Pro Wrestling Revival: Round 2


Laurel, DE – 8.4.2012

Hardcore Match
Obariyon & Scarecrow vs. Necro Butcher & Adam Flash

The match starts out on the floor and spills into the crowd. Butcher and Flash get in all the offense. Scarecrow finally gets in some punches on Flash when they get into the ring. Obariyon rakes Butcher’s eyes and stops him down in the corner. Obariyon rakes at Flash’s face while Scarecrow knees Butcher in the corner. Butcher and Flash do-si-do out of a tandem Irish whip. Butcher knocks out Scarecrow with a punch. Flash gives Obariyon a running powerbomb for the pin at 8:22. Just awful. DUD

Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs. Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe

Jay and Kingston have a shoulder block contest. Nobody moves until Jay turns it into a shoulder tackle. He lights up Kingston with a flurry of punches and drops him with a spinebuster. Kingston has a fit on the floor. Homicide shoulder blocks Mark. Mark powers Homicide to the corner and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. He throws some forearms causing Homicide to entangle himself in the ropes. Mark uses some Redneck Kung-Fu. Homicide avoids a corner attack and tags in Kingston. Kingston rakes his face after taking him to the corner. Mark nails the Jon Wu. Kingston throws Mark into a forearm from Homicide. Both guys take turns beating down Mark while antagonizing Jay. Jay reaches a boiling point and jumps Homicide and Kingston on the floor. They use some security cones and ringside seats in their brawl. Jay throws a table onto Kingston. A table is set up in the ring. Jay superkicks Kingston onto it. He sets up a ladder next to the table. Mark kicks Homicide away and climbs the ladder. He comes off with a splash onto, but not through, the table. Jay gives Kingston a Death Valley Driver. Mark follows up with the Froggy Bow. Kingston kicks out. Homicide pulls Mark to the floor. He knees Jay in the corner. Kingston yakuza kicks Jay for two. Kingston hits him with the Backfist to the Future. Homicide drops him with an Ace Crusher. Mark breaks the pin. He ducks a Backfist and superkicks Kingston the floor. He dives after him. Jay avoids Homicide’s Cop Killa and hits the Jay Driller for the pin at 16:32. The crowd was hot for everything and both teams played their roles perfectly. It wasn’t perfect and not as insane as you might expect but a fun watch nonetheless. **¾


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