Beyond Wrestling: Swamp Sessions

Bridgewater, MA – 7.27.2012

The Batiri (Obariyon (0), Kodama (0) & Kobald (-1)) vs. The Academy of Anatomy (Mark Angel (+15), Nick Talent (+2) & AJ Evers (-5))

The usual pre-match toilet paper shower The Batiri experience results in Angel being pelted in the dick with a roll of it. I hope it was soft. Talent brings Obariyon to the mat by his arm and throws headbutts at it. Obariyon picks his leg, causing Talent to grab the ropes. Angel slaps him in the back which pisses Obariyon off. He snaps off an armdrag, a hip toss, and a dropkick before tagging in Kodama. He gives Evers a Gord buster and a spinwheel kick. Angel gorilla presses all three Batiri members separately. Obariyon and Kodama kick out his legs when he has Kobald overhead. Talent and Evers charge Kobald to stop his dive. Kobald sends them to the floor with Angel. Obariyon and Kodama suicide dive onto them. Angel gives Kobald a spinebuster to prevent him from diving. The Academy beat down on Kobald for a long while. Angel’s arrogance gets the best of him, and he allows Kobald to recover. He dropkicks Angel and tags in Obariyon. He knocks down Angel with a flying forearm. Kodama slingshots in with a huracanrana. They hit a springboard dropkick/basement dropkick combo. Evers and Talent break the pin. Evers eats The Rapture (knee strike/drop toe hold combo) while Kobald crossbody’s onto Talent on the floor. Kodama gets the pin on Evers at 11:51 with a spinebuster. The Batiri has grown immensely as a trio in CHIKARA and they continued to show that growth here. It makes sense that Evers, who is the least cohesive member of the Anatomy would be the one to take the fall. The toilet paper stuff was a lot of fun too. Talent and Angel get in a bit of a verbal tiff after the match. **3/4


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