You Only Live Twice


Easton, PA – 5.25.2014

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Gavin Loudspeaker, and Mike Quackenbush.

The Polar Baron says that we may know him from the Wrestling is Fun! promotion, but that wrestling isn’t always fun. He mourns the fallen Brown Morning of Belarus, who the Thundefrog put down with his Hammer of Peace at National Pro Wrestling Day. However, he says there are times when the mourning must end. A new member of the Bloc Party will debut tonight and the Baltic Siege will learn to rue the decisions they have made. They will be laid to rest, just like the Brown Morning was.

“Expansion Pack” Exclusive
The Estonian Thunderfrog {BS}, Latvian Proud Oak {BS} & Lithuanian Snow Troll {BS} vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova {BP}, Mr. Azerbaijan {BP} & Prakash Sabar {BP}

Aside from the Thunderfrog and Oak, this is everyone’s CHIKARA debut. This is Sabar’s wrestling debut. His face and gear is very reminiscent of X-Pac, and he’s an “ex-Pakistani” that now hails from the country of Georgia. Sabar wrenches a side headlock onto the Oak. He lets go and the Troll tags in. Sabar also wrenches on a side headlock. Thunderfrog suffers the same fate, as does referee Dan Yost by accident. Thunderfrog leapfrogs over Sabar twice. Sabar tries a leapfrog and is caught with an inverted atomic drop. He sends Sabar to the floor with a regular atomic drop. Boar gives Thunderfrog a side slam. He then gives him a side slam on the ring apron and then on the floor. Azerbaijan drops Thunderfrog out of a side slam. He does the same thing to the Troll. The Oak roots himself, making himself impossible to move. Oak pokes him in the eye as he comes off the ropes. Azerbaijan gives him a poke as well. Oak back elbows him down. Boar and Azerbaijan choke Oak and Thunderfrog on the middle rope. The Boar hits the ropes and the Troll grabs him and drags him outside. Azerbaijan goes to check what happened and Troll pulls him to the floor as well. It turns out the Troll put both of them and Sabar under the ring. The Thunderfrog hits the mat with the Hammer of Peace to startle them and get them to resurface ringside. The Bloc Party triple back rake Oak and put the boots to him. They keep Oak isolated, using lots of back rakes, until he fights out of Boar and Azerbaijan’s grasp, causing Sabar to back rake them both by accident. Thunderfrog and Troll come off the top with stereo shoulder tackles to Sabar. They stack up Boar and Sabar for a double Broken Arrow. Azerbaijan slams Thunderfrog’s and Troll’s heads together. Azerbaijan drops Oak out of a suplex, then Thunderfrog. Thundrfrog and Oak catch Troll. They use his head as a battering ram but miss. They toss Troll onto Azerbaijan. Sabar breaks the cover. Oak rolls up and back rakes Azerbaijan. He back rakes Sabar as well. He grabs Sabar by his tongue and takes that too. Boar spears Oak and the Troll. The Thunderfrog ducks a spear and tosses the Hammer of Peace to the Boar, causing the Boar to fall. Thunderfrog lands a coast-to-coast dropkick. Sabar drops Thunderfrog with an X-Factor. Azerbaijan gives him a pump-handle slam. Oak breaks the pin. He fights out of Azerbaijan’s pumphandle attempt. Troll suicide dives onto Azerbaijan. Sabar spin kicks Oak to the corner. He misses the Bronco Buster. Thunderfrog tosses Sabar from a Razor’s Edge into a reverse X-Factor from the Oak for the pin at 15:54. What was more or less a comedy match did not need nearly that much time. It was a fine debut for Sabar and a feel good win to kick off the day’s festivities, but a step down from the trios bout from NPWD. It was also awkward watching this from just a single camera shot. **

Leonard F. Chikarason and Gavin Loudspeaker open up the show proper and we get a cool James Bond-esque opening video for the event.

The BDK’s Milo Schnitzler comes out with Ares and Nøkken for the opening contest. The Spectral Envoy enter the arena but stay in the aisleway. UltraMantis Black says they disposed of the BDK many moons ago and that he can’t believe that they have the nerve to show up in CHIKARA again. Mantis asks Ares if what he sees is the best they have to offer. With that, former BDK member Tursas attacks the Envoy from behind! Nøkken and Ares run out to assist Tursas in his beatdown. Referee Jon Barber gets the action back in the ring to start our opening match.

UltraMantis Black {SE}, Hallowicked {SE} & Frightmare {SE} vs. Ares {BDK}, Tursas {BDK} & Nøkken {BDK}

Frightmare catches Nøkken with a boot. He comes off the second rope with a wheelbarrow maneuver, but Nøkken spins him around in a neckbreaker. Frightmare ducks Ares’ clotheslines, but succombs to a suplex. He goes for the Toblerone Driver but Frightmare counters it with a Frankensteiner. Mantis splashes Ares in the corner. Ares knees him in the stomach and tags in Tursas for an elbow drop. He hits a Finlay Roll. Nøkken chokes him on the mat and strikes him in the corner while Tursas holds on. He hits a big boot. Tursas hits a hip attack after knocking down Hallowicked and Frightmare. Mantis counters a clothesline from Ares with the Uncle Slam for two. Hallowicked and Mantis try a double back suplex. Ares kicks Mantis and clotheslines Hallowicked. Ares and Nøkken help Tursas powerbomb Hallowicked. Frightmare and Mantis take Nøkken and Ares to the floor. Tursas looks for a second rope splash, but Frightmare and Mantis send him into a kick from Hallowicked. Frightmare throws a flurry of strikes at Tursas. Hallowicked big boots Tursas into a crucifix driver from Frightmare for two. Hallowicked brings him down with a super snapmare. Mantis gives him a Perfect neck snap. Frightmare hits Kneecolepsy. Ares pulls Frightmare off to break the pin. Triple dives from the Envoy take down the BDK outside the ring. Mantis dives onto Nøkken and Tursas but they catch him and slam him back first on the apron. Frightmare and Hallowicked look for the Headless Horsemen on Ares. Nøkken and Tursas pick up Frightmare by his arms. Ares shoves Hallowicked out of the ring. The BDK take out Frightmare with the Ragnarok for the pin at 7:11. This was all action and the crowd ate it up. It was nice seeing Tursas back, though a solid reason as to why the BDK has re-surfaced would be nice. ***

Ashley Remington vs. Chuck Taylor

Ashley Remington is Dalton Castle’s new persona, which he is donning due to a large inheritance he received from his uncle and former CHIKARA wrestler Lester “Darkness” Crabtree in his will. Two women accompany him to the ring. Taylor backs Remington to the corner and breaks cleanly. Remington does the same, but makes it clear that he breaks on a one count. He drop toe holds Taylor into a modified front facelock. Taylor escapes, so Remington rolls him into a dropkick that sends Taylor to the floor. He holds open the ropes to welcome Taylor back in, but Taylor pulls him out to the floor and gives him the boots. He throws Remington ribs first into the ring apron. Remington uses the ropes to pull off a Frankensteiner on the floor. Taylor shoves referee Jon Barber into Remington so he can get in a cheap shot. Taylor stomps him down in the corner. He snapmares Remington and pushes his arms to the mat for a two count. He hits his gorgeous dropkick for a two count. Taylor slowly comes in from the apron with a senton, that barely does any damage to Remington. Remington overhand chops him. Taylor sole butt kicks him. Remington blasts him with a right hand. Taylor tries slingshotting in from the apron. Remington catches him and spins him out into a facebuster, which he calls the Fair Winds, for two. He tries a deadlift German suplex. Taylor escapes, hits an enzuigiri, then DDT’s Remington for two. Taylor calls for the Awful Waffle. Remington fights out and boots Taylor. Taylor rolls him into the Kentucky Crawdad. Remington grabs the bottom rope to escape. Taylor misses a moonsault. He comes back with the Brodie Knee and a superkick. He goes for Sole Food. Remington blocks it and locks on the Anchor’s Away (a modified Lasso from El Paso). Taylor taps out at 7:34. Remington was over like rover right away. His demeanor, his theme, his wrestling style – all perfect for CHIKARA. He and Taylor had a very fun contest and one that would have fit right in with the “old” CHIKARA. **¾

Remington presents Taylor with a fruit basket after the match. Taylor is puzzled at first, but ends up leaving with a smile on his face with the basket in tow.

Gavin Loudspeaker introduces us to the man who purchased CHIKARA from the Titor Conglomerate: Robbie Ellis, best known for competing as a member of the Fabulous Three in CHIKARA back in 2007 and 2008. Buck Hawke is seconding him, who was also a member of the Fabulous Three back in the day. Ellis says he thinks of what happens in a wrestling ring as a form of artistry. When he thinks about it, CHIKARA is a work of art, which is why he bought it. He wanted to hire someone who felt the same way he did about professional wrestling as the new Director of Fun. With that we’re introduced to the new DoF: Mike Quackenbush! Quackenbush comes to the ring using a walking cane receiving a hero’s welcome. He says it takes his breath away to see the size of the CHIKARMY. He thanks everyone in the Palmer Center and those watching at home not just for today, but for sticking by CHIKARA over the course of the past 12 years. Quackenbush says that they love professional wrestling as much as the fans do. He says today felt like a homecoming and reminded him of the communal aspects of professional wrestling that mean so much to him. He says that aspect of professional wrestling often goes overlooked, but it should not be neglected, which is why phrases like “I am CHIKARA” and“You are CHIKARA” will be revised. It’s not simply those in the backstage or those in the crowd who are CHIKARA, but the collective whole. Quackenbush then singles out particular fans in the crowd saying that they are CHIKARA and leaves on that note.

Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Kobald {B} vs. Sinn ‘Kizarny’ Bodhi {ODD}, Sir Oliver Grimsly {ODD} & Qefka the Quiet {ODD}

A distraction from Bodhi allows Qefka and Grimsly to attack the Batiri from behind. Kobald attempts a headscissors, but Grimsly turns it into a Tenchi Crash. He drives his knees into Kobald’s chest in the corner. Kobald comes back with a Frankensteiner and a lariat. Qefka blindsides Kobald with a dropkick. Qefka uses his mime tactics to bait Kobald into an eye poke. He hits a dropkick in the corner. Qefka headscissors Kobald across the ring. Kobald chops him into the opposite corner. He slingshots in from the apron and lands a spear. A Regalplex earns him a two count. Grimsly dropkicks Kobald to the floor. Obariyon gets in a flurry of strikes on Grimsly. He drop toe holds Grimsly into a running knee strike to the back of the head. He sends Qefka to the floor as well and suicide dives onto them. Kobald lands a somersault senton onto Grimsly and Qefka. Kodama tumbleweed sentons after them. Bodhi cuts off Obariyon’s second suicide dive attempt with a knee strike from the apron. Grimsly and Qefka take out Kodama and Kobald so Obariyon can be isolated by the Odditorium back in the ring. Obariyon catches Grimsly with a running leg lariat. Kobald pulls Qefka off of the ring apron so that Grimsly has to tag in Bodhi. Kodama catches Bodhi with a running dropkick to the stomach. He kicks him into a neckbreaker. Kodama lands a tumbleweed senton to a standing Bodhi. Bodhi kicks Kodama low giving the Batiri a DQ win at 9:43. This was moving along well until the weak, out of nowhere finish. I appreciated them keeping Bodhi out of the ring until the beatdown, both for the sake of storytelling but because he’s just not that great in the ring. I get that this was to keep the feud going, but knowing where it went, it was unnecessary and somewhat of a slap in the face to do so on CHIKARA’s return event. *½

Kobald gives Qefka a Royal Butterfly suplex. He looks for the Demon’s Toilet, but Bodhi pulls Qefka out of the way. The Odditorium flee before the Batiri can do any more harm.

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Cottonbelly wants a handshake. Coronado tries pulling Cottonbelly into a punch, but Cottonbelly ducks and armdrags him. Coronado then slaps Cottonbelly in the face. Cottonbelly responds in kind and kicks Coronado in the buttocks. He sends Coronado to the floor. Cottonbelly comes off the apron with a crossbody. He avoids a chop block from Coronado and schoolboys him for two. He rock-a-bye’s Coronado into a belly-to-back suplex for two. Coronado slides off Cottonbelly’s shoulders. He hotshots Cottonbelly on the top rope. Coronado snapmares Cottonbelly and hits him with a crossface for two. He knocks down Cottonbelly for a dropkick for two. Coronado sends him to the corner and drops him with a neckbreaker. He chokes Cottonbelly on the middle rope, then sits on his shoulders to choke him. Coronado misses a second attack, crotching himself on the second rope. Cottonbelly airplane spins Coronado and blows a kiss to knock him down. Coronado rolls up Cottonbelly for two. He also gets two with a Tiger Driver. Cottonbelly throws some uppercuts. He knocks Coronado down with a running back elbow. Coronado twists his mask sideways and German suplexes him for the pin at 5:08. These two have been some of my favorites to watch in the Wrestling Is universe, so I’m happy to see them transition into CHIKARA proper. While the match was short, they both got a chance to showcase their personalities and give us a taste of what we could expect from them this season. **

You can watch this match in its entirety here.

Elimination Match
Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Dasher Hatfield {T} & Mark Angelosetti {T} vs. Jigsaw {G} & The Shard {G} vs. 17 {G} & deviANT {G}

The Throwbacks gained entry into this match by winning the Wrestling is Fun! “Tag World Grand Prix 2014” tournament, defeating the Devastation Corporation in the finals last night. Matthews shoulder blocks deviANT. Jigsaw kicks Matthews from the apron, so he knocks Jigsaw and Shard down. Matthews back elbows and dropkicks deviANT. He armdrags 17 as he enters and tags in Jagged. 17 tags in Shard. Shard shoulder blocks Jagged. Jagged shoulder blocks Shard and takes him over in a side headlock. They trade wristlocks. Jagged knocks Shard down with a leg lariat. He catches Jigsaw with a back elbow. Hatfield punches Jigsaw in the ribs. Hatfield shoulder blocks him down and snaps off a pair of armdrags. Angelosetti blind tags in as Jigsaw picks him up. The Throwbacks land stereo falling headbutts to Jigsaw’s ribs. Shard dropkicks Angelosetti and pitches Hatfield to the floor. Matthews gives Shard a backbreaker and Jagged knee strikes him in the side of the head. Matthews drop toe holds deviANT into an elbow drop from Jagged, Hatfield, and a back splash from Angelosetti. The two GEKIDO teams attack 3.0 and the Throwbacks. They try punches in the corner, but end up being brought down and sent into the corners with quadruple slingshots. 17 gets attacked by all four opponents in the corner. The rest of the GEKIDO drag Jagged and the Throwbacks to the floor. Matthews headscissors all four GEKIDO members. He puts Jigsaw in the Boston Crab. When Shard comes to break it, Matthews puts him in it. He then puts 17 and deviANT in the Crab at the same time. The Pieces of Hate throw stereo superkicks to break it. Jagged fights the Pieces of Hate off. Matthews sets up 17 put Jigsaw superkicks him. The GEKIDO all attack him, ending with Shard giving him a brainbuster. Jigsaw comes off the top with a double stomp. He and 17 pin Matthews, eliminating him at 8:17. The Throwbacks become overwhelmed by the numbers advantage the GEKIDO has. Hatfield falls victim to a four on one beatdown. He manages to stop a monkey flip from 17 and muscle him up into a Jackhammer. Angelosetti gets a tag and comes in with a springboard shoulder tackle to Shard. He drops him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. deviANT lands a sole butt kick. Angelosetti gives him a delayed press slam. He tackles deviANT into 17 and Jigsaw in the corner. He shoulder blocks them all at the same time. Hatfield slingshots in with an Oklahoma Roll on deviANT for the pin at 13:49. deviANT swiftly kicks Hatfield in the side of the head before leaving. CHIKARA Wrestle Factory students Kid Cyclone, Create-A-Wrestler II, and Equinox III come out and attack 17! Their trainer Hallowicked comes out to send them away. Meanwhile, the Pieces of Hate wear down Hatfield in their corner. Jigsaw tries knocking Angelosetti off the apron, but Angelosetti hip tosses him to the floor. Hatfield rolls out of the ring to legally tag in Angelosetti. Angelosetti slams Shard into the corner. He gives Shard a 30-second delayed vertical superplex. That’s enough to get him the pin at 18:38. This was a great story of the Throwbacks defying the odds and looking like the strongest team on the roster, especially when you consider they had two highly-contested bouts the previous evening as well. It felt a bit long but the match accomplished its goal. ***

Archibald Peck vs. Jimmy Jacobs {TF}

Two men in velvet colored suits and plague masks accompany Jacobs to the ring. Jacobs jumps Peck as he’s about to enter the ring. Peck drops down the top rope to send Jacobs to the floor and comes off the apron with a shoulder tackle. He poses for the fans on the second rope. Jacobs attacks Peck and once again sends him outside. He suplexes him to the floor, then comes off the apron with an elbow drop. Peck avoids the elbow drop. He drops Jacobs face first onto the ring apron and then into the ring. He ascends the ropes but Jacobs crotches him on the top rope. Jacobs throws multiple headbutts as Peck hangs from the top turnbuckle. The match officially begins with Jacobs pummeling Peck on the apron. He kicks the middle rope into Peck’s throat. He stomps on Peck’s stomach thrice before using the ropes for an elbow drop. Jacobs pulls on Peck’s ear and spits in his face. Peck catches a boot and drops Jacobs with a running hooking clothesline. Peck throws some punches. He slams Jacobs head into all three turnbuckles in the corner before driving his face into the canvas for two. Peck drives his elbow into Jacobs’ back as Jacobs lay against the turnbuckles. He calls for the New Move, but Jacobs trips Peck and pummels him with fists. Jacobs slaps Peck. That enrages Peck, causing him to hit the New Move ten times in a row. Jacobs kicks out. Peck picks him up and Jacobs looks for the End Time. Peck boots him away. Jacobs spears him. Jacobs and Peck trade punches when they get to their feet. Peck dumps Jacobs with a Snow Plow and heads up top. One of the men in the plague masks distracts him. Jacobs misses a spear. The other man in the plague mask attacks him. Jacobs hits a spring-back Ace Crusher for the pin at 7:15. I find it hard to believe that Jacobs could kick out of 10 consecutive DDT’s, let alone Peck falling to a move from Jacobs’s arsenal that has never been a finisher. The match was good and heated, but those two moments above were jarring and took me out of the bout. **½

Green Ant says he was the guy who used to make rookie mistakes. Now, he’s no longer a rookie, and no longer green. He is now Silver Ant, and it’s his time to shine.

Fire Ant {C}, Silver Ant {C} & Worker Ant {C} vs. Arctic Rescue Ant {CXF}, Missile Assault Ant {CXF} & Orbit Adventure Ant {CXF}

Silver Ant isn’t the only ant to have re-christened himself, as assailANT has taken on the moniker of former Colony member Worker Ant, completely distancing himself from any GEKIDO affiliation. deviANT walks the Xtreme Force to the ring. They’re wearing the 2011 King of Trios medals that were gifted to them by Wink Vavasseur last year. Worker Ant latigo’s Arctic Rescue Ant. Arctic fumbles a headscissors. He can’t armdrag the larger Worker Ant, so Worker Ant takes him down with a toreador and his own armdrag. He tosses Arctic to the corner. Missile tags in. Worker Ant casually slams him. Orbit slips out of a slam and disposes of Worker Ant. Silver Ant boots and uppercuts Orbit. He rolls Orbit into a Fujiwara armbar. Orbit escapes, but gets dropped out of a Gourd Buster and is sent to the corner with a low dropkick. He hits Orbit with a tiger feint kick in the corner, then slingshots in with a senton. Missile poses to stop Silver Ant’s dive. Silver Ant headbutts him. Missile dropkicks him to the floor. Fire Ant and Missile have a Lucha exchange, ending with an armdrag from Fire Ant. Missile uppercuts Fire Ant in the corner thrice. Fire Ant flips him into a fireman’s carry. He and Silver Ant double team him with boots. Worker Ant splashes Missile for two. Orbit kicks Worker Ant from the apron. Worker Ant sends Missile to the floor. Arctic kicks Worker Ant’s leg out. The Xtreme Force focus their attack on Worker Ant’s leg while Missile takes Fire and Silver Ant off the apron. Worker Ant escapes their grasp when Artic accidentally dropkicks Missile. Silver Ant comes off the top with a dropkick to Orbit. He enzuigiri’s Arctic. He headbutts Missile from the apron before springboarding in with a DDT. He goes for a short-arm scissor. Arctic comes off the top with a legdrop to break the hold. Fire Ant high crossbody’s Arctic and hits the Yahtzee Kick. He spikes Orbit with a tornado DDT. Missile comes in with a diving headbutt but ends up hitting Orbit. Fire Ant tope con hilo’s after him. Silver Ant double stomps Missile in the middle rope! Orbit and Fire Ant fight on the top rope. They both come off. Orbit drops Fire Ant face first across his knee. Arctic gives Fire Ant a backcracker into a backbreaker from Orbit. Fire Ant kicks out. Worker Ant drops Orbit with a suplex into a uranage. He press slams Arctic for two. He calls for the Get The Sugar (GTS). Missile stops it and gives Worker Ant a modified Death Valley Driver. He catches Fire Ant’s Frankensteiner and buckle bombs him into the corner. The Xtreme Force each get in some offense. Fire Ant turns a powerbomb from Missile into a Yoshi Tonic. Orbit breaks the pin. Fire Ant maneuvers his way into Burning Down the House on Missile. Silver Ant frog splashes Missile for two. The Colony set up for the Ants Marching dropkick but Orbit and Arctic drag Worker and Silver Ant to the floor. Missile goes for the Missile Launcher on Fire Ant. Fire Ant escapes and dropkicks Missile out with Arctic and Orbit. Fire Ant gets Ant-a-pulted onto all of the Xtreme Force. In the ring they look for the Ant Hill on Missile. Orbit crossbody’s Fire Ant to stop him. He then dropkicks Silver Ant and Worker Ant to the floor. Missile hits the Missile Launcher on Fire Ant onto an exposed turnbuckle, giving them the win at 14:38. That finish was very deflating. The match was excellent and saw both teams work hard, but they just had to give us a crummy finish to keep the feud going, one that I was fine seeing end in the first place. **¾

The Colony attack the Xtreme Force after the match and reclaim their 2011 King of Trios medals.

CHIKARA Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Icarus

This is a rematch from “Aniversario: Never Compromise” where the match was interrupted by Condor Security and CHIKARA was shut down entirely. Kingston throws Icarus to the mat out of a waistlock. Icarus does the same. He grabs a wristlock. Kingston shoves Icarus to the corner and breaks away cleanly. Icarus ducks the Backfist. He headscissors Kingston and looks for the CHIKARA Special. Kingston rolls to the floor and angrily throws a trashcan into the ring. He baits Icarus into a kick to the stomach. Icarus comes back with a Frankensteiner and a dropkick to the back of Kingston’s head. Kingston sends him to the apron. He overhand chops Icarus and yakuza kicks him to the floor. Kingston follows with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Icarus gets in a few forearm strikes, but Kingston claws at his face. Icarus ducks a clothesline and German suplexes Kingston for two. Kingston boots Icarus after being sent into the corner. He comes off the middle rope with a knee strike to the head and rubs Icarus’ face into the canvas. He drops Icarus with a Rude Awakening for two. Kingston traps Icarus’ arm with his leg and applies a chinlock. Icarus escapes but is dropped with a lariat for two. Kingston gives him a reverse DDT for another two count. They slap each other in the face until they reach their feet. That evolves into a forearm exchange. Icarus blocks a Backfist and goes for the Shiranui. He hits it, but Kingston rolls outside to stop a pin attempt. Icarus comes off the top with a crossbody to the floor. Icarus brings Kingston back into the ring for a two count. Kingston stops a second Shiranui. However, Icarus spikes him with a DDT. Tecnicos from the CHIKARA locker room surround the ring as Icarus lands a top rope elbow drop to Kingston’s back. He goes for a frog splash, but Kingston gets his knees up to block it. He belly-to-belly suplexes Icarus into the corner. He powerbombs Icarus for two, then applies a stretch plum. Icarus fights out and delivers a 2k1 Bomb variant. Kingston kicks out. He enzuigiri’s Icarus and drops him with a Saito suplex. He hits the American D for two. Kingston peppers Icarus with slaps in the corner. Icarus enzuigiri’s him twice before going to the top rope. Kingston catches Icarus and brings him down with a fallaway uranage. Icarus kicks out at one! Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future, but Icarus kicks out of that as well. Kingston gets the better of a strike exchange. He chops Icarus up against the ropes and takes him down with headbutts to the neck and skull. Icarus avoids a Backfist. He wants the Blu-Ray but Kingston elbows Icarus in the side of the head until he crumbles. Icarus tries again and this time nails the Blu-Ray! He then puts Kingston in the CHIKARA Special! Kingston passes out at 16:37, making Icarus the NEW Grand Champion. They told a very good story, with Icarus being able to withstand one heck of a beating from Kingston and unseating him with the submission that may have bested Kingston in their original contest had it not been interrupted. Having the Tecnicos surround choice was odd, but interesting. It’s odd because it came at a moment of time in which neither participant was in particular despair, and because both parties are CHIKARA representatives. It’s interesting because it could have been a piece of the puzzle that drove Kingston to join the Flood months down the line, since they cheered for Icarus over him, though that was never truly vocalized. Major kudos to Icarus for making it through the match with a concussion as well. Icarus always seems to deliver in big matches, but now that every match of his will be big, can he keep that trend going? ***¼

The Tecnicos come into the ring to congratulate and celebrate with Icarus. The Flood comes out surround the ring. A giant, scary looking man in an industrial-esque mask comes out with Soldier Ant and Delirious in hoods with him. When he unmasks them, Delirious attacks Mantis and Soldier Ant suicide dives onto the Colony! Jacobs attacks Icarus from behind, causing all out mayhem to ensue on the floor. The large man, named Deucalion stands in the ring basking in the carnage. Kobald slides into the ring. He goes to spear Deucalion but Deucalion is barely moved. Deucalion then gives Kobald a giant chokebreaker across his knee! Deucalion and the Flood leave. The CHIKARA folks check on Kobald, with the Batiri very upset over their fallen brethren. The roster carry him to the backstage area. This would be the last we would see of Kobald.


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