Dragon Gate USA: Mercury Rising 2013


Secaucus, NJ – 4.7.2013

In a dark match, Amasis defeated Mikey Webb.

Soldier Ant vs. Anthony Nese

Fire Ant is in Soldier Ant’s corner while a man of larger carriage named Mr. A (not Billy Gunn) is in Nese’s corner. Soldier Ant takes Nese to the mat in a side headlock. Nese reverse into a headscissors. Soldier Ant pops out and takes Nese back down in the headlock. Soldier Ant ducks a clothesline and sweeps out Nese’s legs for a nearfall. Nese throws some knees to Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant responds with a pair of armdrags and a hip toss. Nese rolls to the floor. Nese cuts off Soldier Ant’s dive with a clothesline. He pitches Soldier Ant out and follows with a Fozberry Flop. Nese hits him with a left hand before bringing him back into the ring for a two count. Soldier Ant throws some forearm strikes. Nese backdrops him into a lionsault for two. He rolls Soldier Ant into cross legged neck stretch. Soldier Ant hops over Nese in the corner and rolls up onto his shoulders for an armdrag. He wheelbarrow cartwheels Nese and takes him down with a saluting headscissors. Soldier Ant looks for a TKO. Nese fights out. Soldier Ant hits him with a rolling forearm. He blocks Nese’s superkick. Nese rolls him into a one-armed deadlift buckle bomb. He follows up with a running knee strike to the face. Nese hits a 450 splash for the pin at 5:09. Nese probably should have had more offense given this was his weekend to be re-established, but he and Soldier Ant had a pretty solid back-and-forth affair. The crowd was just not into it at all. *

Mr. A chokeslams and splashes Fire Ant afterwards.


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