Impact Wrestling: Destination X 2012

Orlando, FL – 7.8.2012

Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow

Rubix is Jigsaw, Andrews is Scorpio Sky, Only is Johnny Yuma, and Darsow is…Barry Darsow’s kid. All four of these men lost qualifying matches on Impact to be entered into tonight’s X-Division tournament. This is a Last Chance qualifying match, meaning the winner will take the eighth and final spot in the tournament.

Darsow gets sent out by Andrews. Rubix toreadors Andrews and gives him a quesadora armdrag. Sky gets two with a sunset flip out of an O’Conner roll. Rubix armdrags him into a basement dropkick. Only headscissors Rubix to the floor. Only snaps off a trifecta of armdrags on Darsow. Darsow spins him out into a backbreaker. He gets two on Only with a knee drop. Only rolls him up for two. Rubix high crossbody’s Darsow for two. Darsow drops Rubix on his stomach and gives him a spinning Michinoku Driver. Only breaks the cover and gets put in a crossface. Andrews makes the save. Only spears Darsow and they both go to the floor. Andrews ducks Rubix’s elbow and tope con hilo’s onto Darsow and Only. Rubix Fosbury flops onto Andrews and Darsow. In the ring Andrews puts Rubix in a Fujiawara armbar. Only breaks it. Only dropkicks Darsow, falling into a chinbreaker/stunner on Rubix and Andrews simultaneously. Neither man stays down for a three count. Only boots Andrews out of the corner. Darsow crotches Only on the top rope. Darsow powerbobms Andrews who superplexes Only. Rubix hits a coast-to-coast dropkick on Darsow. When he recovers, Darsow gives Andrews a neckbreaker. Rubix enzuigiri’s Darsow. Yuma drives Rubix’s head into the mat with his legs. Only tries to do the same to Andrews. Andrews blocks and gives him a TKO for the pin at 8:22. Rubix was far and away the most over guy in this match and probably should have won. His look and arsenal was so different and unique that it was easy for him to stand out. Andrews was a very close second, so I have no problem with him winning. Only and Darsow were really awkward most of the time and dragged things down. **1/4


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