Wrestling is Cool: The Chilling Sound of Your Doom


Kingwood, WV – 4.14.2013

Frightmare vs. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti

Angelosetti grabs a side headlock after kicking Frightmare in the stomach. He shoulder blocks him to the mat. He misses a knee drop. Frightmare grabs his legs and stomps on his face.He sends Angelosetti to the corner with a quesadora armdrag. He comes off the second rope with a Frankensteiner. Angelosetti tries a Razor’s Edge. Frightmare looks to counter with a huracanrana but gets powerbombed into the corner. Angelosetti chokes him in the corner. He gets two with a powerbomb. He gives Frightmare some shoulder blocks in the corner and snapmares him into a cradle. He misses a corner attack, leaving room for Frightmare to give him a step-up enzuigiri. Angelosetti shoulder tackles him for two. He splashes onto Frightmare four times before striking the Tebow pose. Frightmare catches Angelosetti with a crucifix bomb at 6:12. This was fine, aside from the annoying fans and their uninspired insults. *½

Saturyne & Heidi Lovelace vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.

Saturyne and Lovelace do some damage to Hijo’s left arm. Jr. accidentally hurts his arm when trying to help. Lovelace sends Jr. to the corner twice with armdrags. He jabs her in the throat and puts on a side headlock. Saturyne blind tags in and gives Jr. a bulldog. Her and Lovelace dropkick him to the floor. Saturyne throws a couple kicks to Hijo. She headscissors him out of the corner. She catches him with a springboard dropkick. Jr. gets O’Conner Rolled for two. Saturyne gets worn down by Los Ice Creams until she tags in Lovelace, escaping a leg hold from Hijo. Lovelace throws some kicks to Hijo. Hijo ducks a dropkick and tags in Jr. She sends Jr. into Hijo, then huracanrana’s Jr. for two. After a back cracker, Saturyne flies in with a high crossbody. Saturyne puts Jr. in the Rings of Saturyne. Jr. spins her out for a two count. Jr. accidentally bumps his head in the corner. Lovelace enzuigiri’s Hijo off the apron. Saturyne moonsault blocks onto Jr. for the pin at 10:53. They kept things basic but it was fun. The right mix of humor and wrestling. Lovelace and Saturyne make a great team. **½


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