AIW: Hell on Earth 8


Cleveland, OH – 11.23.2012

Veda Scott makes her way out with Southside St. Clair who previously in a backstage segment asked Scott for a picture. She declares that tonight will be Gregory Iron’s last match in AIW. Iron comes out to “Miseria Cantare” by AFI, which was CM Punk’s music when he was in Ring of Honor. He says he was diagnosed with throat cancer and that he will compete in an AIW Championship match tonight. He calls out Absolute Champion Tim Donst. Instead, Matt Wadsworth appears. Instead of an Absolute title match, he and Scott will be receiving an AIW Tag Team title match.

AIW Tag Team Championship
The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Hope & Change (Gregory Iron & Veda Scott)

Veronica Ticklefeather is in The Batiri’s corner. Scott looks terrified of the demon duo. Obariyon licks the side of her face. She tags in Iron after that. Kodama catches him with a boot and a back elbow from the second rope. Iron tags Scott back in. Kodama sniffs her hair as he puts on a waistlock. Iron is tagged in. He tries tagging back out but Scott is on the floor. He turns into the Skull Bronzing and Scott breaks the pin. The Batiri continue to beat Iron down in their corner. Scott tags in and gets caught by Obariyon with a wheelbarrow suplex. Iron gives Kodama a neck breaker and a senton for two. He misses a corner splash. Iron picks him up for a GTS. Kodama blocks with a Death Valley spinebuster for a three count, but Veda Scott reminds us of the four count rule that Iron has that was established on the previous show. She tags in, but ends up taking multiple dropkicks in the corner. She gives Kodama a jawbreaker. Iron gives Obariyon a Code Breaker. Scott crossbody’s onto him for two. Iron hits Handicap Parking but it has no effect. The Gimp Slap also does nothing to Obariyon. Neither do Scott’s kicks. Kodama sneaks in and tosses her into Obariyon’s Seventh Circle! Iron breaks the pin. He gets sent to the floor. St. Clair and Veronica get in a fight over Veronica’s baton. St. Clair hands it to Iron. As the referee checks on Veronica, Iron clobbers Kodama with the baton. Scott gives him a suplex. St. Clair clues in the referee who slides back in the ring and counts the pin, making Hope & Change the new tag team champions at 8:48. It’s very odd that the Batiri would lose the titles here when the next show is called “The End of the World” and has them as the poster children for the event. Nevertheless, Scott and Iron looked better here than in their recent matches and have the opportunity to be interesting champions. I hope this does not mean the end of the Batiri in AIW. **1/2

NIXON (Eric Ryan, Rickey Shane Page & Bobby Beverly) make their way to the ring with The Duke. They have a four on four match tonight. The Duke says Nixon’s fourth partner comes from “The List”, which is a list of everyone who has been banned from competing in AIW. That man is The Necro Butcher. Their three known opponents, BJ Whitmer, Tim Donst, and Eddie Kingston make their way out. Kingston and Donst have to be kept apart by Whitmer, as they do not get along in CHIKARA. In AIW however, they are on the same team and Whitmer has to remind him of that. Matt Wadsworth comes out to announce their partner. He announces that their partner is also on “The List.” Their partner is a puzzling choice: Chris Dickinson! This is puzzling because Dickinson invaded with Nixon at “Absolution VII.” Team AIW is not pleased with this. We have ourselves a war.

Eddie Kingston, Tim Donst, BJ Whitmer & Chris Dickinson vs. NIXON (Eric Ryan, Rickey Shane Page & Bobby Beverly) & The Necro Butcher

All eight guys fight on the floor. Butcher rams the guardrail into Kingston’s head a few times. Page rakes Whitmer’s eyes as they fight on the crowd. Donst drops Beverly with an STO in the ring before spilling back to the floor. Kingston hits the ring bell into his opponents heads. Butcher throws whitmer into the announcer’s table. Donst suplexes Beverly on the floor. Butcher throws a garbage can at Whitmer and sends Kingston into the guardrails. Dickinson gives Ryan a delayed vertical suplex. Ryan and Page get busted open by Kingston and Dickinson. Donst sends Beverly into a trash barrel. Ryan continues to bleed as he trades strikes with Whitmer. Duke holds Donst for Beverly to chop. Meanwhile Butcher suplexes Kingston on the apron. Dickinson throws a bunch of kicks to Page, ending with a boot to the head and a brainbuster. Butcher slams Kingston onto a chair. He headbutts Dickinson who tries to the throw some kicks. Dickinson clotheslines the back of Necro’s head into a door. Whitmer throws a barrel at Page. Donst throws Beverly into Page. Butcher rams Dickinson spine first into the ring post. Kingston tosses Beverly into the wall over the announcer’s table. Butcher gives Dickinson a hard right hand. Page beats down Kingston in the corner. Ryan beats down Donst with Beverly outside while Whitmer recovers in the ring. Kingston brings a guardrail into the ring. Butcher ends up suplexing him onto it in the corner. Ryan gets booted to the floor. Dickinson kicks Butcher to stop him from giving Whitmer a Tiger Driver. Dickinson offers a handshake to Whitmer. When Whitmer refuses, Dickinson gives him a side piledriver! He walks out on his team. Page gives the referee a Death Valley Driver. Butcher claws at Kingston’s face. Johnny Gargano runs in to once again even the odds and fight for Team AIW. He lawn darts Ryan onto Beverly, superkicks Butcher and drops Page with the Hurts Donut. He goes for the pin. A referee runs in with a NIXON mask on. He doesn’t count, but instead calls for the bell. He calls for a disqualification at 20:02, rewarding the match for NIXON. The referee reveals himself to be Tom Dunn, who refereed for the first two years of AIW and left due to political differences.

What a war this was. It was bloody, violent, nothing seemed contrived, and it all came off REAL. The only real complaint was that it was uneven in its flow. There were hot periods and cold periods but it struggled to remain consistent. Still, this was a spectacle and worth watching. The DQ finish and return of Tom Dunn were actually clever in keeping the feud going between both teams. ***3/4

You can read my review of the entire show here. The Elgin vs. Gargano and Fox vs. ACH matches are amazing, so I highly suggest buying this show.


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