Beyond Wrestling: All Aboard


Deer Park, NY – 10.13.2012

“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti (+5) vs. Maxx Raptor (0)

Before the match, Angelosetti says he is coming for that nerd Nick Talent. It’s funny because Raptor IS Talent posing as a skater/beach bum. Angelosetti takes that as a sign of disrespect and glove slaps him. Raptor trips him and surfs on his back. Angelosetti tries to chop Raptor but misses and hits the ring post. Raptor works over that hand back in the ring, including making Angelosetti chop and slap himself. Angelosetti spears him in the corner. He does some up down drills before striking the Tebow pose. He goes for a powerslam. Raptor slips off and delivers three back elbows. He spins Angelosetti out into a facebuster. Raptor gets two with the Shark Attack double axe handle. Angelosetti gives him a spinebuster for the pin at 7:12. I dug the aspect of the two alter egos going at it, but aside from that novelty there wasn’t a lot to this. I give Angelosetti points for having the same hand he took the glove off of beind the one that got worked over. Angelosetti writes NERD across Raptor’s forehead afterwards and spikes a football off of his chest. **¼


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