Wrestling is Fun!: Tag World Grand Prix 2014, Night III


Easton, PA – 5.24.2014

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, Juan Francisco de Coronado, Bryce Remsburg, and Joe Pittman.

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Amasis & Ophidian vs. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive

Sidney Bakabella is in the Dev Corp’s corner. They pound the Portal to start the match. Amasis sends Smashmaster to the floor and dropkicks McMassive in the corner. The Portal give him the Slave Initiation. Smashmaster gorilla press slams Ophidian onto Amasis. The Portal recover and send McMassive out with tandem dropkicks. Amasis superkicks Smashmaster into a nerve pinch enzuigiri from Ophidian. They duck Smashmaster’s double clothesline and kick him to the ropes. McMassive sends Amasis out but takes a lung blower and back cracker from Ophidian. He hops off the ropes and sends McMassive out with a wheelbarrow armdrag. Ophidian suicide dives after McMassive. Bakabella grabs Amasis’ arm. Amasis chases after him around the floor and back into the ring. Smashmaster pulls up Amasis for a powerbomb, but Amasis sends him back to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Amasis tope con hilo’s onto him. Smashmaster catches Amasis coming off the apron. Amasis comes off of his shoulders, but eats a big boot from McMassive. McMassive takes down Ophidian so he and Smashmaster can isolate Amasis back in the ring. Amasis manages to fight back. Ophidian comes in with double knees to Smashmaster and a satellite headscissors to McMassive. McMassive catches his crossbody, but Ophidian headscissors his way into a schoolboy for two. He hits McMassive with a spinwheel kick. He misses a quebrada, but tornado clutches McMassive. McMassive powers Ophidian up into a powerbomb for two. Amasis takes him down with a flying Frankensteiner. Amasis kicks out Smashmaster’s leg and hits him with an enzuigiri for two. Ophidian pump kicks Smashmaster into a forearm smash. They drop Smashmaster with a clothesline/STO combo. They call for the Osirian Sacrament. Smashmaster rolls out of the way, so the Portal hop off the turnbuckles. They hypnotize the Dev Corp and send them running into one another. They hit the Eyes of Horus. Bakabella distracts referee Bryce Remsburg to prevent him from counting. The Portal try to hypnotize him, but he’s wearing sunglasses. McMassive German suplexes both members of the Portal. Ophidian rolls out, leaving Amasis to take the Death Blow, giving the Dev Corp the win at 13:24. The Portal are such a fantastic unit. They may be even more crisp than ever before since re-forming last summer. The Devastation Corporation are also a lot more polished then when they debuted and both teams played their roles well. **¾

Tag World Grand Prix Semi-Final Round Match
Jolly Roger & Lance Steel vs. Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti

Knight Eye 4 the Pirate Guy come out wearing Los Campeonatos de Parejas, which Princess Kimberlee (not in their corner tonight) gifted them at Night 2 of the Tag World Grand Prix. Hatfield grabs a courting hold on Roger, maneuvering him into a modified cradle for a two count. They exchange a few different pinning combinations. Roger takes Hatfield down in a side headlock. Hatfield drop toe holds Roger, key locks his legs, then ties his feet up in his own tights. Roger escapes. He uses the ropes for an amrdrag. He then ties up Hatfield in a cue ball. Angelosetti and Steel look fight over a headscissors and a headlock on the mat. Angelosetti muscles Steel up, but Steel throws him back down to the mat. Angelosetti leapfrogs over Steel, but Steel re-applies the headlock. Angelosetti shoulder blocks Steel twice before giving him a shoulder tackle in the corner. He shoulder tackles Roger as he enters the ring. From that, Roger challenges the Throwbacks to a jousting concert. Roger ends up sucker punching Angelosetti! Hatfield whips Angelosetti into them. He shoulder blocks KE4TPG thrice in the corner, leading to a baseball slide dropkick from Hatfield. The Throwbacks give Steel a tandem Muscle Buster for two. Angelosetti looks for a delayed vertical superplex on Steel. Roger pulls Angelosetti down into a powerbomb. Steel frog splashes onto Angelosetti for two. He applies a Boston Crab. Hatfield underhand slaps Steel to break it but it hurts his hand. He then punches Steel in the stomach and spins him out into a neckbreaker for two. Roger trips Angelosetti and brings him to the floor when he sees the Throwbacks setting up for Bo Jackson. Steel whips Hatfield to the corner. He Finlay Rolls Hatfield into a springboard somersault senton from Roger for two. KE4PG throw tandem kicks. Hatfield ducks a tandem superkick and sends Steel to the floor. Roger eats the Bo Jackson for the pin at 11:19. This was fun but didn’t have much of a story; mostly just some moments for KE4TPG to look like jerks and become the surrogate Rudos. It was entertaining nonetheless. **½

Jigsaw and The Shard run out looking to attack KE4PTG and get their titles back. They’re intercepted by officials, but end up going backstage after them anyhow.

Eric Corvis vs. Oleg the Usurper

Sidney Bakabella comes out with Oleg, but leaves to prepare the Dev Corp for the Tag World finals. He tells Oleg he knows he can beat “that hippie” on his own. Oleg attacks Corvis before the bell. Corvis throws a rolling forearm and some punches. Oleg superkicks Corvis. He misses a splash against the ropes. Corvis backsplashes Oleg against the ropes. Oleg spits part of his onion into Corvis’ face. Corvis kicks Oleg from inside the ring, then suicide dives onto him. Back in the ring, Oleg successfully splashes Corvis against the ropes. He pummels Corvis in the corner. Corvis stomps on Oleg’s foot. Oleg takes him down with a double axe handle to the chest and hits a somersault senton for two. He steps on Corvis’s chest. Oleg grabs Corvis’ glove. When he presses a button, music plays over the loudspeakers. He turns the music off to the dismay of the crowd. Corvis pulls the glove off. He gives Oleg an atomic drop, three chin breakers, a sole butt kick, and a jumping knee strike. Oleg catches Corvis, looking for a chokeslam. Corvis resists at first, but Oleg gets the chokeslam for two. Oleg picks up some momentum off the ropes before splashing Corvis in the corner. Corvis boots Oleg to block him coming into the corner. Oleg pulls him down, but Corvis drops him with the Ace Crusher. Oleg kicks out. He gives Corvis a backbreaker. Oleg picks up the glove again. He sets up for his “Off with His Head” forearm strike. Corvis ducks it and backslides Oleg for the pin at 8:36. They had fun with this and the action was decent, but considering Corvis seemingly disappeared from the Wrestling Is/CHIKARAverse, who knows what all his wins were for? *½

Leech Landa vs. Flex Rumblecrunch

Sidney Bakabella is in Rumblecrunch’s corner. The much smaller Landa throws forearms at Rumblecrunch when the bell rings. Rumblecrunch shoves him down and hits him with a back elbow. He rips at Landa’s nose and mouth. Rumblecrunch goes to apply a claw. Landa blocks it and gives him a chinbreaker. He comes in with a springboard crossbody. Rumblecrunch gives him two sidebreakers. He walks across the top rope into a shoulder tackle. Rumblecrunch applies the Claw hold and slams Landa into the mat for the pin at 2:48. A glorified squash, as it should have been. ½*

Shynron vs. Jaka

Sidney Bakabella is in Jaka’s corner. He catches Shynron with a kick to the stomach. He chops Shynron in the corner and rakes his back. Shynron hops over Jaka’s oncoming attack and lands a pair of dropkicks. Jaka hits the floor. In the ring Shynron throws some forearms. Jaka swings to the apron and blasts Shynron with a strike to the face. he pulls off his mask as he throws him into the ring post. Shynron puts his mask back on under the ring. Jaka stomps him down back in the ring. Shynron fights out of a nerve pinch, but Jaka rakes his back. He palm thrusts Shynron to the corner. Jaka belly-to-belly suplexes him for two. He gets another two count with a gutbuster. He chops Shynron a few times in the neck before applying another nerve pinch. He hops over Jaka and strikes him in the stomach. Shynron headscissors Jaka to the floor and follows with a tiger feint kick. He then shooting star presses onto a standing Jaka to the floor. Shynron hops back in and hits a back handspring Ace Crusher for two. He hits a Tiger feint kick back in the ring for two. Shynron goes for another back handspring Ace Crusher but Jaka catches him with a German suplex for two. Shynron fights Jaka in the corner. He sets up for a second rope 630. Jaka fights up, but Shynron knocks him back down. He comes of the top rope with a moonsault. Jaka gets his knees up and locks on the Jaws of the Jaguar. Shynron passes out at 11:26. This was a solid encounter but I had high hopes considering the talent involved. I think they have a better match in them, which hopefully we will get in CHIKARA proper one day. **¼

Pierre Abernathy & Evan Gelestico vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.

Los Ice Creams attack the Submission Squad after getting them to dance. The Squad send them to the floor. Glelestico dropkicks Hijo into Jr.’s arm, then suicide dives onto Jr. Abernathy comes off the ring apron with a double axe handle to Hijo. He gives a second double axe handle to both Los Ice Creams. Gelestico throws Jr. into the corner. Abernathy and him take turns twisting up Jr.’s arm. Abernathy locks on a crossface. Hijo breaks it up. Gelestico and Abernathy can’t seem to get on an abdominal stretch. Hijo comes in and applies the hold to his own partner to show them how it’s done. Jr. hip tosses his way free. Los Ice Creams get in an argument. Jr. slaps Hijo in the face! Hijo pouts in the crowd. Jr. gets him back into the ring, but Hijo is inconsolable. Gelestico tells Hijo he loves him. Hijo tries kicking him but Gelestico catches it. He sends Hijo into Jr. with a reverse atomic drop. Gelestico avoids Jr’s slam. Hijo pinches Gelestico’s fanny, sending him into Jr’s. two scoop slam. They both sit down on Gelestico’s chest for a two count. Gelestico fights out of Los Ice Creams grasp by throwing Hijo into Jr.’s feet. Abernathy does the same thing twice. Abernathy sets up for the Best Moonsault in the whole world. He has second thoughts. Gelestico is knocked off the apron. Hijo crossbody’s Abernathy in the corner and Jr. dropkicks him. Gelestico punches Jr. Abernathy kicks him into a modified GTS from Gelestico. Abernathy spins him out into a Complete Shot for the pin at 13:22. This was comedy done right. The crowd really enjoyed it and they played it into the action without taking away from the overall bout. Seeing the Submission Squad embrace the CHIKARA style is refreshing and necessary in order for them to succeed. **½

Gary the Barn Owl vs. Joe Pittman

Gary crossbody’s right into Pittman’s arms. Gary schoolyard trips him. He comes off the top rope with a double stomp to the back. Gary throws some chops to Pittman. Pittman comes him off with a running shoulder block. He chokes Gary on the middle rope. Pittman forearms Gary in the back before giving him a basement boot. He drops an elbow on his lower back. Gary headscissors him to the second rope after escaping a double arm stretch. He double stomps the back of Pittman’s head! Pittman falls to the floor and Gary tope con hilo’s after him. In the ring he drops Pittman with a swinging Complete Shot for two. Pittman rolls him up and holds the tights for two. He spins Gary out into a modified Side Effect for the pin at 4:41. This played to both guys’ strengths. Gary got to bust out his cool looking offense while Pittman got to look strong and dominant. Super fun to watch. **

Juan Francisco de Coronado makes his way out to the ring. He challenges Amasis to a Banana Championship match in June.

2014 Tag World Grand Prix Tournament Finals
Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti vs. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive

Sidney Bakabella is in the Dev Corp’s corner. McMassive shoves Angelosetti out of a lock-up. He gets two with a shoulder block. Angelosetti slams McMaster and lands three consecutive splashes. Smashmaster attacks him from behind. Hatfield grabs Angelosetti as he’s whipped to the ropes. The Throwbacks tackle the Dev Corp and pummel them on the mat. The Corp retreat to the floor. Hatfield suicide dives onto Smashmaster. McMassive tosses Angelosetti onto both of them. McMassive then dives over the top onto everyone. The Dev Corp take turns beating down Angelosetti back in the ring. Angelosetti almost escapes with an enzuigiri to Smashmaster, but Smashmaster splashes his back. If you recall, Angelosetti’s stomach and back were damaged back at Night 2 of the tournament. McMassive also drops an elbow on his back when he tries to escape. Angelosetti tackles McMassive into Smashmaster, sending the both into the apron. Hatfield tags in. He takes down Smashmaster with a neckbreaker for two. He also gets two with a baseball slide dropkick. Hatfield can’t Smashmaster him up for a suplex. McMassive whips him to the corner, then assists Smashmaster with a corner splash. McMassive hits the Boss Man Slam. Smashmaster comes off the top with a Swanton for two. Angelosetti tackles Smashmaster. McMassive chokeslams Angelosetti. Hatfield DDT’s McMassive leaving everyone laying. The two teams trade blows. Angelosetti back suplexes McMassive. Smashmaster takes the Bo Jackson for two. McMassive tosses Hatfield to the floor. He powerslams Angelosetti. Angelosetti takes the Death Blow. Hatfield breaks up the pin with a baseball slide just in time. He forearms McMassive thrice from the second turnbuckle. Angelosetti places McMassive on his shoulders. Hatfield hits the Grand Slam for two. Angelosetti manages a superplex on McMassive. Smashmaster breaks the pin. Hatfield powers up Smashmaster for a Jackhammer. Smashmaster kicks out. Smashmaster avoids a double suplex and clotheslines the Throwbacks simultaneously. He misses a moonsault on Angelosetti. The Throwbacks hit Bo Jackson for the pin at 17:55. This was a great story to sum up the entirety of what these teams did throughout the tournament. The Throwbacks fought from behind and used their tried and true tandem finisher to polish off the bullies. It was also a glance into the future for what was to come in CHIKARA. ***¼

Bryce Remsburg awards the Throwbacks with a pair of pears. He says he will see them tomorrow at the CHIKARA relaunch in a four team elimination tag bout.


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