Wrestling is Fun!: Tag World Grand Prix 2014, Night I


Easton, PA – 4.5.2014

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason and Dasher Hatfield.

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive

McMassive uses his strength to toss Frightmare to the corner. He gives Frightmare the opening to apply a side headlock. McMassive shoots him off. Frightmare’s shoulder blocks are futile. Hallowicked blind tags in. Frightmare shoulder blocks McMassive into a schoolyard trip from Hallowicked. He hits the floor and Smashmaster comes in after consoling him. Smashmaster places Frightmare on the top turnbuckle with ease. Frightmare knocks McMassive to the floor and tries a jumping Frankensteiner. Smashmaster resists, but a push from Hallowicked sends Smashmaster tumbling to the floor. Hallowicked pescado’s outside but the Dev Corp catch him. Frightmare lands a tope con hilo, sending the Corporation to the ground. In the ring, McMassive ducks a double clothesline. Smashmaster drags Hallowicked to the floor and sends him into the ring post while McMassive does the deal with a Falcon Arrow on Frightmare. With Hallowicked recovering, the Dev Corp beat down Frightmare in their corner. Frightmare manages to slide off of McMassive’s shoulders and shoves him into Smashmaster. Hallowicked tags in, but is mowed down right away with a lariat from McMassive. He suplexes him into a splash from Smashmaster. Hallowicked falls victim to a his own Dev Corp beat down. He and Frightmare manage to catch McMassive with a yakuza kick/step-up enzuigiri combo. Frightmare legally comes in with a high crossbody and dropkick to Smashmaster. He lands a pop-up clothesline. He spikes McMassive with a tornado DDT for two. Smashmaster blocks a step-up enzuigiri from Hallowicked with a chokeslam. McMassive pummels on Frightmare’s back, before dragging him up for a superplex. The Death Blow gets the Dev Corp the win at 13:27. The story was simple but very effective, and the wrestling was quite good. It made the Corporation look like monsters and a win over one of the longest tenured teams will serve them well going forth. **½

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Jervis Cottonbelly & Marion Fontaine vs. Obariyon & Kodama

Cottonbelly and Fontaine ride a tandem bicycle to the ring, securing a spot in my heart as one of my favorite tag teams. The Batiri seem unfamiliar with the concept of shaking hands. So, Old Fashioned bow at them instead. The Batiri don’t get that either. Old Fashioned ducks their sneak attack and send the Batiri out with double back elbows. Old Fashioned try holding the ropes open for the Batiri, but they end up sliding into the ring instead. They shake hands with Old Fashioned, then kick them in the stomach. Old Fashioned armdrag them away. Fontaine dropkicks Obariyon to the floor. The Batiri try to steal the tandem bike but cannot figure out the mechanics behind it. Fed up, they jump in and pound on Old Fashioned. Kodama pitches Cottonbelly to the floor. Obariyon back elbows Fontaine for a two count. Fontaine is trapped in the Batiri’s corner. Fontaine manages to dropkick them into one another after dropping down when Kodama hits the ropes. Cottonbelly high crossbody’s onto Obariyon. He rock-a-bye’s Kodama into a back suplex for two. Old Fashioned land stereo hip attacks in opposite corners. After a handshake they attempt stereo roll-ups. The Batiri kick out and dropkick Cottonbelly to the floor. Fontaine eats the Skull Bronzing for the pin at 8:14. Old Fashioned are good, plain fun, and the Batiri played into their strengths. It’s a shame Cottonbelly didn’t get to do much, but this was a fun watch for the short time it lasted. *½

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker & Shane Matthews vs. Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli

The Heart Throbs attack before the bell. 3.0 do-si-do as the Heart Throbs try sending them together and land tandem elbows in the corner. The double shoulder block Thomas in one and corner and double hip attack Roselli in the other. The Heart Throbs collect themselves on the floor. Thomas armdrags Jagged into a headscissors. Jagged pops out and applies a headscissors. Thomas escapes just as Matthews tags in. He gets on his own side headlock. Matthews shoulder blocks him into a one count. Matthews goes for the Boston Crab but Thomas rolls before it can be applied. Matthews brings him to the mat in a headlock takeover. Thomas shoots Matthews off. They end up criss-crossing. Jagged and Roselli get caught in the cross-fire until it’s only the Heart Throbs criss-crossing. They end up hip tossing one another and throwing stereo dropkicks before realizing what they’re doing. 3.0 give them atomic drops and jabs before sending them out with Bionic elbows. The Heart Throbs drag 3.0 to the floor. The Heart Throbs want to dive, but they argue over who dives first so they don’t run into one another. Of course, Thomas ends up spearing Roselli by accident. Jagged looks to back elbow Thomas off of Matthews’ back, but Roselli catches Jagged and gives him a spine buster onto Matthews. The Heart Throbs pitch Matthews outside and take turns wearing down Jagged. Jagged hops over a superplex attempt from Thomas. Roselli tries grabbing his leg, but Jagged kicks Roselli into Thomas and tags in Matthews. He clotheslines and dropkicks Roselli. He drives Thomas’ head into the top turnbuckle a a few times. He drop toe holds Roselli into an elbow drop from Jagged. Thomas knee strikes Jagged from the apron. He slingshots in, but Matthews rolls through and locks on the Boston Crab. Thomas taps out at 13:21. The humor from the Heart Throbs felt incredibly forced and didn’t seem to connect with the audience. The beat down on Jagged went well, and 3.0 getting their first ever Tag World tournament win is noteworthy, but what could have been comedy gold ended up being an average tag contest. **

Tag World Grand Prix Opening Round Match
Amasis & Ophidian vs. Arctic Rescue Ant & Missile Assault Ant

The Colony: Xtreme Force attack the Portal before the bell. The fight spills to the floor. Ophidian and Arctic trade strikes back in the ring. Amasis slides in and gives Arctic a neck breaker across his knee. Ophidian drives his knees into his chest. Missile pulls down the top rope to send Amasis to the floor. Arctic dropkicks Ophidian’s knee out. Ophidian avoids a corner attack. He drives his knees into Arctic’s chest from a headstand position. Ophidian tries handing Artic to Amasis. He ends up taking out both members of the Portal, giving Amasis a top rope Frankensteiner into a DDT on Ophidian. Missile maneuvers Amasis into modified Go 2 Sleep. The Xtreme Force isolate Amasis while Ophidian is recovering from the DDT. Amasis fights out of the Missile Assault Stomp and enzuigiri’s him away. He rolls out of a charge from Arctic and rolls to the floor. Ophidian slingshots in with a headscissors to Missile. He spin kicks Arctic. Ophidian kicks Missile, rolling out into a headscissors to Arctic on the floor. He uses the ropes for the Duat Driver. Missile kicks out. Missile blocks a Frankensteiner with a powerbomb. Amasis catches Ophidian when Arctic whips him to the ropes. Amasis gamengiri’s Arctic from the apron. He slingshot splashes onto Missile and Arctic. Ophidian slingshots in with a lionsault. Amasis rolling forearms Arctic into a bicycle kick from Ophidian. Ophidian’s knee buckles as he hits the ropes. Missile drives his knee into the canvas. Arctic uses the ropes to flip over into a DDT on Amasis. Missile launches Amasis into Artic’s knees. Missile German suplexes Amasis for two. Ophidian saves Amasis from a tandem attack. Missile dropkicks his knee out. He trades forearm strikes with Amasis. Amasis lands a superkick and a forearm strike. He tornado kicks Arctic. Amasis drops Missile with That Move I Beat Moses With. Ophidian musters the strength to assist Amasis with the Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 12:09. Somewhere along the line they lost the crowd, which is a shame because the action was on point and the most hard hitting of all first round matches. Despite my not understanding why the Colony: Xtreme Force continues to be booked from a storyline perspective, there’s no denying that they have improved. They played into Ophidian’s weakened knee which should play out later tonight and provided the match of the tournament, so far. **¾

Mark Angelosetti vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado slaps Angelosetti after Angelosetti cleanly breaks a lock-up. Coronado grabs a side headlock. Angelosetti shoots him off and shoulder blocks him down. He armdrags Coronado and holds onto the shoulder. Coronado pulls his hair to escape. Angelosetti whips him to the ropes and armdrags him. Coronado comes off the second rope, but Angelosetti catches him mid-air with another armdrag. Angelosetti slaps him in the face after avoiding Coronado’s leapfrog attempt. Coronado catches Angelosetti and tries muscling him up into a wheelbarrow suplex. Angelosetti elbows his way free and tosses Coronado to the floor. He strikes the Tebow pose after teasing a dive. Angelosetti tries pulling him back in, but Coronado snaps Angelosetti’s neck across the top rope. After exchanging chops, Coronado slips off of a powerslam attempt. He feigns a knee injury, baiting Angelosetti into an eye rake and dropkick. He drives his body weight onto Angelosetti’s shoulders on the ring ropes. He chokes Angelosetti on the middle rope. Coronado snapmares him into a dropkick to the neck. Angelosetti backdrops Coronado as he is picked up. Coronado drops him with a neckbreaker for two. He throws Angelosetti by the hair into the mat for two, then sneakily chokes Angelosetti with his ankle. Coronado drops Angelosetti with a DDT. He applies a Japanese stranglehold. Angelosetti reverses it and monkey flips Coronado. Angelosetti grabs the top rope to avoid a neckbreaker. After some strikes, he gorilla press slams Coronado with one hand. He drops Coronado with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He crotches Coronado on the top rope and palm strikes him. Angelosetti brings him down with a delayed vertical suplex off of the second rope for two. He comes off the top with a splash, but Coronado gets his knees up to block it. Coronado fights out of Angelosetti’s spinebuster. He gives him a tiger suplex into the turnbuckles. A regulation tiger suplex only gets a two count. He rolls Angelosetti over into the Coronado Clutch. He adds a bodyscissors. Angelosetti grabs the bottom rope to escape. He kicks Coronado away. He misses an attack, crotching himself on the middle rope. He tries the Flea Flicker. Coronado escapes and rolls Angelosetti up into a reverse jackknife pin. He puts his feet on the ropes for the pin at 12:08. You could argue that the neck work paid off since Coronado had Angelosetti folded onto his neck in the pinfall, but I think Angelosetti tapping out to the Coronado Clutch would have been a much stronger conclusion to the bout. That said, this was an excellent back and forth contest that really showcased both wrestlers’ strengths. ***

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive vs. Obariyon & Kodama

The Dev Corp jump the Batiri as they come through the entrance curtain. Smashmaster bodyslams Kodama onto some chairs in the audience. Kodama avoids a powerbomb by backdropping Smashmaster on the floor. Obariyon sends McMassive face first into the ring post. The two sides continue trading shots around ringside. The Batiri gang up on Smashmaster until he falls to the floor. Smashmaster tosses Kodama in the ring. Obariyon rakes his back, and comes off the apron with a knee strike to both Smashmaster and McMassive. Kodama slingshot sentons onto the both of them. Obariyon suicide dives onto Smashmaster. Smashmaster catches him and swings him right into the edge of the ring! The match officially starts with McMassive pinning Obariyon for two. The Corporation target their offense on Obariyon’s shoulder since that’s what body part collided with the ring apron. Obariyon manages to hit the Rapture, but he did so with his hurt arm causing massive pain when colliding with the mat. He whips Smashmaster into McMassive and tags in Kodama. He hits a tumbleweed senton to bowl them over. Obariyon dropkicks Smashmaster on the ring apron causing his leg to get caught in the ropes. McMassive takes the Skull Bronzing for two. Kodama comes off the top with a flying blockbuster to McMassive. Smashmaster makes the save. Obariyon heads up top. McMassive catches him in his arms. He calls for the Death Blow. The move connects, giving the Dev Corp the win at 8:11. This was going along swimmingly, then communication got wonky and it fell apart before the end. It did a good job differentiating itself from all the other matches with the assault during the entrance and the strong shoulder work, but the awkward moments took away from some of the previously established good faith. **½

Tag World Grand Prix Quarter-Final Round Match
Scott ‘Jagged’ Parker & Shane Matthews vs. Amasis & Ophidian

Ophidian is walking with a limp as he comes out. Amasis dropkicks Matthews to the floor and tope con hilo’s after him, mostly connecting with floor. Jagged comes off the apron with a forearm. Ophidian knocks him down. Matthews tackles Ophidian’s knee out and applies the Boston Crab. Amasis fights off Jagged and breaks the Crab. Matthews chops Amasis in the corner. He sends Matthews to the apron and kicks him in the face. Jagged forearms Amasis. Ophidian knocks down Jagged with an enzuigiri. They go for the Osirian Sacrament. Matthews pulls Ophidian off the top rope, causing his leg to crash against the apron. Amasis splashes onto Jagged, hurting his ribs. Matthews armdrags Amasis. Amasis tries a corner splash. Matthews avoids it and mows him down with a lariat. Ophidian comes in, trying to get on the Death Grip. Matthews shoves him away. Ophidian lands an enzuigiri. Jagged blocks a spin kick and drops Ophidian out of a Gory Special. Amasis knocks Jagged down with a rolling forearm. Matthews powerbombs Amasis. Ophidian again looks for the Death Grip. Matthews fights him off and locks on the Boston Crab. It takes multiple strikes, but a kick to the hand gets Matthews to release the hold. Amasis tornado kicks Matthews. Jagged gives him a chinbreaker/enzuigiri combo for two. Ophidian hits Meteora on Jagged, aggravating his knee in the process. Matthews pikes Amasi with a spinebuster, then drops Ophidian on him with another spinebuster. He puts the Portal in the Boston Crab simultaneously. The Portal crawl to the ropes to escape. Jagged picks up Ophidian, who puts Jagged in the Death Grip, applying pressure to his ribs. Matthews tries pulling Ophidian off. Amasis stops Matthews and tosses him to the floor. Jagged muscles Ophidian up and drops him knee first into the mat. Amasis and Jagged forearm strike one another in opposite corners. 3.0 hit the Sweet Taste of Professionalism on Amasis. Ophidian breaks the pin attempt. After trading strikes, Amasis sets up Jagged for a 450 splash. He hits it, but Jagged barely gets his shoulder up in time. Matthews tries for the Boston Crab. Amasis ends up kicking Matthews into a reverse prawn hold for the pin at 10:39. Although messy at times, they never wavered from their overall story of working over Ophidian’s knee and Jagged’s ribs. It was good overall, but you could tell that they lost focus at times. **¾

The Devastation Corporation and The Osirian Portal will meet in the semi-finals on Night 3, on May 24th in Easton, PA.


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