Deep Freeze


Piedmont, AL – 10.6.2012

Commentary is provided by Mike Quackenbush, Gene Jackson, Bryce Remsburg, Dasher Hatfield, Gavin Loudspeaker, and Sugar Dunkerton.

Gavin opens the show with a song called “Alabama Sun.” It’s a hoot!

NWA Pro South Showcase Match
Kyle Matthews vs. Ace Haven

Haven twists on a wristlock. He works that into a side headlock. Matthews gets shoulder blocked to the mat and his legs sweeped out. Haven comes off the second rope with a legdrop for two. Haven misses a tumbleweed senton. Matthews snapmares Haven into a dropkick to the back. Haven whips Matthews to the corner only to eat his boot when attempting a corner attack. Matthews gets two with a dropkick. Haven clotheslines him to the floor. Matthews dodges a pescado and catches Haven with a suicide dive. He slingshots back in with a senton. Haven avoids a corner splash. He catches Matthews with a top rope dropkick. He gets two with a reverse DDT. Matthews sends him to the apron. Haven slingshots in and comes off the second rope with a gamengiri for two. Haven rolls back but is caught with a superkick and German suplex. Matthews becomes angry when Haven kicks out. He puts on a crossface. Haven gets his foot on the ropes. He crotches Matthews on the top rope. Matthews elbows Haven down. He jumps off the second rope but is caught with an Ace Crusher. Haven gets the pin at 8:11. Haven looked so painfully awkward in everything he did. He also could not look like more of a indy geek. Matthews looked competent but could only do so much given his opponent. In no way am I more interested in NWA Pro South after this encounter. ½*

Sugar Dunkerton says he’s going crazy from the mistreatment he’s receiving in F.I.S.T. Icarus spits water in his face and says its go time. This did not seem to help Dunkerton’s mental stability.

Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F} & Sugar Dunkerton {F} vs. Obariyon {B}, Kodama {B} & Ophidian

Icarus has a shovel with him because why not? He and Ophidian fight over who will take their jacket off first. They take their jackets off during their initial exchange. Ophidian huracanrana’s Icarus for two. Icarus takes off his pink Best in the World shirt and gets raked in the eyes immediately. Taylor and Obariyon tag in. Obariyon stomps him down in the corner. Taylor responds with an overhead suplex. Dunkerton teases the shorter Kodama by asking for a test of strength. Kodama rakes his eyes. Dunkerton dribbles his head into the canvas. Icarus and Taylor blind tag in and put the boots to Kodama. Kodama crotches both of them in the corner, with the back of Taylor’s head falling into Icarus’ lap. A string of Rudo cheating tactics forms mid-ring. Dunkerton refuses to get involved and gets into an argument with his partners. The Batiri and Ophidian send Icarus and Taylor to the floor so they can isolate Dunkerton. Icarus breaks one of Ophidian’s pins and tries to cheat. While that’s happening, Dunkerton small packages Ophidian but referee Jon Barber counts too late. They knock each other down with stereo clotheslines. Taylor grabs Barber so that Icarus can pass his loaded fanny pack to Dunkerton. He refuses to use it. He drops Ophidian with a compressed butterfly slam. He pescados onto the Batiri. F.I.S.T. then give Ophidian F.I.S.T. Kicks and Shooty McGee. Kodama breaks the pin. Icarus eats the Skull Bronzing. Taylor serves up some Sole Food to Kodama. Obaryion knees Taylor into a neckbreaker from Kodama. Dunkerton takes a barrage of kicks from the Batiri and double knees from Ophidian for a two count. Taylor gives Obariyon the Brodie Knee and then boots him into a Back Cracker from Icarus. Ophidian comes down with double knees to Icarus. Dunkerton nails the Shot Clock on Ophidian but Obariyon breaks his pin. He tries to up top. Kodama grabs him and tosses him to Obariyon for the Seventh Circle. Ophidian comes in with Meteora for the pin at 15:20. This match had some fun call backs to the Batiri/F.I.S.T. six man from last year. This was about on the same level as that, though the dynamic was a lot different with Dunkerton not getting along with his F.I.S.T partners and ending up the loser. The finishing stretch made up for the less exciting earlier portion of the bout. **3/4

Soldier Ant {C} vs. Saturyne

Soldier Ant puts on a cravat. Saturyne reverses into a wristlock, holding onto it while walking the top rope. She jumps down and armdrags Soldier Ant across the ring. They each go for some quick pins. Saturyne avoids a corner attack and gets one with a springboard crossbody. They stand off after sweeping each others’ legs. Saturyne puts on the Rings of Saturyne until Soldier Ant carries her to the ropes. She goes for a couple of sunset flips. Soldier Ant rolls through the second one and brings her down in a side headlock. She headscissors Soldier Ant to the floor and follows out with a springboard crossbody. In the ring, she gets two with a huracanrana. She flips in from the apron so she can huracanrana Soldier Ant to the corner. She goes for another sunset flip. Soldier Ant kneels down out and pins her at 5:45. That was a fun, competitive match. Soldier Ant always does a great job at making whomever he faces look good and this was another instance of just that. Saturyne is starting to look more comfortable and get more over with the crowd. **

Kobald says he will destroy Frightmare tonight, then UltraMantis Black, and then the world.

Frightmare {SE} vs. Kobald {B}

Kobald knocks Frightmare off the apron during his entrance. Frightmare gives Kobald a running knee strike and dropkick to the chest. He sends Kobald to the corner with a step-up Frankensteiner. Kobald spears him onto the ring apron. He goes after the same leg he and the other Batiri members attacked during King of Trios. Frightmare enzuigiri’s Kobald and goes to the top rope. Kobald puts him in a tree of woe and does more damage to his knee. He slams Frightmare’s back into the guardrails and spears his knee into them! Kobald dumps him into the crowd in the hopes of earning a count out victory. A fan helps Frightmare back to ringside so he can make it back just in time. Kobald immediately puts on a half crab. Frightmare makes it to the ropes. On the apron Kobald misses a spear, hitting the ring post. Frightmare brings him back in the ring for the Frightmare on Elm Street. That gets him a two count. Kobald kicks out his knee and puts on an abdominal stretch. He turns that into a backslide attempt. Frightmare blocks. His knee is too hurt to try the Friggin’ Sweet Driver. Kobald gets two with a Regalplex. He tries a figure four and Frightmare cradles Kobald to stop him. Frightmare catches Kobald coming off the second rope with a powerbomb. He places Kobald on the top rope. Kobald hits the Demon’s Toilet for the pin at 9:07. That was an unexpected finish because it very much looked like a two count. They used a lot more psychology then I expected. To be honest, it was a refreshing take from Kobald’s usual barrage of offense that has grown a bit tiresome. Frightmare also did a great job as the Tecnico in peril and it made for an unexpectedly fun encounter. **3/4

The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger vs. deviANT {G}

deviANT tries to a cheap kick when shaking hands with the Stranger. Stranger blocks it but gets dropped with a dropkick anyhow. deviANT tosses him to the floor. Stranger blocks his baseball slide and throws a couple punches. deviANT pokes him in the eyes. Stranger chases deviANT through the multiple openings in the entrance strage. Stranger puts his fist through one entrance and punches deviANT through another! He throws deviANT into the ring apron before bringing him back in the ring. Stranger pulls out his six shooter. deviANT turns it around on him. Stranger drops him with a STO for two. After some punches in the corner he gets two with a big boot. Stranger comes out of three corners with a double axe handle to the head. When he tries it in the fourth corner, deviANT knocks him to the floor and kicks him in the chest from the ring apron. deviANT throws him onto the barricades before getting a two count back in the ring. He puts on an arm and neck hold until Stranger gets the ropes. He chokes Stranger on the bottom rope. He springboards into a Guillotine. Stranger breaks free and levels deviANT with a lariat. He winds up for a punch. deviANT backslides him to stop it from happening, but Stranger just rolls up and punches him anyhow. He lasso’s deviANT, but deviANT rolls him into a superkick. He hits a modified Go 2 Sleep for two. He tries for it again. Stranger counters with the Stroke. The Flying Legdrop follows, giving the Stranger the win at 9:01. Everything the Stranger does is pure gold. I’ve also started coming around on deviANT. Even though the whole “GEKIDO is a threat to CHIKARA” thing seems to have been dropped somewhat, he’s a solid wrestler and really brought it here. ***

Fire Ant {C} & assailANT {G} vs. Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier

Donst makes Hammermeier start with Fire Ant. Fire Ant chops him up in a couple of corners. Hammermeier bites on his antennae and applies a side headlock. Fire Ant escapes but takes a hip toss. Hammermeier ducks a kick. He almost offers Fire Ant a handshake, but Donst pull him to the corner by his pigtails and gives him an earful. assailANT blind tags in when Donst shoves Fire Ant to the corner. He gets in a couple of strikes. Donst takes him down and hits the ropes. Hammermeier blind tags in. Donst abuses Hammermeier and shoves him into assailANT. Donst suplexes Fire Ant in from the apron and throws Hammermeier onto assailANT on the floor. He wears down Fire Ant while the other two recover. He kamikaze clotheslines himself and Fire Ant to the floor. Hammermeier sends assailANT out and chokes Fire Ant when he comes back in the ring. Donst reluctantly gives Hammermeier his help in keeping him isolated. Fire Ant sends Donst to the floor. Hammermeier goes for a low dropkick and ends up hitting Donst. assailANT gives him a uranage suplex. Donst punches Hammermeier. assailANT wants to whip Fire Ant into Donst. They get into an argument, but still are able to side step Donst’s attack which sends him into Hammermeier. assailANT forces Fire Ant into the Ants Marching dropkick. Donst gives assailANT an Ace Crusher. Fire Ant crossbody’s onto him. Hammermeier sends assailANT to the floor. Donst dives after him and Fire Ant dropkicks Hammermeier out with him. Fire Ant springboard sentons onto everyone. In the ring, Fire Ant Burns Down the House on Hammermeier and hits the Yahtzee Kick. Hammermeier comes back with a fisherman’s neckbreaker. assailANT puts Hammermeier in a cloverleaf after breaking his pin. Donst has the chance to break the hold but motivates Hammermeier to get to the ropes instead. assailANT then puts Donst in the hold. Hammermeier saves and checks on Donst. assailANT saves Fire Ant from taking Hammermeier’s running forearm to the neck. Donst catches Fire Ant with the STO and follows up with the Gator Roll. He mocks Eddie Kingston by hitting the Sliding D. He then slaps on From Dusk Til Donst, causing Fire Ant to submit at 12:14. I really thought both odd couple teams did a great job portraying their relationships while also having a really good wrestling match. Donst continues to be the most interesting character in the company. I gave deviANT credit for improving in the ring, and I think assailANT is coming along too. ***

Gran Akuma vs. The Shard {G}

A wristlock exchange sees Akuma drop toe hold The Shard to the mat. He puts Shard in the Romero Special. Akuma suplexes him for two. Shard blocks Akuma’s headscissors with a waterwheel slam. He stomps on his chest for a two count. He chokes Akuma on the middle rope but misses a charge that crotches him on that rope. Shard kicks Akuma’s thigh and drops a diving forearm across his neck. He gets two with a neckbreaker. Shard spins and drops Akuma in a reverse flapjack. A low bicycle kick gets him two again. Akuma absorbs Shard’s chest kicks. He throws some of his own. A fallaway kick to the face sends Shard to the floor. Shard catches Akuma with a kick to stop his suicide dive. Shard goes for his own, but Akuma moves and he crashes to the floor. Akuma NAILS him with a kick to the side of the head. He nails a missile dropkick back in the ring. He enzuigiri’s Shard from the apron and slingshots in with a huracanrana. He catches Shard with a backbreaker for two. Shard hits an enzuigiri. Akuma shoots him off the ropes for a German suplex. He swiftly kicks Shard in the side of the head before getting two with a Michinoku Driver. Shard blocks a clothesline with a backslide. He turns that into a Gory Catapult. Akuma blocks a superkick and trips Shard into a crucifix pin. Shard kicks out and hits his superkick. He drops Akuma with the torture rack bomb for two. He then puts on a Dragon Sleeper. Akuma picks him up for a tombstone and the Tenchi Crash to his face. Shard kicks out! They trade some quick pins with neither guy being successful. Akuma goes for the Yoshi Tonic. Shard blocks it with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 14:08. That was unexpectedly great. Outside of his match with Icarus at CRex, this is Akuma’s best singles match since his return and the Shard’s best singles showing period. They beat the heck out of each other and showed a lot more proficiency. They had the crowd buying into their nearfalls which picked up the heat. This was a show stealer. ***1/2

UltraMantis Black tells Hallowicked that tonight they will defeat Los Ice Creams and get their third point tonight. He says that they are CHIKARA and plan to bring the belts back to CHIKARA. With that, the Young Bucks are now on notice.

UltraMantis Black {SE} & Hallowicked {SE} vs. El Hijo del Ice Cream {IC} & Ice Cream Jr. {IC}

Mantis armdrags Jr. to the floor. Jr. comes back and takes a DDT. He goes right back to the floor for retreat. Hijo goes right for Hallowicked’s eyes. He pinches his buttocks which causes Hallowicked to give him an overhand slap. Hijo’s fake crying baits Hallowicked into a kick to his hamstring. Hallowicked runs the ropes to armdrag him to the corner. He then catches Hijo with a backbreaker and an armdrag from the second rope. After he delivers a step-up Frankensteiner, Jr. clotheslines Hallowicked from the ring apron. Los Ice Creams bully Hallowicked in their corner until Jr. accidentally clotheslines Hijo. That gives Hallowicked a free moment to tag in Mantis. He Mongolian chops Hijo and monkey flips him onto Jr. He forces Jr. to dropkick Hijo to the floor. He Uncle Slams Jr. for two. The Envoy string a super snapmare, a Perfect neck snap and a Swanton together on Jr. Hijo breaks the pin. Hallowicked armdrags Jr. to the floor. They give Hijo the Sidewinder for two. Jr. bridges the top rope to send Mantis out. Los Ice Creams catch Hallowicked with the Broken Arrow. Jr. dropkicks Hallowicked onto Hijo’s knees. Mantis trips Hijo so that Hallowicked can toss Jr. off the top rope. Mantis gives Hijo a spinebuster. He and Hallowicked hit the Catacombs of Abbadon. Hallowicked big boots Jr. and Mantis drops Hijo with the Cosmic Doom to pick up the win a future shot at Los Campeonatos de Parejas at 14:41. Los Ice Creams’ matches lately have harkened back to what they use to be when they first debuted: devious, while also fun. The Envoy have their routine down and it worked really will the Ice Creams shtick. Their match with the Bucks should be a fun one. **3/4

Mark Angelosetti is with Veronica backstage. Angelosetti says the best rookie in CHIKARA isn’t Green Ant, who failed to do what he did this year by winning the Young Lions Cup. He mentions that he’s defeated Jigsaw, The 1-2-3 Kid, and that nerd Archibald Peck. He proclaims that he will be the greatest rookie that CHIKARA has ever seen.

Young Lions Cup
Mark Angelosetti {T} (Champion) vs. Green Ant {C}

Veronica Ticklefeather is in Angelosetti’s corner. Green Ant goes for Angelosetti’s leg. Angelosetti gets to the ropes quickly. Green Ant bars Angelosetti’s arm as he brings him back to the mat. Angelosetti turns that into his own courting hold. Green Ant once more goes for his leg, causing him to get the ropes again. He shoulder blocks Angelosetti to the mat. Green Ant rolls onto Angelosetti’s shoulders and brings him down in a front chancery. Angelosetti is in the ropes so he has to release the hold. Green Ant enzuigiri’s him from the apron. Angelosetti stops his slingshot, causing him to crash abdomen first on the top rope. Green Ant quesadoras into an armdrag, followed up by a hip toss. Veronica grabs Green Ant’s leg. He goes for a splash, but the distraction allows Angelosetti to get his knees up. Angelosetti Tebow’s mid-ring, giving Green Ant to put on a short arm scissors. Angelosetti picks him up and powerbombs him in the corner. He dropkicks Green Ant to the floor. Angelosetti then suplexes Green Ant onto the arena floor. Angelosetti slingshots in with an elbow drop for two. Veronica bites on his antennae behind the Bryce Remsburg’s back. Angelosetti gets two with a dropkick. Green Ant chops him up in the corner and crotches him on the top rope. He shakes the top rope until Angelosetti falls off. Angelosetti backdrops Green Ant and puts on a chinlock. He throws Green Ant down by the antennae. Green Ant goes for a corner attack but Angelosetti catches him with a spinebuster. Green Ant kicks out and dropkicks him to the floor. He tries a suicide dive. Angelosetti catches him and rams his spine against the apron. Green Ant throws a desperation clothesline before falling to the floor himself. Green Ant recovers first, so he jumps from off the second rope back onto Angelosetti on the floor. In the ring he gets two with a belly-to-belly suplex. He immediately puts on an ankle lock. He then transitions into the Cloverleaf. Angelosetti makes it to the ropes. Green Ant slaps Angelosetti’s shoulder repeatedly in the corner. When he goes for a tornado DDT, Angelosetti places him on the top rope. Angelosetti superplexes Green Ant for a two count. After trading some punches, Green Ant gives Angelosetti a Michinoku Driver. Tired, it takes Green Ant a moment to make a cover, giving Angelosetti enough time to kick out at two. Veronica tosses the baton into Angelosetti behind Remsburg’s back. Green Ant manages to get it away but Bryce catches him with it. While Bryce is ridding of it, Angelosetti clobbers Green Ant with his football helmet and gets the win at 20:22. This had the makings of a great match but didn’t quite there. It’s possible that that’s because the cheap finish was coming and they purposefully held back, which I say is fine if we get a rematch with a clean finish down the line. This was a step above their Wrestling is Fun encounter (which I also very much enjoyed) and I liked the story they told. ***1/2


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