Beyond Wrestling: Armory Amore


East Greenwich, RI – 9.30.2012

Elimination Match
Kobald (+1) vs. AR Fox (-4) vs. Jaka (+4) vs. Matt Taven (-2)

Fox puts the boots to Kobald and shoulder blocks him in the corner. Jaka claws Taven and chokes him in the corner. Kobald throws chops to Fox. Taven chops Jaka to the floor while Fox tosses Kobald out. Taven avoids Fox’s O’Connor Roll but eats a dropkick and rolls outside. Jaka gets in some shots on Fox. Fox clotheslines Jaka in the corner and Skins the Cat into a dropkick. He follows up with Air Fox. Kobald gives Fox a bridging Regalplex for two. Kobald puts on an abdominal stretch. Taven kicks Fox in the stomach. Taven and Kobald double suplex Jaka for two. Taven disposes of Kobald. Jaka pulls Taven into the Jaws of the Jaguar. Taven escapes and hits a springboard enzuigiri. Fox flies in with a missile dropkick, sending Taven to the floor. Fox flips out of Kobald’s suplex and dropkicks him out with Jaka and Taven. Fox hits Lo Mein Rain on the three of them. In the ring, Fox pump-handles Kobald into a Gut Buster, then a Complete Shot. Kobald kicks out. Taven trips Fox and chokes him with Jaka’s cloth. Kobald kicks down Jaka. He misses the Demon’s Toilet. Jaka gives him a diving overhand chop for the pin at 5:22. Taven blocks Jaka’s superkick. Jaka drops him with a double chokeslam for the pin at 5:38, leaving the match to Jaka and Fox. Jaka feels nothing when Fox rams him head first into the turnbuckles. Jaka headbutts Fox in the chest and jabs him in the throat. He belly-to-belly suplexes Fox overhead for two. Jaka kicks and headbutts Fox in the back as he’s trapped in the ropes. He punches him out of the ropes. He heads up top but Fox catches him with a kick. Fox brings Jaka down with Lo Mein Pain for the pin at 7:40. Crazy and fun, but sadly on the shorter side. They packed a nice punch for the time given though. **

’Mr. Touchdown’ Mark Angelosetti (+4) vs. Scotty Slade (0)

Slade accepts Angelosetti’s open challenge after he and the rest of the crowd play keep away with his football. Angelosetti immediately pops Slade up for a spinebuster for the pin at 0:12. Slade was squashed by Ryback earlier this year, and this may have been even shorter than that.


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