Wrestling is Fun! – Bananaversary


Allentown, PA – 11.17.2012

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, Sidney Bakabella, Dasher Hatfield, Leonard F. Chikarason,

Fire Ant vs. Kobald

An elongated wristlock exchange ends when Kobald bites Fire Ant’s wrist. They engage in a Lucha exchange which sees Fire Ant use the ropes for an armdrag. He then gives Kobald the Stop, Drop and Roll into the second turnbuckle. He dropkicks Kobald to the floor. Kobald gets in some chops. Fire Ant throws them right back and with much more gusto. He recruits some fans and Steve Weiner to hit Kobald. Obariyon makes his way ringside. HIs distraction allows Kobald to snap Fire Ant’s neck on the top rope. Kobald distracts the referee so Obariyon can deliver a back elbow in the corner. Kobald spears Fire Antfor two. He also gets two with a powerbomb. Obariyon tries to strike. Fire Ant sends him to the apron and Kobald accidentally shoulder blocks him to the floor. Fire Ant comes off the top with a crossbody. He drops Kobald with a satellite DDT. Fire Ant tries Burning Down the House, but Kobald blocks it and hits a spear for two. He misses the Demon’s Toiler. Fire Ant hits the Yahtzee Kick and a brainbuster for two. He sets up for the Beach Break. Obariyon distracts him, allowing Kobald to roll him up and hold the tights for the pin at 8:09. Pretty solid action from both parties, but I am begging for the Batiri to win a match without interference or cheating. **

Sidney Bakabella comes out to the ring. You know the routine; he brings out two young guys who want an opportunity (in this case Robert Backlund Jr. and James Garvin) for a match with the Devastation Corporation.

The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) vs. Robert Backlund Jr. & James Garvin

McMassive whips Smashmaster into Backlund and Garvin. He then clotheslines them both simultaneously. He throws one of them across the ring with a fallaway slam while Smashmaster powerslams the other. The Death Blow puts them away at 1:57. ½*

Hallowicked vs. assailANT

Hallowicked armdrags assailANT and holds onto his arm. This leads to them looking for control on the mat. Hallowicked sends assailANT to the corner with a step-up Frankensteiner and hits a step-up enzuigiri. assailANT blocks the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow with a dragonscrew leg whip. He continues to work over his leg, both on the mat and in the ropes. Hallowicked ends up giving him a super snapmare, but assailANT rolls through and chop blocks his bad leg out. He twists up the leg in the ropes. Hallowicked responds with a yakuza kick. He does some damage to assailANT’s neck. assailANT headbutts him in the ribs. Hallowicked blocks a shin breaker with a sunset flip for two. assailANT also gets two with a uranage suplex. He misses a crossbody headbutt. Hallowicked hits the Rydeen Bomb for the pin at 7:25. I said this in my last Wrestling is Fun review, but assailANT has come a long way. Hallowicked’s awesome selling helped make this match as good as it was. **3/4

Gran Akuma vs. Jaka

Both men are undefeated in Wrestling is Fun. Bryce needs to sing “We Will Rock You” more often when people stomp on the mat. Akuma throws kicks while Jaka throws chops. Akuma gives him a DDT. It has no effect on Jaka, who then superkicks Akuma to the floor. He follows with a pescado. Jake claws at his face back in the ring. He grabs a nerve hold. Akuma fights out a headlock but gets headbutted in the stomach. He goes for the Jaguar Jaws but Akuma blocks with a KneeDT. He kicks out Jaka’s leg before delivering a spinning toe hold. Jaka grabs the ropes to alleviate the pressure. He whips Akuma chest first to the corner and drops him with a neckbreaker. He gets two with a rolling headbutt. He applies another nerve hold. Akuma delivers an enzuigiri from the apron. He hits Jaka with a beautiful missile dropkick. He follows up with the Cheetah Swipe for two. Akuma catches him with the mp4 for two. Jaka feels no pain when his head is rammed into the corner. Jaka gives Akuma some open hand strikes. He hangs Akuma in the ropes and throws some strikes to his back and head. He gets two with a high crossbody. Akuma blocks a double choke bomb and throws some kicks. Jaka gives him an overhead suplex. He blocks a fallaway kick with a release leg-capture suplex. He goes for the Jaguar Jaws again. Akuma submits at 10:49. I was expecting this to be great and I was not let down. Their styles meshed perfectly. Jaka getting a win over Akuma was awesome to see, as he is far and away the best of the Wrestling Is guys. Really good work from both participants. ***1/4

Dasher Hatfield vs. Icarus

Saturyne was supposed to Icarus’ opponent, but Hatfield is replacing her due to an injury. These two will also face each other tomorrow night at “The Cibernetico Rises.” Icarus beats down Hatfield with forearms to the back. He then stomps him silly. Hatfield crtoches Icarus on the top to block the Shiranui. He puts him in a tree of woe and runs the bases before hitting a sliding dropkick. Hatfield gives him a couple of armdrags and an elbow in the stomach. He hooks Icarus; leg before cradling him for two. Icarus bails to the floor but Hatfield meets him with a baseball slide. He smacks Icarus in the buttocks, causing Icarus to run around the building in pain. In the ring he avoids Hatfield’s slingshot Oklahoma Roll and delivers a spear. He chokes Hatfield with his track jacket. Icarus tries choking him with his shirt, but Hatfield counters with an Oklahoma Roll. Icarus kicks out and clotheslines Hatfield. He goes for the Blu-Ray. Hatfield slides out and gives Icarus a slingshot suplex. Icarus blocks the Jackhammer with a Shiranui. Hatfield kicks out. Icarus heads up top. Hatfield brings him down hoping for the Suicide Squeeze. Icarus slides out and goes for the Wings of Icarus. Hatfield counters that with another Jackhammer for two. Icarus snaps his neck on the middle rope. Hatfield throws Icarus off the top rope. Hatfield dives into an Oklahoma Win to secure the victory at 7:55. Hatfield was an excelllent recplacement for Saturyne. Hatfield iso so beloved by the crowd that any heel he faces make for an awesome dynamic. I loved how each of their movesets works in terms of countering into other stuff, and that they teased the Oklahoma Roll throughout. Afterwards, Icarus drops Hatfield with the Wings of Icarus. ***

Green Ant vs. Juan Francisco de Coranado

Manservant Herbert is in Coranado’s corner. This is a rematch from the 5th Wrestling is Fun show. Coranado jumps Green Ant from behind at the bell. He kicks out the leg and boots him in the face. Green Ant trips Coranado and delivers a dropkick from the second rope. Coranado arm whips him across the ring. Green Ant comes off the second rope with an armdrag. He gives him an atomic drop and a Manhattan drop. Herbert stops Green Ant on the top rope. Coranado dragonscrew leg whips him to the canvas. Green Ant blocks an ankle lock with one of his own. Coranado gets the rope and chop blocks Green Ant’s leg out. Herbert chokes him on the middle rope. Coranado slams Green Ant down by his mask and tries a Kondo Clutch. Green Ant trips him and applies an STF. Coranado gets the ropes. He hits a clothesline in the corner. Herbert grabs Green Ant’s leg as he climbs the ropes. Coranado tosses him off. He applies an ankle lock until Green Ant grabs the ropes. Green Ant kicks out Coranado’s left leg. Coranado twists up Green Ant’s leg in the middle rope. Green Ant gives Herbert a stunner and a gamengiri when he gets on the apron. He hits Coranado with a lariat and dropkick. He gets two with a powerslam. Green Ant puts on an armbar, turning it into a modified Rings of Saturn. Coranado gets the ropes. Coranado kicks Gren Ant’s leg before getting two with a German suplex. Coranado grabs his leg. Green Ant superkicks him to the middle rope and kicks him from the apron. He gets two with a top rope splash. Green Ant slams him into a Falcon Arrow. Herbert places Coranado’s foot on the bottom rope to stop the pin. Green Ant grabs Herbert and pulls him to the apron. Bryce gets rid of him. Coranado delivers a sole butt an dlocks on the Kondo Clutch. Green Ant taps out at 11:00. Gotta love Coranado making the Kondo Clutch his own submission, winning on back to back shows with it. Green Ant and him had another great match and truly are some of the best guys in the company. ***1/4

The Estonian Thunderfrog vs. Kodama

Obariyon and Kobald are in Kodama’s corner. Thunderfrog takes Kodama to the top rope in a lock-up. Kodama pokes him in the eyes and hits a back elbow. Thunderfrog leapfrogs into a dropkick. He hits an Estonian Hammer. Kodama shoulder blocks him from the apron. Thunderfrog gives him a delayed Gourd Buster. Kobald distracts referee Dan Yost, causing Obariyon to switch places with Kodama. This allows Kodama to sneak in and dropkick Thunderfrog from behind. He legdrops him for two. Kodama tries for a slingshot huracanrana. Thunderfrog tosses him off. Obariyon grabs his ankle. Kodama gives him a fireman’s spinebuster for two. Thunderfrog leapfrogs over Kodama from the second rope. He leaps into a Thesz Press and throws some punches. He whips Kodama across the ring and rolls into a hip attack. Thunderfrog gets two with a Northern Lights suplex. Kobald again distracts Yost. Kodama headscissors Thunderfrog to the floor. He follows with a springboard crossbody. Thunderfrog kicks out in the ring. He shoves Kodama off the top rope, then gives Obariyon a double axe handle on the floor. Kobald throws Thunderfrog into the ring post, giving Thunderfrog the DQ win at 7:22. More Batiri interference? Come on now, at least vary up their matches. This was solid but didn’t have any real flow to it. **

The Batiri beat down Thunderfrog afterwards. A new masked wrestler sends the Batiri packing. He and Thunderfrog hug. It turns out he is known as the Latvian Proud Oak.

WiF Banana “Championship” Match
Mark Angelosetti (Championship) vs. Mike Quackenbush

This is a rematch from “Hasta Banana.” To counteract Veronica Ticklefeather, who is in Angelosetti’s corner, Quackenbush has Angelosetti’s step cousin in law Dasher Hatfield in his corner. Angelosetti drops down. Quackenbush walks around him and chops him in multiple corners. He then gives Angelosetti two monkey flips. Angelosetti bails to the floor. Quackenbush chases him back into the ring. Angelosetti misses a leg drop. Quackenbush gives him a pair of atomic drops. He clotheslines Angelosetti back to the floor. He comes back in and works over Quackenbush’s left arm. He uses the ring post and bottom rope to hyper extend his elbow. Quackenbush sneaks in a schoolboy for two. Angelosetti catches him with a shoulder breaker across his knee. He pitches Quackenbush to the floor and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. He misses a corner splash back in the ring. He does however shoulder tackle Quackenbush right into his arm a couple of times. He side steps a charge, sending Angelosetti to the floor. Quackenbush hops up the ropes and dives onto him. He DDT’s Angelosetti on the ring apron. He hits a tornado DDT back in the ring which hurts his shoulder. Even with his hurt arm, Quackenbush pulls off a back breaker. Angelosetti is thrilled to avoid a top rope attack, but doesn’t realize Quackenbush landed on his feet. He turns around into three kicks, yet still manages to kick out. He turns La Mistica into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Angelosetti blocks the Quackendriver III. He gives Quackenbush two shoulder blocks in the corner. Quackenbush blocks a third with a back elbow. He connects with the Swanton Bomb, hurting his shoulder once again. Veronica gets on the apron as he sets up for Quackendriver III. He releases to admonish her. Angelosetti tackles his hurt shoulder. Quackenbush escapes the Flea Flicker. Hatfield accidentally hits Quackenbush on the apron! Veronica hits Angelosetti with a double axe handle that was meant for Mike. Quackenbush superplexes Angelosetti. Angelosetti however locks the legs and catches Quackenbush in a cradle for the pin at 16:55. I said in my Wrestling is Fun 5 review that this match would be even better with a clean finish. I was right. Just like the back work was consistent in this match, the arm work was too. I’d really dig seeing a third and final encounter with everybody banned from ringside. Angelosetti is the man. ***1/2


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