Wrestling is Art: Impression


East Greenwich, RI – 5.12.2013

The Estonian Thunderfrog & The Lithuanian Snow Troll vs. Obariyon & Kodama

The Batiri jump the Baltic Siege as they get in the ring. The Troll almost gets destroyed by a waterwheel slam into Obariyon’s knee, but the Thunderfrog’s hammer of peace stops them. The Siege drop Kodama on the top rope with a double Hot Shot before giving him the Broken Arrow for two. Obariyon drags Thunderfrog to the floor. Thunderfrog almost has him up for a suplex when Kodama attacks. While the referee is busy with the Troll, Obariyon hits Thunderfrog in the back with a chair. This allows the Batiri to wear him down back in the ring, especially his mid-section. Kodama follows Thunderfrog to the floor with a moonsault which almost causes him to land on his head. The Troll drags him underneath the ring. He drags the Thunderfrog under there too. Thunderfrog re-emerges and Troll apologizes for the mix up. Obariyon makes his way to the floor to look for his partner and ends up being dragged under the ring as well. The referee, George Clinton, also finds himself under the ring. The Troll reappears and comes back into the ring. Kodama comes back with the referee’s shirt on. Obariyon comes back in and Kodama proclaims them to be the winner. The referee shows up with a Thunderfrog shirt on! He takes the referee shirt back. The Siege attack the Batiri in the corner. After a double backbreaker, Thunderfrog lands the Frogsplash onto Obariyon. Thunderfrog rolls out from the damage that did to his ribs. With him out of commission, the Batiri are able to hit the waterwheel slam/knee strike on the Troll they attempted earlier. The Skull Bronzing to Thunderfrog’s ribs get the Batiri the win at 11:17. Just like last night, the Batiri utilized some masterful team strategy. Their work on the Thunderfrog’s ribs was well done and paid off in the finish. I also love how the move they teased on the Troll at the beginning paid off and took him out of the contest. These teams have very good chemistry and just know how to mix the right amount of comedy and wrestling. The Snow Troll definitely needs some more work but he has promise. **¾

Anthony Stone vs. Kobald

These two met in a Young Lions Cup Elimination match last year in CHIKARA. Stone puts Kobald in a bodyscissors. Kobald turns it into a pendulum stretch. Kobald bits Stone’s hand when he escapes. Stone armdrags Kobald to the apron and kicks him to the floor. Kobald drags him out as well and throws him face first into a chair. He throws some chops against the ring post. Back in the ring he drops an elbow onto Stone’s chest for two. Same goes for a belly-to-back suplex. Kobald chokes Stone behind the referee’s back. He puts on a Stretch Plum. Stone O’Conner rolls Kobald for two. Kobald responds with a lariat. Back on the floor Kobald sends Stone into a chair. Stone then throws Kobald into them. Stone jumps to the apron to avoid a whip. He kicks Kobald in the chest. He tries some sort of roll back headscissors but is it not pulled off well at all. Kobald sets up for the Demon’s Toilet. Stone tries to counter with the Stone’s Throw. Kobald chops him back down to the mat. He throws some more chops. When he takes a respite, Stone is able to sneak in double knees from the second rope. Kobald breaks the pin via the ropes. After fighting off some of Stone’s moves, Kobald backslides Stone and puts both of his feet on the ropes for the pin at 11:44. That was a lot of time for a crummy finish. This was just moves with no rhyme or reason. Stone is an excellent wrestler and I liked what he and Kobald did last Summer, but in no way did they reproduce what they pulled off their. **

Green Ant vs. Drew Gulak

Green Ant goes for Gulak’s leg. Gulak positions himself so that he is released from his grasp. Green Ant tries holding onto a headscissors. Gulak is able to escape both of his attempts. He twists Green Ant’s knee up in a quarter crab. He rolls Green Ant up for a two count. Green Ant manuevers his way into a hammerlock. Gulak rolls out bringing us back to square one. Gulak goes to a half crab. Green Ant grabs an Achilles tendon hold, causing Gulak to grab the ropes. As they interlace fingers and look for an advantage, Green Ant sits down on a cross armbreaker. Gulak again gets the ropes.He gets the ropes when Green Ant goes for the arm again. Green Ant catapults his way into a modified Anaconda Vise. Gulak rolls Green Ant back into the half crab. Green Ant gets the ropes, so Gulak crosses his legs while bending back Green Ant’s foot. Again he gets to the ropes. Green Ant cleverly gets him into a grapevine ankle lock but Gulak quickly is able to escape. When Gulak goes for the Boston Crab, Green Ant reapplies the ankle lock. Gulak grabs the ropes once more. They lace fingers and catapult/monkey flip one another. Gulak manuevers to the ropes so Green Ant can’t apply a shoulder submission. They ened up on the mat twisting each others’ ankles at the same time. Gulak lunges to the bottom rope. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. When Green Ant grabs his legs the ropes are grabbed instantaneously. Gulak suplexes Green Ant. They end up in a small package. The three count is made at 16:35, but it’s unclear whose shoulders were counted to the mat. The match is awarded to Green Ant.

Gulak and Green Ant make their way out to the ring again. They were both displeased with the finish, so they decided to re-start the match.

Green Ant vs. Drew Gulak

Unsurprisingly, both men go after one another’s legs since they worked them over so much in the first match. Green Ant does some damage with a grapevine ankle lock and a figure seven. He puts on an STF. Gulak gets the ropes. Green Ant applies a Boston Crab. Gulak gets the ropes again. After some reversals Gulak suplexes Green Ant into the corner. They position themselves on the top rope. Gulak gets sent to the mat with a headbutt. Green Ant crossbody’s after him. Gulak rolls through and hooks the leg to get the pin at 3:30.

There is no denying that the work they put in was masterful. These two are unbelievable mat technicans and counter wrestlers. They entertained and had me captivated throughout the whole thing. Splitting the falls leaves both of them on an even playing field, but it does lead to a future rubber match. We would up getting one the follow week in “Wrestling is Heart” but more on that later. ***½

Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive vs. The Captain & Tenille

Sidney Bakabella of course is in the Corporation’s corner. Smashmaster splashes them both in the corner. Both The Captian and Tenille get double bieled out of the corner. McMassive chokeslams the Captain. Smashmaster powerbombs Tenille on top of him. McMassive pins them both with his boot at 1:07. I kind of missed these squashes. ¼*

Jigsaw vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Brian Fury

Manservant Herbert is in Coronado’s corner. Jigsaw claims to be the best wrestling in the building after punching both guys. A three person headlock sees Fury shoulder block Coronado and Jigsaw. He slams Cornado onto Jigsaw and pins them both for two. Jigsaw kicks Fury into Coronado’s clotheslines. Jigsaw and Coronado decide to work together in beating down Fury. They fight over whom has the best dropkick. This leads to them arguing over who will get the pinfall. Coronado slaps Jigsaw in the face. Fury gives him a forearm. Coronado splashes Jigsaw. Fury drops him with a neckbreaker and superkicks Jigsaw for two. Coronado kicks Fury and Fury nails him with an enzuigiri. Jigsaw superkicks Fury. When he goes for a pin, Coronado picks him up and German suplexes him. Jigsaw goes for a brainbuster. Coronado blocks it. Fury sunset flips Jigsaw, causing him to suplex Coronado. Herbert trips Jigsaw and brings him to the floor. Fury is about to go after Jigsaw when Coronado rolls him up for the pin at 6:37. Totally pointless. Nobody looked better or worse than anyone else and nobody had time to do anything. Once again Herbert helps Coronado win and the world keeps turning. *½


3 Responses to Wrestling is Art: Impression

  1. Filip says:

    Will you be giving full reviews of the Wrestling Is since Chikara is on hiatus

  2. Kevin Ford says:

    I am going to address this in the next episode of VIVA CHIKARA on Pro Wrestling Ponderings, but the simple answer is “maybe.”

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