassive’s clothesline and suicide dives onto Smashmaster. Rockwell gives McMassive the Hyperwheel for the pin and the titles in 13:05! This had a lot of emotion, as the crowd was really into N_R_G from the get go which made the comebacks from them all the better. Dev Corp were so perfect as the overpowering bullies. I’m not sure that if they weren’t the team for N_R_G to beat that this would have developed as well as it did. I had such a good time watching this. N_R_G’s win was a fun surprise done at the right time, and I hope people look back on the Dev Corp’s reign as Campeones fondly. ***½

Encore Match
Heidi Lovelace vs. Frightmare

Frightmare jumps in with a clothesline from the entrance ramp right away. He suplexes Lovelace for a quick one count, then angrily chokes her with his boot in the corner. He gets two with a dropkick and again with a bodyslam. She drives Frightmare face first into the middle turnbuckle with her legs. He takes Frightmare over with a headscissors. He goes for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, which she counters with an armdrag. Frightmare hits the floor and Lovelace meets him with a kick to the chest from the apron. In the ring, she comes off the top with double knees for two. Frightmare catches her coming off the ropes and hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. The Here It Is Driver only earns a two count. Lovelace bounces off the ropes and spikes Frightmare with a tornado DDT. The Heidicanrana gets her the pin at 3:25. This was a fun sprint and a nice win for Heidi. *

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
Dasher’s Dugout: 9 Points
The Wrecking Crew: 8 Points
The United Nations: 6 Points
The Arcane Horde: 6 Points
The Nightmare Warriors: 6 Points
Crown & Court: 6 Points
Battle Hive: 5 Points
The Snake Pit: 5 Points
The BDK: 5 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 5 Points


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