The Great Escape

Portland, ME – 7.28.2012

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, UltraMantis Black, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, Green Ant, and Leonard F. Chikarason.

Green Ant {C} vs. assailANT {G}

assailANT gives Green Ant a slap to the face. Green Ant trips him and throws a flurry of punches. assailANT rakes his eyes and shoulder blocks him. Green Ant makes a comeback and gives him a body slam. He gives assailANT a gamengiri from the ring apron. A dropkick to the side of the head brings assailANT to the floor. Green Ant chops him around the ring. assailANT throws him head first into the ring post. In the ring, assailANT knocks Green Ant down with a rolling back elbow for two. Green Ant hops over assailANT in the corner and schoolboys him for two. He rolls assailANT into a crossface. assailANT grabs the bottom rope to escape. Green Ant throws some punches, but assailANT gives him a chinbreaker to swing things back his way. Green Ant however rolls him up again for two. assailANT throws him into a couple of corners. Green Ant blocks a clothesline but takes a Samoan Drop for two. Both ants knock each other down with running headbutts to the thorax. They throw headbutts and strikes as they make their way back to their feet. Green Ant throws a flurry of chops to take assailANT back down. A couple of shotgun lariats get Green Ant a two counts. He gives assailANT a brainbuster and locks on CHIKARA Special: Green. assailANT taps out at 9:01. This crowd was SO into this. Green Ant got to look like a bad mama jamma by destroying assailANT. GEKIDO is dangerously close to being ineffective with the amount of losses their suffering, but I cannot deny how good this was for Green Ant in execution. **3/4

Cameron Matthews is backstage. He doesn’t like being classified by the fans before he’s even seen, but he promises they will see something they like when he is in the ring.

Young Lions Cup X Quarter-Final Elimination Match
Kobald {B} vs. Anthony Stone vs. Cameron Matthews vs. Jivin’ Jimmy Capone

Matthews attacks Capone from behind while Kobald is making his entrance. Even with his early jump, Capone is able to take control. Kobald throws some chops at Capone with no effect as Stone makes his way to the ring. Capone misses a corner splash. Kobald dropkicks Stone off the apron and Matthews slingshot sentons onto Capone. Matthews and Kobald fight Stone and Capone respectively. Stone walks off both Matthews and Capone’s back and gives Kobald a tornado DDT! Stone throws a punch of punches to Matthews in the corner. Capone however snake eyes’ Stone in the corner. Capone grabs Matthews’ leg and back flips him to the floor. Capone tries to team with Stone to give Kobald the Kings’ Swing. Stone doesn’t get it. Stone and Capone end up taking Kobald and Matthews down. Capone then pokes Stone in the eyes. Matthews superkicks Capone. He also stomps on Kobald who is still on the floor. Matthews kicks him from the apron. He misses an Arabian Press. Kobald comes out with a pescado. Stone sets up for a dive but Capone cuts him off with a leg lariat. He press slams Stone onto Matthews and Kobald. Capone jumps off the second rope onto all three of them. Capone calls for the Boogie Woogie Driver back in the ring on Stone. He hits it (a Michinoku Driver with theatrics) for two. Kobald and Matthews dropkick Capone’s legs out. Matthews hops off Stone’s back and to the top rope for a moonsault. Kobald follows up with the Demon’s Toilet to pin and eliminate Capone at 9:28. Matthews kicks Stone into a suplex from Kobald. Matthews stupidly breaks up Kobald’s pin. Matthews misses a springboard twisting crossbody on Kobald. Stone picks him up for a gut buster and the pin at 11:44. Stone turns right into a spear from Kobald. He digs his knee into Stone’s back while applying a chinlock. Stone gives him a chinbreaker but gets clotheslined back down for two. Stone comes back with a suplex into a Falcon Arrow for two. Kobald gives him a powerbomb. He goes up top for the Demon’s Toilet. Stone catches him and slams him off the top with the Stone’s Throw for the pin at 14:06. To say I was surprised by Stone’s victory would be an understatement. I figured Kobald was a shoe-in to take the match. I also must say I got a lot more out of this match than I anticipated. Everybody had something to add and a few nifty moves to show off. Kobald’s also beginning to show some marked improvement. I’ve liked a lot of what I have seen from Stone in Beyond Wrestling, so I’m happy to see him advance. ***

Frightmare {SE} vs. Ophidian

This is a rematch from Wrestling is Fun!’s fourth show from just a couple weeks ago. Ophidian kicks Frightmare and chops him in the corner. Frightmare lays in his own chops. He ducks Ophidian’s throat thrusts and armdrags him to the corner. Frightmare snaps off a Frankensteiner. Ophidian attacks the same arm he did just a couple weeks back. His double knee strike misses. Frightmare comes off the top with a crossbody. He rolls Ophidian into a prawn hold for two. Ophidian goes back to the arm and neck to take back control. Delirious appears ringside. Ophidian twists up Frightmare’s wrist as he sits on his back. Ophidian nails a spinwheel kick for two. He drives his knees into Frightmare’s chest twice in the corner. Ophidian applies a nerve grip as Frightmare fights back. He gives him an enzuigiri. He misses double knees off the top rope. Frightmare hits a Pele kick. He drives Ophidian’s forehead into the mat with an Ace Crusher. Ophidian looks for the Death Grip. Frightmare drives his head into the corner. He hits the Frightmare on Elm Street for two. Ophidian grabs him for a stunner. He misses another enzuigiri. He does however connect with double knees off the top rope for two. Frightmare gives him a yakuza kick for two. Frightmare drives Ophidian’s head into the mat with a Frankensteiner. He prawn holds him for a two count. Frightmare goes a pump-handle driver. Instead, Ophidian headscissors into the Ophidian Death Grip. Frightmare taps out at 10:56. This was almost exactly like their WiF encounter, which is kind of what I expected. That’s not a knock however, as that match was good and so was this. Ophidian and Frightmare have stepped up their game and deserve more recognition. ***

The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger vs. Icarus {F}

The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger looks like a 2012 Midnight Rider, only taller and leaner. He sure does look familiar, and is also over with the fans immediately. Icarus misses an overhand chop. Stranger connects with one of his own. Stranger does a little two-steppin’ with Icarus as he comes off the ropes. He gives Icarus another overhand chop to end it. Stranger kicks “dirt” in his face as well. Icarus shoulder blocks him down. Stranger comes back with a STO for two. Stranger stomps Icarus silly down in the corner. Jon Barber takes him out of the corner, claiming he’s the sheriff of that ring. However, Stranger has a legitimate badge, so Barber steps aside and lets Stranger continue his stomp fest. Stranger puts on his cowboy hat and rides Icarus like a horse. I’m only half sure I know what I am watching. Icarus drops him face first on the top turnbuckle for two. He suplexes him into a butterfly stretch. Stranger gets his feet on the bottom rope to break it. Icarus chokes him on the middle rope and gives him a back cracker. On the floor he chokes Stranger with his boot. Back in the ring, Stranger hits a lariat like any good Texan does. A nice wind-up punch knocks Icarus down. He gets two with a bulldog. He comes off the top with a double axe handle for two. He busts out some spinning toe holds. Icarus kicks him to the corner. He hits the Shiranui and a suplex for two. Stranger recovers and boots Icarus for a two count. Stranger uses his invisible lasso to pull Icarus in for a gutwrench powerbomb. He follows that up with a Flying Leg Drop for the pin at 12:06. So the Stranger is already over like crazy. I like his act, I love how the fans responded to him, and of course there’s nobody better to debut against (if you’re a Tecnico) than Icarus, who is vastly under appreciated in his role. More Stranger please. **3/4

combatANT and deviANT of The Swarm are backstage. They bring in Soldier Ant and bark some commands at him. For those confused, Wink Vavasseur through his CHIKARAbrmetrics number system placed Soldier Ant in the Swarm and made them a team in King of Trios. Soldier Ant is none too pleased with this, and as a cute touch is wearing a POW arm band. The Swarm says that Soldier Ant has to fall in line with what they say. He is not game for this at all.

Gran Akuma, Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Soldier Ant {C}, combatANT {G} & deviANT {G}

For those who don’t recall, 3.0 and Akuma are another Wink made triumvirate who along with El Generico won their first match as a team in Syracuse last month. Soldier Ant and Akuma start off. Soldier Ant monkey flips him out of the corner. He gives Akuma an airplane spin, and Akuma Giant Swings him. Both dizzy, they fall to the mat and roll out. 3.0 give both Swarm members Bionic elbows. They also deliver double dropkicks. With deviANT sent to the floor, they team up on combatANT in their corner. They get two with double Russian leg sweeps. Jagged gets two with a knee drop. He drops Jagged ribs first on the ropes to block a monkey flip. combatANT and deviANT take turns wearing Jagged down, not giving much attention to Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant even stops them when they begin to bend the rules. He tags himself in to suplex Jagged for two. Soldier Ant rolls to the floor, ignoring his partners desire for a real tag. Soldier Ant forearms combatANT from the apron, allowing Jagged to give him a chinbreaker. He backdrops combatANT and tags in Akuma since combatANT knocked Matthews down. Akuma fights off deviANT and combatANT by himself. Akuma gives deviANT the Tenchi Crash. Soldier Ant breaks up the pin with a diving headbutt. He gives Akuma a Samoan Drop. Matthews chops him up. He headscissors Soldier Ant and deviANT. He trips him into an elbow from Jagged. combatANT suffers the same fate, but this time it’s Akuma who drops the elbow. combatANT and deviANT send Jagged and Akuma out so they can attack Matthews in the corner. They demand Soldier Ant get in the ring. He does, but sabotages their attempt at a triple dropkick. Jagged crossbody’s both Swarm members. He gives Matthews a TKO. Akuma gives him a fallaway kick. A series of moves knocks almost everyone down. Matthews throws deviANT into a rolling Death Valley Driver from Akuma. Akuma helps 3.0 hit the Sweet Taste of Professionalism for the pin at 9:16. I still don’t get the Soldier Ant/Swarm relationship. Why would Soldier Ant help them at all, or even compete in the match? These little things are going to irk me no matter what, but by and large I think they did a good job portraying their dissension. I really like this Akuma/3.0 trio. For whatever reason, they work. This was another fun match and a nice preview for King of Trios. ***

Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier vs. Obariyon {B} & Kodama {B}

The Batiri slap Hammermeier before the bell. When Hammermeier goes to Donst in a huff, he seems to not care at all. The Batiri jump Hammermeier at the bell and Donst just calmly gets to the apron. Donst’s apathy makes it very easy for Obariyon and Kodama to pick Hammermeier apart. Delirious once again makes his presence known. Hammermeier is able to slip out of a headlock. When he goes for a tag though, Donst steps away. Hammermeier turns into the Scrambled Brains for a two count. Hammermeier only gets a tag because Donst wasn’t paying attention and checked his boot. To play by the rules, Donst hops off the apron which in Lucha rules makes Hammermeier the legal man once again. Obariyon rubs Donst’s shaved head. Hammermeier gives Obariyon a neckbreaker. Enraged, Donst comes in and shoves Hammermeier to the floor to make himself the legal man. He clotheslines Obariyon in the corner and rubs his forearm against his face. Donst sends Kodama to the apron, then suplexes him back in. He chokes Obariyon with his boot and drops Kodama with a STO. Donst blocks a DDT by tossing Obariyon to the floor. He suicide dives after him. Hammermeier throws a few clotheslines at Kodama. Hammermeier wants to gives Kodama a tandem suplex with Hammermeier. Donst doesn’t play along, so Hammermeier gets shoved to the corner. The Batiri’s hit a double dropkick to Donst. Hammermeier forearms Obariyon in the neck. Hammermeier pins him, but Donst breaks it so he can attack Obariyon some more. Kodama hits the Flying Blockbuster. Hammermeier breaks that pin. Donst shoves Hammermeier into Obariyon’s Flying DDT. Kodama shoves Donst to the floor, and Hammermeier gets pinned at 8:01. I am very, very interested to see what’s up with Tim Donst. He’s been so understated and a bit crazed since Chikarasaurus Rex and I love it. This was another match that was better than I expected. Hammermeier still has some work to do, but he’s slowly improving, and The Batiri are beginning to have the tools to be a top heel trio. **3/4

Sugar Dunkerton vs. The Shard {G}

A shotgun dropkick from the Shard kicks this match off. Dunkerton sends Shard to the apron and elbows him to the floor. Dunkerton picks up a couple toy basketballs from a nearby arcade game. He shoves those balls into the Shard’s head a few times. I could rephrase that, but I’m going to let it stay. Shard throws Dunkerton’s arm into the ring post. He forearms Dunkerton in the corner. He then takes Dunkerton to the floor and puts on an armbar. Dunkerton slips out and gives Shard a sliding punch. Shard lariats him in the back of the head. Shard misses a shoulder tackle, sending him clavicle first into the ring post. Dunkerton gives him a modified spinebuster. Shard gets two with a Gory Special after countering a backslide. He also hits a step-up enzuigiri. Dunkerton, out of nowhere, catches Shard with a roll-up for the pin at 5:14. Well that came out nowhere. Good match up until the abrupt finish, especially the basketball bit. Dunkerton says he wants to be Grand Champ before heading out. **

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, Hallowicked {SE} & UltraMantis Black {SE} vs. Nick Jackson {YB}, Matt Jackson {YB}, Antonio Thomas & Romeo Roselli

Before you ask, yes, it’s THOSE Heart Throbs in this match. Thomas targets Quackenbush’s injured wrist. Quackenbush works his way out and stretches out Thomas’ arm. Roselli blind tags in. Quackenbush shoves Thomas into him. Quackenbush and Jigsaw bust out their usual tandem offense on Roselli. The Bucks come in to even the odds. They take out Quackenbush and Jigsaw, but get thwarted by Mantis and Hallowicked shortly thereafter. The Bucks and Heart Throbs regroup on the floor. They head to the back to evade four stereo dives. Roselli hashes out a plan on a white board in the back. The Bucks seem totally confused by it. The Tecnicos have their own group huddle going on in the ring. Roselli throws forearms at Jigsaw. Quackenbush dropkicks him. The Bucks try and Thomas try to save, but end up hurting each other. They hit the floor to form yet another plan. As it turns out, the plan was seemingly for the Bucks and Roselli to distract the Tecnicos so Thomas could attack Jigsaw from behind. The Rudos are so proud of themselves. The Heart Throbs beat down Jigsaw until he rolls to the floor. Mantis comes in and is caught by them immediately. He escapes too, so Hallowicked becomes the next victim of their offense. The Bucks accidentally jack the Heart Throbs over their shoulders while not looking. Mantis and Hallowicked come to the floor in front of them, which is when the Bucks realize their mistake. Quackenbush and Jigsaw send the Bucks to the floor and double dropkick The Heart Throbs. Nick trips Jigsaw out. The Heart Throbs lift up Quackenbush for a tandem slam. With his history of back problems, the Rudos are able to isolate Quackenbush in their corner after that. The Bucks go after his wrist too. The Throbs try to use a boa against Quackenbush. Quackenbush hops onto the boa, sending the Heart Throbs into each other. Mantis comes in and cleans house. He gets two on Matt with the Uncle Slam. Nick attacks him to block the Praying Mantis Bomb. Nick clotheslines Hallowicked and Mantis in opposite corners multiple times. The Heart Throbs stop Nick so they can splash them. They get in an argument when they almost run into each other. That miscommunication ends with them knocking each other down. Hallowicked boots Nick and gives him a step-up enzuigiri. Mantis drops him with Cosmic Doom. The Heart Throbs give Mantis Erectile Dysfunction. Not the actual affliction, mind you, but rather a tandem STO. Jigsaw and Quackenbush superkick both Roselli and Thomas. Jigsaw enzuigiri’s Matt into a mule kick from Quackenbush. Nick superkicks Quackenbush. He superkicks Jigsaw while he has Matt set up for a Jig N’ Tonic, turning the move into a Yoshi Tonic from Matt for two. Thomas goes up top. Hallowicked catches him and puts on an abdominal stretch. The Bucks and Roselli attack Jigsaw who is trying to save Hallowicked. Jigsaw sends them all to the floor. Quackenbush, Mantis and Jigsaw dive after them. Thomas hip tosses his way out of the stretch. Thomas comes off the top rope with a random stuffed animal. Hallowicked ducks. He hits the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow for the pin at 19:56. The one thing that struck me in this match was that The Heart Throbs totally understood what CHIKARA was about. They didn’t take themselves seriously and just had a fun match. Everyone else did a great job too, and as per usual, the CHIKARA Atomicos match steals the show…for now. ***1/2

Sara Del Rey says while she didn’t get it done in the 12 Large: Summit, she plans to get it done tonight. The King of Diamonds is standing in her way, but she’s the Queen of Wrestling and promises to be the next Grand Champion.

CHIKARA Grand Championship
Eddie Kingston (Champion) vs. Sara Del Rey

They trade wristlocks, with one another keeping each other on the mat. Kingston rolls up Sara for two. Kingston sets up for a knuckle lock, but Sara kicks Kingston in his bad leg instead. Kingston rolls to the floor in a huff. She kicks at his leg when he gets back in the ring. Kingston eggs Sara on when she starts stomping his chest. He gets up to his feet while she keeps kicking his back. She kicks his leg until he is back on the mat. She lights up Kingston’s chest with kicks as he’s tied up in the ropes. She brings up the intensity when Kingston spits at her. Sara slaps him in the back of the head and drives her knee into his back. She kicks him in the face for a one count. Sara gives Kingston a little smack talk after choking him. Of course, she goes after the leg again. Kingston grabs her by the hair and headbutts his way out of a modified Indian Death Lock. Sara kicks him in the chest. She goes after his arm, likely to weaken Kingston’s Backfist. Kingston rakes her eyes. He drops a knee from the second rope to Sara’s neck. He snapmares her into a back kick for two. Sara starts throwing some strikes and kicks, so Kingston pokes her in the eyes. He puts on a cravate and throws Sara by her hair to the canvas. Sara gets her feet up to avoid a yakuza kick. She kicks Kingston in the arm, which causes Kingston to throw Sara by her throat to the floor. Sara drives Kingston’s arm into the ring post. She comes off the ring apron with a somersault senton. In the ring she puts on a cross armbreaker. Kingston desparately gets to the bottom rope to break it. Sara kicks Kingston as he goes to the second rope. She pulls off a superplex which gets her a standing ovation. When she recovers, Sara gets a two count. She kicks Kingston’s arm. Kingston side steps a kick and hits an Ace Crusher. He picks her up for an Emerald Frosion for two. Sara gives Kingston some kicks to the head. She backfists Kingston before delivering a Koppu Kick. Kingston grabs the bottom rope to stop the count. She sets him up for a piledriver. Kingston escapes, but Sara gets two with a sunset flip anyways. She puts on the Yes Lock. Kingston’s arm drops twice, but crawls to the ropes before it drops a third time. Sara picks him up. Kingston gives her two weak Backfists for two. Sara kicks Kingston a few times before cradling him. Sara becomes frustrated when she only gets a two count. She pulls off a piledriver! She only gets two again! She goes for another piledriver. Kingston counters it with a Saito suplex. That only gets him two. Kingston balls his fist and gets back to his feet. He gives her the Backfist to the Future. He polishes Sara off with the American D for the pin at 23:22. This was great for so many reasons. The story telling was great. The emotion pouring out of Sara as she had Kingston in the Yes Lock and how desperate Kingston become during the course of the match was a sight to behold. The fans going absolutely bonkers for many of Sara’s nearfalls added to the drama and made this come off as something special. Kingston has done a tremendous job as champion and has yet to have a bad defense. Rumor has it that this is likely one of Sara’s final matches in CHIKARA, and if so, she should be very happy with her penultimate performance. ****

Eddie Kingston shows Sara a great deal of respect by letting her stand tall. The fans chant “Thank You Sara” as many from the locker room look on.


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