Wrestling is Fun!: Young Lions Cup XI, Night 2


Norristown, PA – 11.1.2014

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Princess Kimberlee vs. JT Dunn

Dunn throws Kimberlee to the mat out of a lock-up. Kimberlee armdrags him across the ring. She avoids Dunn’s chops. Kimberlee knocks him down with a running shoulder tackle. Dunn sunset flips her looking for a stomp. Kimberlee avoids it and rolls up Dunn for two. She chops Dunn to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. She chps Dunn back in the ring. Dunn drops Kimberlee face first on the top turnbuckle to stop her barrage of punches. Dunn throws her face first into the top turnbuckle and whips her across the ring for a forearm a strike. He snapmares Kimberlee into a basement dropkick for two. He knocks her back down with a chop and applies a nerve hold. Kimberlee escapes but eats a dropkick. Dunn lights her up with forearms. Kimberlee responds with forearms of her own. She chops Dunn to the corner. Dunn tosses Kimberlee out by her hair. She ducks Dunn’s rolling elbow and gets two with a huracanrana. She delivers a high kick and a tornado DDT for two. Dunn double stomps the back of her neck as he comes off the ropes. He hits his own series of high kicks before dumping her on her neck with a German suplex. Kimberlee manages to kick out. Kimberlee counters a tiger driver with a small package. She sunset flips Dunn into the Alligator Clutch for the pin at 9:20. These two had no issue beating the snot out of one another. It made for an entertaining match in which Kimberlee looked really strong. Dunn and Kimberlee would be welcome additions to the Wrestling is Fun or CHIKARA rosters. ***

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Cheeseburger vs. Arctic Rescue Ant

Cheeseburger blocks Artic’s kick and applies a side headlock. Arctic reverses. Cheeseburger takes him down with an armdrag. He avoids a punch. Cheeseburger gives Arctic an atomic drop and flips him over in a wristlock. Arctic sends him face first into the middle turnbuckle. Cheeseburger blocks a suplex with a small package. Arctic knocks him down with a back elbow. After trading some pins, Arctic mows down Cheeseburger with a clothesline. He slams Cheeseburger face down out a wheelbarrow position for two. Cheeseburger sneaks out to the apron and comes off the top with a double axe handle. He takes Arctic down with a palm strike for two. Arctic kicks Cheeseburger as he climbs the ropes and brings him down with a back cracker. Arctic puts him away with a top rope legdrop in 6:00. Although a little short, they packed in quite a bit of action. Cheeseburger looked like a formidable competitor and helped make Arctic look strong heading into the semi-finals. *½

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Will Ferrera vs. Malice

Malice brings down Ferrera in a side headlock. Ferrera turns it into a headscissors. Malice reverses it back. Ferrera gets on a side headlock. This time Malice puts on the headscissors and arrogantly does some push-ups. Ferrera escapes bringing us to a stalemate. Malice kicks at Ferrera’s stomach as they hold onto a double knuckle lock. Ferrera sweeps out Malice’s legs foor a one count. Malice blocks a hip toss with one of his own. Ferrera armdrags Malice to the corner. Malice sends Ferrera forehead first into the second turnbuckle. Ferrera fights back with some punches. He gets two with a sunset flip. Malice delivers a spin kick and side slams Ferrera for two. He applies a chinlock. Ferrera escapes and musters Malice up for a suplex. They trade chops. Ferrera knee strikes Malice and comes off the second rope with a tornado DDT. Malice rolls Ferrera into a low enzuigiri. They trade forearms as they come to their feet. Ferrera catches Malice with a Codebreaker for the pin at 7:48. This was really competitive and fun to watch. Malice is very agile while Ferrera has smart reversals and is really proficient in the ring. Ferrera winning was probably the right call, though Malice certainly made a positive impression. **½

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Adam Page vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova

The Boar attacks Page during Page’s entrance. He goes for a Gore but Page picks him up and slams him face first into a basketball hoop. The match officially starts with Page unloading punches. He give the Boar an atomic drop and spinwheel kick. Boar back elbows Page. Page dropkicks him down into a tree of woe on the ring apron. A fan assists Page with a dropkick. Boar rolls out of the ring when he sees Page on the top rope. Page follows him out but gets rammed back first into the ring post. The Boar chokes Page on the middle rope. He gets two with an elbow drop. He puts on a Boar hug. Page escapes and gets two with a backslide. Boar side slams him for two. Page takes down Boar with a slam of his own. He flips in from the apron with a clothesline. Page goes up top. Boar grabs him by the throat. Page punches him and sunset flips Boar into a running powerbomb for two. Page clobbers the Boar’s back. He wants a sunset powerbomb on the floor. The Boar holds on. He tries a legdrop but misses. Page does a shooting star press off the apron. Prakash Sabar distracts Page as he ascends the ropes. This allows the Boar to hit the Gore and get the win at 8:38. Adam Page is one of the best young wrestlers today. He’s poised to be huge in just a few years time. He and the Boar had a really physical bout. The Boar has also radically improved since his debut, and although a clean finish would have been nice, the action they put in before that was good enough to forgive and forget. **¾

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Joe Black vs. Tripp Cassidy

Cassidy is replacing Danny Cannon. Cassidy throws Black to the corner and knee strikes him in the face multiple times. Black catches him with a clothesline. He lands a back senton for two. Black snapmares Cassidy into a second rope dropkick to the neck. Cassidy responds with a Saito suplex. He chokes Black with his own necklace. Black avoids a corner attack by getting his boot up. Cassidy gives him a right hand. Black kicks his legs out to crotch Cassidy on the second rope and brings him down with a backcracker. Although Cassidy gives him a knee strike, Black catches him off guard with a lariat for the pin at 4:50. Short but sweet. Cassidy’s clubbing offense mixed well with Black’s more agile offense. Although Cassidy was a last minute entrant, he and Black were able to put together an entertaining short encounter. **

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Heidi Lovelace vs. Eddie Smooth

Smooth wants a kiss on the cheek. Lovelace settles to offer a handshake and he kisses her hand instead. She blasts Smooth with kicks and strikes. She takes him to the corner with a quesadora armdrag, then to the floor with a hiponesa. Lovelace tries a suicide dive. Smooth catches her and drops her on the apron with a Death Valley Driver. Smooth clotheslines her in the corner. She drives him head first into the middle turnbuckle. Smooth lariats her down. He pulls Lovelace off the second turnbuckle so that her head hits the back of the top turnbuckle. He chokes her on the middle rope. Lovelace has Smooth locked in a crucifix position while applying a crossface. Smooth escapes. He charges but gets sent shoulder firstinto the ring post. Lovelace kicks him thrice in the head. She dumps him on his head with a Saito suplex for two. Smooth blocks an armdrag with a side slam. He gives Lovelace a brainbuster but only gets two. Smooth deadlifts her up. She counters with a huracanrana for two. Smooth throws some kicks before German suplexing Lovelace. Smooth misses a shooting star press. Lovelace spikes him with a low Frankensteiner for the pin at 8:24. Lovelace is fantastic and always delivers in these intergender matches. Her and Smooth told a very easy tale, with Smooth being chauvinistic and not taking Lovelace seriously and her kicking his tush. Another fun, competitive match. ***

Dasher Hatfield, Mark Angelosetti, Race Jaxon & Hype Rockwell vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado, Mr. Azerbaijan, Prakash Sabar & El Hijo del Ice Cream

Angelosetti knocks down Azerbaijan with a shoulder tackle. He catches him with an atomic drop. He rolls up Azerbaijan for two. Azerbaijan backrakes Angelosetti. Angelosetti sends him to the floor with a one-legged dropkick. He drives Coronado into the corner. He gives him three shoulder blocks. Angelosetti slams him into multiple splashes. Hijo takes some armdrags from Hatfield. He delivers a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Coronado gives him a right hand. Hatfield drop toe holds Coronado in the corner. He runs the bases and looks to grab Coronado’s newly cut hair. Coronado rolls out before Hatfield can. Sabar and Jaxon tag in. Jaxon nails a leg lariat. Azerbaijan gives Jaxon some Road Dogg jabs. Jaxon cuts him off with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rockwell takes down Hijo with a couple elbows. As Rockwell is yawning he puts on a full nelson. Rockwell escapes. Hijo and Azerbaijan fail with their shoulder block attempts. Rockwell shoulder blocks Sabar. He splashes him in the corner. Hatfield spins Sabar around to knock Hijo and Azerbaijan to the floor. Coronado demands Hatfield put him down. Hatfield tosses Sabar into Coronado’s arms. Hatfield messes up his hair! Coronado angrily slams his own partner. Hijo and Azerbaijan accidentally knock Sabar down. Hatfield looks for a dive but Coronado cuts him off with a dropkick. Hatfield is isolated by the Rudos squadron with them going after his mask from time to time. Azerbaijan misses a Road Dogg knee drop and Sabar misses the Bronco Buster. Coronado however drops an elbow on Hatfield’s neck and clears the apron of his partners. Hatfield escapes moments later, victory rolling his way out of Azerbaijan’s grasp and tagging in Jaxon. Jaxon crossbody’s Azerbaijan. He enzuigiri’s him to the ropes and follows through with a clothesline. Jaxon comes off the top with a dropkick. Hijo clotheslines Jaxon to the floor. Hatfield forearms Hijo and slingshots in with a splash. Sabar and Azerbaijan miss double elbows. Rockwell splashes them and Hijo. Angelosetti slams Coronado. N_R_G and Hatfield shoulder tackle Hijo, Azerbaijan, and Sabar to the floor. Hatfield baseball slides them all. Coronado’s hair is messed up by all four of his opponents. The Throwbacks place him on Rockwell’s shoulders. He tosses Coronado onto his partners on the floor. Hijo smacks Hatfield in the bottom for a good game. Azerbaijan tries to pull Hatfield’s mask off. Angelosetti superplexes Azerbaijan to stop him. Jaxon then super hip tosses Sabar. Rockwell capitalizes with a super senton for the pin at 14:42. This was a fun Atomicos match to break up the tournament action. I appreciate it, and I enjoyed watching it, but there was nothing of true substance or consequence to what happened. I will say though that N_R_G is looking very good already and I look forward to seeing more of them. ***

Young Lions Cup XI Semi-Final Elimination Match
Princess Kimberlee vs. Arctic Rescue Ant vs. Will Ferrera vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova vs. Joe Black vs. Heidi Lovelace

Black gives Arctic a backbreaker. Artic armdrags him to the floor. Lovelace gives Arctic a flurry of kicks and a couple of armdrags before sending him out with a clothesline. Kimberlee comes in. Ferrara blind tags in. He throws Kimberlee to the mat by her hair. She spin kicks him to the floor. Kimberlee comes off the apron with a somersault senton. Arctic Asai moonsaults onto both of them. Lovelace crossbody’s onto all of them. Black sets up for a dive from the apron, but the Boar Gore’s him onto everyone else! Boar however can’t get a pin on Black back in the ring. Black drops him with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Ferrara ducks a lariat and gives Black the Codebreaker for the elimination at 4:47. Arctis sends Ferrara out. Boar spears Arctic to eliminate him at 5:10. The remaining four wrestlers circle one another. Boar and Lovelace trade strikes while Kimberlee and Ferrara do the same. Lovelace superkicks Boar to the floor. Kimberlee accidentally kicks Lovelace and Ferrara superkicks Kimberlee for two. Ferrara pitches Kimberlee to the floor. Lovelace has a violence party on Ferrara in the corner. Ferrara rolls to the floor. Boar big boots Lovelace. Boar powerslams her and chokes her on the middle rope. He suplexes her for two. The Boar slams Lovelace off of his shoulders but she still manages to kick out. He sets up for the Gore. Lovelace sends him shoulder first into the post and rolls him up for the pin at 9:40. Kimberlee and Lovelace team up against Ferrara. He clotheslines the both of them. Lovelace kicks Ferrara into the Alligator Clutch from Kimberlee, pinning him at 10:22. Lovelace blocks Kimberlee’s strikes. They end up kicking and forearming each other at the same time. Kimberlee kicks Lovelace in the side of the head twice. Lovelace kicks Kimberlee away to avoid the Alligator Clutch. Lovelace locks on the CHIKARA Special! Kimberlee taps out at 11:55, making Heidi Lovelace the winner and sending her to the Young Lions Cup finals against Missile Assault Ant on December 6th at the CHIKARA finale. The only disappointment was that Heidi and Kimberlee didn’t get more time to do their thing. The story of the match was really good with everyone getting a chance to showcase their character. ***

Missile Assault Ant comes out and grabs the Cup which is ringside. Heidi tells him to take his hands off of it. They stare off as Bryce reminds them that they will get their chance to get their hands on the Cup on December 6th.


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