AIW: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta


Cleveland, OH – 4.26.2013

AIW Tag Team Championship
Gregory Iron & Veda Scott (Champions) vs. Obariyon & Kodama

Iron and Scott jump the Batiri before the bell. Iron suicide dives onto Obariyon. Kodama drags Scott to the floor and gives her some headbutts. Scott hits him over the head with a computer keyboard. Back in the ring Iron and Scott double team Obariyon in the corner. Obariyon drops Iron face first on the top turnbuckle while Kodama gives Scott a chinbreaker. Kodama pours some bacon bits into the ring. Scott flees as she is a vegetarian. Iron Gimp slaps Kodama and Frankensteiner’s Obariyon to the middle floor. He calls for a 619 and ends up giving him double boots. Scott gets sent into the bacon with a drop toe hold! Kodama and Iron fight on the floor. In the ring Scott facewash kicks Obariyon for two. Obariyon German suplexes her but Iron breaks the cover. He’s sent back to the floor. Obariyon has a staple gun. Scott low blows him to stop it from being utilized. Iron sunset flips Obariyon. Kodama breaks the pin with a low blockbuster. Scott takes the Skull Bronzing. The Batiri set her up for a top rope move. Iron attacks Obariyon while Scott kicks Kodama to the floor. Obariyon however catches Iron with the Rapture for three. Scott then Oklahoma Rolls him to stop the four count and gets the pin at 9:24. I am finding it impossible to care about these matches given I know that they’re always going to end with nonsense. The Batiri brought the goods but the champions just aren’t cutting the mustard. **

After the match, Kodama gives Scott a reverse waterwheel slam into a knee strike from Obariyon! Scott decides to leave with the belts rather than help his partner out.

Read my review of the entire show here.


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