King of Trios 2015 Night I


Easton, PA – 9.4.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Sean Waltman, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Mike Quackenbush.

Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne, and Morgan Webster, representatives of ATTACK! Pro Wrestling are backstage. Andrews says he and Dunne are back for the second year in a row. Webster says they aren’t just coming with speed and strength, but style as well. Tonight, CHIKARA discovers that the best defense, is “attack.”

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Mark Andrews {TNA}, Pete Dunne & Morgan Webster vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Mr. Azerbaijan {BP}

Sean Waltman is introduced to the crowd, as he will be on commentary for the first half of the evening. Coincidentally (or maybe not), Prakash Sabar is in the United Nations’ corner for this match. Coronado stops Dunne’s waistlock by grabbing a wristlock and negotiating it into a hammerlock. Dunne steps on Coronado’s toe and shoves him to the mat. He grabs a side headlock and takes Coronado down. Coronado grabs a front facelock. Dunne twists up Coronado’s wrists and fingers. He snapmares Coronado and shoulder blocks him down for a one count. Coronado retreats. Boar knees Andrews in the stomach after they tag in. Andrews snaps off two armdrags and sweeps his legs out into a standing moonsault for two. Boar smacks him in the face and tags in Azerbaijan. Webster hooks the arm before utilizing an armdrag. He avoids Azerbaijan’s corner attack and slingshots in with an Oklahoma Roll. He lands an imploding standing senton for two. Azerbaijan knocks him down with a shoulder block. He poses, so Dunne comes in and matches his pose. Dunne gives him a lifter. Andrews comes off the top with a double stomp to Azerbaijan’s outstretched arm. Azerbaijan throws Andrews down by his hair. Andrews drop toe holds Coronado and locks in a Romero Special. He elevates Coronado into a powerslam from Dunne. Sabar grabs Dunne’s legs as he is sent to the ropes. Azerbaijan and Coronado attack Dunne, allowing the United Nations to work him over in their corner. Azerbaijan misses a second rope senton, allowing Webster to tag in. He knocks Azerbaijan off the apron and knocks down Coronado with an intense clothesline. He follows in with a baseball dropkick. Andrews moonsaults into a tornado DDT, sending Azerbaijan outside. He follows with a pescado. Andrews and Webster look to dive but Boar knocks them down with stereo clotheslines. Dunne sends him throat first into the second rope, then takes him over with a double underhook slam. Coronado breaks the cover. Dunne goes for a pump handle facebuster but Coronado shoves him outside. Webster clobbers Coronado with a running knee strike. He sends Azerbaijan to the floor. He looks for a tope con hilo but Azerbaijan shoves Dunne in the way! Andrews gamengiri’s Coronado from the apron. He signals for the Shooting Star Press. Boar pulls Coronado out so Andres collides with the mat. Azerbaijan distracts the referee. Sabar runs in and FINALLY hits the Bronco Buster on Andrews! Webster chases Sabar off, and Coronado cuts him off with a lariat. Coronado snaps Andrews’ throat on the top rope. Boar gives him a Gore. Azerbaijan pump-handles him into a Rikishi Driver. Coronado insists on taking the pin, earning the victory at 11:27. This was action packed. The ATTACK! team really impressed with crisp, exciting offense that played into the story of the match. The cheating was a little cheap, but ultimately necessary for keeping Andrews strong (why he of all people took the fall confounds me). Either way, this was a perfect opener. ***

Jakob Hammermeier says Team Fight Club: Pro came a long way just to lose in the first round. The BDK will not only win tonight, but become repeat King of Trios winners. He claims they’re just as good as the old BDK and will prove it tonight bywinning King of Trios. He hits his partners to fire them up. Soldier Ant shoves Jakob into Nøkken. Nøkken is admonished while Soldier Ant walks away with no recourse.

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Trent Seven {FCP}, Tyler Bate {FCP} & Daniel Moloney {FCP} vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}, Soldier Ant {BDK} & Nøkken {BDK}

Derek Sabato, former BDK official, is the referee for this match. Pinkie Sanchez is in the BDK’s corner. Hammermeier applies a headlock. Seven escapes with a top wristlock, standing over Hammermeier’s shoulders. Hammermeier grabs the ropes. Seven suplexes him for two. Seven tags in Bate, passing Hammermeier off into a wristlock. Bate muscles him up for a delayed vertical suplex. He grabs Hammermeier’s arm and tags in Moloney, who also gives Hammermeier a delayed vertical suplex. Hammermeier shoves Moloney into the corner for a few shoulder blocks. Nøkken throws some forearms to his back. Moloney resists a suplex, but his back gives out when trying to reverse it. Soldier Ant bodyslams Moloney. He tosses Moloney overhead with a fallaway slam. Moloney bases his weight to avoid a scoop slam. He ducks a clothesline, but Soldier Ant takes him down with a Koppu Kick. Hammermeier chokes him with his boot. Nøkken mauls Moloney in the corner. He gets a two count with a side slam. Soldier Ant squeezes on a Bear Hug to stop Moloney from tagging out. However, Moloney leapfrogs over Soldier Ant when Soldier Ant whips him to the corner and follows in. Bate drops Soldier Ant with a German suplex. He then airplane spins Hammermeier while giving Soldier Ant a Giant Swing at the same time! Nøkken charges to set his partners free. Bate can’t get Nøkken on his shoulders at first, but does muster the strength to get him up for a giant swing! This dizzies both competitors, so Seven tags himself in. Bate stands on Seven’s back hoping for a chokeslam. Instead, Nøkken chokeslams Bate onto Seven! Moloney’s shoulder block doesn’t work, so Nøkken big boots him down. Moloney low bridges the top rope to send him to the floor. Nøkken holds onto him so Soldier Ant can dive, but Soldier Ant takes out Nøkken instead. Bate moonsaults off the second rope onto both of them. Seven gives Hammermeier a piledriver. Moloney follows up with a powerbomb and a jackknife pin for the victory at 10:24. Fight Club: Pro made a great first impression with some excellent power moves and solid teamwork. I had doubts putting them against the BDK, but that groups miscommunication actually played well into the context of the overall bout, and their style mixed well with FCP too. **¾

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Oleg the Usurper {TWC} vs. Princess Kimberlee, El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

An injured, now retired UltraMantis Black leads the Arcane Horde on crutches. Jervis Cottonbelly is in Crown & Court’s corner. Oleg has on face paint on for unity with the Batiri. Oleg technically starts, but Obariyon blind tags in before any action begins. He takes Kimberlee to the mat by her arm. Kimberlee gets on a headscissors, which Obariyon headstands out of for his own headscissors. She backs to the ropes and Obariyon breaks cleanly. He boots her in the stomach. Kimberlee ducks a clothesline and sends him to the corner with a satellite headscissors. Obariyon rolls over her and knocks her down with a shoulder block. He sends her to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Kodama catches Jr. with a dropkick. Obariyon positions Jr. for a top rope swinging Frankensteiner from Kodama. Los Ice Creams double hip toss Kodama and stomp him a few times. However, Kodama sends Hijo out with a headscissors. Jr. misses an elbow drop, so Obariyon gives him one of his own. He cuts off Kimberlee as she enters the ring and tosses her out. Los Ice Creams run to the other side of the ring in fear of getting dived upon. Oleg however comes off the apron with a rolling senton. Kimberlee snapmares Obariyon into a back kick. She lights him up with rapid fire chops. One hard forearm strike from Obariyon knocks her down, The Batiri take turns wearing her down, not getting Oleg involved in the action. Hijo finds himself at the mercy of the Batiri as well. Hijo rolls out, but Kodama nails Jr. with a clothesline as soon as he enters the ring. This happens agains with Jr. rolling out and Hijo being cut off with a dropkick. Kimberlee kicks the Batiri down during a tandem offensive maneuver. Los Ice Creams slam Obariyon onto his stomach. Kimberlee swiftly kicks him in the had. Kodama suffers the same fate. They try with Oleg but he slams Los Ice Creams together and chokeslams them at the same time. Kimberlee breaks the pin. Obariyon attacks her from behind. Kodama rocks her with a punch on the apron and brings her in from the second rope with a belly-to-belly suplex. Obariyon nails a running knee strike for two. A running slam/neckbreaker combo also doesn’t do the trick. She eats the Redrum, but Jr. makes the save. Oleg goes for Off With His Head but Hijo cuts him off with the Cold Stone Stunner. Los Ice Creams assist Kimberlee with a huracanrana on Oleg. Oleg kicks out. Los Ice Creams look for El Asesino. Oleg splashes Hijo against the ropes as Obariyon takes out Jr. Hijo eats the Skull Bronzing for the pin at 11:56. The multiple jump ins from Crown & Court during the heat segment was needless, and it made the Arcane Horde look ineffective, which would have been fine except for the fact that THEY WON THE MATCH.You can tell they worked hard but this just never clicked. *½

The bWo are in the back. Stevie Richards says the CHIKARA fans have been asking for their inclusion in King of Trios for eight years. He says there is no better way for them to come into the tournament by facing a team that not only includes the current tag team champions, but a team that was also last year’s King of Trios champions as well. They intend to not only beat the Devastation Corporation, but also everybody else in the tournament. Richards expresses his beef to Blue Meanie about how the Bullet Club stole the Stevie Kick. Nova is muttering to himself how he wants to wrestle a girl, wrestle the ants, and wants to know where the “slow-mo guys” are. Richards tells Nova he’s been in enough trouble lately, alluding to Hulk Hogan’s troubles with racism. There’s no real ending and they just kinda walk off camera giggling.

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Stevie Richards, Hollywood Nova & The Blue Meanie vs. Max Smashmaster {DC}, Blaster McMassive {DC} & Flex Rumblecrunch {DC}

Sidney Bakabella is in the Devastation Corporation’s corner. Rumblecrunch and Nova shove on another. As Nova does some Hogan-esque posing, McMassive sneaks in. Of course, Nova bails to the floor and sits next to two white fans and puts his arms around them. Pro wrestling in 2015, ladies and gentlemen. McMassive lays in some shots to Richards in the corner. Richards lays in a couple chops of his own and clotheslines McMassive to the floor twice. He tries a sidewalk slam, but McMassive counters with one of his own. They block one another’s hip toss attempts. Richards land a Rocker Dropper. Smashmaster mows him down with a shoulder block. Meanie tags in. Their shoulder block attempts are futile. They each try talking each other into hitting the ropes. Meanie says they’ll both hit the ropes. They do, but instead of colliding, Meanie stops Smashmaster and asks for a test of strength. Instead, he does the Meanie dance, which Smashmaster catches himself also doing uncontrollably. Meanie kicks him to the corner and dishes out some jabs. Richards tags in. Smashmaster jabs him in the throat. Richards Stevie kicks him to the floor. McMassive jumps in with a double axe handle and puts the boots to Richards. The Dev Corp bully Richards in their corner until Richards avoids Rumblecrunch’s shoulder tackle off the top rope and he knocks down Smashmaster. As the Dev Corp argue, Nova tags in. He gets in shots to Rumblecrunch and stomps down Smashmaster in the corner. He kicks out McMassive’s knee and gives him a spin kick. Meanie splashes McMassive. The bWo whip all of the Dev Corp into one another and then stack them up in the corner. Richards and Nova whip Meanie into all three of them. Nova gives Smashmaster an Air Raid Crash! Meanie gives McMassive a Stunner. Richards Stevie Kicks Rumblecrunch but Bakabella puts Rumblecrunch’s foot on the bottom rope. Richards and Meanie fight with McMassive on the floor. Nova hits the ropes. Bakabella hits him with an envelope marked “pay window” and Rumblecrunch spears Nova for the pin at 13:16. This was fun. The bWo delivered both in ring and with their characters. Not sure if the interference was needed for the finish, but given the atmosphere of the contest it wasn’t a massive detriment. **¼

All four members of Dasher’s Dugout in a huddle. Dasher says when he put them together, he envisioned them steamrolling through everybody, but they aren’t where they need to be as a unit. Heidi Lovelace and Icarus echo his sentiments. Hatfield wants to know what they’re missing. Angelosetti says for them to put the Challenge of the Immortals aside tonight, for it is King of Trios. He reminds them last year they made it to the finals. He encourages them to support each other and says they will own the Funplex when they walk out together. Angelosetti believes they will prove to everybody in the Chikarmy that they are the best and give them something to believe in. The cameraman was breathing heavily through their nose the entire promo and it was super distracting.

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Icarus, Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Kevin Condron {BB}, Lucas Calhoun {BB} & Missile Assault Man {BB}

Heidi Lovelace is in Dasher Dugout’s corner while the Snow Troll is in Battleborn’s corner. Calhoun breaks a lock-up clean against the ropes. Icarus picks his leg and rolls him up for two. He ducks an elbow and rolls up Calhoun again. He rolls up Calhoun to block a backdrop as well, then takes him over in a side headlock. Finally, Calhoun nails him with a clothesline when they get back to their feet. Calhoun lands a second punch. Icarus backslides him for two, then slaps his face. Calhoun slaps him back, leading to them getting in a slugfest that goes to the floor. Heidi calms down Icarus as Angelosetti pummels Missile in the ring. He whips Missile into the ropes, following in with shoulder blocks. Missile blocks a third attempt and lands an uppercut. They exchange punches. Missile sends Angelosetti to the floor. Angelosetti drags Missile out with him, but Missile flapjacks him on the ring apron. Condron ducks a clothesline from Hatfield and hits the floor. Missile catches Hatfield with two running uppercuts. Hatfield slams him face first multiple times into the top turnbuckle. He looks to charge from the opposite corner, but Missile cuts him off with a Jon Woo dropkick. Hatfield gets in some shots. Calhoun grabs him from the apron. Missile accidentally knocks Calhoun off the apron and Hatfield suicide dives onto Calhoun. Angelosetti shoulder tackles Missile and dropkicks him to stop a corner attack. Missile drop toe holds him into the middle turnbuckle and stomps him down. Missile yells his name, but Condron stops him mid-way. After some posturing, Missile muscles up Angelosetti into a modified powerbomb. He grabs his head in anguish, so Condron comes into the ring to further pummel Angelosetti. He does Kofi Kingston’s Boom Drop, a nod to the fact that Kofi “stole” his shoes. Angelosetti shoulder blocks him twice in the corner and swings him into a backbreaker. Angelosetti fights off Missile and Calhoun, but Condron sneaks in with a running STO. He begs off when Icarus gets in the ring. Missile stands in Condron’s way. Icarus chops up Missile in the corner. Calhoun holds up Icarus for an uppercut from Missile. Calhoun strings a knee strike and rolling clothesline together. Hatfield breaks the pin. He double axe handles Calhoun in the mid-section. He misses a baseball slide. Hatfield sends Missile shoulder first into the corner and gives him a Cyclone neckbreaker. Missile gives Hatfield a chinbreaker. Condron dives into Hatfield’s arms. Hatfield places him on the top rope and brings him down with the Jackhammer. The Throwbacks whip him into the rope. Condron holds on and Calhoun takes them down with double clotheslines. However, the Throwbacks catch Condron with a tandem Complete Shot (called “End of Weekend”), then drop Calhoun on top of him with a 3D! Missile makes the save. He throws a bunch of uppercuts to Hatfield. He hits Angelosetti with one as well, then Missile Launches him into Hatfield. Icarus looks for the Shiranui. Missile stops him with the Missile Launcher. Icarus blocks that with a Pedigree. He goes for the CHIKARA Special. The Troll distracts the referee and Calhoun holds onto Heidi. Condron hits Icarus with a chair for the pin at 13:05. I don’t love two back-to-back cheap finishes. The action here was good, advancing the issue between two teams without a resolution. We continue to see marked improvement from Battleborn on each outing, but their teamwork needs improvement. Weak finish aside, I liked the palpable aggression between the units. It made for an intriguing outing. **¾

Worker Ant says King of Trios is the one weekend when all eyes are on “us.” He tells Fire Ant the difference between everybody else in the tournament and them is that they aren’t 3 individuals together, but a formidable Battle Hive. Amasis rises up with his back to the camera. He has a mask with antennae on it, and tells the Colony to “mount up.”

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Amasis {OP}, Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. AJ Styles {NJ}, Matt Jackson {YB} & Nick Jackson {YB}

Amasis calls himself Pharaoh Ant on this evening. Styles and the Young Bucks represent the Bullet Club. The jump the Battle Hive before the bell. Styles holds Fire Ant for double superkicks from the Bucks, but Amasis and Worker Ant drag them out. Fire Ant takes out Styles with deja vu headscissors. Fire Ant blocks Nick’s kick, but Nick catches him with a rolling back elbow. Amasis knee strikes Nick off the apron to the floor. Matt headscissors Amasis to the floor and follows with a dropkick through the ropes. Matt skins the cat into a powerslam from Worker Ant. Worker Ant catches Styles coming off the ropes. Styles shoves Worker Ant into a double superkick from the Bucks. Styles wipes out Fire Ant and Amasis with a pescado. The Bucks superkick Amasis and Fire Ant, wiping out a camera man by accident when sliding to the floor. Worker Ant eats a dropkick from Matt as Nick has him locked in a headscissors. Fire Ant fights off the Bucks and comes in with a high crossbody to Matt. Matt ducks the Yahtzee Kick, rolling him into a hard backbreaker from Styles. Fire Ant is isolated by the Bullet Club until Styles foolishly tosses him to the floor. Amasis comes off the top with a shoulder tackle to Styles. He lands an enzuigiri on Matt. Nick looks to break the cover but elbow drops his own brother. Amasis drops Nick with a Complete Shot. Styles throws a barrage of kicks and strikes to Amasis, ending with a rolling clothesline. Amasis finds himself isolated now, with them doing damage to Amasis’ antennae just to be jerks. Nick accidentally clobbers Styles with a running knee strike. Amasis slides to the floor. Fire Ant sends the Bucks to the floor with a double Frankensteiner, then follows out with a slingshot somersault senton. Fire Ant comes in with a Frankensteiner attempt on Styles. Styles catches him looking for the Styles Clash. Fire Ant fights out, dropping Styles with a Yoshi Tonic for a two count. Nick cracks Fire Ant with a running knee in the corner. Worker Ant back suplexes Nick into an uranage. He bodyslams Matt. Styles eats a corner dropkick from Amasis. Worker Ant spins him out into a flapjack for two. Worker Ant finds himself taking a triumvirate of strikes in the corner. Styles powerbombs Amasis into double enzuigiri’s from the Bucks which also hit Worker Ant. He drops Amasis with Bloody Sunday. Fire Ant Yahtzee Kicks Styles. The Bucks double superkick Fire Ant. Worker Ant double clotheslines the Bucks. Styles tries a springboard, but slips off. Yet, he lands on his feet and enzuigiri’s Worker Ant. He calls for the Styles Clash on Worker Ant. Amasis nails him with the 540 kick instead. Nick slingshot X-Factors onto Amasis, then moonsaults to the floor onto Fire Ant and Worker Ant. Amasis gets his knees up to avoid More Bang For Your Buck. He rolls up Matt for two. Amasis fights off all of the Bullet Club, eventually succumbing to a double superkick/Pele kick attack. Fatality, ending with a Styles Clash, puts down Amasis at 12:59. This was hot and action packed the entire time. Battle Hive looked very strong in this match, having me believe they had the match won a couple different times. The Bucks and Styles had a good match – weird, right? ***½

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Ophidian {OP}, Eddie Kingston & Shynron vs. Hallowicked, Frightmare & Silver Ant {C}

Silver Ant of all people jumps Ophidian before the bell. Hallowicked and Frightmare get in on the beatdown. It’s noted on commentary that the dark influence of the Nightmare Warriors may be getting to Silver Ant. Silver Ant slams Ophidian into a legdrop and Kingston pulls Silver Ant off to stop a pin attempt. Ophidian and Frightmare trade kicks to the face. Ophidian uses the ropes to pull off the Duat Driver. Hallowicked cuts off Ophidian before he can make a tag. He is able to take down Silver Ant with a spin kick and roll to the floor, bringing in Shynron. Frightmare smartly drops down the top rope, sending Shynron out, and Hallowicked rolls Ophidian back in the ring to continue the beatdown. Ophidian is able to skin the cat into a tornado DDT to Frightmare on the floor. Shynron comes in with a 450 clothesline on Silver Ant. Hallowicked cuts off Shynron’s dive attempt with a sole butt kick. Kingston however does a plancha clearing the top rope. Shynron does a back handspring moonsault press to Hallowicked, then successfully dives onto everyone else outside. Shynron drops Hallowicked with a back handspring Ace Crusher in the ring for two. Frightmare comes in with a high crossbody. Shynron rolls through and gives Frightmare a standing Spanish Fly. He backflips into double Pele kicks onto Silver Ant and Hallowicked. Silver Ant throws Kingston’s hand into the ring post. Shynron lands a bottom rope 450 splash for two. He goes for the Spirit Bomb but Silver Ant grabs his leg. Silver Ant takes out Kingston with a knee strike off the apron. Frightmare brings Shynron down with a super Frankensteiner. Shynron lands on his feet and hits the Dragon Twist for two. Hallowicked drops Shynron with the Rydeen Bomb. Ophidian breaks the cover. Hallowicked tries for another Rydeen Bomb, but Ophidian counters with a Frankensteiner. Ophidian drives his knees into Hallowicked twice in the corner. He bicycle kicks Frightmare down in the corner. Frightmare uses his feet to send Ophidian to the top. He tries the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Ophidian fights off of his shoulders, but succumbs to a spike Frankensteiner. Kingston picks up Frightmare into a leg capture suplex. Silver Ant kicks Kingston in the leg and shoulder. Kingston blocks the Angle slam with a uranage suplex. He follows up with a rolling forearm. Frightmare comes off the top with a dropkick. Shynron enzuigiri’s Frightmare. Hallowicked cracks him with a step-up enzuigiri. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees to Hallowicked. Silver Ant catches Ophidian with a flying boot. Hallowicked avoids some of Shynron’s offense and feeds him to Silver Ant for a sleeper. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Shynron into a spear from Frightmare. Shynron kicks out. Kingston comes off the second with a shoulder tackle to Silver Ant. Kingston and Hallowicked have a stare down. Frightmare shoulder blocks Kingston to the corner and follows in with a yakuza kick. He’s brought down with the Headless Horsemen. Silver Ant follows up with a frog splash. Kingston kicks out, so Silver Ant goes for a cross armbreaker. Ophidian cuts him off with double knees off the top. Ophidian ducks a yakuza kick by low bridging the top rope. Kingston drops Frightmare with a brainbuster. Ophidian follows with a lionsault and Shynron with a running 450. Both Silver Ant and Hallowicked break it up. The ring is cleared until it’s down to Kingston and Frightmare. Frightmare blocks the Backfist to the Future and lands a crucifix driver for two. Kneecolepsy connects for two. Frightmare throws some slaps. Kingston lands the Backfist to the Future. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Kingston. Silver Ant assists Frightmare with a suicide dive onto Ophidian. Silver Ant goes for a flip senton on the floor. Kingston takes the bullet for Ophidian, but landing on the ground hurts his already hurt shoulder. Ophidian fights off Hallowicked and Frightmare while sitting on the top rope. He gives Frightmare double knees on the ring apron. Hallowicked avoids Double Dragon. He drops Shynron with a cross-legged brainbuster for the pin at 17:42. Lots of moves, dives, and whatnot: all for nothing. There was no coherence or story to any of this. I appreciate them trying to stray from the usual formula, but that only works if you have an alternative story to tell as opposed to no story. I do like that they put over that the Nightmare Warriors are starting to become “one”, with each other borrowing moves the others offense. Nobody can deny the hard work these six put in, which is why I was ultimately disappointed by this. *

For the first time, Silver Ant joins Hallowicked and Frightmare in their post-match seance, despite the fans objection. Hallowicked and Frightmare take off his mask, revealing a new one in which half of Silver Ant’s face is the same color and design as Frightmare and Hallowicked.

King of Trios 2015 First Round Match
Fénix {AAA}, Drago {AAA} & Aero Star {AAA} vs. Chuck Taylor {GC}, Drew Gulak {GC} & The Swamp Monster {GC}

Gulak and Fénix take to the mat, reversing leg holds, with Fénix going after the knee and Gulak going after the ankle. They reach a stalemate as they get back to their feet. Star baits Taylor into an enzuigiri and springboard crossbody. He holds onto Taylor and springboards into a Frankensteiner, sending Taylor outside. Drago ducks Gulak’s offense and sweeps out his legs. Taylor boots Drago. Drago trips Gulak and hops off his back for a headscissors on Taylor. Drago baits Gulak to the floor and feigns a dive. In comes the Swamp Monster. Fénix kicks him from the floor in the head. Monster comes back with a satellite headscissors. Taylor stomps on Fénix and gives him a butterfly suplex. Gulak stretches him out in the Crossbow before smashing him on his face. Taylor puts on a Regal Stretch. Fénix escapes and hits an enzuigiri. Star comes in. Taylor resists his running shoulder blocks and knocks down Star with one his own. Monster punches Star in the back after a shimmy. He snapmares Star into a pair of back kicks. Gulak slams him into a running elbow drop. Gulak puts on a bow and arrow. Taylor chokes Star on the middle rope. He accidentally forearms Monster. Star tries an enzuigiri, which Taylor avoids. He misses a top rope moonsault. Fénix comes in with a series of forearm shots. Gulak however knees him from the apron and Taylor superkicks Fénix. Fénix avoids a corner attack then double hops on the ropes into a clothesline. Team AAA hit him with a baseball slide and two enzuigiri’s in the corner. Fénix lays out Gulak with an enzuigiri. Drago springboards in with a splash. Star follows with a senton from the top rope. Fénix strings a double stomp and moonsault together. Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor catches Drago with the Brodie Knee. Fénix kicks him in the head. Taylor responds with Sole Food. Fénix back handsprings into an Ace Crusher. The Colonel Doctor Nolan Angus comes out to distract for the Gentleman’s Club. Monster kicks Fénix and drops him with a Ki Krusher for two. Gulak and Taylor throw Monster out. Fénix ducks a double clothesline. He takes out Gulak with a Frankensteiner. Taylor kicks Fénix. Star kicks Taylor from the apron, then springboards into a twisting splash onto Monster and Gulak on the floor. Fénix stops Taylor’s Lucha back roll with a double stomp. He then does a twisting press onto everybody on the floor. Taylor lands a flip senton afterwards. Orange Cassidy from the apron spits orange juice into Drago’s face. Drago responds with green mist. Gulak rolls up Drago for two. Drago and Gulak trade kick for headbutt to the stomach. Drago alita’s Gulak into a seatbelt pin for the win at 15:12. This was a wild, action packed contest, with the crowd eating up every bit of it. The Gentleman’s Club are exactly the kind of team to put Team AAA against, as they are familiar with their style and it allows the best to be brought out in everybody, especially Fénix who really got the opportunity to shine. The two moments of interference added some levity and did not take anything away from this. You really could not have asked for a better match to conclude the night. ***¾

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
The Wrecking Crew: 7 Points
Dasher’s Dugout: 7 Points
The United Nations: 6 Points
The Nightmare Warriors: 5 Points
The Snake Pit: 5 Points
The Arcane Horde: 5 Points
Battle Hive: 5 Points
The BDK: 4 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 3 Points
Crown & Court: 3 Points


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