Detroit, MI – 6.22.2014

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, Mike Quackenbush, and Dasher Hatfield.

Elimination Match
Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. Tursas {BDK} & Nøkken {BDK} vs. Sir Oliver Grimsly {ODD} & Qefka the Quiet {ODD}

Angelosetti pounds Grimsly to the ropes and back elbows him down. He gives Grimsly a backdrop out of the corner. Five bodyslams and a suplex follow. Angelosetti splashes Grimsly multiple times, then drives him into the corner with shoulder blocks. Cannon snapmares Grimsly into a dropkick to the back of the head. He and Corbin give Grimsly the Battering Ram. Qefka tries pulling in Corbin with an invisible rope. Corbin instead applies a side headlock and shoulder blocks Qefka. Hatfield comes in with a slingshot Oklahoma Roll for two. He snaps off a couple armdrags. The Odditorium set up a baseball game in the ring. Hatfield knocks Qefka’s third pitch far, but it’s called a foul ball by PJ Drummond. Qefka beams Hatfield with a ball, angering him, and resulting in Cannon and Angelosetti having to calm him down. Hatfield then knocks down Qefka with a charging forearm, resulting in a big brawl between all eight men. Tursas and Nøkken double hip toss Hatfield, then drive him into the mat three times. The Flood wear down Hatfield, but Hatfield is able to double back suplex the Odditorium and tag in Corbin. Time slows down as he gives Grimsly a Manhattan drop and an atomic drop. Corbin can’t get through the box Qefka drew up. Cannon unlocks the box and blasts Qefka with a haymaker. Corbin spears Grimsly. Cannon assists Corbin with the Ginger Snap, eliminating the Oddtorium at 9:26. Tursas and Nøkken slam Cannon and Corbin together. Tursas gives Corbin the Kreuz Bomb. Nøkken chokeslams Cannon for the pin at 10:02. The Throwbacks charge at the BDK. Hatfield gets tossed out and Angelosetti gets worn down by the BDK. Nøkken tries attacking Hatfield on the apron but Hatfield catches him with a couple shoulder blocks. Angelosetti kicks Tursas away and leapfrogs over Nøkken to tag Hatfield in. Hatfield strikes them into the corner and gives them both baseball slide dropkicks. Angelosetti slams Tursas to the floor! Hatfield gives Nøkken a couple underhand punches and Angelosetti shoulder tackles him to the floor. The Throwbacks hit Prime Time for the pin and the win at 14:25. This was fun. They made the makeshift Atomicos teams work, injected a little humor, and saved the best action for last. More Cannon and Corbin, please. The Throwbacks have four points and a future Campeonatos de Parejas shot. ***

Ophidian {OP} vs. Mysterious Movado

After some dancing, Movado knocks down Ophidian. He fights out of Ophidian’s waistlock and overpowers Ophidian in the corner. Ophidian headstands in the corner. He rolls over Movado, but his running crossbody has no effect on Movado. Movado slams him. Ophidian hits a spin kick and dropkick. He grabs a nerve hold before nailing an enzuigiri. Movado pulls Ophidian into a DDT. Movado misses an elbow drop. Ophidian lands four elbow drops in a row. He drives his knees ito Movado’s chest twice. He comes off the top with double knees for the pin at 4:37. This existed, but had no real merit to it. ½*

The Estonian Thunderfrog {BS} vs. Jaka {TWC}

Jaka dropkicks Thunderfrog right in the stomach, then Joo Woo dropkicks him to the corner. He lays in some strikes in the corner and chokes him with his foot. He rakes the Thunderfrog’s back. Thunderfrog chops Jaka to the corner. He double axe handles him from the apron. He gives Jaka a running boot and a delayed Gourd Buster for two. The two men fight to the entrance ramp. Jaka clotheslines the Thunderfrog in from the ramp. He throws some thrust kicks for a two count. Jaka applies a nerve hold. Thunderfrog elbows his way free, but mistakenly hurts himself by headbutting Jaka. Jaka strikes him in the face and headbutts him in the shoulders. He splashes Thunderfrog in the corner. Thunderfrog muscle ups Jaka into a powerbomb! Jaka comes back with a German suplex. He misses a top rope headbutt. Thunderfrog double axe handles him in the chest thrice. He gives him the Estonian Stampede for two. He rolls up and forearms Jaka in the corner. Jaka splashes him against the ropes. Thunderfrog comes back with a running forearm strike. Jaka headbutts him in the stomach. He picks up Thunderfrog into a Rydeen Bomb for two. Jaka tries lifting Thunderfrog’s Hammer of Peace. He can’t, so Thunderfrog sneaks in and German suplexes Jaka for two. Thunderfrog uses the Hammer of Peace to take Jaka off of his feet. Thunderfrog punches Jaka a few times in the corner. Jaka trips him and gets his feet on the ropes to pin Thunderfrog at 9:57. There was not much to this, and it felt like it lasted much longer than it actually did. I really like both guys for the most part, but their was not much of interest going on, and then when it seemed like things may kick up, the match just ended. Disappointing. **

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Max Smashmaster {DC} & Blaster McMassive {DC}

Both teams come out swinging. 3.0 cross McMassive’s arms and drive him into the canvas. Jagged forearms Smashmaster. Matthews assists Jagged with a bulldog, then Jagged lands an elbow drop off of Matthews’ back. 3.0 each try a schoolboy on McMassive to no avail. Matthews dropkicks him into a crucifix pin from Jagged. Matthews then gives him a Manhattan drop. Jagged boots him to the floor. Smashmaster eats a flurry of chops. McMassive drops down the top rope to bring Jagged to the floor. Smashmaster splashes Matthews, allowing the Dev Corp to trap Matthews in their corner for a beat down. It’s during this beat down that Leonard F. Chikarason suggests a Hoss Division to DoF Mike Quackenbush, who sadly shoots it down. Matthews ends up sliding off of McMassive’s shoulders to avoid a slam. He dropkicks McMassie into Smashmaster, sending Smashmaster to the floor. Jagged throws a series of strikes to McMassive, ending with a rolling forearm. He can’t pick up McMassive for a Samoan drop, but does string a chinbreaker and enzuigiri together. Jagged comes off the top with a dropkick for two. 3.0 hit running forearm strikes to each Dev Corp member in opposite corners. Matthews tosses Jagged into McMassive with a dropkick. Jagged enzuigiri’s Smashmaster and flapjacks McMassive. Matthews lariats McMassive for two. Smashmaster blocks Jagged’s bulldog with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Matthews throws McMassive outside. Matthews school yard trips Smashmaster. With Jagged’s help he gets him in the Boston Crab. McMassive kicks Matthews in the side of the head to save his partner. Jagged wants a Complete Shot but gets dropped with a Boss Man Slam from McMassive, as does Matthews. Smashmaster comes off the top with a Swanton to Matthews for the pin at 9:24. These two teams have good chemistry and the match was fun and energetic thanks to 3.0. Unlike the other times these teams met, this match had little story behind it so it was tough for the crowd to sink their teeth into it. Not the best outing from these duos, but a solid tag bout nonetheless. **½

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Chuck Taylor

This is billed as the “Battle of the Gentlemen.” Cottonbelly tries offering him a flower. Taylor says he hates Cottonbelly and hates the flower even more, causing the flower to wilt in front of his eyes! Taylor glove slaps Cottonbelly, challenging him to a duel. Taylor tries attacking Cottonbelly. Cottonbelly trips him, leading to a Lucha sequence that sees Cottonbelly armdrag Taylor to the floor. Taylor angrily snaps a flower that Cottonbelly gave a female fan. Taylor apologizes and looks for a handshake, baiting Cottonbelly into a kick to the stomach. Cottonbelly whips him across the ring. Taylor pulls PJ Drummond in the way to avoid an attack. Cottonbelly then hugs Taylor. Taylor rolls up Cottonbelly for two, then pokes him in the eyes to demonstrate to Cottonbelly how that works. Taylor then has Cottonbelly demonstrate on Drummond how to roll someone up and hold the tights. Taylor puts the boots to Cottonbelly once that is over. He elbow drops Cottonbelly’s blazer. He slams Cottonbelly on the blazer as well. Cottonbelly rock-a-bye’s Taylor into a suplex. Taylor boots Cottonbelly to avoid a corner attack. He puts on an abdominal stretch while grabbing the top rope. Drummond catches Taylor, kicks his hand off the ropes, allowing Cottonbelly to reverse into the abdominal stretch. He gets help from the fans to apply additional pressure to the hold. Taylor grabs the rope to escape. He catches Cottonbelly with a superkick for the pin at 6:43. That was a surprise ending to a fun match. Cottonbelly and Taylor did the exact type of match they should have done and the crowd ate it up. It’s just too bad it wasn’t longer. **½

UltraMantis Black {SE}, Blind Rage {SE}, Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. 17 {G}, The Shard {G}, Jigsaw {G} & Missile Assault Ant {CXF}

All eight man brawl at the beginning, spilling out to the floor. In the background, you can see Frightmare running across the bar and coming off with a headscissors to Jigsaw! Mantis brings Jigsaw into the ring for a two count. He Mongolian chops Jigsaw against the ropes. Shard knees Mantis from the apron. Mantis forearms him down and sends Jigsaw to the floor. Missile attacks Mantis with running double fists to the chest. He along with the GEKIDO wear down the leader of the Envoy in their corner. Mantis manages to duck some of 17’s clotheslines and drop him with the Uncle Slam. Frightmare tags in and crossbody’s onto Jigsaw. He dropkicks Missile and Shard to the floor and spikes Jigsaw with a tornado DDT. He backflip kicks 17. Hallowicked and Frightmare yakuza kick and step-up enzuigiri 17 in the corner. They take 17 off the top rope with the Headless Horsemen. Shard breaks the cover. Rage gives Shard a reverse brainbuster. Missile breaks the pin. He sends Rage into the corner with the Rocket Launcher. Hallowicked makes the save. Hallowickd fights off the Shard. Jigsaw superkicks Hallowicked. Shard enzuigiri’s him into a brainbuster from Jigsaw for two. Hallowicked low bridges Shard and Jigsaw to the floor. Missile bicycle kicks Hallowicked. Frightmare spikes Missile with a crucifix bomb. 17 palm strikes Frightmare. Mantis gives 17 the Cosmic Disaster. Shard kicks Mantis in the shoulder before dropping him in a Gory Catapult. Rage drops Shard with a TKO. Jigsaw superkicks Rage. Hallowicked takes over Jigsaw with a revere step-up Frankensteiner. 17 and Shard shove Mantis to the corner. Missile goes to pull Mantis’ mask off. Frightmare and Rage climb up and double hip toss Missile to the mat. Hallowicked lands a Swanton Bomb for the pin at 11:03. This was really fun, with action from bell to bell. The crowd was also very hot for it all, so it flew by. Typical Atomicos action. ***

Eddie Kingston vs. Shynron

Kingston is in jeans, not exactly looking thrilled to be wrestling. He wanders around ringside. Shynron finally dropkicks him through the ropes and comes off the apron with a shooting star body press. He brings Kingston back into the ring. Kingston shoves him away, but Shynron hits him with a tiger feint kick and drops him with a slingshot neckbreaker. He lands a slingshot 360 splash for two. Shynron cartwheels into a back elbow in the corner. He throws kicks at Kingston. He goes a back handspring attack, but Kingston catches him and dumps him to the apron. Shynron hops back in and drops Kingston with a back handspring Ace crusher. Shynron lands a modified Phoenix Splash for two. Kingston rolls to the floor, and Shynron follows with a twisting Asai moonsault. Jimmy Jacobs makes his way out and confront Kingston on the entrance ramp. He whispers something to Kingston. Kingston catches Shynron attack and powerbombs him back into the ring. He yakuza kicks Shynron in the corner and follows up with a facewash kick. Kingston suplexes Shynron. A uranage suplex and the Backfist to the Future get Kingston the win at 5:36. I think these two have the chance to have an interesting, fun match. That was all tossed aside for a story that made Shynron look weak. His incredible offense was thrown away when Kingston decided to actually fight back, and killed the guy in under a minute. Ridiculous. *

Fire Ant {C}, Silver Ant {C}, Worker Ant {C}, Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B} vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}, Ares {BDK}, deviANT {G}, Oleg the Usurper {TWC} & Volgar {TF}

Volgar is the man in the plague mask who has been accompanying Jacobs to the ring. The Colony and Batiri fight the Flood off the apron and to the floor. Jacobs drives Silver Ant back first into the ring post. Ares pounds Obariyon by the merch table, as do Worker Ant and Oleg. Jacobs and Fire Ant hit each other with trash cans. Silver Ant splashes Volgar on a roundtable. All of the Flood minus deviANT attack Worker Ant in the crowd. Silver and Fire Ant double team deviANT back in the ring. Silver Ant goes for a cloverleaf but deviANT grabs the ropes. Jacobs sneaks in and tosses Silver Ant to the floor, following with a pescado. Silver Ant makes his way back into the ring. He enzuigiri’s him in the corner, then lands a tiger feint kick and slingshot senton. Jacobs snaps Silver Ant’s neck across the top rope. deviANT succombs to the Ants Marching dropkick from the entire Colony. We see Obariyon and Jacobs fighting by the sound booth. Silver Ant throws deviANT to the floor. He pescado’s onto him. Jacobs pummels Worker Ant in the corner. Worker Ant avoids a charge and delivers a hip attack. He knocks down Jacobs with a back elbow. Obariyon knocks down Oleg with a flying forearm for two. In the crowd, Jacobs holds Worker Ant as Ares punches him in the stomach. Oleg run the ropes and splashes Obariyon in the corner. Kodama attacks Oleg from behind. Fire and Silver Ant send Jacobs into deviANT against a wall. Oleg picks up momentum on the ropes but misses a splash on Kodama. Kodama drop toe holds him into a boot from Obariyon. Kodama and Obariyon pummel him with a series of dropkicks in the corner. Ares comes into the ring and tosses the Batiri out. Fire Ant misses a flying Yahtzee Kick. He does get in a flurry of palm strikes to Ares chest. Ares blocks Burning Down the House with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Fire Ant resists the Toblerone Driver and spikes Ares with a tornado DDT. Fire Ant and deviANT trade forearm strikes and kicks to the side of the head. deviANT misses a corner splash but gives Fire Ant a Codebreaker. Obariyon pops up deviANT into a knee strike. Oleg splashes Obariyon against the ropes. Silver Ant top rope dropkicks Oleg. Volgar gives Silver Ant a Rikishi driver. Worker Ant back suplexes Volgar into a uranage. Ares drops Worker Ant with a twisting neckbreaker. Kodama lands on Ares with a tumbleweed senton. Jacobs delivers a springback Ace crusher. Fire Ant high crossbody’s Jacobs and hits the Yahtzee Kick. Jacobs spears Fire Ant, leaving everyone laying. All ten men rise to their feet. The CHIKARA team win the fist fight, sending the Flood to the floor. Fire Ant gets Antapulted onto Volgar and Ares. Silver and Worker Ant suicide dive onto Oleg and Jacobs. In the ring, Kodama catches deviANT on his shoulders. The Batiri hit the Red Rum. Obariyon locks on the CHIKARA Special! deviANT taps out at 14:22. This felt almost exactly like the Envoy vs. GEKIDO Atomicos match from earlier; a fun match with brawling elements, but not much more to it than what’s on the surface. CHIKARA is in serious danger of these CHIKARA vs. Flood matches becoming repetitive. But hey, it was a fun way to end the show and the crowd dug it, so they still have some value. ***¼

Deucalion and other members of the Flood come out. The losing Flood team take a knee in the ring. Deucalion raises his hand and seems to confront Jacobs. Jacobs however points to deviANT saying he’s the one to blame for the loos. Jacobs is essentially pleading for his life. Deucalion picks up deviANT, and like he did Kobald at “You Only Live Twice”, gives him a big chokeslam across his knee. Jacobs apologies to Deucalion. The Flood leave deviANT laying in the ring as the rest of the Flood head out through the back door. This would be the death of deviANT.


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