Wrestling is Fun!: Feliz Banavidad


Allentown, PA – 12.29.2012

Icarus is sitting in the front row and is the time keeper for some reason.

Los Ice Creams (El Hijo del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.) vs. The Batiri (Kodama & Kobald)

Hijo sweeps out Kobald’s leg and pinches his buttocks. Kobald kicks him in the leg causing him to cry. It turns out to be a rouse and Hijo punches Kobald’s buttocks again. Kobald bites him in the keister for retribution. Kodama shoulder blocks Jr. Jr. responds with a hip toss and a monkey flip. He follows Kodama to the floor and slams his face intot he apron. Los Ice Creams whip him into a wall. They get two younger fans to send Kobald into a different wall. In the ring, the Ice Creams use the ropes to slingshot Kodama onto Kobald. Kodama gives Jr. a chin breaker and Kodama knees him from the apron. Bryce Remsburg finds friction with the Batiri by slow counting them and fast counting Jr.’s pin during the time where the Batiri isolate him. It reaches the point where Bryce hands his referee shirt to Gary from Smart Mark Video! He takes over refereeing duty while Bryce shoots the show! This is incredible. He too slow counts the Batiri and even pretends to fall asleep. Kobald slaps him in the face! Hijo puts on the referee shirt.Bryce becomes the referee again and things are back to normal. Kodama accidentally knees Kobald in the back. Hijo backdrops Kobald six times. Jr. instructs Hijo to place him across the ring. Hijo runs across the ring and splashes onto him for two. Everybody goes for different pinning combinations. The Batiri scare Los Ice Creams so badly that the run into each other. Kodama gives Jr. a flying Blockbuster and Kobald follows up with the Demon’s Toilet for the pin at 14:10. These are the kind of matches I like seeing every once in awhile; fun, goofiness, crowd participation, and solid wrestling mixed into one. **1/2

Green Ant vs. STIGMA

The building is apparently very cold, as Green Ant has four layers above his gear and a scarf. STIGMA boots Green Ant as he goes to peel off a long sleeve shirt. Green Ant gamengiri’s him from the apron and comes back in with a second rope crossbody. He dropkicks STIGMA to the floor. Green Ant fakes a dive and ends up chopping him around ringside. He lets an infant get in a chop as well. STIGMA snaps Green Ant’s neck across the top rope. He delivers a rope-assisted neckbreaker for two. He punches Green Ant into a DDT. Green Ant schoolboys him for two. STIGMA stops his momentum with a backbreaker. Green Ant sneaks in another schoolboy for two, then delivers a superkick to STIGMA’s chest. He lariats him and comes off the second rope with a dropkick. Green Ant throws some headbutts. STIGMA busts out a tornado kick for two. Green Ant drop toe holds him onto the second rope and dropkicks him in the side of the head. He throws some kicks to STIGMA’s head. STIGMA puts his hands up to block, So Green Ant grabs them for a test of strength. STIGMA submits at 8:45. STIGMA was better here than he has been, but still nothing amazing. Green Ant ran through his usual offense and it was all just fine. **1/2

Jervis Cottonbelly vs. Obariyon

Obariyon refuses a handshake. Cottonbelly drop toe holds him. Obariyon hits the floor in anger. Cottonbelly holds the ropes to let him back in. They exchange headlocks. Cottonbelly pops out of a headscissors and kicks Obariyon to the floor when Obariyon goes for his leg. He lets Obariyon back in. Cottonbelly applies a courting hold. Obariyon flips out of it. Cottonbelly goes for a suplex. Obariyon flips out and forearms him in the neck. Cottonbelly goes for a corner hip attack but Obariyon gets his feet up to block it. He applies a side headlock. Cottonbelly elbows out of it and successfully lands his hip attack. He delivers a body slam and goes up top. He and Bryce get in a discussion about a five count that occurs when a wrestler goes up top. This allows Obariyon to slam him off the top rope and drop an elbow for two. He stomps Cottonbelly down in the corner. Cottonbelly goes for a suplex. Obariyon knees him in the head and the face for two. He grabs the jacket that Cottonbelly hung up before the bell and puts it on. He rakes Cottonbelly’s eyes. He places the jacket on his chest and walks across him. Obariyon misses a diving headbutt. Cottonbelly throws the jacket at him and lands a dropkick. He puts on an elbow pad before dropping said elbow for two. He gets two again with a bridging suplex. Obariyon throws him to the floor. Cottonbelly waits for Obariyon to hold the ropes for him. Shockingly, Obariyon obliges. He shakes Cottoneblly’s hand, but then lifts him up for the Go 2 Hell. He hits it and gets the pin at 13:12. Cottonbelly is a terrific wrestler. Everything from his in ring work to his character he has down to a science. I truly feel that he does not get enough love. Obariyon was a good match for him and they produced a worthwhile bout. **3/4

Dasher Hatfield vs. assailANT

This is a rematch from “The Allentown Potassium Massacre.” assailANT breaks a couple lock-ups in the corner. He applies a hammerlock. Hatfield snapmares out of it but misses a sliding dropkick. He smacks assailANT in the back of the head from the apron. assailANT misses three strikes, so he’s out. Hatfield snaps his neck on the top rope and slingshots into an Oklahoma Roll for two. They roll around in various pinning combos leading to a stalemate. assailANT knocks him down with a wind-up elbow. Hatfield armdrags him to the corner. assailANT lands on the top rope going for a strike. Hatfield puts him in a tree of woe and hits a baseball slide. assailANT blocks an O’Conner Roll. He dropkicks Hatfield and wears down his back. Hatfield looks for the Duke Snyder Special but assailANT scrambles to the ropes. He manages to catch assailANT with a backbreaker. assailANT gets in one of his own. He gets two with a crossbody headbutt. Hatfield takes him down with a double axe handle to the chest. Some more strikes lead to a gut buster for two. The Jackhammer only gets Hatfield a two count. assailANT comes off the middle rope with a forearm strike. He gets two with a uranage. After positioning each other for a big move, Hatfield hits the Suicide Squeeze for the pin at 13:57. An excellent match. assailANT continues to improve while Hatfield continues to be the man. I hope one day to see them get the credit they deserve. ***

The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked & Frightmare) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)

McMassive powers Hallowicked to the corner. He catches Hallowicked’s crossbody and gives him a fallaway slam. McMassive misses a corner splash, but does give Hallowicked a Buckle Bomb. Firghtmare’s scare tactics do nothing. Smashmaster tags in and yells at Frightmare. He tries a quesadora but gets thrown off. Frightmare kicks Smashmaster’s knee and delivers a dropkick. Smashmaster responds with one of his own! The Corporation bully Frightmare in their corner. Bakabella gets his hands dirty a time or two as well. They end up running into each other, giving Frightmare a moment to tag in. Hallowicked tries to keep them in opposite corners so he can move and strike. He ends up getting sandwiched by stereo splashes. Smashmaster gives Frightmare a sidewalk slam for two. Frightmare puts on a sleeper. Hallowicked yakuza kicks McMassive. He step-up enzuigiri’s Smashmaster while Frightmare holds him. He yakuza kicks him to the floor. McMassive cuts off his dive with a Bossman Slam. Frightmare tries a tornado DDT. McMassive catches him. He and Smashmaster put him away with the Death Blow at 11:00. Just like their Wrestling is Awesome match, I think we’re seeing that the Corporation has the capability to work longer non-squash matches. While they still have some work to do, they’re getting there. The Envoy were their usual great selves. **3/4

Saturyne vs. Jaka

Saturyne avoids Jaka’s initial lock-up attempt. She gives him a few dropkicks. Jaka rolls through an Irish whip attempt and thrusts her throat. Saturyne blocks a double choke bomb with a huracanrana for two. Jaka gives her a belly-to-belly suplex. He claws at her face in the ropes. Saturyne hits another dropkick. Jaka headbutts her in the stomach as she comes off the ropes. Saturyne rolls up onto Jaka’s shoulders. He gives her a Finlay Roll. Saturyne gets her knees up to block a Superfly splash. She spinwheel kicks Jaka in the corner. She gets two with a springboard crossbody. Saturyne throws a couple spin kicks to get the upset win at 5:46. Well that certainly was unexpected. I liked the dynamic they had, it just went a little bit shorter than I would have liked. **1/4

WiF Banana “Championship” Match
Mark Angelosetti (Champion) vs. Fire Ant

Veronica Ticklefeather is in Angelosetti’s corner while Green Ant is in Fire Ant’s corner. Fire Ant ends a Lucha exchange with an armdrag. Fire Ant sends him to the floor. He tries a pescado but Angelosetti catches him and slams him onto the ring frame. He accidentally steps on Veronica’s hand when Fire Ant sends him to the apron. He does however hit a slingshot shoulder block. He wears down Fire Ant’s back. He misses a knee strike, making it seem like Fire Ant is about to make a comeback, but Angelosetti mows him back down with a lariat. He tackles him to the corner. He holds up Fire Ant for a delayed vertical suplex. Veronica refuses to look at him because she’s still angry over her nails. He releases the hold to apologize. Fire Ant kicks him out of the corner. He enzuigiri’s Angelosetti and drops him with a DDT. Fire Ant suicide dives after him when he goes to the floor. Angelosetti superplexes him off the second rope. They trade strikes once getting back to their feet. Fire Ant Burns Down the House and nails the Yahtzee Kick. Veronica gets on the apron to distract him. Angelosetti almost runs into her but stops short. He turns into an antzuigiri and a brainbuster. He goes for a crossbody and Angelosetti catches him with a gut buster. He hits the Flea Flicker for the pin at 12:13. About as good as you would expect these two to do, maybe slightly less. While we had some excitement in the end and Angelosetti’s work on the back was solid, this lacked a certain importance. I think that comes from having ad hoc challengers. ***


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  1. Filip says:

    What is the flea flicker the back drop into a cutter?

  2. Filip says:

    Thanks and love ur great reviews

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