Afternoon Delight


London, England – 4.6.2015

Championship Rundown
Grand Champion: Icarus
Campeones de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)
Young Lions Cup Champion: Heidi Lovelace

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Bryce Remsburg and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Juan Francisco de Coronado introduces us to Mr. Azerbaijan and Prakash Sabar, who with him make up the United Nations. They plan to show their supremacy against the Battle Hive. He has sold out the Ecuadome, Mr. Azerbaijan has been Sexiest Man many times and Prakash Sabar…is Prakash Sabar. Those credentials alone make Coronado think that his team is guaranteed victory.

Challenge of the Immortals
Amasis {OP}, Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, Mr. Azerbaijan {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Amasis and The Colony represent Battle Hive while Coronado and the Bloc Party represent The United Nations. Sabar wrenches on a side headlock and grabs Fire Ant’s antennae to keep it applied. Fire Ant grabs Sabar’s tongue to escape, but Sabar thrusts his hands into his throat. FIre Ant takes Sabar to the corner. He and Worker Ant double team Sabar. Both he and Fire Ant roll out. A tough lock-up between Worker Ant and Coronado is broken the in corner. Coronado tries a cheap shot, but Worker Ant avoids it and knocks down Coronado with a back elbow. Amasis wants a dance off with Mr. Azerbaijan, which Azerbaijan accepts. Although the crowd likes Amasis’ dancing more, Azerbaijan tries going for crabs on all of his opposition. All three of them resist, using their legs to spin out. Sabar takes over Amasis and applies a headscissors. This leads to a headscissors chain, which Azerbaijan ends with a Boston Crab on all five other competitors. Worker Ant grabs the rope to break the chain. Fire Ant overhand chops Azerbaijan, making him think twice about pulling his straps down. The Colony rock him with forearms in the corner. Amasis misses, causing him to take offense from Coronado and Sabar. Azerbaijan misses and he takes offense from all of Battle Hive. Sabar almost attacks Azerbaijan but Azerbaijan cuts him off. Fire Ant high crossbody’s Azerbaijan and Sabar. Coronado dropkicks Fire Ant. Sabar drives Fire Ant’s leg into the ring apron, causing the United Nations to work him over in their corner. Sabar misses a Bronco Buster. Fire Ant goes for a tag but Coronado and Azerbaijan pull his partners off of the ring apron. However, Fire Ant is able to duck a double clothesline from Coronado and Sabar and dive onto Azerbaijan. Amasis jumps in as the legal man and fights off Coronado and Sabar by himself. He positions Coronado so that a dropkick causes him to DDT Sabar. Amasis follows them to the floor with a tope con hilo. Amasis sole butt kicks Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan drops Amasis out of a side slam position for two. Sabar and Coronado pummel Worker Ant. Worker Ant suplexes them simultaneously, blocking a potential double suplex. He slams Coronado onto Sabar, then back suplexes Sabar into a uranage. Azerbaijan sends Worker Ant out with a strike to the face. Fire Ant deja vu’s into a headscissors on Azerbaijan. He then moonsault presses into a tornado DDT. Coronado stops Fire Ant’s pin with a German suplex. Amasis double stomps Coronado off the top. He gives him a tornado kick and Worker Ant follows with a rolling forearm. The Battle Hive nails the Ant Hill on Coronado for the pin at 15:19. This match gave the UK fans a tried and true CHIKARA trios match, with humor and a lot of great action. Nobody seems to give Fire Ant proper credit these days, but he deserves a lot of props for how good he looked in this encounter. ***

Mike Quackenbush gives acknowledgement to Johnny Kidd for all of his contributions to the world of wrestling over the years, and thanks the fans in attendance for making CHIKARA’s UK sojourn a success.

UltraMantis Black says he and Blind Rage may have a long and storied history in CHIKARA, but they ended up taking very different paths. While Mantis ascended to the top, Rage was laid to rest. Mantis, however, brought him back from the dead. Mantis says Rage will live to regret choosing the side of Hallowicked and that he will send him back to rest forever.

UltraMantis Black vs. Blind Rage

This is a rematch of the very first CHIKARA match ever. Rage gets in a few shots from behind. Neither man gives an inch from each others’ shoulder tackles. Some armdrag variants follow, and they angrily stand forehead to forehead after the fact. Rage kicks Mantis in the stomach and pounds him on the back with his forearm. Rage suplexes Mantis into a nearfall. He then snapmares Mantis into a chinlock. Rage transitions into a wristlock while pulling the shoulder. Mantis gets his foot on the bottom rope. Rage chokes Mantis on the middle rope. He slams Mantis and misses a legdrop. Mantis strings a Perfect neck snap and basement clothesline together for two. Rage comes back with a jawbreaker. He kicks the inside of Mantis’ leg before applying a half crab. When Mantis escapes, Rage throws a barrage of punches. Mantis blocks a punch and hits the Uncle Slam. When they get back to their feet, Mantis throws a pair of back elbows before landing the Cosmic Disaster. Rage kicks out! Rage grabs at Mantis’ eye holes, allowing him to get in a bodyslam. Rage ascends the ropes. Mantis cuts him off and knocks him to the floor. Mantis follows out and throws some forearms. He comes off the apron with a somersault senton. He calls for a second. Rage distracts the referee as Frightmare interferes and cracks Mantis in the skull, possibly with a foreign object. Rage pins Mantis at 6:29. Solid job cameraman and commentary for cluing us in to what it was that cost Mantis this match (not). The match was barely getting started when it finished, so it was nothing more than a collection of moves and a cheap finish. Not ideal. *

Race Jaxon is excited. Tonight’s his chance to proverbially wake his partner up. Mark Angelosetti tells him to relax and welcomes London to Touchdown City. He doesn’t want to walk out on the last night of the tour with a loss, even if it means for his team being forced to face their own partners. Along with Obariyon they put their hands together, on a count of three they exclaim their own factions. Feeling the awkwardness, they head to the ring.

Trios Increibles
Dasher Hatfield {T}, Kodama {B} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Mark Angelosetti {T}, Obariyon {B} & Race Jaxon {NRG}

Hatfield armdrags Jaxon out of a modified wristlock. Jaxon flips over Hatfield to escape a wristlock. He snaps off a pair of armdrags and clotheslines Hatfield through the ring rope. Kodama armdrags Angelosetti upon entering the ring. He lands a dropkick and comes off the second turnbuckle with a back elbow. After an armdrag and hiptoss, Angelosetti bodyslams Kodama. He strings a few splashes together. On the last splash, Kodama gets his knees up. Angelosetti is able to hold it together long enough to deliver five consecutive dropkicks upon recovery. Angelosetti slingshots the dozing Rockwell in from the apron. He puts on a wristlock and tags in Obariyon who also grabs a wristlock. Rockwell breaks it and throws some jabs. Tiring himself out, he succumbs to a pair of back elbows from Obariyon which sends Rockwell outside. Obariyon kicks Rockwell from the apron. Hatfield follows with a baseball slide. Jaxon pescado’s onto Hatfield. Kodama pescado’s onto Jaxon. Angelosetti does a tope con hilo over the ring post and onto everybody outside the ring! Angelosetti and Hatfield trade some nearfalls. Hatfield evades a corner shoulder block. He runs the corner hoping for a double wrist clutch drag. Angelosetti puts on the brakes and drives his knee into Hatfield’s head. Angelosetti apologizes, but a forearm strike exchange begins anyhow. After wearing each other out, they hug. The Batiri attack them both, sending the Throwbacks outside. The fans want a hug from the Batiri, but since they are unfamiliar, Bryce tries to show them. The ritual freaks the Batiri out, so they lock-up. Obariyon elbows out of a waistlock. He goes for a running powerslam but Kodama escapes. He slingshots in with a Frankensteiner. They cut off one another with running back elbows, then collide mid-air with stereo running crossbody’s. They begin to trade shots when they come to. Obariyon attacks Kodama in the corner and sends him out with a flying knee strike. Jaxon tags in full of energy. Rockwell is snoozing. Jaxon wakes him up and Rockwell inadvertently strikes him upon waking up. Jaxon gets in some shots and takes him over with a headscissors and a Frankensteiner. Rockwell cuts off a second headscissors. He clotheslines Jaxon in the corner. He misses a second clothesline and Jaxon nails a corner dropkick. He follows up with a superkick. Hatfield punches and under hand chops Hatfield. Hatfield swats away the superkick and spins around Jaxon with a cyclone neckbreaker. Jaxon rolls to the floor, allowing Obariyon to come in with chops to Hatfield. He drop toe holds Hatfield to the middle rope and drives his knee into the back of his head. Rockwell nails Obariyon with a discuss forearm. He knee lifts Angelosetti . Angelosetti picks him up and drills him with a spinebuster. Kodama drives Angelosetti face first into the mat, then drops him with a neckbreaker for two. Angelosetti catches Kodama as Kodama climbs the ropes and brings him down with a delayed vertical superplex. Hatfield breaks the pin. Both teams are now in the ring trading shots. Hatfield and N_R_G land running powerslams simultaneously for three two counts. Jaxon fights off Rockwell and Hatfield on his own. Rockwell catches Jaxon with the Hyperwheel. Hatfield gives him the Jackhammer. Kodama polishes him off with the Flying Blockbuster in 15:54. This was so much fun, with some interesting interactions between the teams and a lot of great action. These types of matches are best when the action is exciting and they tell a self-contained story; both of these goals were accomplished. All three teams had excellent showings all weekend long and this was a nice way for all of them to cap off the overseas activities. ***¼

Silver Ant {C} vs. Oleg the Usurper {TWC}

Silver Ant is replacing Eddie Kingston. Silver Ant cleanly breaks a lock-up in the corner. Oleg does the same, although he considers a cheap punch. Silver Ant grabs a cravate, switching into a hammerlock. Oleg reverses. Silver Ant gets the ropes. Oleg charges and Silver Ant takes him down with a side headlock. He snapmares Oleg into a back kick. Silver Ant kicks Oleg in the leg, but Oleg whips him to the corner. Silver Ant kicks Oleg to block a charge. Oleg pulls him down, and Silver Ant counters mid-air into a DDT for two. He lands a quick boot to the side of Oleg’s head. He doesn’t even get a one count with a somersault senton. Silver Ant lands an enzuigiri for a one count. They trade slaps to the face. Oleg sends Silver Ant to the apron. Silver Ant drapes Oleg’s arm across the top rope. He double springboards in with a somersault senton to Oleg’s back. He baseball slide dropkicks and bicycle kicks Oleg outside. Silver Ant goes for a suicide dive but Oleg cuts him off with a strike. In the ring, Oleg picks up momentum off the ropes before splashing Silver Ant in the corner. He lands his own somersault senton for two. Silver Ant fights out of Oleg’s grasp. Oleg throws Silver Ant’s body into the top and middle rope, causing him to crash against the mat. Silver Ant throws some kicks from the mat, so Oleg digs his boot into Silver Ant’s chest. He violently whips Silver Ant to the corner. Oleg pummels Silver Ant with his forearms while Silver Ant tries to cover up. Silver Ant reverses and throws his own forearms, as well as a flurry of chops. Oleg goozles Silver Ant. Silver Ant breaks the grasp and delivers an enzuigiri from the mat. He catches Oleg in the corner with a tiger feint kick and comes off the top with a dropkick to the chest. He comes in with a couple forearms. Oleg splashes him in the corner. Oleg tries a clothesline. Silver Ant ducks it and delivers his own. He locks on the Cloverleaf. Oleg escapes and superkicks Silver Ant for two. He ascends the ropes. Silver Ant kicks his legs out, crotching Oleg on the top rope. He brings down Oleg with a belly-to-back superplex. Oleg kicks out! Silver Ant wastes no time going back to the top rope. Oleg follows. Silver Ant forearms him back down. Oleg gets his knees up to block the frogsplash. Oleg hits Off With His Head for the upset victory at 12:05. I really enjoy this “Tale of two Oleg’s” they’re telling – successful in singles competition, but not so successful as part of a team, especially when badgered by Sidney Bakabella. It allows Oleg to show his worth and to prove that he’s not solely to blame in those team losses. It was cool to see him hang with Silver Ant, who has become one of the best talents on the roster over time. This was a very good exhibition. ***

Challenge of the Immortals
Chuck Taylor {GC}, Drew Gulak {GC} & The Swamp Monster {GC} vs. Max Smashmaster {DC}, Blaster McMassive {DC} & Jaka {TWC}

Taylor’s team represents The Gentleman’s Club while The Devastation Corporation and Jaka represent The Wrecking Crew. Orange Cassidy is in the Gentleman’s Club corner. Gulak is not intimidated by Smashmaster’s size and intensity. He does some damage to Smashmaster’s leg. He tags in McMassive, so Gulak tags in Taylor. He revs up his right arm and calls for a test of strength. McMassive kicks him in the stomach. Taylor rocks him with Sole Food. McMassive surprises the crowd with a Frankensteiner that sends Taylor to the floor. In come Jaka and the Swamp Monster. The Monster gets better of the strike exchange, sending Jaka to the floor where it continues. He sends Jaka head first into the ring post. Taylor and Gulak attack the Dev Corp and send them to the floor as well. Jaka chokes the Swamp Monster with his scarf until Cassidy approaches him. Smashmaster gets control over Gulak on the floor. The Wrecking Crew keeps that control, trapping Gulak and wearing him down in their corner. Gulak wisely goes to the floor when he slips out of a slam attempt from Smashmaster. Taylor shoulder blocks Smashmaster from the apron and tries a sunset flip. Smashmaster avoids it and nails Taylor with a big boot. Monster jumps in but is cut off right away. The Wrecking Crew now beat down the Swamp Monster. Monster is able to get in a Joo Won dropkick on Smashmaster and tag in Taylor. Taylor comes in with a missile dropkick to Jaka. He blasts Jaka with a Brodie Knee. McMassive gets in a couple shots before eating Sole Food. McMassive tries another Frankensteiner, but this time Taylor powerbombs him mid-air. Gulak headbutts Smashmaster in the stomach multiple times. Smashmaster jabs him in the throat. Gulak avoids a corner splash and lands a running corner clothesline. Jaka backrakes Gulak to break the pin. Monster headscissors Jaka to the floor. He puts McMassive in the figure four leg lock. Smashmaster and Jaka save their partner. The Dev Corp stomp Gulak. They call for the Death Blow. Taylor pulls down Smashmaster, crotching him on the top rope. Gulak fights out of McMassive’s arms and sends him outside. Taylor superplexes Smashmaster! Monster comes off the top with a double stomp. Jaka breaks the pin just in time. Cassidy spits orange juice in Jaka’s face! Taylor jackknife pins Jaka but McMassive breaks the pin. Gulak trips McMassive and locks on the Trailblazer. Smashmaster looks to chokeslam Gulak. Monster saves his partner. He throws jabs and kicks at both members of the Dev Corp. Jaka cuts him off with a spin kick. The Swamp Monster falls to the Master Blaster at 12:21. This was maybe the best match of the tour. The action was awesome, the crowd was super hot, and everyone had a good time. If the Gentleman’s Club doesn’t hang around post-Challenge of the Immortals, that would be a massive detriment to CHIKARA at large. The crowd LOVES them and they add so much to the matches they are involved with. I loved this. ***½

Hallowicked says two years ago (to the day), he stood across the ring from Eddie Kingston looking to becoming the second ever Grand Champion. He only had to attack Kingston’s already injured hand, but he was misguided by the thought that you do not strike your enemies where they are weakened. When Hallowicked decided to attack, it was too late. He has nobody to blame but himself for what happened that day. Today, however, he steps across the ring from Icarus. The voice that told him to end Eddie Kingston’s career calls to him again, but this time it asks for Icarus’ blood and demands the Grand Championship. All glory to Nazmaldun.

Grand Championship
Icarus vs. Hallowicked

They shove each other to start. Icarus takes Hallowicked down and locks both of Hallowicked’s legs around his own. Hallowicked grabs a front facelock forcing Icarus to relinquish his lock. He shoves Icarus to the corner when Icarus grabs a double wristlock. Icarus ducks a strike and lights up Hallowicked with chops. After some evasion, Icarus knocks down Hallowicked with a flying lariat. He grabs Hallowicked in a sunset flip for two. He also drops Hallowicked with a neckbreaker with the same result. Icarus bounces off the second turnbuckle, but Hallowicked catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He whips Icarus to the corner. Icarus sends Hallowicked to the apron. He enzuigiri’s Hallowicked to the floor and comes off the top with a high crossbody. Icarus looks to spear Hallowicked from the apron. Hallowicked evades it and kicks Icarus. He slingshots in with a roll-up. Icarus blocks it and looks for the CHIKARA Special. Hallowicked fights it off. Icarus takes him over with a headscissors. He tries the CHIKARA Special again. Hallowicked counters into a pump-handle variant of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. He chokes Icarus on the ropes. He drops Icarus on the top rope. When Icarus comes back into the ring, Hallowicked stomps on him. Icarus puts up his elbow to block a corner attack. Hallowicked drop toe holds Icarus and drops multiple elbows on his lower back. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Hallowicked throws Icarus head first into the mat. Icarus fires up. Hallowicked gives him a big boot and tosses him back outside. Back inside, Icarus delivers a belly-to-back suplex. He and Hallowicked exchange forearm strikes. Icarus wins the exchange. Hallowicked however cuts off his charge with a Frankensteiner. Hallowicked nails the step-up enzuigiri in the corner for two. He tries throwing Icarus off of the top rope. Icarus rolls through. He absorbs Hallowicked’s offense and drops him with a Michinoku Driver for two. Icarus gives him a Manhattan Drop. He gives Hallowicked the ‘68 Comeback Special into the Shiranui. Hallowicked kicks out. Icarus looks for the Wings of Icarus. Hallowicked trips him and puts on a Boston Crab. Icarus pushes himself up and out of it. He hits the Wings of Icarus for two. Icarus goes for the Blu-Ray. Hallowicked escapes. Another step-up enzuigiri and a yakuza kick lead to the Rydeen Bomb. Icarus kicks out of the pin attempt. Hallowicked pulls Icarus off the top rope with a super snapmare. Icarus gets his knees up to block the Swanton Bomb. Icarus connects with the Blu-Ray. Hallowicked’s foot gets underneath the bottom rope, stopping Icarus from getting the pin. Hallowicked kicks Icarus away and Icarus collides with Bryce Remsburg. Icarus ignores this and locks on the CHIKARA Special. Hallowicked looked to be close to tapping. Icarus relinquishes the hold to wake up Bryce. Bryce comes to, but Icarus turns right into a yakuza kick. Icarus is able to kick out. Hallowicked tries taking him off the top rope but Icarus resists. Hallowicked sends him to the floor with a step-up enzuigiri. He wants a powerbomb on the floor or ring apron. Icarus fights free. He then comes off the entrance stage, missing a somersault senton on the floor! Hallowicked brings Icarus back into the ring for a pin, but somehow Icarus is able to continue on. He goes for the Rydeen Bomb. Icarus counters mid-move with a Frankensteiner. Icarus’ back is too weak for a Blu-Ray. Hallowicked yakuza kicks him. He goes for a second, which Icarus ducks and rolls him up. Hallowicked escapes and puts on the CHIKARA Special! Icarus passes out at 18:50, making Hallowicked your NEW Grand Champion! This was well executed, dramatic, and had the advantage of a rich history behind it adding to the gravitas of it all. Hallowicked’s back work paid off and cemented his new direction in the company. I really loved the small touch of Icarus busting out Larry Sweeney’s ‘68 Comeback Special, cementing how much history was wrapped up in this battle and giving a nod to a fallen friend. This was the perfect way to cap off the tour. ***¾

Challenge of the Immortals Leaderboard
The Nightmare Warriors: 3 Points
Dasher’s Dugout: 3 Points
The Wrecking Crew: 3 Points
The Arcane Horde: 2 Points
The United Nations: 2 Points
Battle Hive: 2 Points
The Snake Pit: 1 Point
The Gentleman’s Club: 1 Point
The BDK: 1 Point
Crown & Court: 0 Points


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