Richmond, VA – 10.26.2014

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, Juan Francisco de Coronado, Silver Ant, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Mike Quackenbush.

The show opens with a trailer for the Grand Championship main event.

Shynron says he hopes his opponent Missile Assault Ant has a good ground to air game, because he’s the best high-flier there is. He beat him in under 2 minutes in Boston, and says that Missile’s win in the Young Lions Cup was just a fluke. He’ll prove that tonight.

Shynron vs. Missile Assault Ant {CXF}

Shynron uses the ropes to turn Missile’s wristlock into an armdrag. Missile takes him down in a waistlock. He then puts Shynron in an overhead wristlock. Missile stomps on his elbow. Shynron flips out of Missile’s offense. He sweeps the leg and hits a standing shooting star press for two. Shynron sweeps out his legs from the floor and comes back in with a delayed slingshot senton. He follows Missile to the floor with a kick flip somersault senton. Missile avoids Shynron coming back in the ring and nails him with a bicycle kick. He gives Shynron his version of the Garvin Stomp. Shynron sneaks in a huracanrana from the apron. Missile kicks out and lands a dropkick. He smacks Shynron in the chest. He goes for the Missile Launcher. Shynron lands on the second rope. He slingshots in from the apron with a neckbreaker. After some kicks, Shynron sends Missile to the corner with a headscissors. He goes for a tiger feint kick. Missile catches him and delivers a gut buster. He gives him a backbreaker. Shynron avoids the Missile Launcher and connects with another tiger feint kick. The second rope 630 splash gets him the pin at 7:33. The crowd really enjoys both guys, so it was easy for them to get them into the bout. They had a good back and forth match, and even though Missile does have his YLC match coming up, I think Shynron running was still a great call. **½

Atomico Ridiculo
Archibald Peck, Mark Angelosetti {T}, Shane Matthews {3.0} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Ashley Remington, Dasher Hatfield {T}, Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC}

Remington throws finger guns at each side of the crowd to get their ovation. Angelosetti and Hatfield trade wristlocks. Rope running, dropdowns, and leapfrogs lead to them exchanging armdrags. Hatfield avoids a running shoulder block with a quesadora armdrag. They trade pin attempts. Jagged and Matthews tag in. They lock-up but don’t know what to do since they never wrestle each other. They decide to just let go and tag in their Ice Cream partners. They end up hugging for a long time, to the point where their partners have to separate them. Remington and Peck end up hugging one another. They break on Bryce Remsburg’s one count. Remington gives Peck a finger gun and ends up shooting him! This causes Hijo to cry. Remington is distressed, saying he did nothing. Peck pulls out his own finger gun. He goes to shoot Remington, but Remsburg jumps in the way and takes the bullet! This causes Bryce to die. The wrestlers decide the best course of action is to slowly sneak away. Matthews however brings up the fact that they can now cheat, which reignites everyone’s interest in fighting, and fighting dirty at that. Lots of back rakes, eye pokes, and hair and cone pulling. Peck puts on an Hijo mask. Jagged pokes him in the eyes. As he covers him, Bryce sits up like the Undertaker! Jagged unmasks Peck. Bryce yells at Peck for shooting him and ejects him from the match! As Jagged begins tossing guys over the top rope, Matthews makes a call that the match is now a Royal Rumble. Hijo begins celebrating, although Jr., the last man eliminated, does not hit the floor. That is until he dives from the apron onto a group of the wrestlers on the floor. Bryce gets Hijo to help him walk the ropes for Old School! A suplex chain is then formed. Remington suplexes the Ice Creams, Angelosett suplexes Hatfield, and 3.0 just fall down. Archibald Peck reemerges. He lays out his opponents with punches. He accidentally punches Matthews which upsets him. Peck admits he can’t tell 3.0 apart. Matthews then instructs Peck to “get the tables.” He doesn’t find a table under the ring, but does find a fruit basket. Hatfield baseball slides Peck which cracks open the fruit basket. Hatfield suplexes Jr. onto some grapes. Remington gets angry, saying that’s not what the fruit basket is for. The Throwbacks give him a 3D. Los Ice Creams hit Angelosett with El Asesino. Hijo accidentally bumps into Bryce. Bryce gives him a tombstone piledriver for the pin at 17:47. This match promised to be ridiculous and it achieved that in spades. This was a blast to watch, causing legitimate laughter, smiles, and an awesome swerve with Bryce winning the whole thing. This will be one of the most historic and memorable matches in company history. ***½

Remington presents Bryce with the fruit basket, which Bryce accepts like the Undertaker would the urn.

Jakob Hammermeier says he was always the future of the BDK. All the wrongs that have befell him before, the BDK will make right. In the ring, Jakob introduces us to his and Nøkken’s mystery partner to take on the Spectral Envoy. He said he needed to find someone who hated the Envoy as much as him and ended up finding someone who hates them just a little bit more. With that, Delirious attacks the Envoy from behind.

UltraMantis Black {SE}, Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. Jakob Hammermeier {BDK}, Nøkken {BDK} & Delirious

An all out brawl on the floor starts the match. Delirious and Frightmare end up in the ring. Delirious tries talking Frightmare into joining him. Frightmare rams his head into the turnbuckles, but Delirious continues his lip service. Frightmare only gets two with a Magistral cradle. Delirious smacks him in the face. Frightmare strikes back. He dropkicks Delirious to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Hallowicked gives Nøkken some forearms. Nøkken misses a corner splash. Hallowicked hits his step-up enzuigiri. With Frightmare’s help they dump Nøkken to the floor. Frightmare suicide dives into his arms. Hallowicked however takes him down with his suicide dive. Hammermeier shoulder blocks Mantis. Mantis takes him down with an armdrag and belly-to-back suplex. Delirious comes face-to-face with Mantis. Nøkken attacks Mantis from behind and Delirious stomps away. He chokes Mantis on the mat. They chop each other in the corner until Delirious rakes Mantis’ eyes. Mantis sends him to the floor. Nøkken splashes Mantis in the corner. Mantis slides under Hammermeier’s legs. Frightmare comes in as the legal man with a crossbody to Hammermeier. He spikes him in a crucifix bomb. Delirious cuts off his dive and once again tells him to join his side. Hammermeier accidentally forearms Delirious. Frightmare enzuigiri’s him. Nøkken places Frightmare on the top rope. Hallowicked and Mantis attack Nøkken from behind but get knocked down. Nøkken launches Frightmare onto both of them. Delirious gets in Hammermeier’s face for forearming him, until Hammermeier holds up the Eye of Tyr. He puts it in Delirious’ hand. Mantis takes Delirious to the floor and fights him. Delirious puts the Eye in his mouth for safe keeping. Hammermeier cracks Frightmare with a haymaker for the pin at 9:29. Not a whole lot happened in the way of wrestling. It was a lot of Delirious trying to convince Frightmare to align with him. Of course, him now possessing the Eye of Tyr is a big deal and something to keep our…eye on. **

Eddie Kingston says that ever since he lost “her” he’s been going in and out of his own mind. He went to Jimmy Jacobs because he thought he could bring “her” to him. Then he woke up and realized Jimmy plays people like chess pieces. Kingston says he’s never been a pawn and never will be. He made a choice at Trios to get “her” back his own way, so now Jacobs is sending Volgar after him. Kingston says Jacobs has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. He says the pain of losing the love of “her” will come out on Volgar. Then, he’s coming to get Jacobs.

Eddie Kingston vs. Volgar {TF}

Jimmy Jacobs is in Volgar’s corner. Kingston actually goes to attack Jacobs but is cut off by Volgar. He gets in some punches before sending Kingston into the guardrails. Volgar continues his attack back in the ring. He gets two with a basement dropkick. Jacobs gets in a couple slaps. Kingston meets Volgar forearm for forearm. He knocks Volgar down with a slap to the face. Volgar slams Kingston for two. Kingston chops him down in the corner. He lands an enzuigiri and DDT for two. He sends Volgar to the floor with a forearm and suicide dives after him. Jacobs distracts Kingston after he brings Volgar back in the ring. This allows Volgar to catch him with a jumping knee strike and Samoan Drop for two. Kingston lands a uranage suplex. After a short-arm lariat he calls for the Backfist. Jacobs distracts him again. Volgar tries a slam but Kingston hits a Saito suplex. The Backfist to the Future gets him the pin at 5:34. This was all angle. Volgar’s gear is horrible. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they look like a baked potato or Power Ranger putty. This was alright for what it was, which wasn’t much at all. ½*

Deucalion and other members of the Flood make their way out. Members of the CHIKARA locker room come out and a brawl takes place near the entrance way and ringside. Jacobs is suffocating Kingston with his plague mask. Dasher Hatfield pulls Deucalion’s mask off. Deucalion drops him with a spinebuster. Deucalion catches Shynron’s crossbody attempt and tosses him to the floor. Gavin Loudspeaker is left by his lonesome as Jacobs has now choked out Kingston with Kid Cyclone’s cape on the floor. Archibald Peck runs in to save Gavin. Unfortunately, he ends up taking the choke breaker across Deucalion’s knee. The CHIKARA guys help carry him to the back, with Kingston insisting he get help from a doctor.

Team N_R_G are in the back. Race Jaxon is hyped to wrestle in Richmond while Hype Rockwell is tired and wants Jaxon to bring the energy down. Jaxon says they plan to take down the Wrecking Crew, and hopes Richmond is ready for an injection of N_R_G.

Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP}, Race Jaxon {NRG} & Hype Rockwell {NRG} vs. Max Smashmaster {DC}, Blaster McMassive {DC}, Flex Rumblecrunch {DC} & Oleg the Usurper {TWC}

Jaxon gets in some jabs on Smashmaster. He avoids a corner attack. He tries a sunset flip but Smashmaster drops a knee on him. Jaxon throws a dropkick and tags in Rockwell. He throws jabs at Rumblecrunch until he tires himself out. Amasis takes over the responsibility of throwing punches. Rumblecrunch rolls through Amasis’ crossbody and gives him a running powerslam. Smashmaster splashes Amasis. He gets two with a senton. Rumblecrunch drops a knee on his face. Amasis flips out of his hip toss attempt. Ophidian tags in. He takes Rumblecrunch to the corner for a dropkick from Amasis and the Slave Initiation. The Portal duck a double clothesline from Oleg. They give him tandem pump kicks and an enzuigiri/superkick combo. Rockwell has to been woke up when he’s tagged in. McMassive clobbers him with a lariat. Rockwell’s state makes him easy pickin’s for the Wrecking Crew. Rockwell manages to escape their wrath by getting all three Devastation Corporation members on the floor, tossing McMassive onto Rumblecrunch and Smashmaster. Jaxon crossbody’s Oleg and gives him a clothesline through the ropes. He comes off the top with a clothesline. Rumblecrunch clothesline’s Jaxon. Amasis boots Rumblecrunch to the floor. McMassive boots Amasis himself. McMassive absorbs Ophidian’s spin kick. Ophidian does however get him down with the Duat Driver. Smashmaster dropkicks Ophidian to the floor. Rockwell backdrops Smashmaster despite being tired. All four Tecnicos dive onto the Wrecking Crew. In the ring Jaxon superkicks McMassive twice. Rockwell gives him a spin-out backbreaker. Oleg boots down both members of N_R_G. Amasis enzugiri’s Oleg into double knees from Ophidian. He takes the Slave Initiation. Smashmaster breaks the pin. They crotch Rumblecrunch on the top rope and bring him down with the Pyramid Suplex. Smashmaster breaks the cover. He drops Amasis with a tombstone. Ophidian makes the save. McMassive powerbombs Ophidian. Jaxon crossbody blocks McMassive. Oleg splashes Jaxon against the ropes. Rockwell comes in with a diving clothesline. Rumblecrunch drops Rockwell with a TKO. The Death Blow puts Rockwell down at 12:20. N_R_G got a great opportunity to shine, Jaxon specifically. I don’t really get Rockwell’s gimmick. He has narcolepsy? Or is really tired? I don’t know what the character is supposed to accomplish? Anywho, he’s competent in the ring, so that’s good. Everyone performed well and put together a fun match. ***¼

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Fire Ant {C}, Silver Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}, Mr. Azerbaijan {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Sabar and Silver Ant trade headlocks. Silver Ant dropkicks Sabar and tags in Fire Ant. He and Silver Ant light him up with kicks. Worker Ant adds an exclamation mark with a senton splash. Boar shoulder blocks Worker Ant but misses an elbow drop. Worker Ant slams him. Azerbaijan attacks Worker Ant from behind, sending him to the floor. Fire Ant and Azerbaijan have a Lucha exchange, ending with Fire Ant trying a tornado clutch. Azerbaijan and Fire Ant chop one another. Fire Ant headscissors Azerbaijan to the floor. Boar misses a splash to Fire Ant. The Colony all attack him in the corner. Azerbaijan suffers the same fate, as does Sabar. The Boar catches Fire Ant with a Gore, as does Worker Ant. Silver Ant breaks his pin. The Boar throws him out so that he and the other Bloc Party partners can isolate Worker Ant in their corner. Sabar ends up missing a Bronco Buster, allowing Silver Ant to come in with a top rope dropkick to Boar. He lariats Azerbaijan and enzuigiri’s Sabar. He hits Sabar with a tiger feint kick, then suicide dives onto him. Fire Ant comes off the top with a headscissors and a tornado DDT to Azerbaijan. Boar breaks up the pin. Fire Ant gives the Boar some chops. Boar drops him with a side slam for two. Fire Ant boots Boar twice. Boar holds him in a Bear hug so Azerbaijan can give him a back rake. Boar slams Sabar onto Fire Ant for two. Azerbaijan and Boar double whip Silver Ant. Silver Ant ducks their clothesline and shoves them together. The Colony hit Boar with the Ants Marching dropkick. Worker Ant takes out Azerbaijan with a rolling clothesline. Boar sends him packing with a Fame-Asser. Silver Ant ducks Boar’s boot and nails a pump kick. Sabar X-Factor’s Silver Ant. Fire Ant then Yahtzee kicks Sabar and dives onto Boar and Azerbaijan. Worker Ant uranage slams Sabar for two. The Ant Hill puts down Sabar at 10:56. Despite two losses, the Bloc Party looked quite strong in both outings this weekend. Silver Ant is so good, almost to the point where you forget because he’s usually sharing the spotlight with his partners, but his wrestling ability got a chance to shine here. This was fun. ***

CHIKARA Grand Championship
Icarus (Champion) vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}

A band plays the theme music for both participants. Both men aggressively shove one another. Icarus gets in some chops. Jacobs responds with punches. Icarus takes him down with a couple armdrags and holds onto an armbar. A forearm exchange leads to Jacobs biting Icarus in the corner. Icarus throws him out of a fisherman’s suplex. Jacobs gets right back up and stomps Icarus down in the corner. Jacobs delivers some headbutts. Icarus takes him down with a Thesz Press and throws a flurry of punches. Jacobs rolls to the floor, but Icarus is right behind him with a suicide dive. Jacobs comes off the ring apron with a forearm strike. Icarus crotches Jacobs on the guardrail and clotheslines him off. Icarus charges but Jacobs drop toe holds him into the ring steps. Jacobs presses Icarus head up against the ring post with his boot and knee. Jacobs then kicks his head into the ring post. Jacobs slingshots into a stomp to Icarus back in the ring. Icarus fires up from Jacobs’ punches. He gets knocked down by Jacobs’ boots as he charges to the corner. Jacobs gives him a Rude Awakening for two. Jacobs applies the Rings of Saturn. He turns it into a crucifix pin for two. He re-applies the Rings of Saturn which Icarus escapes with his own pin attempt. Jacobs chokes Icarus and back heel trips him. Icarus goes for some quick pins, potentially out of desperation. He only gets two with those, as well as a Michinoku Driver. Jacobs fights out of the Blu-Ray. He swings Icarus into a suplex, then locks on the End Time. Icarus Northern Lights suplexes Jacobs, but Jacobs keeps the End Time on. Icarus escapes and drops Jacobs across his knee out of a TKO. After a strike exchange, Icarus hits the Wings of Icarus for two. Jacobs crotches him on the top rope. He brings Icarus down with a superplex and floats right back into the End Time. Icarus’ arm drops twice. He powers himself back up. He gets the Shiranui for two. He then goes for the CHIKARA Special but Jacobs rolls him up instead. Jacobs counters a second Shiranui. He connects with the jumpback Ace Crusher, then the Contra Code, but Icarus manages to kick out. Icarus rolls up Jacobs to avoid a spear. He hits the Blu-Ray for two. He tries the Wings of Icarus. Jacobs counters with a jackknife pin. He then spears Icarus for two. Jacobs punches Icarus as he tells Icarus that he’s going to “lose this war.” Icarus palm strikes Jacobs as he goes up the ropes. He wants a super Wings of Icarus but Jacobs shoves him down. Icarus gets his knees up to block a super senton. The Wings of Icarus connects. He then locks Jacobs in the CHIKARA Special. Jacobs taps out at 18:30. This was a terrific championship match. It had a genuine feeling of hatred between the participants, aggression and emotion, a story with Jacobs head hunting Icarus knowing he’s only a few months from suffering a concussion, and some very convincing nearfalls that had the crowd rocking and reeling all the way to the end. Both guys did a terrific job and made for a memorable defense. ***¾

Deucalion makes his way to the ring. The CHIKARA locker room rushes out to Icarus’ side. Deucalion asks if the crowd is happy now. He says that their heroes will never come back, saying they’re all gone because the fans wanted CHIKARA back. Deucalion says in war there are casualties, then turns his attention to Jimmy Jacobs. He raises his right hand as if he’s planning to give Jacobs a choke breaker. All of a sudden, Icarus takes down Deucalion with a spear! Jacobs retreats. Deucalion rolls out of the ring. He smiles and laughs as Icarus tells Deucalion that he has his number. Deucalion says “we’ll see” and leaves. The show ends with the CHIKARA crew standing tall.


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