Wrestling is Art: Expression


Haverhill, MA – 5.11.2013

The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Kobald

Kobald tries battling Thunderfrog’s enchanted hammer with a plunger. Thunderfrog hits the mat with his hammer to knock Kobald down. He boots him to the corner and knocks him down with an Estonian Hammer. Thunderfrog backward leapfrogs over Kobald and springs into a Thesz Press. Kobald heads to the floor to create distance but gets nailed with a double axe handle. They throw each other into walls. Kobald hides in the crowd after shoving Thunderfrog into the ring post. Thunderfrog comes after him in the bleachers, only to take a headbutt in the stomach and fall to the floor. Because of that fall, Kobald focuses his attack on the Thunderfrog’s back. Thunderfrog sends him head first into a chair when they return to the floor. A couple of slams and the Estonian Stampede get a two count. Kobald and Thunderfrog trade control until Kobald sets up for the Neutralizer. Thunderfrog Jackknife pins him to counter and gets the pin at 10:20. For the heck of it, Thunderfrog Jackknife pins him again. I’m not a fan of Kobald in singles matches for the most part, but given that most of the action was for comedic purposes it turned out for the better. The portions in the ring were engaging enough and both competitors carried their weight. **½

Jigsaw vs. Antonio Thomas

Thomas controls the early going with Jigsaw constantly going for the ropes and the floor to stop his momentum. Jigsaw asks for a push-up contest. Thomas shows him up at first, then applies a front facelock. Jigsaw again gets the ropes. This leads to them going into a Hindu Squat battle. Jigsaw goes for a cheap dropkick which Thomas catches. He stomps him in a surfboard variation and snaps off a suplex. Thomas throws a stuffed monkey he brought with him into Jigsaw’s face. It apparently attacks him. Jigsaw snaps his arm across the top rope. He works over his arm on the mat. Thomas blocks a brainbuster attempt. He throws some clotheslines with his good arm. He gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Thomas catches him coming off the ropes with a powerslam. Jigsaw blocks a 2k1 Bomb with a Fujiwara armbar. Thomas manages to turn it into a Boston Crab. Jigsaw grabs referee Dan Yost. He jabs Thomas’ eyes and brings him back down into a Fujiwara armbar Thomas taps out at 14:02. This was not the most exciting match in the world but told a very solid story and had defined characters. I would not mind seeing either of them become more commonplace in the Wrestling Is companies. **¾

Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive vs. Obariyon & Kodama

Sidney Bakabella is in the Corporation’s corner. The Batiri throw some strikes but can’t match the Corporation’s power. They get sent to the floor with ease. The Batiri stomp on their feet and slap their faces. Obariyon low bridges the top rope to send Smashmaster out. Smashmaster catches him and throws him back into the ring. Smashmaster catches Obariyon a second time. This time however, Kodama assists him with a moonsault. Smashmaster gets his foot stuck in the ropes. The Batiri take advantage by stomping him silly and attacking his leg. They weaken his leg enough to hit the Skull Bronzing, but it’s not enough to even get a two count. He’s able to tag McMassive even with Kodama on his back. McMassive sits out with a chokeslam onto Obariyon, then chokeslams Kodama onto him. The Batiri get Smashmaster down in the corner and dropkick his knees. McMassive gives Kodama the Boss Man Slam. They call for the Death Blow. Obariyon blatantly kicks McMassive in the groin, earning the Corporation a DQ win at 8:08. I was not at all expecting the Batiri to be the Rudos in this match, but it surprisingly worked out. They actually may have had the smartest approach in taking down the crew out of anybody so far. But the finish was so abrupt and unsatisfying that it’s hard to call it a true success. I actually think a Tecnico Devastation Corporation could work further down the line. **

Green Ant vs. Sho Funaki

Green Ant goes for the cloverleaf early. Funaki escapes but gets taken down with a couple of armdrags. Funaki responds with one of his own. Green Ant comes back with a dropkick. He twists up Funaki’s arm. Funaki tries a sunset flip and gets two. Green Ant goes back to the arm. He goes for a kick. Funaki catches it and takes him down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Funaki gives him two more before applying the figure four leg lock. Green Ant makes a struggle to the ropes. From the apron he nails a gamengiri. He double jumps in for a senton but misses. They both trade blows upon getting to their feet. Green Ant takes him out with a rolling clothesline and a pump kick. Funaki cracks him with an enzuigiri. He goes for a high crossbody. Green Ant rolls through it for a pin attempt. He carries Funaki in an Angle Slam. He then applies the Cloverleaf. Funaki turns over. Green Ant deadlifts him up into the air. Funaki sunset flips him over, but Green Ant reapplies the Cloverleaf. Funaki gets the ropes. Green Ant busts out a Michinoku Driver! He misses a top rope headbutt. He goes for a lariat. Funaki ducks and rolls Green Ant into a tornado clutch for the pin at 16:50. It was nice to see Funaki wrestle a match with none of the baggage WWE would saddle him with (the announcer gimmick, Kung Fu Naki, etc.) Green Ant was the perfect opponent for him to showcase this against, especially in a mat based contest such as this. A really fun, engaging counter and a positive way to end the show. ***½


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