AIW: 2013 JT Lightning Invitational Tournament


Cleveland, OH – 5.24.2013 – Day One

JLIT 2013 First Round Match
Tim Donst vs. Adam Cole

After the initial lock-up, Donst puts on a chinlock while locking Cole’s leg. Cole escapes so Donst gives him a fireman’s carry. They exchange forearms. Cole enzuigiri’s Donst to the floor and suicide dives after him. Cole slams him for two back in the ring. He dropkicks Donst back to the floor. He tries a pescado. Donst catches him and delivers a backbreaker onto the ring apron. He puts Cole in a parachute stretch back in the ring. He slams Cole onto his face when releasing the hold. After another forearm exchange, Cole nails a bicycle kick and Donst drops him with a running Ace Crusher. Donst drops him with an STO after absorbing a superkick. Cole drops Donst across his knee in a fireman’s carry. Cole throws a few shining wizards but Donst keeps breaking the count. Donst rolls to the apron. Cole follows with a slingshot DDT. He comes back in with a Superfly Splash for two. Donst drives Cole back first into the corner, then belly-to-belly suplexes him into the second turnbuckle. Cole breaks the pin. Cole tries for a superplex. Donst reverses it into a super 2k1 Bomb! When Cole kicks out he puts on From Dusk Til Donst. Cole rolls into a pin for two. Donst Gator Rolls him for his own two count. As Donst picks Cole up, Cole kicks out Donst’s knee and then gives him a superkick. He puts on a figure four. Donst escapes. Both men throw forearms as they get back to their feet. Cole gives Donst a brainbuster onto his knee. Donst goes for another Ace Crusher. Cole blocks it and tries for the Florida Key. Donst rolls him through and delivers the Sliding D. A second Gator Roll gets him two. Cole comes back with superkicks. He hits the Florida Key for the pin at 14:59. These two had a weird dynamic as they both played the role of the Rudo. Cole also didn’t show as much charisma as he does elsewhere when playing that character, but then again when the crowd doesn’t know how to react and doesn’t give you a lot, what do you expect? It was fine but a little disappointing. ***

Cleveland, OH – 5.25.2013 – Day Two

Tim Donst vs. Mickie Knuckles

Knuckles kicks her way out of a wristlock. When asking for a knuckle lock, both people rub their hands in their armpits and genitals. Knuckles even gets a handful of referee PJ Drummond’s boys. They end up engaging in the knuckle lock where Donst spits in her face. When Knuckles grabs a crutch from ringside, Donst gets on the microphone asking for the match to be No Disqualification. All parties agree. Knuckles throws some chairs in the ring. Donst is able to dodge them. Donst jabs her with a chair as she tries to enter the ring and follows with a suicide dive. He tries another dive but Knuckles throws a chair at his head to cut him off. In the crowd she chokes Donst with her foot until Donst bites it. Knuckles suplexes him onto the floor. They take seats in chairs facing one another and trade headbutts. Knuckles wins the exchange and hits a senton on the floor. She smashes Donst into the wall with a chair. Around ringside Donst sends Knuckles into the guardrails. He gives her a backbreaker across a chair to the floor for two. Knuckles responds with a backdrop onto the stage. She sets up a chair back in the ring. Donst sends her face first into with an Ace Crusher for two. Donst sets up two chairs, presumably for a suplex. Knuckles however is able to toss Donst off the top and onto the chairs. Donst recovers and gives Knuckles a Death Valley Driver onto the chairs. Knuckles grabs the bottom rope. Knuckles sends Donst head first into a chair propped up in the corner and gives him an implant DDT onto another chair for two. Donst gets her From Dusk Til Donst. Knuckles arm drops three times, making Donst the winner at 18:25. Mindless chair violence with little in the way of selling and story. I really do not care for these types of matches. *

You can check out my reviews of the entire shows here (Night 1) and here (Night 2).


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