Wrestling is Fun!: Tag World Grand Prix 2014, Night II


Norristown, PA – 5.3.2014

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Dan Yost, and Bryce Remsburg.

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
The Estonian Thunderfrog & Lithuanian Snow Troll vs. Jaka & Oleg the Usurper

The Wrecking Crew tries to attack the Baltic Siege. Thunderfrog tosses his hammer onto Jaka to neutralize him. The Baltic Siege give Oleg the Broken Arrow. Thunderfrog pulls the hammer off of Jaka. The Wrecking Crew retreat to the floor, so Troll tope con hilo’s onto them. Bryce prevents Thunderfrog from using the hammer off of the top rope. Thunderfrog hands Bryce the hammer, causing him to fall onto the Troll and Wrecking Crew on the floor. Thunderfrog then double axe handles the Wrecking Crew from the second turnbuckle. In the ring he Northern Lights suplexes Jaka, but Bryce is still trapped. Thunderfrog picks up the hammer to free him. Jaka headbutts Thunderfrog in the stomach and rakes his back. He peppers Thunderfrog with punches to the mid-section. Thunderfrog leapfrogs over Jaka and delivers a dropkick. The Siege double hip toss Jaka into a tandem slam. Oleg knee strikes Troll as he hits the ropes and Jaka takes him down with a clothesline. Troll gets in some shots on Oleg in the corner before hitting a basement knee strike for two. Troll enzuigiri’s Oleg from the apron. He lands a high crossbody for two. Jaka strikes Troll from the apron and sends him face first into the ring post. Oleg is able to get in some shots on the Troll in the corner, allowing the Wrecking Crew to take over. Troll avoids a corner attack from Jaka and drops down the top rope to send Oleg to the floor. Thunderfrog tags in. He Thesz Presses and pummels Jaka. He shoulder blocks Jaka in the corner. Oleg goes to attack but ends up splashing Jaka. Thunderfrog Oklahoma Stampedes Oleg, then drops Jaka onto Oleg with a delayed Gourd Buster. He hits a rolling forearm strike to Jaka. Oleg splashes Thunderfrog against the ropes. Jaka superkicks him for two. Troll sends Jaka and Oleg’s head into one another, then gives them stereo stunners. Thunderfrog sets up for a frog splash. Oleg uses Troll to crotch Thunderfrog on the top turnbuckle. Oleg tries a superplex. Troll sunset bombs him back to the mat. Thunderfrog frog splashes Oleg. Jaka comes off the top with a headbutt to the back of Thunderfrog’s head. He puts Oleg on top of the Thunderfrog, getting Oleg the pin at 14:47. I really like the team of Jaka and Oleg. They compliment each other very well and come off as legitimate threats. The Troll had a couple awkward spots, but I think otherwise the action was strong and the fans were into it. **½

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Jolly Roger & Lance Steel vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova & Mr. Azerbaijan

Princess Kimberlee is in Knight Eye 4 the Pirate Guy’s (KE4TPG) corner. Before the match, she reveals that she purchased the physical CHIKARA Campeones de Parejas when the Titor Conglomerate put them up for auction when CHIKARA closed. She says they are for the true champions, gifting them to Lance Steel and Jolly Roger. While Steel is ecstatic about this, Roger does not feel right taking the belt. The Bloc Party attack them from behind to start the match.

Azerbaijan rakes Roger’s back as Boar holds his arms. He shoulder blocks Roger twice. Roger responds with a chop. He armdrags Boar twice and nails a dropkick. He and Steel double elbow him down. Steel assists Roger with a senton splash. Boar accidentally chops Steel’s armor. Steel overhand chops Boar. Roger comes in with a springboard tornado DDT from the bottom rope. Azerbaijan kicks Roger from the apron. Roger knocks him off, but turns around into a big boot from the Boar. The Bloc Party wear down Roger until Azerbaijan misses a somersault senton from the second rope. Boar then accidentally gores Azerbaijan to the floor. Roger backslides the Boar for the pin at 6:40. No comeback makes for a weird tag match, especially since it made the Bloc Party look strong and KE4TPG look lucky. The finish was also questionable since it seemed like the Boar may have kicked out. Not the best. *

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. vs. Bill Daly & Will Ferrara

Hijo baits Ferrara into a kick to the stomach. Daly kicks Hijo into a dropkick from Ferrara. Jr. consoles him on the floor, then comes into the ring with Daly. Jr. avoids locking up with Daly. They trade waistlocks. Daly back elbows Jr. Ferrara jumps in and rops three elbow drops on Jr., then gives him a one finger pin for a nearfall. Team Benchmark arrogantly work over Jr. in their half of the ring. Jr. ends up going to the floor. Daly immediately gives Hijo an atomic drop. Ferrara Jon Woo dropkicks Hijo to the corner. Daly knee strikes him into a bulldog on Ferrara. Their arrogance continues to seep through and they now work over Hijo. Hijo sends Ferrara into Daly when Ferrara picks up his legs. Los Ice Creams take Ferrara out with a log roll/clothesline combo. Hijo pinches Daly’s buttocks, sending him into a bodyslam from Jr. They sit down on Daly’s chest at the same time. Daly misses a corner splash. He eats El Asesino. Daly cracks Hijo with a right hand. He knee strikes Jr. thrice. Ferrara gives him a lung blower. Daly pump-handles him into an Oklahoma Stampede for the pin at 8:52. Los Ice Creams seemed energized in this match, utilizing some new offense and working to Team Benchmark’s strengths. Daly and Ferrara both looked excellent and fared well against a team that’s goofier than what they’re accustomed to. **½

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti vs. Haack & Slaash

Haack punches Hatfield with his rock hand to the stomach. Hatfield ducks another punch and gives him a wind-up underhand chop. Hatfield charges in with a forearm strike, then a baseball slide. He ducks Slaash’s attack and punches him in the stomach. Hatfield smacks him in the buttocks. Angelosetti O’Connor Rolls Slaash for two. Slaash gets in a coupe forearms. Hatfield armdrags him twice. He tickles Slaash in the side before putting him in a surfboard stretch. Angelosetti bulldogs Slaash out of the hold. Angelosetti gives him a gut buster. Hatfield slingshots in with an Oklahoma Roll. Haack breaks the pin. Dr. Cube’s minions pummel the Throwbacks. The Throwbacks double backdrop them. Milo Schnitzler of the BDK comes to check on the Minions. He sends Haack and Slassh to leave through the door. The Throwbacks go after them. When they open the door, they’re greeted by a group of wrestlers from The Flood, including deviANT, 17, Nøkken, Jaka, Oleg the Usurper, Missile Assault Ant, and Qefka the Quiet. The Throwbacks try fighting all of them and Haack and Slaash, but the numbers are too overwhelming. Schnitzler distracts referee Jon Barber as this is going on. Nøkken powerbombs Angelosetti into the wall! With Angelosetti laid out, Haack and Slaash are free to pummel Hatfield at their leisure. Hatfield is able to sneak in a Jackhammer on Slaash, but Angelosetti is still recovering. Haack knocks him off the ring apron. Hatfield avoids a double suplex and tags in Angelosetti. He comes in with a springboard shoulder tackle to both men. He drops Slaash with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and Haack with a gorilla press slam. He brings Slaash off the top rope with a delayed vertical superplex. Haack breaks the pin. He rakes Angelosetti’s back. Angelosetti drives Slaash into Haack in the corner. Slaash holds Angelosetti in a full nelson. Haack accidentally punches Slaash. The Throwbacks hit Bo Jackson on Haack for the pin at 12:38. This did a good job making the Throwbacks look tough, but also vulnerable for their match against Team Benchmark later on. The Flood attack was unexpected and exciting. This did all the right things in terms of pushing the Throwbacks, which I am in big favor of. **¾

Ophidian vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado wins the initial test of strength. Ophidian armdrags his way free. He headstands in the corner, then rolls over Coronado and puts him in a Gory Stretch. He backslides Coronado with a bridge for two. Coronado jabs him in the throat. Ophidian uses the ropes to shoulder roll Coronado to the ropes. Coronado blasts him in the face with a closed fist. Ophidian grabs a nerve pinch and lands an enzuigiri. Ophidian hits the apron but tweaks his knee, which was hurt on Night I of the tournament. Coronado slams Ophidian’s knee into the ring apron. He continues to focus his offense on Ophidian’s knee back in the ring. Ophidian forearms Coronado a few times, but Coronado pulls him into a German suplex for two. He twists up Ophidian’s knee in the ropes. Ophidian comes off the top. Coronado catches him, but Ophidian maneuvers so that he drives Coronado in the mat using his knees. Ophidian back elbows Coronado against the ropes. He can’t hit the ropes for momentum, but does pull off a spinwheel kick. He pump-handles Coronado into a facebuster, then gives him a fisherman’s suplex for two. Coronado pulls Ophidian to the ring apron. Ophidian enzuigiri’s Coronado but misses a slingshot quebrada. Coronado Tiger Drives Ophidian into the turnbuckles. He goes for a regulation Tiger Driver, but Ophidian counters with a Frankensteiner into the corner. He headstands into double knees to the chest, hurting himself in the process. Ophidian looks for the Death Grip, but Coronado rolls him into the Coronado Clutch. After they Atlantis roll back and forth, Ophidian looks for the Death Grip. Coronado fights out and back elbows Ophidian in the face. Ophidian knocks Coronado to the apron from the second rope. He comes down with the Meteora. Ophidian catches his knees and locks on the Coronado Clutch. Ophidian gets the ropes. Coronado goes for a German suplex. Ophidian counters it with the Duat Driver. Coronado goes after Ophidian’s mask. He slingshots in with a roll-up, holding Ophidian’s tights for the pin at 12:40. That’s twice now in this tournament where the work Coronado put in before hand got thrown away with a roll-up pin while holding the tights. I see the value in making him look like a cheater, but I also think it comes at the expense of all the work he put in targeting the knee utilized during the match. It just seems unsatisfactory to build it up for naught. That said, it was very solid action. **¾

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Jolly Roger & Lance Steel vs. Jaka & Oleg the Usurper

Princess Kimberlee is in KE4TPG’s corner. KE4TPG is now wearing the tag titles. On the surface Roger seems more warmed up to the idea of wearing them than he was earlier tonight. The match starts with a game of joust, which KE4TPG easily wins. The Wrecking Crew charges, but a low bridge to the ropes sends them to the floor. Roger and Steel suicide dive after them. They back elbow Oleg. Steel assists Roger with a back senton for two. They miss the Joust to the Wrecking Crew in the corner. The Wrecking Crew retreat to the floor, so Roger backdrops Steel onto them. Roger hops along the ropes onto the Wrecking Crew. Back in the ring, Jaka sends Steel into the corner with an exploder suplex. The Wrecking Crew decide to isolate him, which is interesting since Steel is far fresher given his lack of involvement in the tag match earlier tonight. Kimberlee grabs Steel to stop Jaka from sending him into the ringpost. She sends Jaka into the ring post. Steel kicks Oleg in the arm and tags in Roger. He lands a trifecta of running forearms, then drops Oleg with a twisting neckbreaker for two. Oleg sends Roger to the corner. He runs the ropes before splashing him in the corner. Jaka drops Roger with a double choke bomb for two. Roger stacks up the Wrecking Crew in the corner after avoiding their splashes. KE4TPG joust the Wrecking Crew. Steel nails Oleg with a rolling forearm. Roger lands a slingshot Swanton for two. Jaka accidentally comes off the top with a headbutt to Oleg. KE4TPG double superkick Jaka. Steel drops Roger out of a Gory Special onto Oleg for the pin at 9:43. This was really fun. KE4PG got to look significantly stronger here than they did early on, and having them outsmart Jaka and Oleg fit into both teams characters. Good stuff. **¾

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti vs. Bill Daly & Will Ferrara

Angelosetti is nursing his ribs and back from his match earlier tonight. Team Benchmark attack the Throwbacks as they stand face to face, knocking them down in opposite corners. Hatfield pummels Ferrara in the corner. Daly sends Angelosetti to the floor and uppercuts Hatfield. Hatfield armdrags Daly twice and kicks him in the ribs. He snapmares Daly and tags in Angelosetti. Angelosetti hits a basement shoulder tackle. He slams Daly. Foolishly, he splashes Daly a few times. Daly gets his boot up to block another splash. Ferrara gets in some shots before Angelosetti backdrops him. Hatfield Magistral cradles Ferrara for two. He suplexes Ferrara for two. Ferrara blind tags in Daly as Hatfield gives Ferrara a reverse atomic drop. Daly nails Hatfield with a haymaker. After some strikes are exchanged, Hatfield rolls up Daly for two. Daly knocks him down with a clothesline. Ferrara knees Hatfield in the back as Daly whips him to the ropes. Hatfield manages to escape Team Benchmark’s grap after giving Daly a DDT. Angelosetti gets the better of Ferrara with a strike exchange, ending it with a back elbow. He gives Daly a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Daly spears Angelosetti into the corner. Angelosetti drives him into the canvas with a spinebuster for two. Hatfield gives Daly the Jackhammer for two, thanks to Ferrara breaking the cover. Ferrara dropkicks Hatfield to the floor. He gives Angelosetti a lungblower. Daly drops Angelosetti with the pump-handle Oklahoma Stampede. Angelosetti kicks out! The Throwbacks manage to hit Bo Jackson on Daly, but Daly kicks out! Angelosetti punches Ferrara as he ascends the ropes. Ferrara drops Angelosetti off the top with a Gourd Buster. He then gives Hatfield a lungblower. Daly pump-handles Hatfield. Hatfield slides off of his shoulders and shoves Daly into Ferrara. Ferrara falls to the floor. The Throwbacks hit Daly with Bo Jackson for a second time, earning the victory at 10:10. This did an excellent job playing into Angelosetti’s injury and playing off the way these two teams won earlier on in the evening. The action was on point and they did a good job making the crowd believe either team had a chance. I have no idea where Daly has been, but I am happy that Ferrara came back for the Young Lions Cup and has been prospering elsewhere. ***

Knight Eye 4 The Pirate Guy and the Throwbacks will meet in the semi-final round on May 24th in Easton, PA. They winner of that match will face the winner of the Devastation Corporation vs. The Osirian Portal semi-final match in the finals.

Fire Ant vs. Missile Assault Ant

Missile is wearing his King of Trios 2011 medal, which was taken by The Colony and gifted to him and the rest of the Colony: Xtreme Force by Wink Vavasseur. Missile spends the first moments of the match yelling his name to the crowd. Fire Ant finally forearms him to the floor and suicide dives after him. Fire Ant goes to the top rope. Missile catches him with an uppercut. Fire Ant flips out of a hip toss and armdrags Missile. He toreador’s into a fireman’s carry. Missile whips Fire Ant into the corner. Fire Ant hops over an attack and looks to Burn Down the House. Missile hangs him in the ropes and throws three uppercuts to the shoulders and neck. He does it again in another section of the ring. He chokes Fire Ant with the Trios medal. He digs his knee into Fire Ant’s back while outstretching his arms. Fire Ant gets to his feet and spins his way free. He armdrags out of a courting hold and spikes Missile with a tornado DDT. Fire Ant uses the ropes for a wheelbarrow maneuver. Missile powers him up into a belly-to-back suplex instead. He gives Fire Ant the Missile Stomp. Fire Ant kicks Missile from the mat. He Atlantis rolls him for a two count. Missile avoids a corner elbow attack. Fire Ant moves to the apron and hits a diving Ace Crusher. The Yahtzee Kick follows. Fire Ant slingshots in with a wheelbarrow but gets suplexed into the corner by Missile. Missile then Joo Woo dropkicks Fire Ant to the corner. He misses a super diving headbutt. Fire Ant throws a flurry of palm strikes to Missile’s chest. Missile elbows him against the ropes. Fire Ant armdrags his way off of Missile’s shoulders. He finally hits Burning Down the House for two. Missile rolls to the floor when Fire Ant heads to the top rope. Missile heads through the doors. Fire Ant goes to follow and there the Flood is awaiting him. This time however, Icarus and many Tecnicos come out to neutralize the Flood. The Flood decides to retreat. Fire Ant and Missile Assault Ant get in the ring right before the twenty count. Fire Ant ducks an uppercut and backslides Missile for two. Missile powerbombs Fire Ant into the turnbuckles. He delivers a running uppercut. He sets up for the Missile Launcher. Fire Ant avoids it. Missile catches his Frankensteiner, but Fire Ant pulls off a huracanrana for the pin at 13:09. This was a weird choice to end the show. I get that the CHIKARA vs. Flood stand off was the reason for it, but couldn’t they have materialized in the semi-finals if they put Oleg and Jaka against the Throwbacks instead? That’s easy to say in hindsight, but given the fact that the fans had a tough time getting into the match at times and the stand off had no direct involvement in the finish, it was a strange way to end the show no matter your justification. **½


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