AIW: Point Break


Cleveland, OH – 9.23.2012

Intense Division Championship
BJ Whitmer vs. Eddie Kingston

This is a rematch from “Absolution VI” which was great. Whitmer tries looking for a hold on the mat. Kingston keeps moving so he can’t get a grip. Whitmer backs him to the ropes to break side headlock. Kingston and Whitmer get into a chop exchange when Rickey Shane Page, Bobby Beverly and Eric Ryan of NIXON hit the ring and attack Whitmer. That ends the match in a DQ at 2:53. Well that’s disappointing. Hopefully we get a real rematch at some point. N/R

Kingston stands aside to allow NIXON to beat Whitmer down. He goes to shake their hands but then throws punches at them. NIXON kick him down in the corner causing members of the AIW locker room to chase them away. Eddie Kingston suggests that he and Whitmer team up to take them on later tonight. Matt Wadsworth says that might be a problem because they don’t work there anymore. Another man in a Nixon mask comes in through the side of the door. It turns out to be The Duke! When Matt Wadsworth came back in control, Duke gave him money to get back in, giving him true control of AIW. Chest Flexor comes out and hugs all members of NIXON. When he gets to Beverly, he superkicks Flexor in the face! Duke says now that he’s running things, he gets to call the shots. Eric Ryan gets his AIW title rematch tonight as is thrown in the match with Tim Donst and ACH. He then says that Kingston and Whitmer will take on Page and Beverly later tonight. Eddie Kingston says he is going to rape them. Backstage, Matt Wadsworth clarifies that he’s acting president, but since Duke pays him he’s in control and can veto everything he does. He turns to Chest Flexor to see if they can reach an arrangement. They shake hands, but we’re still unsure on to what that deal is just yet.

AIW Tag Team Championship
The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Aeroform (Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon)

Chest Flexor is in Aeroform’s corner while Veronica Ticklefeather is in the Batiri’s corner. The Batiri team up to take control in the beginning. Flexor grabs Kodama’s leg. Kodama backdrops Kendrick onto him. He goes for a dive but gets kicked in the face. Aeroform isolate Kodama, knocking Obariyon off the apron on several occasions. Veronica even chases Flexor to the back at one point. Lyndon moonsaults onto Obariyon on the floor. Kendrick moonsaults into a modified Falcon Arrow on Kodama for two. Obariyon whips Lyndon into the guardrails. Kodama slips out, allowing Obariyon to come in and nail Kendrick with a few clotheslines and a running elbow strike. He gives Lyndon a release overhead suplex. The Batiri baseball slide dropkick Aeroform into the crowd. Obariyon suicide dives onto both of them. Kodama follows that with a springboard crossbody. Lyndon eats a bunch of corner dropkicks back in the ring. It only gets the Batiri a two count. Obariyon goes for the Rapture but Kendrick shoves Lyndon out of the way. He huracanrana’s The Batiri at the same time. He gives Kodama an inside out suplex for two. Kendrick then gets two with a springboard 450 splash. Obariyon catches him with a back cracker out of the corner. Lyndon eats the Skull Bronzing. Kodama pops him into Obariyon’s Seventh Circle for the pin at 11:48. Excellent action out of both teams. I’m happy that the Batiri have the chance to shine in AIW, because you can see how much it lets them grow as wrestlers where in CHIKARA it’s more about the characters. ***

Eddie Kingston & BJ Whitmer vs. NIXON (Rickey Shane Page & Bobby Beverly)

Kington and Whitmer beat down NIXON in the crowd. Kingston allows Mad Man Pondo who is sitting with some AIW staff to get some shots in on Page. He then whips Page into rows of chairs. Whitmer throws Beverly into the announcer’s table. Kingston shoves an Obariyon 8×10 into Page’s mouth. In the ring Whitmer O’Conner rolls Beverly for two. He knocks him down with a back elbow. Page makes his way in and gives Whitmer a forearm before tossing him to the floor. Kingston gives him a yakuza kick and a Northern Lights suplex for two. He chokes Page on the middle. Whitmer dishes out some chops. Beverly tries to attack but gets clotheslined for his troubles. Page hits Whitmer with a tornado kick. NIXON spend a good deal of time dominating over Whitmer. Whitmer stops Beverly’s tornado DDT and suplexes him into the corner. Kingston tags in and lays out NIXON with elbows. He overhead suplexes Beverly and uranage suplexes Page. He calls for the Backfist. Beverly pump kicks him and Page delivers a rolling forearm. Whitmer big boots Page for two. Page tosses him off of his shoulders and into Beverly’s superkick. Kingston breaks the pin. He goes for a suicide dive on Page and gets kicked in the face. Beverly Japanese armdrags Whitmer into the corner. Beverly kicks him in the back of the head for two. Whitmer delivers an enzuigiri. He drops Beverly with a Complete Shot and puts on the Peruvian Neck-Tie. Duke pulls referee Jake Clemons out of the ring and punches him! Eric Ryan then runs down and starts stomping on Whitmer. Kingston covers him up and gets kicked himself. Johnny Gargano, Tim Donst, and ACH run out. Kingston, Whitmer, and Gargano fight with NIXON out of the building. This whole ordeal went roughly 14:00 total. This was entertaining and effective, and Duke’s commentary really did a good job explaining what his purpose in NIXON is. Fun stuff. ***

Tim Donst and ACH are left out, so they decide to have their main event title match now.

AIW Absolute Championship
Tim Donst vs. ACH

When neither guy gets control in the ring, they take the fight to the floor. Donst throws forearms at ACH’s face. In the ring he drops ACH with an STO. He then brings him off the apron and to the floor with a backbreaker. Donst sends him back first into the guardrail and follows in with a clothesline. In the ring he puts on a Bow and Arrow. ACH slips out of it and kicks Dosnt back to the floor. ACH pescado’s after him. He applies a headscissors back in the ring. Donst rolls them both to the floor. ACH gives him a stunner and a running knee to the face. Donst trips him off the apron, causing his face to hit the ring apron. Donst gives him a bulldog back in the ring. He snaps ACH off the ropes, driving him face first into the canvas. Donst Cactus clothesline both of them to the floor. He quickly goes back into the ring so he can hit a suicide dive. In the ring he hits the Gator Roll for two. ACH blocks a corner attack and gives Donst a Frankensteiner. He kicks Donst from the floor and then slingshots in with an Ace Crusher for two. He calls for a frog splash. Donst evades and goes for From Dusk Til Donst. ACH shoves Donst to the corner to avoid having it put on. He hits the frog splash for two. Donst suplexes ACH into the corner. They engage in a slap fight. ACH uses momentum from the second rope for a forearm to the back of Donst’s head. He kicks Donst in the head. He runs for the ropes but Donst grabs his arm and drags him back to the match. He puts on From Dusk Til Donst again. ACH taps out at 18:15. That was a terrific first defense from Donst. It’s a smart call giving Donst such a tough challenger, because in victory he looks like a strong champion from the get go. I can absolutely see ACH being the guy to carry AIW on his back one day. He’s had strong performances ever since his debut about a year ago and has nothing but potential. This was a great way to end the show. ***1/2

As soon as the bell rings, the lights in the building turn off. NIXON runs back to the ring. They stand over ACH and Donst until Kingston, Gargano, and Whitmer chase them away. Gargano says he speaks for everybody when he says that they are sick of NIXON. He tells Kingston, Whitmer, ACH, and Donst that whatever feelings they have that they should put them aside for the common goal of taking down NIXON. They all agree. Kingston is passed the mic. He thanks the AIW fans for coming out and promises to take care of NIXON. Eddie Kingston says “let’s all go to Dairy Queen!” He puts over Dairy Queen to the camera and thanks us for buying the DVD.

You can read my review of the entire show here.


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