Vorhees, NJ – 12.8.2012

Jigsaw (1-2) vs. Rich Swann (1-2)

Jigsaw throws a kick at Swann’s hamstring. He stretches out Swann’s arms on the mat, then gets two with a crucifix pin. Swann puts on a cravat and a courting hold. Jigsaw slaps him in the chest to escape. He puts Swann in a Gory Stretch. Swann escapes. They evade each others’ moves until Swann hits a dropkick. He snapmares Jigsaw into a back kick and applies a chinlock. He goes for Rolling Thunder. Jigsaw catches him and slams him onto his stomach. Swann rolls to the floor so Jigsaw suicide dives after him. He backdrops Swann onto the ring apron. In the ring Jigsaw chokes him with his boot. Swann tries elbowing his way out of a chinlock and ends up being thrown head first into the canvas. Swann catches Jigsaw with a gamengiri and the Leap of Faith. Jigsaw rolls to the floor. Swann dives onto him with a twisting tope con hilo. He gets two back in the ring with a tornado DDT. Swann sunset flips Jigsaw. Jigsaw rolls through and delivers a double stomp. He German suplex Swann for two. He goes for the brainbuster. Swann slips out and delivers a sole butt. He hops off Jigsaw’s back into a legdrop for two. Swann tries for a back handspring Ace Crusher. Jigsaw catches Swann on his shoulders for a Torture Rack Bomb. Swann kicks out. Swann evades a dropkick. He rolls back twice and hits an Ace Crusher. He hits a standing shooting star press for two. Jigsaw hot shots Swann. He superkicks Swann and drops him with a 2k1 Bomb. Swann kicks out again. Swann escapes a double stomp. He hits a tornado kick for the pin at 13:16. The opening portion was pretty slow, but they had a really fun ending stretch. Both guys looked strong and got the opportunity to be all flashy and whatnot. I hope Jigsaw becomes more than just fodder one day. ***


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