Dragon Gate USA: Enter the Dragon 2013


Manhattan, NY – 7.28.2013

Fire Ant, Frightmare, Amasis & Ophidian vs. Jigsaw, Chuck Taylor, Obariyon & Kodama

This match is a tribute to CHIKARA, which shut down the previous month. It also a throwback to the initial CHIKARA eight man tag from the DGUSA debut event. Originally, Jigsaw and Ophidian were on opposite teams, but they decided to make a trade. It made sense as the Osirian Portal re-formed a week prior in “Wrestling is Cool” and Jigsaw was on the Rudo side of the CHIKARA roster (with the Batiri and Chuck Taylor) as a member of the Pieces of Hate with The Shard for all of 2013. The Tecnicos get a first round 2015 CHIKARA Wrestle Factory draft pick, and the Rudos get an undisclosed amount of cash in the trade as well.

Jigsaw tries jumping the Tecnicos, but he gets sent to the floor in short order. Amasis snaps off a trifecta of armdrags on Kodama before dropkicking him outside. Frightmare takes Jigsaw to the corner with a quesadora armdrag. He hits a step-up enzuigiri in the corner and follows up with a step-up Frankensteiner. His scare tactics do not work. Jigsaw sole butt kicks Frightmare and key locks his legs. This leads to a submission chain being formed by the eight competitors. Once it is broken, Fire Ant engages in a Lucha sequence with Obariyon where he takes him over with a fireman’s carry and dropkicks Obariyon out. Taylor pitches Fire Ant outside. Ophidian chops Taylor. He maneuvers Taylor into multiple pin attempts but only gets two counts. He then goes for the Death Grip. Jigsaw and the Batiri jump in to save their partner. The Tecnicos jump in. They whip all four Rudos into each other. Fire Ant, Frightmare, and Amasis rowboat the Batiri and Jigsaw’s legs. In the middle of the rowboat, Ophidian locks Taylor in the Death Grip. Kodama clobbers Ophidian with a right hand once the rowboat submission is broken. Amasis helps Ophidian hypnotize the Batiri. Jigsaw double stomps Ophidian, but gets tossed out by Amasis. Amasis runs into the Batiri’s Skull Bronzing. This allows the Rudos to isolate and beat down Amasis for awhile. Taylor misses a moonsault, allowing Amasis to tag out to Ophidian. He spin kicks Kodama and nails an enzuigiri. He drives his knees into Kodama’s clavicle, then headstands into another double knee strike. Ophidian ducks Obariyon’s clothesline and dives onto Kodama. Frightmare takes Obariyon out with a clothesline. Jigsaw pitches him out. Fire Ant high crossbody’s Jigsaw. Fire Ant shoves Taylor and Jigsaw together. He headscissors Taylor into a tornado DDT on Jigsaw. The Portal give Taylor the Slave Initiation. Amasis delivers a spinebuster. Kodama breaks the pin. He drops Amasis with his own spinebuster. Obariyon hits the Rapture but Ophidian breaks the pin. The Batiri hit a modified Go to Hell. Taylor hits Frightmare with Sole Food. Fire Ant Burns Down the House on Taylor. Jigsaw sole butt kicks Fire Ant, but Fire Ant bicycle kicks him in response. Jigsaw stops a tornado DDT and delivers a brainbuster. Frightmare yakuza kicks Jigsaw. Fire Ant missile dropkicks Jigsaw into a crucifix bomb from Frightmare for two. Fire Ant and Obariyon get in a strike battle. Kodama Jon Woo dropkicks him to the corner. Jigsaw hits a coast-to-coast dropkick for two. Frightmare backflip Pele kicks them both. He wipes them out with a stereo tope con hilo. Amasis tornado kicks Jigsaw. The Portal hit him with the Osirian Sacrament. Taylor breaks the cover. He gives Amasis the Awful Waffle. Fire Ant Yahtzee kicks Taylor to stop the pin. He springboard somersault sentons onto the Batiri in the crowd. Ophidian drops Jigsaw with the Duat Driver. Jigsaw catches him in mid-air with a superkick. A powerbomb has Ophidian down for more than a two count, but the referee stops at two. So, Jigsaw plants him with a Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 15:43. That ending sure was awkward and deflated the crowd. It was a decent eight man tag, but not on par with something you would typically see in a CHIKARA ring, with some awkward moments plaguing it. It was a cute idea but much better on paper than it was in execution. **½

One of the “Ashes” videos was filmed at this show, where Icarus confronted Chuck Taylor in the parking lot. Watch it here.


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