The Good Life


Philadelphia, PA – 8.15.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Pre-Show Match
Chuck Taylor vs. Hermit Crab

This match took place before the show started officially, and was released in January of 2016 on an episode of CHIKARA’s Podcast-A-Go-Go. Taylor threatens to punch Crab in the face after backing him to the corner, but meets the referee’s request to break clean instead. A long wristlock exchange ends with a kick to the stomach from Crab. Taylor reverses his whip to the ropes. He takes Crab over with a hip toss. He dropkicks Crab before a very brief choke. Taylor admits he got too excited and instead stomps Crab in the corner. Crab sends Taylor to the corner. Taylor bandera’s him to the apron. Crab pinches Taylor in the eyes and then drives his knee into his shoulders. He tries a Boston Crab but gets kicked away. Taylor chops him multiple times. Crab trips him and gets the Boston Crab applied. Taylor grabs the bottom rope. From out of the corner, Taylor takes Crab over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crab chops Taylor multiple times against the ropes. Taylor weaves under a whip and hits Sole Food. He misses an elbow drop. Crab drills him with a spinebuster for two. Taylor intercepts Crab on the second turnbuckle. Crab fights him off and hits a Naniwa elbow. Crab celebrates the accomplishment, as it was apparently the magic move, but the celebration is ended with a schoolboy roll-up from Taylor, giving Taylor the win at 6:43. Taylor’s self-commentary made this match, but I had fun seeing Crab develop his character and how he’s changed since. *

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Bryce Remsburg.

Challenge of the Immortals
Oleg the Usurper {TWC} vs. Prakash Sabar {BP}

Oleg represents the Arcane Horde while Sabar represents the United Nations. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova is in Sabar’s corner. Sabar takes solace in the ropes to avoid Oleg’s initial attack. He then puts on a side headlock. Oleg feels little effect, tossing Sabar to the corner with ease. He also fails to trip Oleg. Oleg mocks Sabar asking him to “too sweet him.” Sabar tries a waistlock. Oleg uses his posterior to free himself, then grabs him by his tongue. He sends Sabar face first into the corner multiple times. Oleg picks up speed on the ropes, but Boar grabs his leg. Sabar dropkicks Oleg’s leg out and gives him a dropkick on the side for two. He throws some more kicks, including one from the apron. He comes off the top rope with a seated press for two. Sabar kicks down Oleg in the corner. He misses the Bronco Buster. Boar again grabs Oleg’s leg. Sabar once more dropkicks him twice to get him down for a two count. Oleg looks for a chokeslam. Sabar rakes his eyes. Oleg blocks a boot to the stomach, but Sabar lands a roundhouse kick for two. He knees Oleg in the temple. Sabar lands a middle rope bulldog for two. Oleg splashes Sabar against the ropes to cut him off. Boar grabs Oleg’s foot, but Oleg stomps on his hand. Sabar accidentally dropkicks Boar. Oleg gives Sabar a big boot. Off With His Head gives Oleg the pin at 6:32. They told a fun, simple story. Sabar got more offense in then he usually does and looked good in doing so. It’s easy to see Oleg is ready to become a full blown Tecnico. Them repeating the leg grab/dropkick spot twice seemed odd, but it at least it played into the overall narrative. *½

Juan Francisco de Coronado comes out to speak, but the fans boo him so profusely that he leaves without saying anything.

El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Frightmare & Blind Rage

Princess Kimberlee is in Los Ice Creams corner. They want to refreeze in the refrigerator but Kimberlee gets them back to the ring. Hijo sings the Big Boss Man’s theme because a fan in the front row kinda sorta looks like him. Rage stops Hijo’s dancing by pounding him down in the corner. Hijo baits him into a calf kick with some faux crying. He pinches Rage’s fanny and overhand chops him. Hijo gives him an atomic drop and tags in Jr. Rage avoids a double team attack. Frightmare comes off the top with a double crossbody. Los Ice Creams double elbow him down, then swing him back first into the corner. Hijo jabs him in the jaw. Frightmare hops over Hijo and tags in Rage. They both pummel Hijo to the corner. Hijo avoids a running attack from Frightmare and boots both him and Rage down. Hijo sends Frightmare face first into Jr.’s face. Frightmare gives Jr. a chinbreake. He and Rage fail a corner attack on Jr. as well. He boots down Frightmare for a two count. Jr. gives Frightmare the two scoop slam. He small packages Frightmare for two. Once again Los Ice Creams swing Frightmare into the corner, this time with his head colliding with the bottom turnbuckle. Frightmare hops out of Hijo’s attack. Rage beats down Hijo while Frightmare boots Jr. off the apron. Hijo hops over Frightmare to escape his corner attack, but Rage catches him with a Michinoku Driver for the pin in 6:25. That was a fun, well built contest. **

Princess Kimberlee is downtrodden about Los Ice Creams loss. Hijo tells Kimberlee that they want her to win the Challenge of the Immortals, but they always lose. He says that maybe she should no longer put them in tournament matches so that she can win without them. She says she believes in Los Ice Creams despite their tendency to lose. Kimberlee sings them a motivational song, though they dub her singing over with the real song. This song rejuvenates Los Ice Creams’ spirits and they agree to continue their attempt to try and assist Kimberlee in the COTI. They leave in a good mood.

Challenge of the Immortals
Argus vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}

Argus represents the Snake Pit while Boar represents the United Nations. Prakash Sabar, holding his neck in pain, is in Boar’s corner. Argus evades Boar’s starting Gore attempt. He lights up Boar with chops. Sabar trips Argus. Oleg the Usurper interjects and carries Sabar out of the building. Boar rakes Argus’ eyes behind referee Larry Peace’s back. He knee lifts Argus twice in the corner before delivering a running shoulder block to the stomach. He catches Argus with a sidewalk slam for two. He chokes Argus on the middle rope, then drives all of his body weight onto his back. Boar puts on a bear hug. Argus attempts to escape, so Boar shoves him to the corner and once again delivering a running shoulder block to the stomach. He drives his knee into Argus’s stomach twice and whips him back first into the opposite corner. Argus avoids the Boar charging in the corner, causing Boar to land on the top rope. Argus puts him in a tree of woe and dropkicks Boar in the thigh. He applies a stretch muffler. Boar grabs the ropes to escape. Boar kicks him away, but Argus strings together a shinbuster and belly-to-back suplex. Argus goes up top. Boar kicks the ropes to knock him down. The Gore gets him the win at 5:20. Boar did a great job building the entire encounter around hitting the Gore and paying it off. Argus is technically solid and I hope he doesn’t become lost in the shuffle at the end of the COTI. *½

Once again, Juan Francisco de Coronado comes out to speak. He is booed again, but does start speaking behind the curtain. The video however cuts off.

Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Lucas Calhoun {BB} & Missile Assault Man {BB}

Missile Assault Man is of course the former Missile Assault Ant who unmasked last month at Kevin Condron’s behest. N_R_G are in snazzy new black and red gear. Jaxon and Missle have an aggressive lock-up. Missile fireman’s carries Jaxon over and places his knee on his face. Jaxon fights up into a wristlock. Missile reverses. Jaxon turns it into a hammerlock and then a cravate. Missile chopps Jaxon. He reapplies a wristlock. Calhoun and Rockwell tag in. Rockwell grabs his own wristlock. Jaxon gives a double axe handle to Calhoun’s outstretched arm. N_R_G knock him down with tandem shoulder tackles. They double hip toss Missile into a double elbow drop. Jaxon misses a corner splash. He notices Missile on the floor and looks for a suicide dive. Missile cuts him off with an uppercut, allowing Calhoun to take over inside the ring. Missile helps Calhoun with his beat down once back in the ring. While Missile is unloading uppercuts to Jaxon against the ropes, Missile grabs his head in agony, possibly some sort of PTSD from his time in Condor Security. Regardless, Jaxon disposes Battleborn to the floor and dives onto both of them. Rockwell tags a swig of Electric Monkey energy drink, allowing him to take down both of Battleborn with clotheslines back in the ring. He cannonball sentons Calhoun and powerslams Missile. He uses the ropes for a headstand double stomp. Calhoun picks Rockwell up. Rockwell slides off. Jaxon superkicks Calhoun into Rockwell’s Hyperwheel for the pin at 9:21. Both teams looked really competent, with Jaxon and Missile showing off some solid wrestling and Rockwell and Calhoun both incorporating their power and size effectively. N_R_G now have three points and will cash in against the Devastation Corporation in Norfolk, VA on September 27th. **¾

Prior to our main event, Juan Francisco de Coronado comes out to speak. He begins to speak and insult a fan when Amasis, half of the main event, makes his way out. He takes out Coronado with a 540 kick.

Grand Championship
Hallowicked vs. Amasis {OP}

Hallowicked has been champion since 4.6.2015 and this is his fourth defense. Frightmare and Blind Rage are in his corner. Amasis controls Hallowicked by his left arm. They both fight for a front facelock on the mat, but Hallowicked shoves Amasis a way to end the sequence. Amasis uses a single leg takedown and grapevines the leg. Hallowicked tries a cross armbreaker but Amasis stacks him up on his shoulders. Back on their feet Amasis grabs a wristlock out of a collar and elbow tie up. Amasis grapevines the leg again and digs his fist into Hallowicked’s knee cap. Hallowicked hits the back of his head and twists up his shoulder. Amasis dropkicks him to the floor and follows up with a pescado. Back in the ring, Hallowicked shoulder blocks Amasis twice from the entrance ramp. He puts on a headlock. Amasis shoots him off but is taken down with a running shoulder block. A Lucha sequence ends with Amasis sending Hallowicked to the floor with an alita. He goes for a tope con hilo but lands on Frightmare and Rage. Hallowicked cracks him from behind with a yakuza kick, earning a two count back in the ring. Hallowicked grabs a fujiwara armbar on Amasis. Amasis turns it into a pin for two. Hallowicked stomps on Amasis’ shoulders and kicks him in the chest. Amasis tries fighting back, so Hallowicked drives his elbow into Amasis’ lower back. He gets the super snapmare. Hallowicked puts on a bodyscissors. Amasis elbows his way free. He fights back with chops and punches. He sweeps out Hallowicked’s legs and hits a 540 enzuigiri. Hallowicked kicks out. He comes off the top with a huracanrana for two. Amasis superkicks Hallowicked, lands a sole butt kick, and knee strikes him in the face. The 450 splash connects, but Hallowicked kicks out just in time. Blind Rage and Frightmare have a seance on the ring apron as Amasis heads back to the top rope. He hits a second 450 splash. Again, Hallowicked kicks out. Amasis gets in some strikes. Hallowicked nails a yakuza kick. Amasis kicks out. Hallowicked lands the Rydeen Bomb. Amasis kicks out again. Hallowicked instructs Rage and Frightmare to pray harder. The Graveyard Smash connects and keeps down Amasis for the pin at 9:37. They did a heck of a job making Amasis look like he had a chance. We may have gotten into finisher overkill at the end, but for this story it worked. It’s interesting to see Hallowicked (presumably) get some strength from Frightmare and Rage’s seance to Nazmaldun, so we’ll see if that plays a larger role going forward or was just a deus ex machina for this particular encounter. ***

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
The Wrecking Crew: 7 Points
The Nightmare Warriors: 5 Points
Dasher’s Dugout: 5 Points
The Snake Pit: 5 Points
The Arcane Horde: 5 Points
The United Nations: 5 Points
Battle Hive: 4 Points
The BDK: 4 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 3 Points
Crown & Court: 2 Points


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  1. […] & Court while Frightmare & Rage represent the Nightmare Warriors. This is a rematch from “The Good Life” which was not a Challenge of the Immortals match. The Warriors attack Los Ice Creams from behind […]

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