Wrestling is Fun!: Young Lions Cup XI, Night I


Haverhill, MA – 10.11.2014

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Shynron vs. William Frederick Kingsley

Shynron flips out Kingsley’s fireman’s carry and hip toss attempts. He also flips out of a slam. Shynron then successfully pulls off all of those moves and spin kicks Kingsley to the floor. Shynron comes down onto Kingsley on the floor with a kickflip senton. Kingsley catches him with a forearm and gives him a TKO on the top rope. He gives Shynron a Rude Awakening for two. He stomps Shynron down in the corner after knocking him down with a back elbow. He applies a chinlock. Shynron escapes. He dropkicks Kingsley into the ropes and hits a tiger feint kick. Shynron drops him with a springboard back handspring Ace Crusher. Kingsley kicks out. He avoids Shynron’s 630 splash. Kingsley gives Shynron a double underhook sit-out facebuster. He tries a neckbreaker but Shynron holds onto the ropes. He hits a corkscrew moonsault for the pin at 6:40. This was fun. Shynron is always exciting to watch and Kingsley was so hated and able to dish out a different type of offense that it made for a great dynamic. **½

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Kevin Quill vs. Prakash Sabar

Sabar does not appreciate how much the fans are behind Quill. Sabar hits the floor to avoid a superkick. Quill brings him back in. He takes Sabar down with a couple of shoulder block. Sabar applies a side headlock. Quill takes him down with a Saito suplex and puts on his own side headlock. Sabar turns it into a wristlock. Quill uses the ropes to flip out of it. Sabar backs Quill to the corner and takes him down with three kicks. Quill avoids the Bronco Buster. He catches Sabar’s crossbody and slams him for two. He kicks Quill from the apron. After a few more kicks he drops Quill with a reverse DDT for two. Quill comes back with a bodyslam and an elbow drop. Sabar takes him down with a spinwheel kick. As he’s posing like X-Pac, Quill recovers and gives him an atomic drop, then an inverted atomic drop. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Quill misses a standing moonsault. Sabar hits the X-Factor for the pin at 8:43. Quill was such a stereotypical white meat good guy that it was almost painful watching him because it made everything he did seem inauthentic. Sabar really knows how to work his character and make things interesting which helped this match from tanking. *

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Devin Blaze vs. Donovan Dijak

Dijak pops one of Blaze’s balloons. Blaze hops on his back in anger. Dijak tosses him across the ring. Blaze catches him in the corner with double boots. Dijak catches him crossbody attempt. He gives Blaze a belly-to-belly suplex. Dijak gets two with a short-arm lariat. Blaze tries a crucifix pin. When that doesn’t work, he sends Dijak to the floor. He looks to dive but Dijak cuts him off with a running boot. Blaze cuts off Dijak with a pair of chinbreakers. He goes for a wheelbarrow maneuver and gets thrown by Dijak in a German suplex. Blaze puts Dijak in a standing Dragon Sleeper which he turns into a modified Diamond Dust. Dijak goes to the floor and Blaze follows with a dive. He sends Dijak into the ring post with a headscissors. Back in the ring Blaze gets two with a frogsplash. Dijak gives him a Northern Lights suplex. Blaze rolls to the floor. He pulls a pie out from under the ring and hits Dijak in the face with it! Blaze double stomps Dijak into the canvas for two. Dijak tries a pumphandle slam but Blaze turns it into a Dragon sleeper. Dijak lifts Blaze onto his shoulders and slams him down for the pin at 6:49. That was really entertaining and had some really competent wrestling. I had only seen Blaze with the M1nute Men before this, but I dig the persona he played here. Dijak looks tailor made for WWE. On paper you wouldn’t expect two guys like this to work so well together, but they did, and it made for a fun watch. ***

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Anthony Greene vs. Rex Lawless

They trade wristlocks. Lawless knocks Greene down with a shoulder tackle. Greene comes back with a headscissors. He dropkicks Lawless to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. He only gets a one count back in the ring. Lawless decks him with a right hand. He chokes Greene on the middle rope and whips him forcefully into the corner. Lawless gives Greene a stalling suplex for two. Lawless also gets two with a gutwrench suplex. He misses a corner boot. Greene kicks out Lawless’ thighs and delivers some forearms. Lawless knees Greene in the stomach. He places Greene on his shoulders. Greene counters his offense with a DDT. He only gets one with a high crossbody. Greene comes off the second rope with an Ace Crusher for two. Greene comes off the top. Lawless catches him and knees him in the face. He gives Green a sit out double choke bomb for the pin at 7:59. Lawless looked like a beast, which considering he was moving on to the main event of the show certainly makes sense. Greene was a good foil for him, though neither of them did anything particularly to make a lasting impact. **¼

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Argus vs. Missile Assault Ant

Argus schoolyard trips Missile as he recites his name to the crowd. Missile boots him from the ring apron and to the floor. He gives Argus some uppercuts back in the ring. Argus comes off the second rope with a crossbody for two. Argus tries an ankle lock. Missile rakes his eyes behind the referee’s back to escape and dropkicks Argus into the corner. He rakes his face across the top rope. Missile suplexes Argus and gives him the Garvin Stomp. Argus grabs an ankle lock. Missile kicks him off and delivers an uppercut. He gives Argus some lifters. Argus fights off the Missile Launcher. Missile enzuigiri’s Argus and successfully hits the Missile Launcher for the pin at 5:52. The secret about Missile Assault Ant is that he’s actually a very good wrestler, despite his goofy character. Argus is an interesting looking fellow, though aside from doing ankle locks and apparently being a lizard, I don’t really know what to make of him. The action here was good, though it was too short to be anything really great. **½

Young Lions Cup XI Quarter-Final Match
Race Jaxon vs. Marq Quen

Quen slaps Jaxon instead of shaking his head. He puts on a wristlock. Jaxon cartwheels out of it and takes Quen out with a Northern Lights suplex. Quen kills some time on the floor. He kicks Jaxon in the stomach and applies a side headlock. Jaxon shoots him off. After some Lucha rolls Quen sends Jaxon to the corner with a Frankensteiner. Jaxon gives Quen one of his own, as well as an armdrag and backdrop. He slaps Quen in the face and pitches him to the floor. Jaxon follows with a suicide dive. Quen tries using the referee so he can hit an enzuigiri. It fails. However, he crotches Jaxon on the top rope and boots him to the floor. Quen chokes Jaxon on the middle rope and gives him a neckbreaker. They trade strikes. Quen nails a spinning enzuigiri. He antagonizes Jaxon until Jaxon kicks him in the face. Quen rakes his eyes. Jaxon clotheslines Quen and slides through the middle rope. He comes off the top with a dropkick. They switch waistlocks until Jaxon pulls off a German suplex. Quen gets in a series of kicks, ending with a low enzuigiri. He looks for Sweet Chin Music. Jaxon counters with a buckle bomb. They each hit a superkick. Jaxon powerbombs Quen into a jackknife pin for the win at 9:20. Both guys looked like they wanted to win and were fighting hard for that victory. Quen was also such a jerk that the crowd got really behind Jaxon winning. Good stuff. ***

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive

Smashmaster does a forward roll and lands on his feet, showing Ophidian he’s just as nimble as he is. Ophidian does a handstand. Smashmaster tries but ends up crumbling. He goes for a splash but misses. Ophidian dropkicks him. Amasis picks him up and hypnotizes the Corporation, Sidney Bakabella, and the referee. They all dance to “Apache” with Sidney Bakabella taking center stage. The Portal break the spell causing everyone to fall. The Corporation attacks the Portal from behind. They take turns beating down Ophidian. Bakabella even gets in a cheap shot from the floor. He flips over Smashmaster from the apron and tags in Amasis. Amasis crossbody’s onto Smashmaster. He sends him to the floor with a forearm strike. McMassive cuts off Amasis’ dive attempt. Ophidian kicks McMassive from the apron. Amasis pescado’s onto Smashmaster. Ophidian lands a standing moonsault on McMassive for two. The Portal light him up with some kicks. They double superkick Smashmaster before pinning McMassive for two. Smashmaster tosses Amasis onto Ophidian. McMassive boots Amasis and Smashmaster powerbombs Ophidian onto him. McMassive gives Amasis the Boss Man Slam. Smashmaster follows up with a Swanton Bomb. Amasis kicks out! Ophidian sends Smashmaster to the apron. He comes off the top with double knees to McMassive. Smashmaster gives him a spinebuster. Amasis knocks Smashmaster down with a tornado kick. The Portal try to use hypnosis again. This time however, Bakabella has sunglasses on to block it. Smashmaster sneaks in and German suplexes both members of the Portal simultaneously. McMassive powerbombs Amasis for the pin at 13:46. This was a lot of fun. Both teams looked really good, the stuff at the beginning was entertaining, and the finishing stretch was excellent. Considering the chemistry these teams had, I’d love to see a rematch in CHIKARA proper. ***¼

Young Lions Cup XI Semi-Final Elimination Match
Shynron vs. Prakash Sabar vs. Donovan Dijak vs. Rex Lawless vs. Missile Assault Ant vs. Race Jaxon

Sabar and Missile attack Jaxon while Lawless and Dijak beat down Shynron. Shynron and Jaxon do-si-do when get whipped at each other and dropkick the Rudos. Shynron and Jaxon get booted back down. Lawless digs his knee into Shynron’s back while applying a chinlock. Dijak drops a knee for two. Lawless gets two with a neckbreaker. Missile and Sabar choke Jaxon on the floor. Lawless accidentally punches Dijak, leading them to trade strikes. Lawless gives Dijak a TKO for two. Dijak slams him out of a fireman’s carry into a powerbomb for the pin at 3:50. Shynron tiger feint kicks Dijak, then Asai moonsaults onto Missile and Sabar. He gives Dijak an Ace Crusher and standing moonsault. Jaxon dives onto Missile and Sabar. Shynron lands a twisting splash on Dijak for two. Sabar kicks down Shynron. Shynron blocks an X-Factor with a handstand. He hits a 450 splash from the bottom rope, eliminating Sabar at 5:56. Dijak turns Shynron inside out with a lariat. He hits Jaxon with a Cyclone Boot, eliminating him at 6:18. Missile convinces Dijak that they should gang up on Shynron. Missile gives him the Garvin Stomp. They both choke Shynron with their boots in the corner. Dijak slams him and gives him a back suplex. Shynron gets his boot up to avoid Missile’s attack. Shynron hops off of Missile’s back for a huracanrana on Dijak, getting the pin at 10:49. Missile boots Shynron down. Shynron fails to get a pin with a roll-up. Missile dropkicks him back down. Shynron comes back with a Pele kick for two. Missile powerbombs Shynron. He tries using the ropes for leverage in a jackknife pin but it doesn’t work. Missile misses a diving headbutt. Shynron lands a corkscrew moonsault but Missile is able to kick out. He goes for a 630 splash. Missile uppercuts Shynron and gives him the Missile Launcher for the pin and the win at 14:59. This told a good story and had some good action as well. I was really hoping Shynron would be Young Lions Cup bound, but Missile Assault Ant is as good a choice as anybody and people seem to really like his character. I’d like to see Dijak get some other chances in either Wrestling is Fun or CHIKARA because he was quite impressive in his showings tonight. ***


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