Dragon Gate USA: Freedom Fight 2012

Long Island, NY – 11.4.2012

Jigsaw & Fire Ant vs. Player Uno & Player Dos

All four guys in the match are former Campeones de Parejas, but only three of them were Young Lions Cup champions (sorry Uno). Uno uses his “big muscles” to control Fire Ant. Uno almost looks to go for Ryback’s finisher when Fire Ant comes off with his shoulders with a headscissors. He sends Uno to the corner with Stop, Drop and Roll. It takes him a couple tries, but Uno is able to take Fire Ant down with a Hadouken. Jigsaw and Dos tag in. Dos rolls away frightened when he sees Jigsaw ascend the ropes. After trading some holds, Jigsaw puts Dos in a Gory Stretch. Dos escapes. He takes down Jigsaw with two Frankensteiners. Jigsaw hops over Dos and snaps off his own Frankensteiner. He dangles Dos on the top rope before dropping him across his knees in a gut buster. Dos gets cornered by the CHIKARA team until he catches them with stereo Pele Kicks. Uno catches Jigsaw right away with a Complete Shot for two. He nails a corner clothesline. Dos gets two with a slingshot senton. He and Uno land a standing moonsault/fist drop combo. Jigsaw almost tags out but is caught by Dos’ shining wizard. Fire Ant gamengiri’s Dos from the apron and comes in with a crossbody. He headscissors Dos to the floor and transitions into a DDT to Uno. Fire Ant and Jigsaw suicide dive onto their opponents. Fire Ant Yahtzee kicks Uno into Jigsaw’s German suplex. They give Dos a double brainbuster for two. Everybody kicks everybody. Jigsaw tries a Jig’ N Tonic on Dos, but Uno spunchesJigsaw into a Yoshi Tonic instead. Fire Ant misses a crossbody. Uno kicks Fire Ant into Dos who suplexes him onto Jigsaw. Uno waterwheel slams Fire Ant into Dos’ back cracker for two. Fire Ant blocks Uno’s powerbomb with a stunner. He and Jigsaw kicks the Smash Bros. down in the corner. They hit stereo coast-to-coast dropkicks. They string a Falcon Arrow and double stomp together on Dos. Uno shoves Fire Ant into Jigsaw to break the count. Uno then drops them into a DDT/Complete Shot combo. The Smash Bros. set up for Fatality. Jigsaw knocks Dos to the floor. He comes off the top rope with a dropkick but ends up landing on his back? I don’t know, but Dos recovers and the Smash Bros. successfully hit Fatality for the pin at 14:29. Awkward finish aside this was a good display for both teams. You got the usual fun, athletic showcase you would expect. Even though I’m a fan of the CHIKARA guys, it’s nice to see the Smash Bros. getting recognition again in the East Coast. That Jigsaw moment was very confusing and knocks the match down just slightly. ***


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