AIW: Conspiracy Theory


Cleveland, OH – 2.8.2013

AIW Tag Team Championship
Gregory Iron & Veda Scott (Champions) vs. Kodama & Facade

Irish Airborne were set to challenge for the tag titles but weather kept them from showing up. In AIW, due to Iron’s handicap, all of his matches are under four count rules meaning Hope & Change (Iron & Scott) can win with a three count but their opponents need a four count. Kodama (but for some reason not Obariyon or Kobald?) can challenge for the titles. Veronica Ticklefeather is with him. Facade hops in from the crowd and hits the champs with a slingshot double clothesline to kick the bout off. He fights with Iron on the floor while Scott and Kodama take it into the ring. He comes off the middle rope with a back elbow for two. Facade lands on Iron’s head from some leapfrogs, but then hits a nice quebrada. Iron drop toe holds him onto the middle rope. He calls for the 619 but Facade hits him with a springboard enzuigiri instead. Kodama throws some shots to Iron in the corner. Scott gtabs Kodama’s leg when he hits the ropes. She baits him into a clothesline from Iron. Hope & Change then isolate Kodama until he fights off Scott, laying her out with a chinbreaker and tagging in Facade. He fights Iron and Scott off himself. Facade walks the ropes into a superkick to Iron. It was really cool, but only good enough for a two count. He gets three with a Michinoku Driver. He forgets the four count rule and begins celebrating. This momentary lapse in judgment gives Scott the chance to give Facade and belly-to-back bridging suplex. Kodama breaks the count. While referee Jake Clemons is distracted, Scott pulls the ol’ Eddie Guerrero with Veronica’s baton. Clemons sees the baton in Facade’s hand and Scott playing dead and calls for the DQ at 11:11. Confession time: I was so ready to hate this match. I’m not the biggest fan of any of the four participants and was kind of dreading it. In all actuality, it turned out really well. I’m tired of Hope & Change having lousy finishes in every match but at least I expect it now and don’t get as mad. Facade and Kodama are hit and miss but were crisp in their offense. Hope & Change still don’t have very exciting heat segments even if their characters are on point. This could have been a disaster but was fairly entertaining. **½

Eddie Kingston vs. Tim Donst

A brawl spills out to the floor. Kingston sends Donst into the guardrails and chokes him with a crutch. Donst gets sent into the ring, but comes right back out with a suicide dive. He belly-to-belly suplexes Kingston in from the ring apron. Kingston then belly-to-belly suplexes Donst off the top rope. Back on the floor Donst tries to use a chandler. Referee Jake Clemons takes it out of his hands. Kingston gives him some forearms and chops around ringside. He sets up for a move on the ramp but Donst ends up backdropping him onto it. They end up back in the ring where Kingston poks Donst in the eyes. Donst crotches him in the corner and brings him out with a German suplex. Donst then gives him a spear. He gets two with another belly-to-belly suplex. Donst brings Kingston off the top rope with a lariat. He follows up with a running STO for two. Kingston attempts the Backfist. Donst ducks and gets sent into the corner with an overhead suplex. Kingston gives him a brainbuster for two. Donst tries the Donstitution but is too weak. He drives Kingston face first into the mat before dorpping him with a Gator Roll. Kingston grabs the ropes to break the pin. Kingston accidentally hits Jake Clemons when Donst attacks him. Kingston pulls out some brass kuncks from his tights and gives Donst a Backfist to the Future for the pin at 13:33. AIW had the chance and they blew it. This could have been the awesome blow off this feud deserved in CHIKARA after so many people were disappointed in their “Under the Hood” bout. Instead, they give us another cheap finish after some great wrestling. Eddie Kingston quits the company after the match so we may never get that proper ending after all. It’s a shame, really. ***

Read my review of the entire show here.

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