Impact Wrestling: One Night Only X-Travaganza 2013


Orlando, FL – 1.13.2013

Ultimate X Match
Rubix vs. Kenny King vs. Mason Andrews vs. Zema Ion

Of course, Rubix is Jigsaw. The only way to win is to scale the cables in the shape of an X above the ring and retrieve the red X in the middle of it. Ion and Andrews fight in one corner while King and Rubix fight in the other. Ion is clotheslined to the floor. Rubix and Andrews double dropkick King. Andrews headscissors Rubix to the corner. Rubix armdrags him into a basement dropkick. King cuts off Rubix with a spinwheel kick. Ion knocks King down and begins to climb the ropes. Andrews stops him. Ion stomps Rubix’s head into the mat and dives onto Andrews. King slams Rubix into a slingshot legdrop. Rubix sends King into the guardrails while in the ring Andrews crossbody’s onto Ion. Rubix comes in with a springboard dropkick to Ion. He slingshot legdrops Andrews. Ion shoves King shoulder first into a metal beam. King however begins to scale the X when everyone else is down. Rubix and Andrews pull him down. Ion tosses Rubix off the top rope. King begins to unmask Rubix. Andrews stops him with a superplex. Rubix scales the X. When Ion pulls at his leg, Rubix comes off with a Frankensteiner. King enzuigiri’s Rubix to the floor and follows with a twisting pescado. Andrews tope con hilo’s onto King. Ion comes out with a twisting moonsault onto King and Andrews. Rubix climbs one of the metal structures holding the X and crossbody’s onto everybody. He begins to navigate the X. He almost has it when Rubix pulls him down into the Royal Flush! King dumps Ion to the floor to stop a superplex. Andrews brings King down with a Leap of Faith. A series of moves leaves all four men laying. Andrews and Rubix take down King and Ion. Andrews crawls across the X. Rubix pulls him down into a German suplex. Ion goes to climb. Rubix and King both drag him down. Ion however collides them together and brings them down with a neckbreaker. Andrews shoves Ion head first into the metal support structure. Rubix dropkicks King and Andrews drops Rubix with a Busaiku Knee. Andrews and Ion scale the cables at the same time. Andrews brings himself and Ion down with a Complete Shot! Rubix climbs to the middle and has the X in his hands. King however pulls him down, grabs the X, and drops him in an Electric Chair drop. Since King is holding the X, he is awarded the bout at 15:26. That ending was pretty lame but all four guys worked really hard and left a lasting impression. I think Rubix and Andrews really made their mark and both would be worthy of being regulars in the X-Division. ***¼


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