Dragon Gate USA: Open the Ultimate Gate 2013


Secaucus, NJ – 4.6.2013

Jigsaw vs. Fire Ant vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Arik Cannon vs. Anthony Nese vs. Shane Strickland

Taylor and Fire Ant start off with a Lucha sequence. Fire Ant uses the ropes to send Taylor to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Jigsaw grabs Cannon’s leg. Cannon negotiates his way out and takes down Jigsaw in a side headlock. Jigsaw reverses into a headscissors. Cannon reverses. Jigsaw armdrags Cannon into a basement dropkick. He follows Cannon to the floor with a pescado. Strickland uses the ropes to armdrag Nese. He lands a dropkick. Strickland comes in from the apron with a sunset flip attempt. Nese kicks him in the head to block it, then lands a lionsault for two. Taylor puts the boots to Strickland. He gets two with a dropkick. Jigsaw chops Strickland against the ropes. Fire Ant elbow drops Strickland twice before landing a somersault senton. Strickland takes Fire Ant to the corner with strikes. Fire Ant chops him. Cannon gives Strickland and even harder chop and a delayed vertical suplex. Strickland hopes over a corner attack and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw gamengiri’s Cannon and headscissors him to the floor. Jigsaw follows with a suicide dive. He cuts off Fire Ant’s dive with a forearm, but Taylor tope con hilo’s over Fire Ant onto Jigsaw and Cannon. Fire Ant springboards out with a somersault senton onto everybody. Strickland tosses Nese out on the opposite side of the ring. Nese however takes out Strickland’s legs. Nese then hits a Fozberry Flop onto everyone. Strickland almost hurts himself with a suicide somersault senton. Cannon teases a dive but drinks a PBR instead. He shares it with Taylor. Strickland dropkicks Taylor into Cannon. Jigsaw release belly-to-belly suplexes Strickland. He trades chops with Cannon. Jigsaw sole butt kicks him. Cannon nails a lariat but misses a second rope moonsault. Fire Ant headscissors Jigsaw, landing with a DDT onto Cannon. Nese ducks Fire Ant’s antzuigiri and pump-handles him into a powerbomb. Taylor breaks the pin. Nese elbows his way free. Taylor drops him with a uranage and kicks him in the chest for two. A series of kicks and strikes leaves everyone laying. Cannon crotches Strickland on the top rope. He Spider suplexes him off. Jigsaw coast-to-coast dropkicks Cannon. Fire Ant Yahtzee Kicks Jigsaw. Taylor boots Fire Ant. Fire Ant tires a moonsault press into a DDT. Taylor holds on, but Fire Ant counters into Burning Down the House. Jigsaw drops Fire Ant with a brainbuster. Nese gives Jigsaw a one-armed buckle bomb and a running knee to the face. Nese ascends the ropes. Strickland looks to bring him down. Cannon however intercepts. Strickland spikes him with a twisting Canadian Destroyer. Nese hits a 450 splash on Strickland for the pin at 13:39. This weekend was all about Nese’s rebirth in the WWN Universe, so him winning was the right call. It was a fantastic display of athleticism, one that the crowd really dug, and everyone got a chance to look strong. ***¼


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