Beyond Wrestling: Charade Charity Chowdown


Bridgewater, MA – 11.4.2012

The Throwbacks (“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti (+6) & Dasher Hatfield (+3)) vs. Drew Gulak (+5) & Nick Talent (+2)

Gulak and Hatfield vie for control on the mat. Talent tags in when Gulak brings Hatfield over in a side headlock. Talent holds onto him with a chinlock. Hatfield escapes and tags in Angelosetti. Gulak is anxious to get in. He charges Angelosetti who jumps right out to the floor. He comes back in when Talent is the legal man once more. Angelosetti chews some of Talent’s ABC gum and spits in his face. This fires Talent up, causing him to throw some punches. He nails a clothesline and delivers a Northern Lights suplex. Angelosetti holds onto the ropes to block a neckbreaker, causing Talent’s neck and back to smash into the mat. Angelosetti targets and wears down Talent’s mid-section, back and neck. Hatfield gives him a baseball slide in a tree of woe position for two. He works over Talent’s knee. Angelosetti gets two with a jackhammer. Talent slips off Hatfield’s shoulders and spins him out into a facebuster. Gulak and Angelosetti both tag in. Gulak intensely throws some clotheslines before slamming Angelosetti into the corner. A Northern lariat gets him a two count. He twists up Angelosetti’s neck. Gulak pulls off a superplex and jackknife pins Angelosetti for two. Angelosetti sneaks in a spear. When Gulak kicks out at one, Angelosetti gives him some shoulder blocks in the corner. Hatfield bites the bullet and takes Gulak’s flying clothesline. Angelosetti pops Gulak up into a spinebuster. Talent breaks the cover. Hatfield throws him and Gulak together. Angelosetti pounces Gulak. Hatfield gives him a facebuster. Angelosetti goes for the Flea Flicker. Gulak counters with the Gu-Lock! Angelosetti taps out at 17:32. This was a great way to push Gulak and “Angelosetti’s” issue. The wrestling was really good and The Throwbacks’ teamwork was excellent. The ending was really cool and a nice way for Gulak to get a one up; by being the first guy to defeat Angelosetti in Beyond Wrestling. ***

This entire match was released on Beyond’s YouTube Show “All Killer.” You can check out this match, and three other matches, on Episode 11 here.


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