Vivre et Laisser Mourir


Montreal, QC – 8.17.2014

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Dasher Hatfield, Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Mike Quackenbush, and Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker.

Elimination Match
Fire Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC} vs. Bloodlust McGoth & Spooky McGoth

The McGoth’s are two masked, hyperactive fellas, one of which who enjoys Red Bull. Ophidian does a headstand in the corner. He rolls over Hijo and does some dancing before sweeping out his leg for a one count. Hijo cries from an overhand chop. Hijo kicks out Ophidian’s leg. Hijo misses a corner attack. Ophidian rolls him up for two. Amasis comes off the top with a Frankensteiner to Jr. He then kicks Hijo to the floor. The McGoths attack the Portal. The Portal hypnotize them. The Portal hypnotize Jr. as well. Ophidian asks the DJ to play some music and the Portal breakdance to it. Hijo breaks up the party, clearing the McGoths and Portal out. Hijo un-hypnotizes Jr. who is still dancing and rakes his feet across Spooky’s face. Los Ice Creams wear him down until Bloodlust passes him a Red Bull. Ingesting the drink gives him the energy to throw a sole butt kick to Jr. and headscissors him to the floor. He follows with a suicide dive. Bloodlust dropkicks Hijo twice. He boots him in the side of the head and takes him over with a Frankensteiner. The McGoths and Colony attack Hijo in the corner. The Portal attack Jr. when he comes in. Hijo back elbows his own partner, then both Ice Creams are assaulted in the corner. Bloodlust drives Amasis face first into his knee, then throws Spooky into Amasi. Worker Ant eats double elbows, double superkicks, and double tornado kicks from the McGoth’s. Jr. kicks the McGoth’s away. Spooky dropkicks his knee out. Bloodlust tries a German suplex. Jr. escapes but eats two superkicks from a headstand position. Spooky goes for a double stomp. Hijo shoves him off the top rope. Bloodlust succombs to El Asesino for the pin at 13:58. While Los Ice Creams are celebrating, Fire Ant comes in with a high crossbody on Jr., pinning him at 14:13. Ophidian skins the snake into a headscissors on Fire Ant. Fire Ant comes back with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. Amasis throws some forearm strikes. Fire Ant bicycle kicks him. Fire Ant Burns Down the House on Amasis. He and Worker Ant give Ophidian the Ants Marching dropkick. Amasis avoids Fire Ant’s attack and tornado kicks Worker Ant. Ophidian drives his knees into Fire Ant’s chest. Ophidian rolls Fire Ant off of Amasis’ back into a Complete Shot. Worker Ant breaks the cover. The Portal serve up a combo of kicks to Worker Ant. Worker Ant ducks tandem bicycle kicks and back suplexes them simultaneously. Worker Ant goes for the GTS on Amasis. Ophidian puts on the Death Grip to save his partner. Fire Ant frees his partner, sending Ophidian to the floor. Fire Ant follows with a suicide dive. Worker Ant hits Amasis with the GTS for the pin and victory at 18:08. The beginning of the match dragged but ended strong with the better two teams having a good back and forth battle. Such seems to be the story of most of these elimination tag team matches lately. **

Kodama {B} vs. Nøkken {BDK}

Kodama pummels Nøkken, but Nøkken simply tosses him across the ring. Kodama throws forearms to his back and looks for a sleeper hold. Nøkken drives him back first into the corner to escape and strikes him in the throat. Nøkken misses a boot. Kodama throws some strikes to the chest. Nøkken tries popping him up, but Kodama dropkicks him on the way down. Kodama tries a sunset flip. Nøkken picks him up to stop it. Kodama throws more strikes. Nøkken knocks him down with a big boot and chokes him on the mat. He applies a nerve hold. Kodama uses his teeth to break the hold. Nøkken drops him off of his shoulders. Kodama headscissors Nøkken to the second rope and hits him with a slingshot dropkick. Nøkken catches his crossbody attempt and gives him a backbreaker for two. He dumps Kodama out of a suplex position. He whips Kodama to the corner and spins him out of a sidewalk slam position. Nøkken chokes Kodama in the corner and stomps on him. He places Kodama on the top rope. Kodama fights back and comes off the top with a Blockbuster. Nøkken catches Kodama coming off the top rope with a chokeslam for the pin at 5:43. This made Kodama look tough while also giving Nøkken a solid singles win. It served it’s general purpose is what I’m basically saying. **

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Chuck Taylor calls Ashley Remington a great guy, and that drives him crazy. He says he may be a great guy, but tonight, Taylor’s gonna kill him.

Ashley Remington vs. Chuck Taylor

The match between these two from “The Living Daylights” was erased from the record books (per Mike Quackenbush on the August 1st Event Center) due to Taylor’s feet being on the ropes. Therefore, Remington comes into the match with 3 points while Taylor comes in with 2. Taylor tries backing Remington to the ropes, but Remington reverses into a waistlock and then a chinlock. Taylor reverses. He ties up Remington’s arm in the ropes and breaks at a four count. Remington puts on a headlock. Taylor shoots him off and shoulder blocks him down. Remington sweeps out his leg and gets a two count. Taylor does the same. Remington sweeps his leg, then offers Taylor a hand to get back up. Taylor tries a kick but Remington catches his leg. Taylor backs to the corner and Remington let’s go of his foot on a one count. Taylor boots Remington and throws him outside. Remington considers throwing Taylor out, but let’s go and shoots him a finger gun. Taylor charges but Remington side steps and sends him to the floor. Taylor drags him out and sends Remington ribs first into the side of the ring. Taylor tries whipping him into the side of the ring, but Remington uses the apron and bottom rope to swing back with a Frankensteiner. As Remington re-enters the ring, Taylor drives his face into the canvas. He chokes Remington on the middle rope. He drops an elbow as he comes off the ropes. Remington comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick. Taylor catches him with a boot. He comes off the second rope. Remington catches him and tosses him overhead with a Northern Lights suplex for two. Taylor gives him Sole Food. Remington spins him out with the Fair Winds for two. He wants Anchor’s Away but Taylor grabs the ropes and kicks Remington away. Taylor drops him with a uranage and kicks him in the chest for two. Remington whips him to the corner. Taylor catches him with the Brodie Knee. Remington trips him to avoid a suplex. He then deadlifts Taylor up. Taylor counters the German suplex with a prawn hold for the pin at 7:56, giving Remington his first loss in CHIKARA. Definitely a solid way to end their triology and to give Taylor a future title shot. These two produce excellent results as opponents, but I can’t help but wonder how they would do as a tandem. **¾

Taylor gives Remington a baguette, much like how Remington would gift his opponents fruit baskets post match. Remington breaks the baguette in half and presents Taylor with it. Taylor takes a big bite and leaves with the half baguette in hand.

Archibald Peck, Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0 vs. Max Smashmaster {DC}, Flex Rumblecrunch {DC} & Jaka {TWC}

Jaka bites Peck’s hands out of a wristlock. Jagged grabs a waistlock, then a headlock. Jaka bites his hand and claws his ribs. Jagged’s headbutt fails. Jaka strikes him to the corner. Matthews resists Jaka’s running shoulder block attempt. Matthews rakes his eyes. Jaka bites his clavicle. Matthews bites back! They bite each other at the same time. Matthews ducks Jaka’s clothesline and delivers one of his own. Rumblecrunch shoulder blocks Matthews but misses a splash. Matthews and Jagged take turns doing damage to Rumblecrunch’s left arm. 3.0 hold onto both of his arms, and Peck comes off the top with a double axe handle. Another double axe handle follows. He goes for a third but Rumblecrunch tosses him off the top rope. Smashmaster misses a Swanton onto him. Peck tags in both of 3.0. All three Canadians volley Smashmaster between them with punches and chops. 3.0 ram Peck feet first into Smashmaster’s chest to knock him off his feet. They dog pile onto him but Smashmaster still manages to kick out. Jaka and Rumblecrunch jump in. Jagged dropkicks Smashmaster and Jaka through the ropes and to the floor where Matthews and Peck are. Rumblecrunch looks to dive but Peck crotches him on the top rope. Peck hops off of Rumblecrunch’s back onto everybody else on the floor! Jaka catches Peck with a shot to the throat as he tries to re-enter the ring. Smashmaster trips Jagged off the top rope. Jaka headbutts him in the shoulder blades for a two count. The Wrecking Crew beat down Jagged until he ducks a double clothesline from the Dev Corp and sends them crashing into one another. Matthews lays into Jaka and takes him down with a dropkick. He headscissors Jaka to the floor. He goes to headscissors Smashmaster. He fights it off and gives him a forearm. Jaka drags Matthews out, allowing Peck to come off the top with a shoulder tackle to Smashmaster for two. Peck drop toe holds Smashmaster into the turnbuckles and nails him with a back elbow. He goes for a slam but Rumblecrunch chop blocks his leg out. Smashmaster pins Peck but Jagged breaks the pin. Jagged strings a chinbreaker and enzuigiri together on Rumblecrunch. Jaka superkicks Jagged. Matthews dropkicks Jaka. Smashmaster misses a corner splash. Peck bulldogs him into a drop toe hold from Matthews. Jagged backdrops Smashmaster’s back for two. Peck comes off the apron onto Jaka on the floor. Jagged sends Rumblecrunch into a ring post. Matthews comes off the second rope with a clothesline to Smashmaster. Jagged comes off the top with a splash. Peck hits the Cranial Crescendo. Matthews adds a top rope elbow smash. Jaka and Rumblecrunch both break up the pin. Peck sends Jaka to the floor. Rumblecrunch clotheslines Peck outside. He gives Jagged a spinebuster. Matthews goes for the Boston Crab. Rumblecrunch stops him with a claw. Matthews avoids a claw slam. He slingshots Rumblecrunch into Smashmaster. Peck and Jagged kick Rumblecrunch, who schoolyard trips over Matthews into the Boston Crab! Rumblecrunch taps out at 14:57. This was really fun. 3Peck0 were very over in their home country and the Wrecking Crew never fail in their role as evil foils. It also justifies a spot in King of Trios for 3Peck0. I liked the humor at the beginning and how it turned into a solid wrestling match afterwards. ***

Jimmy Jacobs says he heard for years how CHIKARA fans are the smartest in the world. He agrees that they’re smart, but perhaps too smart for their own good. They understand Jacobs reputation of being devious, underhanded, and manipulative. However, he puts his cards right on the table. If he beats Silver Ant tonight, he will earn his third point and a shot at Icarus’ Grand Championship; THE trophy in CHIKARA. Once CHIKARA has fallen, he will have control and will had the Grand Championship, they last dying ember of the company, to Eddie Kingston as promised.

Silver Ant {C} vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}

Silver Ant trips Jacobs and picks his ankle. He ties up his legs before applying an overhead wristlock. He adds an armbar to it. Jacobs knees Silver Ant in the head thrice to escape. He sends Silver Ant into the corner. Silver Ant avoids a spear with a tiger feint kick. He follows with a slingshot senton. He tries a fisherman’s buster. Jacobs grabs a waistlock. Silver Ant escapes and shoulder blocks Jacobs down. He follows up with a Jacobs, causing Jacobs to roll to the floor. Jacobs trips Silver Ant and brings him to the floor. Jacobs goes for a pescado but Silver Ant nails him with a shot to the throat on his way down. Jacobs drop toe holds Silver Ant into the ring steps. He then comes off the ring apron with an elbow drop onto Silver Ant. Silver Ant makes it back in the ring just before the twenty count. Jacobs throws some punches and with ferocity goes for a pinfall. Silver Ant manages to kick out each time, so Jacobs puts on a sleeper hold with a bodyscissors. Silver Ant fights his way out, but Jacobs knocks him down with a forearm. Jacobs locks on the End Time. Silver Ant carries Jacobs up but Jacobs locks the End Time back on. Silver Ant frees himself by getting under Jacobs hips and tossing him off. Jacobs tries a springback Ace Crusher. Silver Ant counters mid-move into a Blue Thunder Bomb. Silver Ant muscles him into a bodyslam. He climbs the ropes. Jacobs intercepts his ascension and climbs up with him. Silver Ant headbutts Jacobs down and comes off the top with a dropkick to the chest, sending Jacobs to the floor. Silver Ant suicide dives after him. In the ring he grabs Jacobs’ arm for CHIKARA Special: Green. Jacobs gets the ropes before he can begin to apply it. Jacobs successfully pulls off the springback Ace Crusher for two. Jacobs goes for a spear. Silver Ant counters by rolling Jacobs into the CHIKARA Special! Eddie Kingston’s theme music hits. The War King makes his way ringside and puts on his black glove. Silver Ant releases the hold as he says Kingston come into the ring. Jacobs whispers something to Kingston. Kingston gives Jacobs the Backfist to the Future! Referee Dan Yost calls for a disqualification, giving Jacobs the win and his third point at 9:27. What better way to ruin a match between two of the best wrestlers in the company than for an unnecessary run in? I completely understand the story, but I am tired of the stories interfering with matches and resulting in inferior quality, especially when it involves two wrestlers of Silver Ant and Jacobs’ caliber. I was really enjoying this up until the interference. It makes sense but left me highly dissatisfied. **¾

Kingston backfists Silver Ant and puts him in a Dragon Clutch. Jacobs is all smiles due to the result. He and Kingston hug over the result. Jacobs reiterates to Kingston that he promised him the Grand Championship. It looks as if Jacobs hopes to win the title and simply hand it over to Kingston.

Dasher Hatfield {T}, Mark Angelosetti {T}, UltraMantis Black {SE} & Hallowicked {SE} vs, 17 {G}, The Shard {G}, Missile Assault Ant {CXF} & Orbit Adventure Ant {CXF}

Angelosetti drives Orbit to the corner with shoulder blocks to the shoulder. He backslides Orbit for two. He catches Orbit with a shoulder tackle. Hatfield unwinds Orbit into a dropkick from Angelosetti. Orbit kicks Hatfield and tags in 17. 17 lays in some chops. Hatfield uses the ropes for an armdrag. He drives 17 into the corner. Hallowicked hits 17 with a step-up enzuigiri after whipping Hatfield into him. Hallowicked whips 17 into a gut punch from Hatfield for two. Shard gives Hallowicked some uppercuts. Hallowicked takes him over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Mantis and Hallowicked double hip toss him. A Sidewinder follows. Shard gets his foot on the ropes to avoid being pinned. Mantis drop toe holds Missile into multiple back splashes from Angelosetti. Missile gets his knees up to avoid another splash. 17 palm strikes Angelosetti from the apron, leading to the Flood team isolating and wearing Angelosetti down in their half of the ring. Angelosetti escapes by low bridging the top rope and sending Orbit out. Mantis comes in and Uncle Slams 17. He wants the CHIKARA Special. Missile and Shard attack to prevent him from locking it on. The Throwbacks and Hallowicked jump in to clear the ring. They get in a fracas on the floor as Shard drops Mantis out of a Gory Stretch back in the ring. Mantis falls victim to a Flood beatdown like Angelosetti did. While Missile is yelling his name, Mantis slips through his legs and tags in Angelosetti. He gives Missile a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Hallowicked and Hatfield beat down on Missile. 17 and the Shard jump in but get shoved away. The Envoy and Throwbacks clear the ring. Hatfield baseball slide dropkicks 17. Mantis and Hallowicked come off the apron with somersault sentons onto the Colony: Xtreme Force. Angelosetti does the Tebow pose. Angelosetti and Shard trade forearm strikes. Shard bicycle kicks Angelosetti, then delivers a superkick. Angelosetti knocks him down with a shoulder block, then pops him up into a spinebuster. Missile breaks the cover. Angelosetti goes for the Flea Flicker on Missile. Missile shoves Angelosetti into a TKO from Orbit. Missile spears Angelosetti. Hatfield breaks the pin. He fights off both Orbit and Missile. The Colony: Xtreme Force take him to the corner. Hatfield sends Missile into Orbit. Hatfield spins out Missile into a neckbreaker. 17 palm strikes Hatfield for two. Hallowicked hits 17 with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Mantis gives him a Perfect neck snap. Hallowicked lands a Swanton bomb. Missile breaks the pin. Missile hits Hallowicked with double fists. He uppercuts Hallowicked before trying the Missile Launcher. Hallowicked escapes and goes for Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Missile slides out of it and rolls up Hallowicked whilst grabbing his tights for the pin at 15:16. Nothing about this stood out from the other big Flood vs. CHIKARA bouts. It was okay, but didn’t have much cohesion or deeper meaning, making it hard to get very invested in what was taking place. **½

Juan Francisco de Coronado says he will make history by becoming the first ever Ecuadorian Grand Champion in CHIKARA. He says the current champion Icarus has accomplished many feats, no more important than bringing CHIKARA back to life. Coronado wants to know who will save Icarus from him. He says Icarus will never be able to beat him, and tonight he will prove just that.

Grand Championship
Icarus (Champion) vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado and Icarus spend the first few moments of the match switching between wristlocks and front facelocks. Coronado grabs Icarus’ hair to get a side headlock. He switches to a hammerlock. Icarus runs to send Coronado sailing to the floor. He follows Coronado out with a baseball slide. They reset back in the ring with a lock-up in which Coronado reapplies the headlock. When Icarus shoves him away, Coronado comes back with a shoulder block. Icarus hip tosses him over. Coronado comes back with a deep armdrag, holding onto Icarus’ arm upon impact with the mat. Icarus backs Coronado to the corner and breaks cleanly. Coronado also breaks a lock-up in the corner but gives Icarus an overhand chop. Icarus replies with a chop of his own. He backslides Coronado for two. He also gets two with a small package and a reverse prawn hold. Coronado knee strikes Icarus from the apron. He then comes off the second turnbuckle with a legdrop, sending Icarus head first into the apron. Coronado brings him back in for a two count. He clobbers Icarus in the head with three crossface strikes. He throws Icarus by the back of his head into the canvas. He chokes Icarus with the middle rope. Coronado misses a second rope splash and heads to the floor. Icarus goes for a baseball slide. Coronado catches his leg and throws it into the ring post. Coronado jams Icarus’ leg against the ring apron. He focuses his attack on the now injured leg of Icarus back in the ring. Icarus goes for the Blu Ray. Coronado grabs the rope to block it and gives Icarus a tornado DDT for two. Coronado wants a prawn hold. Icarus turns it into a prawn hold. Coronado kicks out Icarus’ knee after kicking out of the pin attempt. Coronado grabs Icarus’ bad leg. Icarus uses his good leg to land an enzuigiri. Icarus rolls to the floor. Coronado tries his own baseball slide. Icarus stops him and lands an uppercut. He lights up Coronado with chops in the corner. He nails Coronado with a running forearm in the opposite corner. Icarus calls for a brainbuster but his leg gives out. He does however pull off a Michinoku Driver for two. Coronado tries going up and over in the corner. Icarus catches him on his shoulders. He uses Bryce Remsburg to escape and drops Icarus with a tornado DDT for two. Icarus blocks an Irish whip with a belly-to-back suplex. He goes for the Shiranui. Coronado blocks it. It takes him two tries, but he drops Icarus with the Tiger Driver for two. Coronado puts on the Coronado Clutch. Icarus uses his hands to ascend the ropes. Coronado releases and tries a German suplex. Icarus turns it into a Pedigree attempt. Coronado resists at first, but Icarus hits it a second time. Coronado kicks out. Icarus goes for the Shiranui. Coronado escapes and chop blocks Icarus’ knee. He muscles up Icarus into a wheelbarrow suplex for two. He puts on a figure four leg lock. Icarus reverses the pressure. Coronado makes it to the ropes to escape. He can’t muscle up Coronado for the Blu-Ray initially. Coronado goes for double knees in the corner. He misses, and Icarus uses the momentum of Coronado bouncing back to lift him up and land the Blu-Ray. Coronado kicks out. He prawn holds Icarus back into the Coronado Clutch! Icarus switches it around. He grabs Coronado’s legs and puts him in the Sharpshooter! Coronado submits at 19:26. Of course a Sharpshooter win would happen in Canada. This was a very good first defense. Coronado worked over Icarus’ knee and targeted his head, knowing well he suffered a concussion months prior. The crowd got into the nearfalls and submissions, showing just how well both wrestlers conveyed emotion during the match. It was a good way to end the show, the weekend, and was a nice first defense for Icarus to have under his belt. ***½


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