ROH: Boiling Point 2012

Providence, RI – 8.11.2012

ROH World Championship – Anything Goes
Kevin Steen (Champion) vs. Eddie Kingston

Jimmy Jacobs is in Steen’s corner while Steve Corino is on commentary. Kingston immediately punches out Corino. He throws a flurry of punches at Steen and throws him into the barricades. Steen and Jacobs interject, so Kingston wipes them out with a suicide dive and tosses them backstage. Back in the ring, Steen counters Kingston’s chair shot attempt by giving him a chair assisted Code Breaker and somersault legdrop. Steen suplexes Kingston on the floor. He props up a table against the barricades. Kingston stops Steen’s Irish whip and suplexes Steen through the table. Kingston brings another table up to the apron where Steen dropkicks it into his face. Steen sets the table on the guardrail and the edge of the ring upside down and powerbombs Kingston through it. Kingston is so out of it from this maneuver, that multiple officials and staff have to check on him. Steen gets on the microphone and riffs on a fan and Jim Cornette. Kingston is currently being carried out by the staff and officials. Steen reminds Kingston that he dedicated this match to Larry Sweeney and that Sweeney thinks he’s a pussy right now. Of course, this sets Kingston off, and he comes back to the ring swinging. He yakuza kicks Steen in the corner and gets a pin. It’s very apparent Kingston’s back is hurt, but he’s fighting through the pain. Kingston blocks the F-Cinq with a half nelson suplex. Kingston goes to the floor to grab a chair. Upon re-entry, Steen kicks the rope into Kingston’s balls and DDT’s him on a chair. He then cannonball sentons the chair into Kingston’s face. Kingston kicks out. Another table is brought in. Kingston fights to put Steen through the table with a Saito suplex. It’s only good for a two count. Kingston sets up a chair and Saito suplexes Steen onto that! Corino grabs the referee to break the count. Rhett Titus comes out to neutralize. Jimmy Jacobs comes in with a spike. Kingston Backfists him to block a spike. Steen delivers a low blow, the same move that got him disqualified in CHIKARA, and only gets two. He follows up with the F-Cinq; Kingston kicks out of that too! Steen repeatedly slams a chair against Kingston’s bad back. Kingston spits in Steen’s face. Steen bites him and gives him the F-Cinq onto two upright chairs for the pin at 18:46. While the violence was not at the level I was hoping for, both Steen and Kingston played their roles really well. Nobody sells quite like Kingston, and even during his comeback he milked his hurt back for what it was worth. The Sweeney stuff was a tad tasteless, but ultimately innocuous enough to have any deleterious effect. Had the violence gone up another notch, this would have been a step above their CHIKARA encounter. I feel it was just as good which is ultimately a compliment. ***1/2

Read my review of the entire show.


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