“I Am CHIKARA” Rally


Philadelphia, PA – 11.2.2013

Many folks from CHIKARA got together to hold an “I AM CHIKARA” Rally in FDR Skatepark. Folks such as Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Leonard F. Chikarason, Billy Kumohara, and Zia Hiltey came to show their support. Wrestle Factory student Kid Cyclone was also there to rally the crowd. A wrestling ring was erected in the park, and a special trios match was held as a treat for those in attendance. The entire event was recorded by a fan and put online. Watch it here.

Icarus, Hallowicked & assailANT vs. Kobald, El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.

Hijo does some dancing for Hallowicked. He then boots him in the stomach. Hijo avoids a leapfrog and pinches Hallowicked in the fanny. Hallowicked chops Hijo causing Hijo to cry. Hijo then kicks him in the leg. Hallowicked takes him over with a step-up Frankensteiner. Hijo applies a courting hold. Hallowicked runs the ropes and armdrags his way free. He gives Hijo a backbreaker causing Hijo to retreat. Jr. and assailANT tag in. Jr. gets in a couple of shots. assailANT whips him to the corner. He lands a pair of back elbows and sends Jr. out with running crossbody. Icarus and Kobald tag in. Kobald chops Icarus. Icarus bodyslams him in return. He lands a dropkick for two. Hallowicked drops Icarus onto Kobald out of a Burning Hammer for two. Kobald sends Hallowicked to the corner. Kobald accidentaly chops Los Ice Creams. Icarus crossbody’s onto Kobald. Kobald then accidentally chops Los Ice Creams going after Icarus. Icarus sends Kobald outside and London Bridges Los Ice Creams. Icarus suicide dives onto Kobald. Hallowicked nails Hijo with a step-up enzuigiri. Jr. blind tags in as Hijo takes a reverse atomic drop. Jr. clotheslines Hallowicked, allowing the Rudos to take over and isolate Hallowicked. Kobald gets greedy and attacks his partners, but Icarus manages to jam his arm across the top rope. Hallowicked gets in a flurry of offense but is attack by Los Ice Creams while he’s giving Kobald ten punches in the corner. Icarus jumps in. Los Ice Creams send him into Hallowicked who places Icarus on the ropes. Icarus takes down Jr. with a leaping Frankensteiner. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Jr. assailANT misses a corner splash to Hijo. Hijo snapmares him into a senton splash for two. Kobald puts assailANT in an abdominal stretch. Los Ice Creams pull his arm to apply additional pressure. assailANT ends up hip tossing his way free and puts on his own abdominal stretch.He gets help from his partners and the fans to apply extra pressure. Los Ice Creams end up breaking it up. Jr. chokes assailANT in the corner. Off in the distance, Condor Security kidnaps a fan and drives off. In the ring, Hijo lands a second rope splash on assailANT for two. Kobald misses a spear on assailANT and Icarus tags in. He clotheslines Kobald a couple of times, then German suplexes him. Los Ice Creams break the pin. They double chokeslam Icarus and put him in a tandem parachute stretch. Hallowicked and assailANT reverse it. Kobald pins all three Tecnicos, forcing them to release the hold. Hallowicked hits Jr. with Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Kobald throws Hallowicked out. assailANT gives Kobald a Death Valley neckbreaker. Hijo throws assailANT out. He kicks Icarus to Jr. and hits El Asesino. Jr. pours sprinkles on the mat. Icarus shoves Los Ice Creams into each other, causing them to roll outside. Icarus drops Jr. on the sprinkles with a Shiranui. He then locks on the CHIKARA Special, causing Jr. to tap out at 18:14. Obviously the match was a backdrop for the Condor kidnapping, but if the goal of the match was to provide a fun match for the CHIKARA faithful, they succeeded. **¾


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