King of Trios 2014, Night II


Easton, PA – 9.20.2014

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Chuck Taylor, Leonard F. Chikarason, UltraMantis Black, Juan Francisco de Coronado, and Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker.

Chuck Taylor reminds us that he won the first Rey de Voladores back in 2007. He plans to wins this year’s too, by eliminating the two brown guys and the Mexican guy tonight.

Rey de Voladores Qualifier – Elimination Match
Tigre Uno {TNA} vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Shynron vs. Rich Swann

Taylor actually starts on commentary. Uno and Swann trade wristlocks with some finesse. Swann armdrags Uno to the ropes. Uno slides under Swann’s leapfrog and kick flips him in the face. Swann ends a Lucha sequence with a dropkick. Shynron comes in with a 450 clothesline to Swann! He armdrags Swann into a chest kick. Swann tries a headscissors but Shynron lands on his feet. Shynron sweeps out his legs from the apron and lands a delayed slingshot senton. Taylor trips Shynron on the top rope. He backdrops Shynron out of the corner. Uno kicks Taylor in the back of the head for two. Swann snapmares Uno into a back kick, then stomps on the back of his head. Uno dropkicks Swann to the floor. Taylor cuts off Uno’s dive with an elbow. He supleses Shynron into Uno in the corner. He dropkicks Swann in mid-air for two. Swann hops off of Taylor’s back into a headscissors on Shynron, then axe kicks Taylor. He frog splashes Uno for two. Uno ties up Swann and Shynron in double submissions but can’t hold them for long. Swann and Shynron drop Taylor and Uno respectively with tandem back handspring Ace Crushers. Shynron backflips onto Uno on the floor. Taylor superkicks Swann out, then tope con hilo’s onto everyone. He carefully sentons onto Uno back in the ring. Uno gets right up and nails an enzuigiri. He follows up with a tornado DDT. Swann frog splashes Taylor to eliminate him at 8:44. The rest of the three competitors trade quick pinfall attempts on one another with no success. Shynron and Swann double dropkick Uno. Shynron tiger feint kicks Uno. Swann enzuigiri’s Shynron. He tries a wheelbarrow but Uno drops Swann and rolls him into a modified armbar. Swann taps out at 9:55. Shynron sends Uno to the floor. He follows with a tumbleweed senton. Uno dropkicks Shynron to stop his springboard attempt. Uno flies out with a twisting splash. Back in the ring Shynron dropkicks Uno to stop him from ascending the ropes. Uno stops an Irish whip. He spikes Shynron into the mat with a leg-capture suplex. Shynron gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Uno climbs the ropes. Shynron gives him a back handspring kick to knock him down. Shynron puts him down with a twisting neckbreaker. The second rope 630 splash gets Shynron the win at 13:02. Super fun, high flying action is always a great way to kick off a show. Shynron stole the spotlight by pulling off some phenomenal stunts and pumping up the crowd. He’s got a bright future. ***¼

3Peck0 are caught off guard when approached by Smart Mark Video for a promo. Thinking off the cuff, Archibald Peck tells the GEKIDO that they’re coming for them. Shane Matthews asks what they’re going to do it. Jagged is satisfied and says “Boo Ya.”

King of Trios 2014 Quarter-Final Round Match
Archibald Peck, Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Jigsaw {G}, The Shard {G} & 17 {G}

Jigsaw trails his teammates as he comes out, clearly still dejected from last night. Shard proudly armdrags and bodyslams Matthews. Matthews responds with the same offense. Jigsaw kicks him from the apron. Matthews elbows him and 17 down and clotheslines Shard. Jagged and Matthews take turns twisting on a wristlock on Shard. They hold Shard so Peck can deliver a double axe handle. Peck takes Shard down in the corner. He goes for a running back elbow but Shard cuts him off with a lariat. Peck gets up a boot to avoid an attack from Shard. The Shard is off balance for about a minute, eventually falling down. Peck calls for his new move. Shard trips him and nails him with forearms before that can happen. 17 forearms Peck from the apron. Peck crotches him on the top rope. 3.0 help Peck out with an electric chair slam. Peck misses a corner attack, getting his foot stuck in the ropes. Jigsaw kicks away at the defenseless Peck. GEKIDO decide to isolate Peck in their corner. 17 pushes Jigsaw around during this. Jigsaw gets caught with an Ace Crusher from the apron from Jagged. Peck O’Conner Rolls him for two. When Jigsaw kicks out, Peck tags in Matthews. He dropkicks Jigsaw, clotheslines 17, and puts The Shard in the Boston Crab. Matthews ducks Jigsaw’s kick and German suplexes him. Peck boots 17 in the corner. Matthews Northern Lights suplexes 17 into the turnbuckles. Shard breaks the pin with a double stomp, then gets flapjacked into the turnbuckles by Jagged and Peck. Jagged sends 17 to the corner with a rolling elbow. Jigsaw gamengiri’s Jagged from the apron. Shard hangs Jagged in the ropes and comes off the top with a double stomp. Peck makes the save. Shard whips Peck into a boot from Jigsaw. Shard kicks Peck into a brainbuster from Jigsaw. Peck kicks out! Shard begins to argue with Shard. Jagged pulls Jigsaw to the floor. Jigsaw comes back in the ring to superkick Jagged as he goes for an elbow on Shard. Peck gives Jigsaw the inverted New Move. He tries it on 17 after 17 palm strikes Matthews. 17 palm strikes Peck after blocking it. Jagged jumps off of Peck’s back on the entrance ramp and elbow drops 17. Jigsaw stops the pin so Jagged tosses him out. 17 blocks the Sweet Taste of Professionalism. Jigsaw gives Matthews a coast-to-coast dropkick. Matthews kicks out. Shard pie faces Jigsaw away. Jigsaw pulls him off of Matthews and begins arguing. Shard shoves Jigsaw down. Matthews tosses Shard out. Matthews puts Jigsaw in the Boston Crab. Jigsaw taps out at 17:07. I really enjoyed how in this match we saw how well 3Peck0 works as a team as well as the disintegration of Jigsaw as a member of GEKIDO. That dichotomy really made each team stick out. The wrestling was good, the false finishes were believable, and the ending made sense and was satisfying. This kicked off the second round on a positive note. ***

17 and The Shard demand Jigsaw come with them. Jigsaw almost leaves but ends up staying in the ring. The Shard comes in and Jigsaw superkicks him! He and 17 retreat to the back as Jigsaw takes out his frustrations on the canvas. Director of Fun Mike Quackenbush makes his way ringside. He says the Jigsaw he sees isn’t the real him, and that CHIKARA is his family. Quackenbush says that CHIKARA needs him and asks where he stands. Jigsaw walks right past Quackenbush. He then says he’s the best wrestler in the building and that he doesn’t need anybody before stomping out the door.

Rockstar Spud {TNA} vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

The winner of CHIKARA’s talent competition at the Fan Conclave plays Coronado’s theme music on a whistle. Coronado does not appreciate her talent and snatches the whistle away as he comes down the aisle. Spud thought he simply had to flaunt his bowtie, but it turns out he has to wrestle. Coronado backs Spud tot he corner and pulls on his bowtie. This makes Spud very angry. He charges after Coronado, so Coronado takes the corner to avoid a beating. Spud decides he’s not going to touch Coronado’s bowtie, but does kick the ring rope into his inner thigh. Spud pulls a bowtie out of his tights and puts in on referee Bryce Remsburg! As Spud presents him to each side of the audience, Coronado attacks Spud from behind. He rips Bryce’s bowtie off and stomps on it! Spud slaps Coronado in the face twice. He chases Coronado back into the ring. Coronado catches him with some boots and rakes his eyes across the top rope. He does some damage to Spud’s back and gets two with a clothesline. He puts on a head vice. When Spud begins to fire up, Coronado shoots him to the ropes and forearms him in the back. He tries a clothesline. Spud schoolyard trips him into a low enzuigiri. Spud catches him with a dropkick. He spikes Coronado with a wheelbarrow DDT. He hits a dropkick to Coronado as he’s seated in the corner. Spud hits the Acid Drop. Coronado rolls to the floor before Spud can go for a pin. Spud follows him out with a tope con hilo. As Spud climbs the ropes, Coronado crotches him on the top. Coronado brings Spud down with a German suplex for the pin at 10:45. Spud’s charisma carried most of the match. The action wasn’t terribly thrilling and the crowd was more into the antics (of course) than anything else. This could have blended more comedy into the wrestling and been a more satisfying package. As it was, we got a fairly average wrestling contest. **¼

Like last night, the Greenhorn Militia of Kid Cyclone, Equinox III and Create-A-Wrestler II make their way out. Cyclone says that since Deucalion refused a straight up fight yesterday it proved he was a coward. Tonight however he gives Deucalion another chance to come out. Again, the challenge goes unanswered. Cyclone says he will take a page out of Deucalion’s book and will come to him when his back is turned. He adds that Deucalion won’t be able to walk out of the battle when he is through with him.

King of Trios 2014 Quarter-Final Round Match
Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne & Damian Dunne vs. Max Smashmaster {DC}, Blaster McMassive {DC} & Flex Rumblecrunch {DC}

Rumblecrunch maneuvers Andrews into a powerslam. After a knee drop he tags in McMassive. He chops Andrews and tags in Smashmaster. He backdrops Andrews and splashes his back. He lands a back senton. McMassive slams him into a legdrop for two. When Rumblecrunch comes in, Andrews is able to slide out. Damian comes and knocks Rumblecrunch away. He puts McMassive in an Octopus Stretch. McMassive turns it into the Air Raid Crash. This leads to the Dev Corp bullying Damian for a few minutes. He catches Rumblecrunch with double knees from the second rope. Pete tags in. He throws throat thrusts and headbutts to the stomach to Smashmaster. He delivers a forearm strike from the second turnbuckle. He powerslams McMassive as he runs in. McMassive eats triple kicks from Team UK. Rumblecrunch suffers the same fate. Damian catches McMassive with a Codebreaker for two. Rumblecrunch comes off the top rope with a shoulder tackle. Smashmaster gets a two count with a cannonball splash. McMassive and Rumblecrunch pitch Andrews and Pete to the floor. Smashmaster catches Damian coming off the ropes. Pete sneaks in with a backcracker, allowing Damian to also drive his knees into his chest. Rumblecrunch comes off the top but is caught with double kicks. McMassive clotheslines the Dunne Brothers. Andrews crossbody’s onto McMassive. Smashmaster dropkicks Andrews to the ramp. Smashmaster and McMassive set up Damian for the Death Blow. Damian puts McMassive in a guillotine as Pete crotches Smashmaster on the top rope. Andrews takes him down with a super Frankensteiner. He hits a twisting moonsault. McMassive breaks the pin. Rumblecrunch drops Pete with a spinebuster. He shoves Pete into McMassive’s Black Hole Slam. Smashmaster flattens him with a Swanton. Andrews double stomps Smashmaster to stop a pin. McMassive and Rumblecrunch get sent outside. Damian suicide dives onto them. Andrews hits a standing shooting star press on Smashmaster for two. He goes up top. He misses a top rope shooting star press. The Dunne Brothers are disposed off. The Death Blow pins Andrews at 11:36. This was surprisingly competitive. The UK Team got to show off against their larger foes and got the crowd behind them. The Corporation did a great job in making them look good while also remaining dominant. I wasn’t expecting much but ended up having a fun time watching this. ***

Rey de Voladores Qualifier – Elimination Match
The Great Sanada {TNA} vs. Amasis {OP} vs. AR Fox vs. Orlando Christopher

Sanada kicks Amasis to the floor. He follows out. Meanwhile, Christopher and Fox position for control. Christopher catches Fox with a dropkick. Fox responds with a bicycle kick. He enzuigiri’s Christopher. He bounces on the ropes and comes down with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Sanada drags Fox to the floor. He rakes Amasis’ eyes and bites his head back in the ring. Amasis ducks a clothesline and dives out onto Fox. Christopher knees Sanada to the floor. He dives over Jonathan Barber onto Sanada and Amasis. Fox, who avoided the dive, looks for one of his own. Amasis stops him. Amasis then back flips onto Sanada and Christopher. Fox Lo Mein Rain’s onto them. Fox legdrops Amasis on the ring apron. He places Christopher on the top rope. Sanada sneaks in. Christopher gives Sanada a Blockbuster, causing Sanada to give Fox a reverse DDT. Amasis misses a corner attack, landing in a tree of woe. Christopher gives Fox a neckbreaker. Christopher nails a coast-to-coast headbutt on Amasis. Sanada schoolboys Christopher and puts his feet on the ropes, eliminating Christopher at 5:59. Sanada chokes Amasis with his wrist tape behind referee Jon Barber’s back. Amasis kicks Sanada in the shoulder from the mat. He slams him. Fox goes up top. He flips over a charging Amasis and Swantons onto Sanada. Amasis catches Fox with That Move I Beat Moses With for two. Fox drops him with Thugbait. He comes off the top with a Swanton for two. Fox skins the cat into a dropkick and hits Air Fox in the corner. He attempts Lo Mein Pain. Amasis shoves him off. He comes down with a 450 splash for the pin at 9:37. Sanada superkicks Amasis. He hits him with a closed fist behind Barber’s back. Sanada knocks down Amasis with a springboard chop to the head. He misses a moonsault double stomp. Amasis throws some forearms. Sanada catches him coming off the second rope. He German suplexes him twice, then gets a two count with a Dragon suplex. Amasis gets in some strikes. Sanada puts Barber in the way as Amasis charges. Sanada spits green mist in Amasis’ face after moving Barber out of the way. Sanada gives him a superkick for the pin at 12:57. Like the first match, their was some nifty high flying action (of course) but more story with Sanada playing the evil Rudo and spoiling the CHIKARMY’s hopes by cheating to last eliminate Amasis. Fox was the stand out and I would enjoy to see him back in CHIKARA more often. ***

The Golden Trio are in the back. Icarus says 16 months ago he started a journey to bring CHIKARA back. After that, he was on a journey to become Grand Champion. Once he thought the journey was over, he saw himself at the foot at Mt. Doom. He tells the Throwbacks that their journey isn’t over yet and that they still have 3 rounds to go in the tournament. He then says he’ll see them in the finals.

King of Trios 2014 Quarter-Final Round Match
Icarus, Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Kenny, Mikey & Johnny

The Spirit Squad turn on the fans by not giving them a cheer and disresepcting them streamers that were thrown for them. Mikey knocks down Hatfield with a shoulder block. Mikey mocks him by swinging an imaginary bat, which the crowd calls a foul ball. Hatfield ties up Mikey’s feet and shoves them inside of his own green windbreakers pants. He grabs the ropes and unties himself. Hatfield goes for a sunset flip and ends up pulling Mikey’s pants down! He clotheslines him to the floor. Kenny cuts off his dive attempt. He tries sitting down on a sunset flip but Hatfield moves. He ties up Kenny’s hands in his singlet straps. Kenny is still able to pull off a shoulder block. Hatfield can’t get to his arms for an armdrag, so he wind up chops Kenny to the floor. He baseball slides after him. Johnny puts on a karate headband as he gets in with Icarus. Icarus decides to tag in Angelosetti. Angelosetti gives him a football shoulder tackle. He lands on him with five splashes. He slams Icarus onto Johnny for a two count. Johnny cuts off Icarus with a knee to the stomach. Kenny and Mikey choke him from the apron. Icarus avoids being tossed off the top rope but eats Kenny’s clothesline. Icarus avoids a backdrop. He dropkicks Kenny out. Angelosetti drives Mikey into the corner and shoulder tackles him thrice. Mikey shoves Angelosetti off the ropes. He comes off the first rope with an elbow. The Spirit Squad keeps on top of Angelosetti, not allowing him to tag out. Angelosetti ends up back dropping Mikey onto the Spirit Squad’s trampoline, causing him to bounce and crash on the ramp. Hatfield stacks up Kenny and Johnny in the corner and baseball slides into them both. Kenny stops Hatfield and Icarus from hitting a double team on Johnny. Mikey uses the trampoline to hop back in with a bulldog. The Spirit Squad pick up and drop Hatfield by his appendages. Icarus uses Johnny to crotch Kenny on the top rope. Angelosetti gives Mikey a delayed vertical superplex for two. The Throwbacks give Johnny and then Kenny the 3D. Icarus puts Kenny in the CHIKARA Special. Kenny taps out at 15:17. Both teams played their roles very well. The Spirit Squad, as predicted, were a good fit in CHIKARA. All the humor, from Mikey being tied up to him using the trampoline, worked. The Golden Trio may have looked a little weak, but their win was strong, and them advancing was the right call. ***

Yoshi Tatsu says he’s very happy to be in CHIKARA. Suddenly, Ashley Remington steps into frame to get a squash ball that rolled away. He then introduces himself to Yoshi. He says they’re going to make some magic in the ring. He’s honored to wrestle a world traveled competitor. Remington apologizes for interrupting but compliments Tatsu on his eyes.

Ashley Remington vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Tatsu goes for some cradle combinations early on. Remington goes for some quick pins of his own. Remington backs Tatsu to the corner and breaks on the count of one. He bounces Tatsu off the ropes. He tries rolling him up into a clothesline. Tatsu avoids it, but takes a hip toss. He sweeps Remington’s legs and goes for a pin. Remington responds in kind, then helps Tatsu up. Tatsu sweeps his legs again. He lands a flip senton and spin kicks Remington to the floor. They avoid each others’ attempts at hitting an offensive maneuver on the floor. Finally, Remington punches Tatsu on the ring apron. Remington feels guilty and catches Tatsu as he’s about to fall to the floor. They each hold the rope for one another. Tatsu ends up going in first and hip tossing Remington in from the apron. He digs his knee into Remington’s back. Tatsu throws Remington to the mat by his head. Remington breaks out of an arm lock. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. After a couple more clotheslines, Remington delivers a dropkick. He goes for a German suplex. Tatsu turns it into a pinning combination for two. He misses an elbow drop. Remington flips out of the corner. He catches Tatsu coming off the middle rope and gives him an overhead belly-to-belly suplex for two. Tatsu goes to the apron. He clotheslines Remington down, then nails a springboard dropkick when Remington gets back to his feet. Tatsu sets up for a kick. Remington ducks it. He hooks a waistlock and German suplexes Tatsu from the mat. Juan Francisco de Coronado runs in from commentary and pulls Remington out of the ring! He sends him into the ring post. Bryce Remsburg calls for the bell at 8:52, making Remington the winner by disqualification. This was going along just fine until the finish. The finish in and of itself wasn’t bad as it will likely lead to something down the road, but it just felt really abrupt. Remington is easily the best thing about the new CHIKARA. **¼

Tatsu kicks Coronado in the side of the head. He bails. Remington shakes Tatsu’s hand and presents him with a fruit basket.

Jimmy Jacobs says that people assume he loves the war against CHIKARA, but the reality is that it hurts him inside. Although CHIKARA is family friendly, they still promote violence. There’s been losses on both sides. Jimmy Jacobs says that Eddie Kingston is the most important soldier in the fight and now he’s fighting for the Flood. He wants Kingston to help him end the war. He reminds us that he promised Kingston the Grand Championship to be by his side and says he will follow through with that promise. However, he says he may take it sooner than later and not wait to cash in his three points for an official shot.

King of Trios 2014 Quarter-Final Round Match
Fire Ant {C}, Silver Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}, Eddie Kingston {TF} & Volgar {TF}

Like last night, Jimmy Jacobs brings out the Lithuanian Snow Troll on a chain and ties him to the ring post. Kingston tries charging Fire Ant. Fire Ant drops down the rope and dives onto Kingston. Green Ant cuts off Jacobs’ dives with a dropkick to the side of the head. Worker Ant suplexes Volgar into a uranage. He pescado’s onto him on the floor. The two teams brawl around ringside. In the ring Fire Ant armdrags Jacobs to the corner and takes him down with the Stop, Drop, and Roll. He suplexes Volgar. Kingston German suplexes Fire Ant. The Flood take turns wearing Fire Ant down. Fire Ant sends Jacobs to the floor and suicide dives after him. Silver Ant comes in with a missile dropkick to Volgar. He enzuigiri’s Kingston and takes him down with a tornado DDT. Volgar Samoan Drops Silver Ant for two. Worker Ant gives Volgar a Death Valley Driver for two. Jacobs drops Worker Ant with a springback Ace Crusher. Fire Ant antzuigiri’s Jacobs and Kingston. He nails Kingston with the Yahtzee Kick. Fire Ant headscissors Kingston off the entrance ramp onto Jacobs and Volgar on the floor. Fire Ant then gets Antapulted onto all three of them. The Colony triple dropkick Volgar in the corner. Kingston and Jacobs get Worker Ant in the ring. Kingston Saito suplexes him. Jacobs locks on the End Time. Worker Ant gets the ropes. Kingston and Jacobs go after his leg that was injured last night. Finally, Worker Ant drops Jacobs with a spinning uranage. Fire Ant comes in with a high crossbody to Jacobs. He tornado DDT’s Jacobs and Burns Down the House on Kingston. Silver Ant frogsplashes Kingston. Volgar breaks the pin. Silver Ant avoids a corner attack. He tries suplexing him from the apron but gets shoved to the floor. He gives Fire Ant an over-the-shoulder gut buster. Worker Ant breaks the pin. Volgar kicks out his knee and places him up top. Worker Ant shoves Volgar away, but Kingston manages to Northern Lights suplex him. Jacobs comes off the top with a senton. Silver Ant jumps in. He antzuigiri’s Kingston. He catches Jacobs in a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kingston breaks up the pin. Fire Ant drops him with the Beach Break for two. Jacobs spears Fire Ant on the ring apron. As Jacobs sets up for a spear, the Snow Troll grabs Jacobs’ leg. Jacobs stomps on him. Worker Ant hits Jacobs with his GTS. The Snow Troll pleads with Worker Ant to be freed. He lets the Troll loose. Bryce is trying to get him out of the ring. Deucalion brings Soldier Ant to the ring. Soldier Ant knocks him down with a rolling elbow variation. Kingston lands the Backfist to the Future. Jacobs pins him at 18:51. Once again, The Flood show they have to resort to cheating to win. This match started hot and heavy and had consistently solid action throughout. They told a good story incorporating Worker Ant’s knee into the match and Soldier Ant showing up again was good for the story while also not taking away from the action. The stuff with the Snow Troll was effective in that it got us to the end and the crowd was into it. The exciting action made for a good main event, though your mileage may vary given how you feel about the finish. ***¼

Volgar and Jacobs take a knee in Deucalion’s presence. Kingston doesn’t look ready to do so. Just then, the Greenhorn Militia appear. Kingston, Volgar, and Jacobs fight them on the floor. The Batiri come out to try and help. This allows the Greenhorn Militia to get in the ring with Deucalion. Cyclone ends up unmasking Deucalion to reveal a bald, bearded man with black eyes. He yells “COWARD” in the direction of the Greenhorn Militia. Equinox III charges, only to get chokeslammed across Deucalion’s knee. Jacobs holds Cyclone so he can see the carnage and not interfere. Create-A-Wrestler II suffers the same fate as Equinox III. Deucalion says these actions are because of Cyclone. Cyclone slips out and runs away from The Flood. The Flood and Deucalion leave through the side door. The Snow Troll is once again tied to the ring post, Equinox III and Create-A-Wrestler are laying the in the ring, and members of the CHIKARA roster are recouping around ringside. The roster members carry the rookies out. Jacobs and Kingston come back once they’re gone and take the Snow Troll away.


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