Wrestling is Awesome: Inaugural Show


Troy, NY – 12.9.2012

Mike Quackenbush vs. Jervis Cottonbelly

Quackenbush tries to get a pin while in a collar and elbow tie-up. Cottonbelly manages to work his way out of it. He places his feet on Quackenbush’s shoulders and pulls back on his arms. Quackenbush leans back and kicks Cottonbelly’s arms away. He locks up his legs and trips him both backwards and forwards. He cleanly relinqushes the hold and Cottonbelly applies it himself. Quackenbush easily steps out of it. He turns Cottonbelly’s full nelson into a double arm stretch. Cottonbelly headstands up and grabs Quackenbush’s leg for an ankle lock. He kicks Cottonbelly away, but Cottonbelly cartwheels out. Quackenbush sits down to block being whipped across the ring. He offers Cottonbelly his leg. He grabs it, allowing Quackenbush to school boy him for the pin at 5:16. Terrific counter wrestling from both guys. I have no doubts that with more time this could have been a flat out clinic. Rematch please. **1/2

Green Ant vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado

Coronado sole butt kicks Green Ant before the bell. Manservent Herbert is in Coronado’s corner. Green Ant puts on an STF until Coronado gets the ropes. He rolls to the floor and has Herbet wipe him off. He’s horrified when Green Ant puts on his robe and does a Rick Rude hip swivel. Coronado instructs Herbert to wash it. A Lucha exchange sees Green Ant come off the second rope with an armdrag. Herbert grabs his leg. Green Ant kicks him and hits him with a pescado. Coronado catches him with a back suplex when he makes his way back into the ring. He rams his shoulder into Green Ant’s lower back. Coronado goes for a back drop. Green Ant turns into a sunset flip for two. When that fails, Coronado clotheslines him when they get to their feet. He applies a chinlock in the ropes. Green Ant ducks a clothesline an O’Conner rolls Coronado for two. Coronado gives him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Herbert tosses him a water bottle. As he takes a drink, Green Ant schoolboys him for two. He misses a splash. Green Ant gets another two count with another sunset flip and another O’Conner roll. After a big backdrop he levels Coronado with a pair of clotheslines and powerslams him. Green Ant gamengiri’s him from the apron. He comes in with a crossbody for two. A big Gourd Buster follows that. Coronado gives him a back cracker. Green Ant headscissors his way out of a Tiger Driver. He dropkicks Coronado in the side of the head. Herbert grabs him as he goes up top. Green Ant elbows him away and hits a frog splash for the pin at 10:46. Another excellent singles match between these two. These guys are seemingly incapable of producing any less than that. ***

Dasher Hatfield vs. Francis O’Rourke

Francis angrily insists his name is Frank. He refuses Hatfield’s handshake. Hatfield snaps off an armdrag. O’Rourke goes berzerk at Hatfield and some fans calling him Francis. He charges but gets caught with some more armdrags. Hatfield trips him into an Oklahoma Roll for two. He evades O’Rourke’s kick and crossbody’s him for another two count. He drives O’Rourke’s face into the second turnbuckle. O’Rourke catches Hatfield with an Ace Crusher across the top rope for two. He whips Hatfield into the corner and delivers an uppercut. Hatfield tries a sunset flip. O’Rourke rolls through and kicks him in the face. O’Rourke gets two with a diving uppercut. Hatfield takes him to the corner with some strikes. O’Rourke cuts off his base running with a back elbow. He gives Hatfield a Rude Awakening and twists on his neck right after. Hatfield blocks a boot and throws some back elbows to the chest. He runs the bases into a baseball slide. O’Rourke boots him in the face and gives him a half-nelson suplex for two. He misses a Swanton Bomb. Hatfield puts him in the Duke Snyder Special. O’Rourke bites his hand. Theyget into a strike battle while tied up. Hatfield applies more pressure to the knee. O’Rourke maneuvers his way out. Hatfield uses the ropes for a slingshot suplex and gets two. A forearm exchange ends with Hatfield delivering a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He goes for the Jackhammer but O’Rourke slips off of his shoulders and delivers a lariat. Hatfield catches him on the top rope. He hits the Suicide Squeeze for the pin at 12:22. That was a great back-and-forth match. Hatfield really is poised to be the king of these Wrestling Is companies. O’Rourke is a tremendous talent and looks to be on the cusp of a top Rudo somewhere some day. ***

Saturyne vs. Portia Perez

Saturyne cleanly breaks a lock up in the corner, though Perez claims hair pulling occurred. She gets angry at a child in the front row for not agreeing with her. Back in the ring Perez blatantly pulls Saturyne to the mat by her hair. Saturyne headscissors her into the ropes and hits a dropkick. Perez wants a timeout on the floor. She trips Saturyne out, but Saturyne throws her face into the apron. Perez begs off and asks for a handshake. Of course she kicks Saturyne in the stomach instead. Saturyne responds with a sole butt for two. Perez trips her into the second turnbuckle and chokes her with her boot. Saturyne catches her with a bridging prawn hold for two. Perez back elbows her and once again chokes her on the mat. Saturyne gets the ropes to break a chinlock. Perez continues to pull on her hair. Saturyne kicks out her knees and delivers an axe kick for two. Perez gives her a chin breaker and a Complete Shot for two. Saturyne spinwheel kicks her in the corner before landing a quesadora bulldog. Perez kicks out. Perez rolls through Saturyne’s high crossbody and holds her tights for the pin at 7:22. Perez has the typical heel shtick down, I just don’t see her as being anything really special or outstanding like many others seem too. Saturyne has looked a lot more crisp lately so good on her for that. **

3.0 (Scott “Jagged” Parker & Shane Matthews) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive)

Sidney Bakabella is in the Corporation’s corner. Matthews fails to take down the much larger Smashmaster. He sends Matthews out with a clothesline. McMassive stares down Jagged as Jagged circles him. He avoids some elbows while applying a headlock. McMassive tosses Jagged to escape a headlock. Jagged chop blocks his leg, but McMassive comes back with a double clothesline to both 3.0 members. Matthews side steps an attack from Smashmaster. Bakabella grabs his his leg. Matthews avoids another attack. He tries a slam but Smashmaster’s body weight just falls down on him. Matthews gets mauled by the Corporation. Smashmaster almost had the pin after blocking a headscissors and giving Matthews a side slam, but Jagged kicked Smashmaster in the side of the head to break it up. Matthews escapes their grasp due to the Corporation colliding together mid-ring by accident. He’s able to avoid a splash from Smashmaster and tag in Jagged. Jagged ducks some strikes while throwing punches to his mid-section. A flying forearm reels Smashmaster, but he manages to toss Jagged to the corner. Jagged drops the top rope to send him to the floor. McMassive catches him with a big fallaway slam. Matthews chops and dropkicks him. Jagged enzuigiri’s McMassive as Matthews traps him in the corner. They double clothesline Smashmaster back to the floor. McMassive remains steadfast from their double clothesline attempt. Bakabella accidentally throws powder into his face! 3.0 knock him down with tandem dropkicks. Matthews comes off the top rope with an elbow drop for two. Smashmaster throws him into the ring post. He catches Jagged’s pescado attempt and throws him back into the ring. McMassive hits him with the Boss Man Slam. A top rope smash from Smashmaster puts Jagged away at 12:04. I don’t know if this says something about the Corporation’s development or how good 3.0 is, but this proved to me that the Corporation are capable of putting on bouts that go longer than a couple of minutes. I’m glad that we’re seeing them get these trial runs on Wresting Is shows before trying them out in longer matches in CHIKARA proper. I think in the long run that makes things better off for everybody involved. **3/4


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