For Your Eyes Only


South Windsor, CT – 11.16.2014

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Dasher Hatfield, UltraMantis Black, Leonard F. Chikarason, Gavin Loudspeaker, Sidney Bakabella, and Bryce Remsburg.

Sidney Bakabella says no matter where his Wrecking Crew goes, they’re victorious. He guarantees victory for the Devastation Corporation tonight.

Elimination Match
Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B} vs. Ashley Remington & Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Max Smashmaster {DC} & Blaster McMassive {DC} vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Kodama armdrags Sabar thrice and dropkicks him to the ropes. He slips out of Kodama’s side headlock. McMassive comes in and Kodama shoves him into Sabar’s headlock. McMassive shoulder blocks him to the floor. He scares Cottonbelly with a scream. However, Remington helps Cottonbelly put McMassive in a crucifix pin for two. Boar catches Cottonbelly with a big boot. Boar side slams Cottonbelly. Obariyon sends Boar out with a flying forearm. Remington gets the ropes to escape a waistlock. Remington ducks Smashmaster’s punch and lays in some chops. Smashmaster slaps Remington after getting finger banged. Cottonbelly gets in Smashmaster’s face. Remington holds him back. McMassive attacks him, leading to a brawl with all four teams. Remington assists the Batiri with suicide dives onto the Devastation Corporation. The Batiri learn how to hug from Cottonbelly and Remington. The Corporation and Bloc Party attack. Sabar Irish whips Cottonbelly into a Gore from the Boar, eliminating him and Remington at 7:35. The Bloc Party take turns beating down Kodama. He evades Sabar’s Bronco Buster and tags in Obariyon. The Batiri hit Sabar with a modified Seventh Circle for the pin and elimination at 11:16. The Corporation wastes no time attacking and isolating Obariyon. Obariyon slides off of Smashmaster’s shoulders and shoves him into McMassive. Kodama clobbers Smashmaster’s chest with forearms and chops. He dropkicks Smashmaster to the ropes. Smashmaster eats the Skull Bronzing for two. McMassive big boots Obariyon but misses Kodama. McMassive catches Kodama’s crossbody attempt. The Death Blow get the Devastation Corporation the win and their third point at 14:22. Some of the action came off as contrived and mis-timed, but overall it was a solid match. It was a mistake eliminating Remington and Cottonbelly first, as they were by far the most over and entertaining team. It did a fine job setting up a title match for the Finale, as Hatfield was on commentary…though that did telegraph the main event, come to think of it. **¼

Hallowicked {SE} vs. Worker Ant {C}

Hallowicked’s courting hold leads to a pin exchange. They exchange wristlocks. Worker Ant turns his into a side headlock. Hallowicked applies a headscissors, then a hammerlock. Worker Ant whips him to the corner. Hallowicked rolls him into a key lock and hooks the arms. Worker Ant grabs the ropes to escape. He snapmares Hallowicked into a chin lock. After some posturing, Worker Ant elbows Hallowicked down twice for a two count. Hallowicked blocks a bicycle kick and sweeps out Worker Ant’s legs for two. He puts on an armbar and a straightjacket choke. Worker Ant maneuvers his way out of it. He goes for a back suplex, but Hallowicked counters with an inside cradle for two. Hallowicked applies a cravate. He snapmares Worker Ant into a front facelock. Worker Ant escapes. Hallowicked schoolboys him for two. He also gets two with a seatbelt pin. He applies a chinlock then picks the ankle. Worker Ant gets on a side headlock. He then back suplexes Hallowicked. He back elbows him in the corner and bicycle kicks him in the gut for two. Worker Ant calls for the GTS. Hallowicked slips out. He bodyscissors Worker Ant into a modified prawn hold for the pin at 9:54. I appreciate what they tried to do with keeping this match as a hold-for-hold encounter as opposed to a brawl or slugfest, but the truth is Worker Ant isn’t a technical match for Hallowicked and thus the match suffered because of it. They told a solid story with Worker Ant “hanging” with a veteran but it could have been more satisfying if Worker Ant were more seasoned. **¼

Soldier Ant sneaks in and chop blocks Worker Ant’s knee out. He runs away to escape an attack from Hallowicked or retaliation from Worker Ant.

Shynron vs. Nøkken {BDK}

Jakob Hammermeier, Milo Schnitzler, and Slaash are in Nøkken’s corner. Shynron’s kick to Nøkken’s legs have no effect. He throws rapid fire palm strikes and a thrust kick to his stomach. Nøkken tosses Shynron to the corner to lay in a back elbow. Shynron avoids a backdrop. Nøkken blocks an armdrag but is sent to the ropes with a headscissors. Shynron goes for his slingshot neckbreaker but gets goozled. He is sent to the floor with an overhand chop. He hits Nøkken with a tiger feint kick on the floor. Nøkken catches his kickflip senton and goes for a powerbomb. Shynron headscissors him into the ring post to counter. Shynron goes for a twisting splash. Nøkken catches him by the throat and lands a chokeslam for two. Shynron escapes a hold with a neckbreaker. Nøkken Manhattan drops Shynron. Shynron tries a moonsault press. Nøkken catches him and hits an Oklahoma Stampede for two. He forearms Shynron’s back. Shynron throws more stomach palm strikes. He headscissors Nøkken to the floor with his BDK cohorts. Shynron lands a springboard 630 splash onto everybody but Nøkken. Shynron comes back into the ring with a springboard flipping clothesline to Nøkken for a one count. Slaash distracts the referee while Hammermeier blasts Shynron with a haymaker. Nøkken powerslams Shynron into a reverse DDT for the pin at 8:45. These two had a fun big man/little man dynamic. Shynron continues to impress and be one of my favorites to watch in CHIKARA. The finish was somewhat deflating. I get trying to keep Shynron strong, but really would he look any weaker losing to someone twice his size, if not more? **½

Milo Schnitzler celebrates the win. Jakob, sick of him, sicks Slaash onto him. Slaash tries the Burning Snicklefritz but ends up dropping Schnitzler awkwardly. Slaash’s mask came off during the move, and it turns out to be Pinkie Sanchez! He hits Schnitzler with a Shining Wizard as the crowd welcomes him back. Sanchez says he doesn’t need their welcome. Jakob says Schnitzler’s been a failure since day one, effectively ending his BDK affiliation. It’s great to see Sanchez back in a CHIKARA ring.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out to the ring. He’s wearing the trophies of the casualties of the war, including the masks of all the guys Deucalion has killed from the CHIKARA’s side. He says he wishes he could have the head of Archibald Peck on him as well. This brings out Icarus. He says Jacobs isn’t the one causing these casualties. He wants to know where Deucalion, the coward, is. Deucalion makes his way out. This causes the CHIKARA locker room to surround the ring. Members of the Flood come out as well. Icarus wants a fight with Deucalion. Jacobs laughs at the notion, saying Icarus has to be kidding, especially since he’s been hurt since winning the Grand Championship. Icarus won’t back down. Deucalion accepts the match, saying it will be a massacre. He tells Jacobs to make it happen. Jacobs says it will happen on December 6th and that there will be nowhere for anyone to run. Deucalion, Jacobs, and the Flood leave. Icarus says CHIKARA will win on December 6th.

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Jaka {TWC} & Oleg the Usurper {TWC}

All four men slug it out to start. Jaka and Ophidian fight on the floor. Amasis sends Oleg out. Jaka backrakes Amasis. He slams Amasis and stomps on his chest. Ophidian forearms Jaka as he ascends the ropes. The Portal go for a Pyramid suplex. Oleg tries to stopping them, but Ophidian punches him a few times from Amasis’ shoulders. Jaka tries a crossbody but ends up landing on Oleg. Ophidian launches Amasis for an Ace Crusher on Jaka. Amasis tope con hilo’s onto Oleg and Jaka. Ophidian moonsaults into double kicks on Oleg for two. He gives him a back cracker. Jaka belly-to-belly suplexes Amasis on the floor. As Amasis riles in pain, the Wrecking Crew wear down Ophidian. Ophidian manages to send Jaka to the floor. Oleg accidentally flips Ophidian out, allowing him to headscissor Jaka. The now recovered Amasis hits a slingshot tackle to Oleg. He uses the ropes for a Thesz Press. He dropkicks Oleg in the corner and Jaka off the apron. He lands ten punches on Oleg. Amasis scales to the top rope. A 450 splash is only good for two, as Jaka picks him up. Amasis fights off his shoulders. He and Ophidian land tandem superkicks, and a superkick/enzugiri combo. Ophidian hits a rolling Complete Shot on Jaka off of Amasis’ Gory Special for two. Oleg superkicks both Portal members. He splashes Amasis against the ropes. Jaka gives him the Jumanji Bomb for two. Amasis fights back and spikes Jaka with a DDT. Oleg grabs the referee’s leg to break the pin. Sidney Bakabella blasts Amasis in the head with a roll of quarters, just like he did at King of Trios! Jaka covers, but Amasis kicks out! Ophidian bicycle kicks Oleg. He rolls Amasis to the corner to tag in. Jaka goes for the Jumanji Bomb. Ophidian counters with a Frankensteiner. He spin kicks Oleg and drives double knees into Jaka thrice. He goes up top. Oleg follows. Amasis tornado kicks Oleg and gives Jaka a spinebuster. Ophidian comes off the top with double knees to Jaka. The Portal bring Oleg down with a Pyramid suplex for the pin at 14:03. This was excellent back and forth wrestling with a good story. Them calling back to Bakabella’s spot in King of Trios was satisfying. Jaka and Oleg make for one heck of a Rudo duo and I hope they get more opportunities. ***

UltraMantis Black says tonight Jimmy Jacobs will sit at the grown up’s table, but he will not like what Mantis plans to serve up.

Eddie Kingston vs. Lithuanian Snow Troll {TF}

Jimmy Jacobs brings the Troll out on a chain as has Volgar in tow as well. Kingston knocks down Troll as he charges. Kingston looks right at Jacobs as he gives him an overhead suplex. Same goes for a powerbomb. Per the fans request, Kingston powerbombs Troll two more times. He gives the Troll a few shots to the head. The Backfist to the Future is enough to get Kingston the win at 1:57. An excellent squash, and a fine way to get Kingston a second point while pushing his feud with Jacobs further. ¼*

Kingston wants a fight with Jacobs now. Kingston lays in some punches. Jacobs pulls the middle rope into Kingston’s crotch and hits a spear. UltraMantis Black attacks Jacobs as Jacobs is pummeling Kingston. This leads us unto our next scheduled contest.

UltraMantis Black {SE} vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}

Mantis chokes Jacobs with his necklace. After some Mongolian chops he Cactus clotheslines Jacobs to the floor. Kingston sends Volgar packing with some punches. The Snow Troll is once again tied up to the ring post. Mantis sends Jacobs face first into the ring steps and chops him against the ring. Jacobs sends Mantis into the steps and drops an elbow on the floor. Back in the ring he chokes Mantis on the ropes. Mantis drops him with the Uncle Slam. He gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Jacobs goes for a spring back Ace Crusher. Mantis stops him and hits a Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex for two. Jacobs sneaks in a roll-up for two. Mantis catches him with a boot. A release Regalplex gets him two. The Troll grabs Mantis’ leg, allowing Jacobs to spear him for the pin at 5:10. This was just starting to heat up when it ended. Jacobs winning with a spear also didn’t come off as very believable. The action was fine while it lasted, but this had so much potential and fell significantly short of expectations. **

Frightmare {SE} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado is placing the originally scheduled Delirious. Frightmare Frankensteiner’s Coronado to the corner. He takes him down with a pop-up clothesline. Coronado rolls to the floor and Frightmare suicide dives after him. He follows that up with a tope con hilo. In the ring, Coronado cuts off Frightmare’s high crossbody attempt with a mid-air dropkick. He drives his knee into Frightmare’s back a few times before applying a chinlock across his knee. He throws Frightmare to the mat by his mask and chokes him on the middle rope. He drives his shoulder into the small of Frightmare’s back a couple of times before delivering a belly-to-back suplex for two. Frightmare nails a sole butt kick. He goes for a crucifix bomb but Coronado counters with a TKO. Coronado drives his forearm into Frightmare’s back. He turns Frightmare inside out with a clothesline for two. Frightmare fights off Coronado in the corner. He comes out with a jumping swinging DDT. Coronado catches the yakuza kick. He sits out with a Tiger Driver for two. Frightmare recovers and successfully yakuza kicks Coronado. He gets two with the pump-handle driver. He calls for Kneecolepsy. Coronado moves. He lifts Frightmare up into a bridging German suplex. Coronado has his foot on the ropes which Bryce Remsburg catches. Frightmare counters the second German suplex attempt with a prawn hold for the pin at 7:04. Really great action here. These two had a fast paced match where Coronado worked over the back and it ultimately paid off. It was also a smart way to build to a match centered around that move for the iPPV. A nice surprise. ***

Angry, Coronado German suplexes Frightmare three times. Ashley Remington chases Coronado away. Coronado tells Remington he has the best German suplex in the game before mocking him with a finger gun.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} (Campeones) vs. Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0}

Angelosetti and Jagged look for control on the mat. Jagged lands on his feet out of a monkey flip. Angelosetti armdrags his way out of Jagged’s hip toss attempt. Hatfield shoulder blocks Matthews. He double knuckle lock drags Matthews to the floor. 3.0 have a strategy session. Matthews shoulder blocks Hatfield. He armdrags Hatfield and lands a dropkick. Angelosetti comes in. Matthews sends him right into a knee strike from Jagged. 3.0 do some damage to his left arm. Angelosetti catches a charge from Jagged and puts him in the tree of woe. Hatfield runs the bases and baseball slides into him. The Throwbacks double hip toss Jagged and land stereo headbutts. Angelosetti gives him a backbreaker. Hatfield slingshots in with an Oklahoma Roll for two. Jagged tries an O’Conner Roll on Hatfield but accidentally knocks Matthews off the apron. Matthews recovers and goes for a Boston Crab. Hatfield gets the ropes. Frustrated, he applies the hold anyhow until he has to release before a five count. 3.0 aggressively work over Hatfield in their corner. Hatfield catches Jagged with a punch. He tries a sunset flip. Jagged pulls him up into a chinbreaker. He misses an enzuigiri. Matthews knocks Angelosetti off the apron so he can’t tag in. Hatfield however hits the cyclone neckbreaker on Jagged. Angelosetti this time stops Matthews from knocking him off of the apron. Hatfield whips him into Jagged. Angelosetti cleans house. He slingshots Jagged into a backbreaker. The Throwbacks hit a double Muscle Buster on Jagged. Angelosetti kicks Matthews away, but Jagged kicks out anyhow. Matthews stops the 3D and sends Angelosetti into the ring post. 3.0 hit Hatfield with the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Hatfield kicks out! Matthews drop toe holds Hatfield. Jagged goes for an elbow drop, but Angelosetti catches him and drops him onto Matthews. Angelosetti shoulder tackles him a few times in the corner. Jagged superkicks him. The Throwbacks however hit him with 3D for the first fall at 15:51. Matthews immediately trips Angelosetti off the apron. Jagged tries an O’Conner roll. Hatfield kicks out, sending Jagged into the ring post. Angelosetti runs in and eats the 3D for the pin at 16:46. They told a good story with Matthews getting too frustrated and careless, leading to him and Jagged falling 2 falls to 0. Both teams worked hard, the fans got into the nearfalls, and it was nice change from your usual tag team formula. ***¼

The Devastation Corporation make their way out with Sidney Bakabella. Sidney says December 6th the belts are coming home with them.


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