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Philadelphia, PA – 5.23.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Hallowicked
Campeones de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Amasis {OP} vs. Missile Assault Ant

Missile wastes time on the floor yelling his name at the fans. They trade headlocks once they lock-up. Missile negotiates into a hammerlock which Amasis escapes from. Missile gives Amasis an uppercut. Amasis comes back with a headscissors. He goes for a second, which Missile blocks. Amasis turns his slam attempt into a sunset flip. Missile cuts him off and pulls him up into a bicycle kick. Missile gives him the Missile stomp after an uppercut. He misses a corner attack. Amasis throws some kicks at Missile’s legs. Missile ducks an enzuigiri and launches himself with double fists into Amasis’ chest. He chokes Amasis on the middle rope and rakes his eyes across the top rope. Amasis lands on the entrance ramp when Missile sends him over the top rope. Once again Amasis tries a sunset flip. Missile resists. Amasis however superkicks Missile upon being lifted to his feet. He hits a 450 splash for the pin at 6:47. Not much to say since it was short, but there was solid work from both competitors. *¾

We see Missile as he goes through the curtain. Kevin Condron approaches him, singing “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier” in his face repeatedly. Missile shoves Condron down and walks away. This leaves Condron smiling.

Ophidian says he and Argus train week in and week out at the Wrestle Factory. He knows what Argus is capable of, and says tonight Argus will show the fans what he’s capable of by defeating one of the most cohesive units in CHIKARA, The Colony. Argus is up for the challenge. Ophidian says he knows Argus is destined for greatness, and now everybody else will know.

Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Ophidian {OP} & Argus

Fire Ant and Ophidian start deep in a lock-up, each man cleanly breaking the hold in the corner. Ophidian trips Fire Ant into a bodyscissors.Fire Ant gets on his feet and turns Ophidian onto his shoulders for a two count. He muscles Ophidian up into a bodyslam. Argus tags in. He grabs an arm hold but Fire Ant takes a toe and ankle hold. Argus uses his leg to turn it into a side headlock. Fire Ant backs to the corner so Worker Ant can tag in. He takes down Argus with a waistlock. They trade front facelocks. Argus small packages Worker Ant for two. He grabs Worker Ant’s arm after a fireman’s carry, which displeases Fire Ant. Worker Ant immobilizes Argus by grabbing his chin and interlocking his legs. Worker Ant wants a figure four leg lock but Argus kicks him in the side of the face. Argus grabs a full nelson and pulls Worker Ant to the corner. Ophidian headbutts him in the stomach. He twists on Worker Ant’s fingers and stomps his elbow, sending his hand and arm into the mat. Worker Ant pump handles his way out of more finger manipulation and tags Fire Ant back in. He chops Ophidian in the corner. Ophidian Skins the Snake upon being whipped across the ring. Argus and Ophidian double whip Fire Ant into a double big boot. Worker Ant clotheslines them simultaneously. The Colony dispose of Ophidian and gang up on Argus. Miscommunication sees Fire Ant accidentally forearm strike Worker Ant, giving Argus the opening to tag in. Ophidian spinwheel kicks Fire Ant and sends him to the corner with an enzuigiri. He drives his knees into Fire Ant’s chest, then headstands into another double knee strike. Worker Ant sneaks up from behind. Ophidian gives him a series of strikes and a sole butt kick. He comes off the top with double knees and misses. Fire Ant nails the Yahtzee Kick. The Colony double boot Argus and drop him with a spike Beach Break. Ophidian makes the save. Ophidian kicks Worker Ant in the side of the head. Argus low bridges the top rope to send Fire Ant out. Worker Ant eats stereo kicks from the opposition. Argus drops him with a half-nelson while Ophidian gives him an Ace Crusher. Argus locks on a modified Rings of Saturn. Fire Ant breaks the submission. He throws some palm strikes to Ophidian’s chest. Ophidian reverses a waistlock and German suplexes Fire Ant. He enzuigiri’s Fire Ant on the top rope. Worker Ant picks Ophidian off into a backbreaker position. Ophidian fights for the Death Grip. Fire Ant tries to peel him off with a sunset flip. Argus puts Fire Ant in a stretch muffler, then an ankle lock. Fire Ant rolls forward, sending Argus to the corner. He blasts Argus with an enzuigiri. Ophidian grabs Fire Ant as Fire Ant hits the ropes. Argus enzuigiri’s Fire Ant. Worker Ant takes down Argus with a rolling clothesline. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees to Worker Ant. Fire Ant tornado DDT’s Ophidian. Argus rolls up Fire Ant for two. Fire Ant misses the flying Yahtzee Kick. Argus folds up Fire Ant for the pin in 19:00. That went on for WAY too long, especially since for most of the match the crowd didn’t know what to make of two Tecnico teams colliding and the work never manifested into a story of any kind. A nice effort and a nice win for Argus, but not the best work you’ve seen from these guys. **½

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti says that his opponent, Kevin Condron, has turned a lot of heads this season…with his promos and what he does behind a keyboard. Last we saw Condron was two months ago when he lost to his step cousin in law Dasher Hatfield. He says people who sit behind their keyboard all day are nerds. He says Condron was the nerd of the Wrestle Factory and that he never really liked him, calling him a third-string snowflake. Tonight, Condron has his chance to step up in Touchdown City, looking Angelosetti in the eye on the line of scrimmage. He hopes Condron is ready, because he’s coming for Condron, nerd!

Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Kevin Condron

Condron has a present with him wrapped in gold wrapping paper. Angelosetti immediately takes down Condron with a spinebuster. He knocks him down with a back elbow and a bodyslam. He splashes Condron a few times before dropping a knee onto his face. He brings Condron out of the corner with a one handed biel. Angelosetti goes for a shoulder tackle. Condron cuts him off with a knee strike. He ducks under a leapfrog. Angelosetti armdrags Condron and holds on, but Condron wiggles his way to the floor. On the floor, Condron sends Angelosetti face first into a ring post. He hot shots Angelosetti onto the ring apron. Condron kicks Angelosetti in the chest as Angelosetti re-enters the ring. Angelosetti aggressively drives Condron down with a spinebuster. Condron rakes Angelosetti’s eyes. He blasts him with forearms in the corner. Condron gives Angelosetti a rib breaker and a running forearm in the corner. Various offense leads to Condron grinding on Angelosetti’s ears and head with a side headlock. Angelosetti rolls up Condron for two. Condron clotheslines him down, then applies a Japanese stranglehold. Angelosetti powers out, so Condron goes behind to use the stranglehold and drive Angelosetti into the canvas. Condron perches on the top rope. Angelosetti follows him up and tosses him off. Angelosetti comes off the second rope with a shoulder tackle. He lands a dropkick and gives Condron a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Condron cuts off Angelosetti with a Slingblade variation. Angelosetti backs Condron to the corner. He shoulder tackles Condron twice. Condron avoids the third and spikes Angelosetti with a DDT for the pin at 7:59. This was perfect in it’s execution. The wrestling was captivating, Condron earned a big time win and comes off as more of a threat than he did in either of his previous singles encounters this season. It didn’t overstay it’s welcome and accomplished it’s goal. This was one of my favorite matches to watch so far this season. ***

Dasher Hatfield comes out to check on Angelosetti and assist him to the back. Condron calls out “Lucas”, bringing a very angry Volgar to the ring. Condron calms him down by telling Volgar that he spoke with “Sam.” He asks someone to bring him the present, as it’s for Volgar. A student gives Condron the gift and he hands it to Volgar. He opens the box and inside is a microphone. Condron says he is not Volgar, but rather ”Juke Joint” Lucas Calhoun. He’s done his research, and Volgar is not who “they” made him to be. He’s meant to perform and be loved. Now that he has given Volgar the microphone, Condron believes Volgar has something for him. Volgar takes off his mask and gives Condron a big hug. Condron kicks the Volgar mask away as he and Calhoun head to the back.

Challenge of the Immortals
Princess Kimberlee vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Kimberlee represents Crown & Court while Coronado represents the United Nations. Coronado tells Kimberlee that she will bow down to an Ecuadorian Aristocrat. As a Princess, she refuses. Coronado says he will bow to her, but instead gives her a cheap shot to the chin! He throws Kimberlee face first into the corner. She ducks a clothesline and takes Coronado over with a headscissors. She lights him up with repeated chops to the chest. She locks on an Anaconda Vise in the ropes. Upon release, Coronado shoves the referee into the ropes which sends Kimberlee to the floor. He drives her back first into the ring apron, then chokes her on the middle rope back in the ring. He drives his forearm into her back as he bounces her off of the ropes. Coronado mows her down with a clothesline for a two count. He catches Kimberlee with a powerslam for another two count. Coronado gives her some kidney shots before dropping her with a belly to back suplex. Kimberlee breaks out of a double arm hold and gives Coronado a chin breaker. He drops her with a Tiger Driver but Kimberlee kicks out. She clotheslines Coronado to the floor. When Coronado comes back in, she uses her legs to avoid his attacks, then takes him down with a spinwheel kick for two. Coronado and Kimberlee switch out of waistlocks. They each fight for a suplex, which Kimberlee wins. Coronado however is able to bust out another Tiger Driver which once again Kimberlee is able to kick out of. They duck each others’ kicks to the head. She wants a piledriver but her back is too worn down. He wants another Tiger Driver. She sweeps out Coronado’s legs and gets the pin with the Alligator Clutch in 10:44! Crown & Court is on the board! This was a very good back and forth match, with both competitors having complementary styles. The story with Crown & Court all along has been Kimberlee having to get the job done for her team and this furthers that story well. **¾

Dasher Hatfield is honored to be in the main event of the first ever show at the brand new Wrestle Factory, but he has quite a challenge as he faces Blaster McMassive. He’s also one point away from a Grand Championship shot. He says the Dev Corp has taken shortcuts on all their accomplishments, and tonight he will show McMassive what it’s like to earn your stripes the right away.

Dasher Hatfield {T} vs. Blaster McMassive {DC}

McMassive offers a handshake which Hatfield is weary to trust. McMassive tries pulling him into a lariat, but Hatfield turns it around into an atomic drop. McMassive walks it off outside the ring. When he re-enters the ring, Hatfield takes him over with a side headlock. McMassive tries rolling Hatfield on his shoulders for a pin, but Hatfield avoids it. On their feet Hatfield wrenches on a wirstlock. He turns a courting hold into a seatbelt pin for two. McMassive locks on a headscissor. Hatfield escapes into a side headlock. McMassive gets to the ropes to escape. Hatfield snaps off a pair of armdrags. McMassive blocks a double wrist clutch, but Hatfield Jon Woo dropkicks him down in the corner. He charges in with a baseball slide. He quesadora armdrags McMassive to the floor. Hatfield follows with a suicide dive. McMassive hides behind a fan to avoid being hit, but that allows McMassive to hit Hatfield with a forearm strike. McMassive shoves the fan down! In the ring, McMassive stomps Hatfield in the corner. Hatfield cracks McMassive with a forearm strike from the middle rope. He tries a sunset flip but McMassive stomps on his chest. They chop one another in the corner. McMassive tosses him off of the second rope for a two count. Hatfield throws punches and underhand chops. McMassive cuts him off with a boot to the face. He goes for a powerbomb. Hatfield escapes. McMassive boots Hatfield as Hatfield tries a corner charge. Hatfield is whipped to the corner, but he fires out with a clothesline. He muscles up McMassive for a spinning slam. After an exchange of strikes, McMassive stops Hatfield from going up and over and pulls him into Lariat Tubman for two. McMassive wants a chokeslam. Hatfield slides out and lands the Jackhammer for two. McMassive bails and looks to leave the building. Hatfield stops him and sends him face first into the ring post. Hatfield holds McMassive so that the fan McMassive manhandled earlier can get in a punch of his own. In the ring, Hatfield rolls through McMassive’s slam attempt. McMassive hits the Black Hole Slam. Hatfield turns McMassive’s pin attempt into a crucifix pin for the win at 15:50! Post match, Hatfield hits the Suicide Squeeze. This too was a little on the longer side, but a nice, fun slugfest. Hatfield now has a Grand Championship shot in his back pocket after collecting his third point with this win. **¾

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
The Nightmare Warriors: 4 Points
The Wrecking Crew: 4 Points
Dasher’s Dugout: 3 Points
The Arcane Horde: 2 Points
The United Nations: 2 Points
Battle Hive: 2 Points
The BDK: 2 Points
The Gentleman’s Club: 2 Points
The Snake Pit: 1 Point
Crown & Court: 1 Point


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