WSU: Full Steam Ahead


Deer Park, NY – 10.13.2012

Saturyne vs. Niya

The winner of this match becomes a full time WSU roster member. This is important for Niya, as she previously lost a Loser Leaves WSU match. Niya takes Saturyne over in a firewoman’s carry for a quick two count. Saturyne works around her arms to get on a side headlock. Niya reverses. She throws some kicks and suplexes Saturyne for two. Saturyne comes back with a back heel kick and a spinwheel kick in the corner. Niya catches her with a backbreaker. She applies a half crab. Saturyne gets the ropes. Niya misses a boot in the corner. Saturyne clotheslines her from the apron and comes in with a crossbody. They trade strikes until simultaneously kicking one another in the head. Niya slams Saturyne for two. She cartwheels into a standing moonsault for another two count. She misses a springboard crossbody. Saturyne victory rolls her for the pin at 5:27. Short but very sweet. There was flawless execution in their moves and everything worked out well. I was hoping this would actually go a little longer, but we got an enjoyable five minutes so I won’t complain. **1/2


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