Wrestling is Intense: Reality Bites


Robinson, IL – 5.17.2013

Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive vs. Evan Gelestico & Gary The Barn Owl

Gary can’t budge Smashmaster at all. Gelestico tries a sneak attack. McMassive holds onto him. Smashmaster collides with McMassive and gets sent out with a shoulder tackle. McMassive knocks him down with a clothesline. The Corporation beat him down for awhile. Gelestico sneaks in an enzuigiri on Smashmaster and tags in Gary. Gary lays in some chops. He crossbody’s him into a schoolboy trip from Gelestico. McMassive sends him into the ring post. He chokeslams Gary. Smashmaster follows up with the powerbomb for the pin at 8:46. Boy did that suck. I should have known when the crowd made no noise for both teams during their entrances that we were in for a rough ride. Lots of stuff was clumsy, mis-timed, and just awkward. DUD

Gangrel, El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. vs. Matt Cage, Alex Castle & Davey Vega

Hijo uses his usual antics to embarrass and hurt Vega. Vega avoids a corner attack and kicks him from the apron. He sends Hijo to the ropes with a Frankensteiner and follows with a basement dropkick. Cage throws some boots and knees to take Jr. down. Gangrel and Castle tag in. Castle ducks Gangrel’s attempts at some clotheslines in the corner. Gangrel gets in a knee. He looks to bite Castle’s neck but Castle resists. He drives Gangrel’s face into his knee. They fight out on the floor where Castle nails a clothesline. He schoolyard trips Hijo. He and Cage stomp him in the stomach before delivering stereo kneeDT’s. Vega ends up being double teamed by Los Ice Creams, leading to him being isolated from the Kentucky Buffet. Gangrel lends a hand in Vega’s demise as well. He’s able to escape Jr’s full nelson. Hijo boots Jr. by accident. Cage fights both Los Ice Creams off, sending them to the floor. Gangrel tries to bite his hand but eats an enzuigiri. He lifts him up for a Dominator DDT. Castle takes him off of his shoulders. Gangrel both members of the Buffet. Castle gives him an atomic drop. Cage knees him in the face but Los Ice Creams break the pin. Hijo throws Cage’s face into Jr’s boots. Cega then throws Hijo’s face into them. He suicide dives onto Hijo. Cage bicycle kicks Jr into Castle’s Saito suplex for the pin at 14:26. They did a pretty good job getting the crowd invested, even though the segment with Vega being isolated did go a bit too long. The Buffet showed a lot of energy and were one of the best acts of the entire show. Hopefully they get more opportunities to shine. **¾

After the match, Gangrel attacks the Kentucky Buffet from behind. He gives Cage a Dominator into a DDT. Castle tries to attack but gets bit in the neck! Gangrel then grabs Cage on the mat and bites him. Vega goes to save them but runs away when Gangrel gives him a stare. Gangrel feeds both Cage and Castle blood from his chalice. The phrase “What once was, will be again” is spoken. Gangrel raises his goblet and the Buffet sit up with a much different demeanor then before. They follow Gangrel and the goblet to the back.


2 Responses to Wrestling is Intense: Reality Bites

  1. 8-Bit says:

    So the Daywalkers were born in this show?

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