AIW: Gauntlet for the Gold 8


Cleveland, OH – 3.29.2013

Obariyon & Kodama vs. Russ Myers & T-Money

Veronica Ticklefeather is in the Batiri’s corner. Kodama takes Money off his feet with a back elbow from the middle rope. Money knees him in the stomach and tags in Myers. Kodama avoids a double team and tags in Obariyon. Myers backflips and crossbody’s onto him. Obariyon catches him with a gut buster for two. The Batiri take turns wearing Myers down, which is smart considering he’s the smaller of their two opponents. Myers lands a haymaker onto Obariyon. He and Money hit him with the Broken Arrow. After Myers gives him a rolling Death Valley Driver, the Batiri pull of the Killer Bees switch. Myers and Money try it themselves, but given that they’re different ethnicities, referee Jake Clemons doesn’t fall for it. He’s called a racist by the crowd. Kodama and Money clothesline each other simultaneously. Myers hits Obariyon with a Busaiku knee and a yakuza kick. They suicide dive onto Money and Kodama at the same time. Myers fights Obariyon off the top rope. He hits him with the double jump moonsault for two. Kodama gives him the Jon Woo dropkick, leading to the Batiri hitting him more dropkicks in the corner. Money breaks their pin attempt. He double clotheslines The Batiri. He pops up Obariyon into a waterwheel slam. Myers clotheslines Kodama to the apron. Kodama shoves him off the top to counters his cannonball slam. He brings Money to the floor and moonsaults onto him. The Batiri put away Myters with Go 2 Hell with the pin at 11:22. This was one of the Batiri’s better outings and the crowd seems to love the Fuck-Its. Both teams worked together really well. I see big things for Myers and Money and even bigger things for the Batiri (despite them being former champs already). ***

2012 Gauntlet for the Gold

This match has thirty competitors total. After the first two are introduced, a new wrestler enters every 90 seconds. You eliminate your opponent by throwing them over the top rope and to the floor, just like the Royal Rumble. The last man standing will get a shot at the Absolute Champion at “Absolution VIII” on June 30.

The order of entry is:

1. Colin Delaney
2. Chris Dickinson
3. Jake Clemons
4. Russ Myers
5. Evan Gelestico
6. Johnny Gargano
7. Pierre Abernathy
8. Tim Donst
9. Super Oprah
10. Addy Starr
11. Jack Verville
12. T-Money
13. BJ Whitmer
14. Louis Lyndon
15. Gary Jay
16. Josh Prohibition
17. Dios Salvador
18. Marion Fontaine
19. Ethan Page
20. ACH
21. Rickey Shane Page
22. Matt Cross
23. Kodama
24. Bobby Beverly
25. Jock Samson
26. Obariyon
27. Josh Alexander
28. Gregory Iron
29. Veda Scott
30. Allysin Kay

Order of Elimination:

1. Jake Clemons by Colin Delaney with supreme ease.
2. Russ Myers by Colin Delaney
3. Super Oprah by Tim Donst, Evan Gelestico, and Pierre Abernathy
4. Tim Donst by Addy Starr
5. Addy Starr by Chris Dickinson
6. Jack Verville by T-Money and Chris Dickinson
7. T-Money by Chris Dickinson
8. Chris Dickinson by BJ Whitmer
9. BJ Whitmer eliminates himself, diving onto Chris Dickinson
10. Louis Lyndon by Colin Delaney
11. Josh Prohibition by Rickey Shane Page
12. Pierre Abernathy by Jock Samson
13. Gary Jay by Jock Samson
14. Evan Gelestico by Jock Samson
15. Jock Samson by Colin Delaney
16. Matt Cross by Bobby Beverly
17. Rickey Shane Page by Obariyon
18. Bobby Beverly by Kodama
19. Dios Salvador by Josh Alexander
20. Marion Fontaine by Josh Alexander
21. Gregory Iron by Obariyon and Kodama
22. Veda Scott by Obariyon and Kodama
23. Kodama by Colin Delaney
24. Obariyon by Colin Delaney
25. ACH by Johnny Gargano
26. Allysin Kay by Ethan Page
27. Josh Alexander by Ethan Page, shoving Johnny Gargano into him
28. Johnny Gargano by Ethan Page
29. Ethan Page by Colin Delaney

Winner of the 2013 Gauntlet for the Gold: Colin Delaney

This was damn near perfect. This told so many stories and built to so many matches that I am interested in almost every storyline AIW has at the moment. Not only that, but helped elevate some stars and made Colin Delaney look unstoppable. If I were AIW, he’s the next Absolute Champion without question. This may have been my favorite Gauntlet for the Gold match the company has put on. ***¾

You can read my review of the entire show here.


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