Wrestling is Heart: Circulate


Villa Park, IL – 5.19.2013

Green Ant vs. Drew Gulak

This is a rematch from Wrestling is Art’s “Impression” event. Each guy breaks a lock-up cleanly against the ropes. Green Ant takes Gulak to the mat. Gulak rolls away when his arm is targeted. Green Ant gives him a spinning toe hold and pulls onto his knee. Gulak takes him down with a side headlock. Green Ant gets the ropes when he goes for a Rings of Saturn. Gulak applies an abdominal stretch to block a whip across the ring. Green Ant rolls him into a leg submission until Gulak grabs the ropes. After some positioning Gulak grabs a courting hold. Green Ant snapmares him and goes for the Clover Leaf. Gulak gets the ropes. They look for control in a double knuckle lock. Green Ant catapults himself up leading to a roll-up exchange. Green Ant rolls him into a prawn hold for the pin at 8:49. More proficient mat wrestling as to be expected. There was less story than the previous encounter and not nearly a big enough crowd to add some energy, but still pretty solid. **½

Saturyne & Heidi Lovelace vs. Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin

This is a rematch from “Tag World Grand Prix 2013, Stage One.” Unlike that match know, AC/DC are very much the Rudos. Corbin offers Saturyne a free chop. Unbeknownst to him, Lovelace sneaks in from behind him. Saturyne schoolyard trips him over her. The femme fatales pull off a double Japanese armdrag. Lovelace twists up his nipples. Corbin’s about to do the same, but refrains and boots her in the stomach. Lovelace gives him an enzuigir. Saturyne and Cannon tag in. Cannon arrogantly goes for a double knuckle lock. Saturyne impressively holds her own. She gives him a couple elbows before bringing him down with a Frankensteiner and some kicks. She drop toe holds Cannon into an elbow from Lovelace. Corbin knees Lovelace in the back as she hits the ropes. Cannon lariats her for two. AC/DC wear down Lovelace. She’s able to escape when she crawls through Cannon’s legs. Saturyne takes Cannon off his feet with a headscissors and a quesadora bulldog. She spin kicks Corbin in the corner. The women give their opponents ten punches in opposite corners. They get cut off when attempting a double Irish whip. Cannon powerbombs Lovelace and Saturyne breaks the cover. sends Cannon to the floor with headscissors and follows with a pescado. Lovelace blocks the Ginger snap. She sunset flips Corbin for the pin at 11:59. The match at Tag World was more fun, but this got the crowd going. They didn’t relegate themselves to typical male vs. female troupes and just had a solid wrestling match. I can get behind that. **¾


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