AIW: The End of the World


Cleveland, OH – 12.21.2012

Kobald vs. Allysin Kay

Veronica Ticklefeather is in Kobald’s corner. Referee Jake Clemons refuses to have Kay’s title on the line because he doesn’t want to get weird. Kay overpowers Kobald, bringing him to the corner. Kobald stupidly chops her spikey top. He recovers and delivers a spear. He sets up for the Demon’s Toilet but Kay rolls to the floor. Kay trips him off the apron. She puts a tin on his head and kicks it. She snapmares Kobald onto the entrance ramp and kicks him in the back. He throws some chops above and below her top, as well as delivering a spanking. Kay steals Veronica’ baton and chokes Kobald with it. She hits Kobald with it repeatedly, even sending him into the crowd. In the ring she rubs his face into her spikes. Back on the floor Kobald gets sent into the guardrails. Kay charges after him and ends up hitting the back of her head in the guardrail. Kobald throws a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick back in the ring. He gets two with a belly-to-back suplex. Some lewd gesturing pisses Kay off. She throws a bevy of chops before giving him a cut-throat suplex for the pin at 6:50. That was a lot of fun to watch. Kay beating the crap out of Kobald was a sight to behold. It made me want to see more matches with Kay taking on male wrestlers. Again, this was just fun. **1/2

The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Irish Airborne (Jake & Dave Crist)

Veronica Ticklefeather and Kobald accompany the Batiri. Jake and Obariyon wrestle to a stalemate. Dave hits Kodama with a dropkick for two. Dave armdrags him to the floor to escape a wristlock and follows him out with a pescado. He hits a back senton off the top rope for two. The Airborne sandwich the sides of his head with kicks and knees. Obariyon runs in but gets taken down with a quebrada press from Dave. Jake suicide dives onto the Batiri. Dave then Fosbury Flops out. Obariyon kicks Dave in the side of the head as he re-enters the ring. This allows the Batiri to wear Dave down in the corner with some help from Veronica. He eventutally backflips off the second rope and kicks Obariyon in the head. Jake tags in and cleans house. He powerslams Kodama for two. The Batiri hit the Skull Bronzing for two. Dave clotheslines Kodama which also DDT’s Obariyon at the same time. Obariyon kicks Dave and goes for the Rapture. Dave escapes it but takes a superkick. Jake kicks Obariyon twice. Kodama drops him with a Flying Blockbuster. Dave stomps Obariyon off of Jake’s shoulders and into a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron! Obariyon manages to kick out. Veronica crotches Dave to stop Irish Coffee. Jake is sent to the floor. The Batiri hit Dave with the Seventh Circle for the pin at 13:24. As good as the work was, it lacked a certain amount of substance and never really had the crowd into it. The last two big moves were sweet but the rest of it was by the numbers stuff for both teams. **3/4

Veronica and The Batiri cut a promo about the world ending. NIXON of Rickey Shane Page and Eric Ryan run out to dispose of them. Duke Schork says they will decide when the end of the world is. Bobby Beverly was supposed to be Rickey Shane Page’s opponent, but Duke gave him the night off. Duke then decided to grab a name off the AIW List to replace him. His only crime was trying to make a living off of wrestling – Jimmy Jacobs.

Eddie Kingston & Johnny Gargano vs. NIXON (Rickey Shane Page & Jimmy Jacobs)

After a headlock exchange Jacobs goes for a single leg crab which Gargano rolls out of. Jacobs gets the rope to break a grounded wristlock. Gargano stomps him down in the corner. Jacobs brushes off a kick and knocks Gargano down with a clothesline. Gargano gamengiri’s him to the floor. Jacobs comes in with a sunset flip. Gargano rolls through and dropkicks him. Jacobs pokes Kingston in the eyes. That only angers him, as shown by the strikes that follow. Jacobs kicks him in the shoulder and tags out. Page throws some forearms to put him in a daze. Kingston reply with a rolling elbow. Jacobs trips Kingston as Duke distracts the referee. He comes off the apron with an elbow drop to the floor. Page and Jacobs assault Kingston in their half of the ring. Kingston ends up giving Page a uranage suplex.He gets the tag to Gargano who fights off Jacobs and Page with punches. He drops them both with a DDT/Complete Shot combo. Gargano hits Jacobs with a slingshot spear and suicide dives onto Page. Page stomps him into the canvas. Gargano comes back with an enzuigiri. Jacobs drops him with a spring back Ace Crusher. Gargano gets his knees up to block a senton. Kingston suplexes Jacobs and Page breaks the cover. Kingston ends a chop exchange by dropping Page with an STO. Page blocks the Sliding D with a rolling elbow. Gargano rolls him into a basement enzuigiri. Jacobs puts Gargano in the End Time. Gargano throws him off and nails a superkick. Jacobs accidentally spears referee Jake Clemons. Somebody in a Nixon mask makes his way out. He throws a fireball into Page’s face! It turns out to be Chest Flexor which causes Duke to flip. He takes Page to the back leaving Jacobs alone. He drops Gargano with the Contra Code, rolling up into a satellite headscissors for Kingston. Gargano superkicks Jacobs to block a spear. Kingston hits the Backfist to the Future and the Sliding D for the pin at 13:58. I love the rotating “List” gimmick they’re doing with NIXON. It makes sense and adds intrigue as to who will come in to help them out. The teams worked really well together and against each other, which is a compliment considering this is likely the first time they have ever teamed. This feud is pretty great. ***1/4

AIW Absolute Championship
Tim Donst vs. Eric Ryan

Duke Schork is in Ryan’s corner. Ryan tries to jump Donst. Donst avoids it and throws strikes in the corner. He suplexes Ryan in from the apron. Duke grabs Donst’s leg. Ryan tries again to attack. Donst clotheslines him to the floor and suicide dives onto Duke. Ryan chokes Donst and throws him into the guardrails. In the ring he goes for a Yoshi Tonic. Donst hooks Ryan’s arms and throws him overhead. Donst drops him with an Ace Crusher and spins him out into a uranage. Ryan tries a slingshot move from the apron. Donst catches him with a Donsitution. Duke pulls Donst out of the ring to stop the cover. Ryan tries for a suicide dive and ends up hitting the guardrails. Duke distracts Jake Clemons. Ryan low blows Donst and rolls him up for two. Ryan gives him a German suplex. He turns a Complete Shot into the Koji Clutch. Donst gets the ropes. Ryan sets up for a second rope Package Piledriver. Even though Donst blocks it, Ryan is able to bring him down with a super X-Factor for two. Duke is cutting off a top turnbuckle while Ryan is attacking Donst in the opposite corner. Donst avoids being thrown into it. Clemons goes for the fix the turnbuckle while Donst suplexes Ryan into the corner. He wants to powerbomb Ryan into the exposed buckle but Clemons won’t move. Frustrated, Donst powerbombs Ryan onto Clemons! He Gator rolls Ryan into From Dusk til Donst. Ryan is tapping but it’s of no use. Donst releases the hold when Duke jumps to the apron with a hammer. Eddie Kingston pulls Duke off the apron. Donst and Kingston yell at one another, bringing Kingston into the ring. Kingston ends up giving him a Backfist. He stands face to face with Ryan and gives him a Backfist. Ryan lands on Donst and referee Tom Dunn comes out to count the pin at 15:19, making Ryan the new champion. This was frustrating. This was the fourth match in a row to involve interference of some sort, causing this match to blend in with everything that proceeded before it. The action was only OK and I have to wonder if that’s because both guys knew what was to come. Ryan deserves to be champion but Donst sure as hell expected much better than that. This left a sour taste in my mouth. **1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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